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Brigid on Imbolc

This communication with Brigid occurred on Imbolc, (February 1/2, 2008) which is the Celtic celebration that honours the returning Light as the days begin to get longer in the midst of the darkness of the northern hemisphere's winter. This was the first message that Brigid requested be shared beyond those who were present in the physical to hear it when it was received. This was the beginning of my nudging to make her messages more public.

~ ~ ~ Brigid: Cead Mile Failte, beloved ones! It is a true delight to be with you in this manner. It is a true honoring of me and of the Goddess energy that you so lovingly invite me in on your hearts. I come in today on this feast of Light, this feast of Imbolc, which is a day that also honors me as the Goddess Brigid. I come in today to speak with all who are in the heart space of honoring the Goddess. And so it is not just for you who are here present this morning that I bring in this message, these words and this energy. It is a broader message today for all those who are indeed Keepers of the Flame.

There is a place in Ireland, in Kildare, that is set aside to keep the Flame of Brigid, Breed, Bride, all my many names…and yet you see, in your now, in this first Imbolc celebration of the Light in the new energy, you yourselves contain the flame that you are keeping. This is a day to celebrate the returning of the Light and indeed the Light that is returning is the Light of your divinity, contained within Self, that is now not only being acknowledged, and honored, but that is shining brighter than it has ever shone before in your walk upon this planet.

It is time upon this planet to bring back the Light. The Light, as you are all well aware, is very, very much connected to the sun. You are all children of the sun yourselves and it is time for you to let the sun within shine as your own Light.

There is much symbolism in the honoring of the Goddess that I have been honored as. And yet the symbolism is in many ways a part of your own remembering, in many ways a part of your own akashic records. Many of you who are so drawn to me and my energy, and who are drawn to read the words that flow in these communications, many of you have indeed lived an incarnation where you were in the physical a Keeper of the Flame of Bridget at Kildare. Many of you are priestesses, initiates of the Light, of the magic, and it is not only those of you who are in female form in this lifetime. Many of you who are in masculine body are also very much Keepers of the Flame, are also very much balancers of the energy of the Goddess and the God within.

I as Brigid am also associated with water, with wells. There is much magic in water as you are all waking up to become more aware of. And a well, a spring, is indeed quite the pure source of water, quite the pure source of magic. It is time for you to realize that this well of life, this magic, is within yourselves. You each contain the Well of the Goddess. You each have the ability to quench your own thirst…to water all your needs within self. This is becoming more and more apparent to you as you move forward into this new energy time upon your planet.

Imbolc in meaning translates to ‘in the belly.’ It is in the belly of the Earth, it is in the womb of the Goddess energies, that you yourselves have come forth from, and all life comes forth from. And yet you now become the belly, the womb, yourselves, to bring forth the Light and the life of this new energy world. In this new energy world it is most important for you to be connected to the Goddess. It is important for you to be the embodiment of the Goddess in Divine Human physical form. You are the ones you have been waiting for. You have been told this. And you see, every one of you has within you the knowing, has within you the remembrance, of your own pre-human experiences…of your own understanding of the beginning of the Goddess energies. And the God. But today is a day dedicated to the Goddess moreso than the God. It must be balanced, as you know. The God energy must be a part of the Goddess energy. And so today we speak of this Divine Feminine. We speak of this energy of nurturing, nourishing. It is in many ways the energy of alchemy as well. You are very accustomed to thinking of alchemy in masculine senses. Merlin is the great alchemist you are all aware of. There are many others. And yet there is a bringing together of the masculine and feminine elements in alchemy. I Brigid am known as the patroness of smithing, an art, or alchemy, in which metal is transformed into a new form. What is the birthing of new life but the alchemizing of elements and energies into new form?

Know that from now forth, celebrating this day of returning light in the new energy, you each become the belly. You each become the Keeper of the Sacred Flame. You each become the Keeper of the Eternal Wellspring that flows within the heart of all who are awakening to their own divinity, their own God Self, their own Goddess, and their own God within.

Do you have questions for me?

Q: As you were speaking of the flame, the flame within…I have been feeling very strongly a connection with the golden solar disk, and of course I began by seeking outside of myself until I realized…and actually I was prompted…to consider that this flame…this solar disk is actually a part of my being that is within. And it is quite awesome light. Would you have anything that you would care to share on that?

B: Indeed, as you can see, often times before the inner is realized, it is of great assistance and great help to have the outer symbol. This is true of the Flame at Kildare, this is true of the wells dedicated to Brigid around the Celtic lands. This is also true of the golden sun disk of which you speak. There is an actual physical sun disk as you are aware, and yet it is not something with magical power in and of itself. The sun disk that you speak of is what is inherently within you, just as the flame and the well are within. You are awakening to new understandings, you are awakening to remembrances that have long been hidden…now in this time of the new energy. And so you are on the correct path for yourself in moving towards this. You are indeed a Keeper of the Golden Sun Disk. But as those who have been Keepers of the Flame of Kildare, Keepers of Brigid’s sacred holy Wells have found, it is an alchemical process to be a Keeper. For it is never the outer object, it is never the outer representation that contains the power. They are merely a symbol of what is within.

In a way, you might say that this is your…mission….(laughter)…for this upcoming year. It is a mission in a very different sense than has been put forth previously. It is not something that you just do because it has been assigned to you. It is something that you desire to do because of the flame within your heart. You are moved in this direction, you are moved to discover and remember. You see when you are a Keeper, it is something that affects so many others. For there are others…many, many others…who are very deeply connected to this golden sun disk as well…who contain this golden sun disk within as well. And yet are not aware of it. And in your abiding with the sun disk, in your being the active Keeper of the sun disk, you are keeping this knowledge alive for many to then be able to access. In a way it is a bit of being the librarian in one sense…(laughter)…keeping the books of knowledge available and in good condition for those who will seek access to them at a later date It is a very important role and yet each role is important in its own way.

You will find that there will be many catalysts this year for your own remembering. You will find that there will be many activations this year that will bring up remembering within from where it is stored. Yes, from within your DNA, but also it is coming up from your very soul recollections and knowing.

You have many nonphysical friends that are very much masculine energy based. I would be quite delighted to be your patroness in the way of being your feminine energy mentor and one who offers perspective. So call upon me if you feel that this would be helpful to you. I am very happy to be the patroness of all of those who are drawn to me. Each is on a mission. And each of you…each of you who are opening to the light within, the well within, the alchemy, the poetry of your own soul…each of you will be more and more aware of what your own soul driven mission is…this mission that is not an assignment, but that is the passion of your own soul. That is what your dear friend Tobias of the Crimson Council has called ‘the fruit of the rose.’ It will become clearer and clearer. And there are many who seek to offer you their love and their guidance, their support and their assistance. Know that I am one. Know that it is my joy to reconnect with so many who have been connected to me and my energies through the eons. You and all who are drawn to hear this message, you all are indeed connected to the flow of my own energy, and are quite familiar with it. It is time for you to make manifest the Goddess energy within yourself and within your life.

Does this answer your question?

Q: It does very nicely and thank you for your so generous offer. I accept completely.

B: I am pleased to hear this!

I desire to come in ever closer to those who are desiring being close to my energy. And so in this manner I will say…I will leave the particulars up to you, Maureen, but I would be most willing to, on occasion, speak to those who are desiring my input in this manner. I would be quite happy to entertain the questions from others, of a general nature, not of specifics, in a manner that you are comfortable with being the liaison for. And so I shall allow you to feel your way through this, my dear, as to what feels most appropriate. Yet I am well aware that those awakening are quite desiring of more connection and communication with the Goddess energy, with the Divine Feminine, and you my dear are a wonderful liaison, a wonderful spokesperson for this particular form of communication. And so I bid you to entertain how you might facilitate this in a manner that is…in flow. Nothing that is stressful. Nothing that is a must. But in a manner that would both serve the mission of your own soul and assist in guiding those who are awakening to their own mission and purpose.

I once again would encourage you all to participate more frequently in your etheric gatherings, in your joining together on the energetic level with each other, regardless of geography and physical placement upon the planet. It is something that greatly assists each of you when you do this in opening to larger flows of divinity. For you see you are each part of the whole, even though you are each individualized sovereign beings. It is most beneficial to you to share your flows in this particular manner. It is depleting none and it simply fosters greater feeling state awareness of what the oneness means while being in full awareness of sovereignty. It is a most wonderful beginning of this in the new energy that you are choosing today to join together with others…others of like mind, yes, but much more of like heart…in symbolically inviting in the Light by lighting these candles together. I encourage you…find ways to celebrate with each other more frequently! Find ways to come together in joy for indeed you are sovereign, but you are not islands alone unto yourselves. You are all very much connected to the whole. And it is a beautiful way to further your opening, understanding and awareness of this.

I tell you that your dear friend Green Man is very close! He is choosing not to come in in voice today because it is a great deal of energy to flow at once, and it is your shoud day today (monthly Crimson Circle message through Geoffry Hoppe)…and you have energetic connections to this as well. So we do not wish to blow your circuits, dear Maureen! But we wish to tell you that this is a part of your own opening to mission, to purpose. It is no accident that it is I the goddess Brigid and the dear masculine divinity that you are feeling and knowing as Green Man who are coming close to you. We have much to offer and we desire to offer this not just to a few, but to the many, to all who are seeking this, and you are the Voice that we are in this now moment wishing to communicate through, and we thank you for your willingness to play this role. It will be expanding for you in the new energy. It will be becoming clearer to you. It is time for each of you to accept your grandness, to accept your greatness, to embody it, to be the Queens and the Goddesses, to be the Kings and the Gods, to balance these energies within yourself in your divinity, in your sovereignty. It is an exciting time upon your planet!

This is enough for this now moment. I desire to come closer more frequently. Continue to keep the flame lit, and I shall receive this as an invitation to flow my energies to you and through you more frequently. You are…all of you…so dearly loved!

Cead mile failte! ~ ~ ~

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