Sunday, July 27, 2008

Brigid & Green Man on the Lunar Eclipse

This message from Brigid, and her Divine Masculine companion known as The Green Man, came through on 2-20-08, which was the date of a lunar eclipse that had been preceded 2 weeks earlier by a solar eclipse. As we are approaching another eclipse dance in August that commences on Friday the 1st with Lughnasa and a total solar eclipse, followed by a lunar eclipse at the full moon on the 16th/17th, it feels quite appropriate to share this message here now.

Ziggy and I were house sitting for a dear friend in the mountains east of Albuquerque, New Mexico on February 20. She has a hot tub that yields up an incredible view of the starry night sky, and this is the hot tub that is made mention of in this conversation. We had initiated an etheric gathering among like-hearted people around the globe, inviting them to join us, first in lighting candles together, and then in celebrating in the hot tub!

~ ~ ~ Brigid: Cead Mile Failte (‘100,000 Welcomes’ in Gaelic) Beloved Ones! Good Morning and Greetings to All! It is indeed a beautiful day once again to be able to ride the winds of interdimensionality in this way, to be able to come in this close, to be able to greet you and speak with you and share with you.

I am in a place of much joy to be able to share with you today. This is a very special day. Oh, all days have their magic, all days have their meanings and their openings. And yet today is a day that is being felt throughout the cosmos. Today is a day when many energies are being imparted. Many energies are being offered. And those of you who are open to receive…which is what this new energy year is about, as you have been told…those of you who are open to receive are in the place to take in much energy that will assist you in opening yourselves in the new.

There has been a lengthy, lengthy labour. There has been quite a bit of intensity in your birthing process. What is it that you are birthing? You are birthing your own Divine Selves. And what is your Divine Self? It is the All That You Are. It is the I Am That I Am. It is the God that You Are. And the Goddess. And what this is about in your now is the melding of your lunar and solar aspects. It is the melding of your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. It is the dance of joy of bringing home and reuniting all parts and all aspects of Self.

I as Brigid am known as the Celtic Goddess. But I am far more than simply that. I am the Divine Feminine and I am found in many forms. Each culture, each tradition, which honors me has found their own way to connect with me, whatever my name may be. As Brigid though, I am definitely connected to the Celtic tradition, and there is much within this tradition that is worth looking at in your now moment., not to recreate the past, as it is never about recreating the past, but about utilizing what is of significance, what is of importance in your now, what serves you in your now. There is much from many of the ancient traditions that is still quite useful, valid, and valuable in your now. It is up to each of you to cull for yourselves the depths of tradition to find…what makes your heart sing in the now? What is resonant with you? What contributes to your song of life and your song of joy in this now moment?

Among the Celts there are numerous different forms of Goddess energies. I would like to speak to you today of what you have come to know as the Mary energies. You have known them as the Mother Mary energy, personified by Mary the Mother of the Jesus, and you have known them as the Magdalene energy, for the one Jesus loved known as Mary Magdalene. There is much of the Divine Feminine that is present and alive in the now in these Mary energies. The Celtic tradition has a version of the Mary energies that is known as ‘Wild Celtic Mary.’ This is what I speak to you of today. For you see, in all of the years of becoming civilized, which humanity has attempted to do, and many cultures have succeeded at this (laughter) quite well…but in civilization many times is lost the wildness. And as you open the door to your fully becoming…yes, you already are…but embodying and embracing the All of Who You Are, the melding of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, I bid you to remember your own wildness.

Wildness is passion. Wildness is joy. Wildness comes in different forms as well. Think of the beauty of a wild garden. There are all forms of beauty, and a cultivated garden is a gift in itself, and yet the wildness of free flowing beauty allowed to simply emerge and be in whatever form it chooses to take is something that it would be well for each of you to look within for.

When have you last surrendered to your own wildness? When have you danced in the joy of your own passions in such a way that you yourself are so profoundly moved that nothing else around you matters? That is truly dancing with your own I Am. I encourage you to do more of it.

Now we are celebrating this special day today. It is indeed a wondrous day of your lunar monthly cycle to be in the full brightness of the moon. The moon in its full glory and splendour is revealed. And yet today, the shadow dances across the moon. What is the shadow? It is a part of yourself as well.

We began this two week cycle with the new moon. It is a time of fertility, a time of gestating new ideas. It is a time for planting at the new moon. And at the new moon, you had your solar eclipse.

In our now, when we speak of the sun and the moon, we are speaking once again of energetic elements. The sun has represented the Divine Masculine. The moon represents the Divine Feminine. The sun is what is open and easily revealed. The moon is oftentimes quite hidden and speaks in the depths of your Beingness. You are moving forward into a new dance. It is a dance with yourself, a dance of bringing home all of your aspects, all of your elements, all of your energies. Yet it is also a dance you do with others. First you must be at home in the wholeness of Self in order to fully embrace the wholeness of others. And yet from your place of being willing to dance wildly in the melding of your sun and moon aspects, the melding of your Divine Masculine and your Divine Feminine, when you dance with Self and extend this opening and invitation to others to join you in the dance, this is indeed weaving the web of creation that has been spoken of.

You are very much in the place to weave this web in your new energy world in a way that has never been done before. This is why there is so much excitement on so many dimensions as what is unfolding and being created here is watched far and wide from among the many universes.

And so today as I speak, I say to you it is most important to connect with your wild beauty, for you each contain it. Again, it does not matter whether you are in a feminine body or a masculine one, a female or a male. You contain the All. And each of you contains much wild beauty. Allow expression of this. This is what I would encourage you all to do as you join together today, some of you lighting candles together in harmony with each other, some of you opening your hearts to connect with each other on this full moon event day and evening.

Allow your own wild beauty to speak with you, and allow your wild beauty to lead you and guide you in the direction of your own passions. For when you dive into the depths of your own Self and your own soul, you may indeed burn off the superfluous, burn off all that keeps you from truly dancing wildly with your own Self.

The lunar aspect, the feminine, is about receiving. It is the womb of creation, and yet the womb must be filled. It must be filled with the seed of the masculine. It must be filled with the act of creation, the masculine active principle. And in this light, it is not only I that wishes to speak with you today. Representing, emanating, dancing in the Divine Masculine, our dear friend The Green Man seeks to come in and speak with you all on this occasion of melding energies. And so I Brigid shall step back for the moment and allow this delightfully joyous energy to flow in this manner of communication also.

The Green Man: Greetings, All! Oh, it is a joyful day! Energies are dancing and singing! There is quite the energetic party taking place, even before you approach your hot tub…or spaceship for the evening’s celebrating! (laughter)

It is a day of what you might call Divine Merriment! There is a celebration taking place today. The moon is highlighted, and yet the sun is very much a part of this as well. For indeed the two are dancing, and have been dancing with each other in this two week period. So much has been occurring for all underneath the surface of conscious awareness, and yet it has been a wonderful time of fostering the new energies which you are ready to embrace in your life in a way that you have not previously.

Everything has been building up to this now moment, and of course it continues to build up to the next now moment. We cannot say that one moment is better than the next. They are all culminating moments of what has come before. And yet there are times when the elements, the celestial elements…there are times when the elements dance with you. Your equinoxes and your solstices…you mark these, so many of you, for they are events in which the energies that go beyond just your earth realm dance with you. There are other wondrous days within your calendar year. It is a good thing…and I say that in jest for you know there is no good and bad really…but celebrating these days is something that is appropriate for those of you who feel this dancing energy within you. It is appropriate for you to begin working with these energies more closely in your own lives, to utilize them.

Now this is not in exactly the same way that those you would call the Ancients utilized these energies. You do not need to, as Brigid has said, repeat the past. You do not need to repeat rituals. You do not need to live in the old. Yet there are so many secrets of the universe that were known to these Ancient ones, who (laughter) indeed were you, dear ones, dear friends! So many of you lived as Egyptians, lived as Atlantians, Lemurians, lived in the days of the ancient Druids. You were connected then to the Shining Ones that initiated much upon your planet. All of you are aware of this when you feel these stirrings within yourself. It is stirring of recognition when you read something that rings a bell so to speak in your memories contained within your DNA.

All of you have so much hidden knowledge and this is quite appropriate to speak of this on this day of this lunar eclipse for the energies being catalyzed by…oh, the hidden elements and aspects of the moon…are in a wonderful place to be brought to the light, the light of day, the light of the sun, with this catalytic energy of this eclipse. Each one of you has access to all of the knowledge of the Ancients, all of the knowledge of the universe and universes, and yet it is frustrating for yourselves as you have hidden it behind the veil. Yet you are walking now into this Golden Era. You are walking now into this new energy in which what has been hidden will now be brought to light.

And so my words to you today would be about allowing yourselves this access, that in your dance with your own wild selves…wild beauty, your own wild Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within…you give yourself permission to remember. Give yourself permission to throw open wide the doorways contained within the portals of your own DNA. These are the doorways of consciousness. These are the doorways to the other dimensions, where you are indeed quite active. And yet in your allowance of the veil, choosing this coming into this earthly realm, you have so completely forgotten. It is now the time of remembering. These energies that you see being played across the heavens in these eclipses, these are merely a reflection of you and your own energetic make-up. It is merely a reflection and a mirroring of you being in the place to say, I am ready to remember. I choose to remember. I choose to be the Divine Alchemist that I Am. I choose to marry my Divine Masculine and my Divine Feminine, and the marriage dance is one of wild delight! It is one of much joy. There is much passion in this coming together.

My dear friend Ziggy (present during this communication) was laughing earlier about Tobias’ words of the ‘big bang’ and Ziggy has called today ‘Big Bang Day.’ (laughter) You may say that one element of the ‘big bang’ for today is this fusion, the fusion of your own Divine elements.

Celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate Who You Are, All of Who You Are, and celebrate with each other, for you are sovereign entities unto yourselves and yet you are interwoven, as everything within this universe is interwoven together and with each other. It is as Brigid has said, the web of creation, the web of life. You are now entering a whole new level of your own ability to create. Allow this to flow within you…and out from you, for you do affect others.

It is time for this dance of celebration to commence in the new energy! And this is what today is about for those of you who choose it to be so. Celebrate! You are entering a new era. Welcome it! Welcome it within yourself and welcome it in communion with each other.

This is enough of a message to put out, for truly the message is simply a loving embrace and invitation to join us in the dance, for indeed dear Brigid and I are dancing wildly in our own passionate way today ourselves. And it is a delight to weave our energies in with all of yours. You will be celebrating in not too much more time Beltane, which is also celebrated as May Day, when there is a wonderful dance of weaving ribbons around the Maypole. I would wish for you all to see today how you are each dancing this dance and how the ribbons are the energies that connect you, that connect us, and the Maypole is the One Source, the One Energy, the One Consciousness you may call God and Goddess melded together. And each of you is the most delightfully bright and colorful ribbon of energy yourselves as you weave these together. The tapestry of energetic creation that is made manifest is beautiful beyond words.

We will not answer questions today. Today is a day to simply be with your own energies. And yet we will say that both of us are joyfully anticipating opening up our range of communication and will be delighted to entertain questions in the very near future. And we thank you for this, Maureen, for being so willing to facilitate this (laughter) and we assure you that it shall be done only through your own dancing in your passion and joy as well.

So, to all of you tuned in to this message today, I encourage you to dance! Wildly! Share your own wild joy with all who seek it, and all who seek to share theirs with you as well.

Did someone say hot tub party? (laughter) We will be there. And we look forward to seeing many of you there.

Participant: It will be a crowded hot tub! (laughter)

Green Man: It will indeed.

Is there anything more of importance that needs to be spoken before we conclude this verbal portion of our joining together?

Participant: I would just like to express my gratitude for the messages from both of you, and in my Divine imagination, I feel this big bang that Tobias spoke of as the shattered remnants of the veil being blown away.

GM: Indeed! And you see, this all depends on how big your bang is! (laughter) It depends on how much you choose to allow this to be so. You see the veil is an illusion. It is one that you have agreed to buy into. It is one that as you have chosen to come to Earth, you have agreed to accept. As you are each waking up in consciousness now to the All of Who You Are, it is your choice again as well to once again see without the veil of illusion in place. And so it is quite a big bang when you allow this to be so!

You are quite aware that there is one theory of creation that is known as the ‘big bang theory.’

Participant: Yes.

GM: You are yourselves now in the place to begin creation anew, with a big bang, with this melding of all of the elements of your true Self, of your Divine Self, of your God Self, while in human form. And as you allow this merging and melding, you create the explosion that blows to bits the illusion of anything you no longer choose to have acting as a veil in your experience. It is time now. It is time now to return to the Garden of Eden! It is time now to return to the Paradise of knowing your own true Creatorship. Truly, there never was a fall. There was simply a choice for a veil of illusion. When you remove this veil, when you blow it to bits (laughter), you are once again returning to the pure state of Paradise.

Create it, dear ones! Create it! And the energies of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in all of their many forms and flows joyously dance with you this dance of Creation!

And with that, I will say, and so it is! ~ ~ ~

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