Monday, July 28, 2008

Brigid on Sirius Rising

The rising of the star Sirius was the marker that the Ancient Egyptians used to begin their New Year. Many experiencing their own awakening of consciousness in the now feel deep connections to this star. Brigid speaks of this in this message.

Wednesday July 23, 2008

~ ~ ~Brigid: Cead Mile Failte Beloved Ones. And Good Morning! It is, as always, a delight to be able to flow in so close energetically, to be able to dance with you in spirit, to be able to commune and to share conversation and communication through this energetic translating which puts forth a message in words. Oftentimes the words are unnecessary, as you know. It is becoming more and more easy to be able to bypass the language of the brain and thinking, and to communicate in this language of feeling that your dear friend Tobias has called ‘The Language of Ah.’ Ah…simply feeling and knowing, not needing to think it. Feeling and knowing it.

I come in today to join your celebration for you know I Am Goddess energy that enjoys, so much, celebrating. It is why I come to you in the energy of the Celtic Goddess Brigid, for the Celts and the Druids were very connected to the rhythms and the seasons and the celestial cycles that give birth to much celebrating. And it is not only energy that is Celtic that I flow. As I have told you previously, I Am the Divine Feminine. I Am the Goddess energy. And I flow through all cultures and am called by many different names. It is still the same energy. I have much flowing energy that has been connected to Ancient Egypt, whose people celebrated their New Year with the heliacal rising of the star Sirius. My flowing energy has many roots in your Druidic ancestry. And indeed this does go back to the time of the Shining Ones.

Much of what you know as the Divine Feminine flow of Goddess energy is very Sirian based. Today you celebrate…we celebrate…Sirius Rising. It is the new beginning of a new cycle. You are walking into a most auspicious time upon your planet. And it is a time where the energies are greatly magnified by the dynamics of what is taking place. You have your Lion’s Gate…your 8-8-8...your solar and lunar eclipses upcoming. You have much energy that is building and will continue to build until your September equinox…another marker, another turning point energetically. You will find that your equinox this year is at the time of the celebrating of your one year anniversary of what you have termed this Quantum Leap of energy, this shifting, this flowing into the new.

So much of what is happening is indeed a return to the Goddess energy, a return to the Divine Feminine energy. It is an embracing of it, and yet it is in a new way, for the feminine has had its place before it was usurped and suppressed by the masculine, but neither were completely in balance previously.

(This conversation is being held outside, by a ‘well’ altar and fire blazing in a fire pit for the Sirius Rising celebration. The chatter and cacophony of the birds and wild life has been steadily increasing in volume since the beginning of the session to the point now of nearly drowning out what is being spoken and this causes a momentary pause in the flow of words.)

They are attracted to the energy too! (Laughter…and as if the volume has been turned down, the natural sounds of Nature begin to fade.)

It is time for new upon your planet, and you have been participants in this, so many of you who are aware of the awakening that is occurring in consciousness upon the planet in the now…so many of you have been indeed the purveyors of this consciousness. You have been the ones who have brought it forth and you have been the ones who have initiated this seed that is germinating…has germinated…and is in the stage of blossoming. It is in the stage of bearing the fruit of the rose. It is passion. Remember that passion is very associated with the Christ…The Passion of the Christ. There is a reason for this.

Sirius, dear friends, is the birthplace of the Christ consciousness and the Christ consciousness is…it is feminine in nature. Now this is not easily taken in when one looks at Jesus the Christ, when one sees that it was a man bringing in these energies 2000 years ago. And yet you see the man Jesus, also very connected to Sirius…this man brought forth balanced energies. This man allowed the birthing of the Divine Feminine within Self while in a masculine body. And this was what was necessary as the bridge. This has been the Age of Pisces. The Christ has been represented by the symbol of the fish, a symbol of Pisces. And you are now entering the Age of Aquarius. This is the new energy, and its sign is the Water Bearer. And waters bring forth birth.

It was necessary for there to be this 2000 years of linear time of shifting, of playing the game. It has not been wasted effort. It has been a time of rising consciousness. And now you are in the place to fully give birth in manifestation to the Christ consciousness. In manifest form means that it is Living Waters. It means that it is indeed not only what nurtures and sustains, but what allows…allows life to flourish and continue creating and re-creating. And it is in balance. It is that the masculine is as required, is as important, as is the feminine. But in this new energy, they can take their natural places of balance within each other.

We do not need to speak more of ratios and flows of energies. You are aware of this. You are aware that it is not always 50/50. There is a sacred geometry to the universe and you are now entering the time and the era of the sacred geometry of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine dancing in their whole, perfect and complete balance with each other, in the myriad ways that this presents itself and manifests. And I say myriad ways because there are many complementations. If you look at Sirius that we speak of, Sirius is not one star as you know it. You are quite aware there is Sirius A and Sirius B. You might say that this represents the dynamics of your masculine and feminine balance…balance and polarities, and electromagnetic dynamics. Oh there is much at play that is not yet comprehensible to human conscious thinking. And yet there is a dynamic there…and there is indeed another very newly discovered aspect to Sirius also, an aspect that you may say represents what Tobias has called that clear marble, that represents, oh, the fluidity…that represents the carrier medium that allows these others to flow.

So it is truly a time to celebrate. It is most auspicious a day to welcome in the new energies in this way that they have not been here before. This is a dynamic time. This is a time of much flux. Things have not settled yet, as you are aware. There are bursts of energy, both coming at you and coming from within you, that are part of this dance of creation that is taking place in this now moment of time. It is a tumultuous time. There have been tumultuous energies. And yet it is a time for you to savour, for indeed you are in your own passion when you create, and all of these energies are fueling your creating and your creations.

And so feed the fire…(laughter as a burning log shifts loudly in the fire pit in conjunction with Brigid‘s words)…feed the fire! I feed the fire. I am indeed Keeper of the Hearth in Celtic mythology. Keep your home fires burning, and those indeed are within your own heart, within your own soul. Feed the fires within and you will find that the fuel for creating flows easily, effortlessly, quite magically. But you must also allow. Allow all expressions. Do not reign them in. It is all part of the forward movement. It is all part of, once again, the birthing process. You are continually giving birth…as you know. It is not always easy to give birth. And yet, oh the joy! The joy of new life is immense! You are continually creating new life. This you are encouraged to remember. You are becoming more and more aware of your interconnectivity. You have lived many experiences here on Earth and in other realms. You are connected to many places and many energies…upon this planet and in those other realms. And all of them weave together in your now moment. All of them are part of the passionate flow of creation. You are not the limited beings that you have previously thought that you were. And it is quite joyful to witness your awakening to this.

Continue to fully be present in your now moments. Continue to allow yourselves to flow with the creative energies…to dance with your passions…to dance with each other in this wonderful weaving of this web of creation you are all a part of. There is a wondrous balance as well between sovereignty and interconnectedness. Indeed, they cannot be separated! That can boggle the human mind as well! And yet it is so. I wish you to continue to celebrate. I wish you to continue to breathe in…breathe in your own Divinity, breathe in the beauty…the beauty of this universe and all of its myriad flows of energy.

Do you wish to ask anything of me while I am here visiting you in this way?

Questioner: I have a very deep question. I have this clicking in my right ear. I don’t feel it in my left ear at this time. I’ve had that for some months now and I’m curious what that is all about. I feel its a sort of communication or download or upload or whatever is going on. Would you care to comment on that?

B: Yes, you are downloading and uploading much. They are good words for you. You can understand what that process means. And what you are doing is taking in to your physical body more and more of the interdimensional energy of your Divinity and it is part of the process. And you are having much what you might call rewiring…what has been called rewiring…done as part of this process. And it is in many ways the equivalent of the doorbell ringing to announce your arrival into another dimensional realm. It is evidence that you are present in many more dimensions than simply this human, Earthly, what has previously been called 3D, realm. You are expanding beyond it, and these noises, this clicking, what you have called this Morse Code-like sound, is simply one frequency of a dimensional level that you are opening to and accessing. And there are others. You are aware you have had other sounds, you have had other hums, you have had other vibrations capture your attention. It is very much connected to the opening of the portal within…what you might call a stargate if you like, since indeed the stars are the other dimensions you are accessing in your now.

There are many of You! You may call them aspects, you may call them flows of your own soul energy, you may call them anything that you would like. But oftentimes when you are aware of this clicking noise, or any of these other vibrational sounds, it is you being in touch with You in another realm, in another dimensional space. And for you in particular in your now, it very much does have to do with your nervous system activation, with your pineal gland, with all that you are walking through in your now moment of time as far as this opening to your bringing more of the light of your Divinity into your physical body. As I know you are aware, it is nothing to be concerned about. It is a reminder to you, much as when you see the numbers 11:11 or 12:12 on the clock, it reminds you of the Kryon. It reminds you of the energies of ‘You are never alone.’ When you hear these noises, be aware that it is a reminder that you are accessing other parts of your Self that go beyond this human realm and dimension. And you will find it will vary from ear to ear, from right side to left side as you continue the process, for again, there is a balancing that must take place. And it is taking place.

Does this answer your question?

Q: Very nicely. Thank you.

B: You are most welcome!

Is there anything more?

Q: I had something else related and it kind of passed me right on by with the answer that you just gave me!

B: Well, be aware that you may get your answer from me without the necessity to have the conversation in this particular manner. And that as you have become more and more aware, you are continually in contact with all of us who love you, support you, work with you from the other realms. And it can come to you in an instant without the necessity of coming through human words, human voice, human brain. So be open to the awareness and the knowing. And this will come to you…when you remember what the question was! And you shall! And you shall!

Q: Yes, it seems to be happening more and more that the answer is there when the question is there.

B: And this will continue to happen more and more.

Oh it is indeed a joyous time…a delightful time…for you humans who have persevered through all of this time on your journey! It has not been easy and this is well known throughout the universe. It has not been easy. This is why you are so applauded, this is why you are so supported and loved. It has been an amazing process. You are through the worst of it, dear ones! Even though it does not always seem that way! Yet, be aware that this is a sacred doorway you are walking through, a sacred portal, a sacred stargate! It is a huge opening to expansion and today marks this energetic opening in a way that has been marked for eons of time. It is a cyclical rising of Sirius…not only the ‘Dog Star,’ but the Christ Star. So as this Christ Star is felt rising within Self, fully embrace what this means to you, for there is much joy upon your horizon right along with Sirius! As you fully walk into this new energy when you pass your equinox marker in September, you will no longer be stepping into the new energy, you will fully be living in the new energy. And this is something to celebrate.

So for these next two months, open yourselves to these flows of allowing. Open yourselves to these creative flows of your own unique fruit of the rose passion. It is a joyful time for you will find that there will indeed be much joy in your creative expression which brings deep fulfillment. And the beauty of this wondrous time you are walking into and soon will be fully ensconced in is that your fruit of the rose passion becomes a gift to all you share the planet with. This is the true joy and delight of what is to come living in the new energy. One’s own sovereign joy serves the interconnectedness of all who walk the planet with you.

Feel that golden light coming to you, caressing your faces…this kiss of the sun. Know that this golden liquid sun light is the Christ energy as well. This will become clearer to you as you remove the cobwebs from your own remembering…as this veil becomes more and more and more gossamer thin and is no longer a detriment to your own knowing and remembering. Liquid gold. You yourselves contain much flow of liquid gold within your energy fields, within your own energetic signatures. This liquid gold is very much a distinguishing identifier of those who carry the Christ energy, those who are birthing it, living it, allowing it to blossom and flower. Now is the time! So dear ones, today in celebration, I pour the liquid golden Christ energy of love upon you. Breathe it in. It is Who You Are!

And with that I say, you are dearly loved. And so it is.

Cead Mile Failte. ~ ~ ~

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