Sunday, July 27, 2008


Greetings! And ‘Cead Mile Failte!’…which means ‘one hundred thousand welcomes’ in Gaelic. I am so happy to share this sometimes challenging, oftentimes magically wonderful Earth journey with you, and you are most welcome to share it with me.

Like so many walking the planet today, this has been a lifetime of awakening consciousness for me. Opening to deeper awareness of Who I Am and my connection to All That Is has been a profoundly moving experience. The journey has blessed me with awe and an ever expanding love for all of humanity, who I have come to see are not mere humans, but truly angels in disguise playing a marvelous game here on the playing field of Earth…a game that requires a veil of forgetting which clouds the ability to remember our individual and collective grandness. We are Divine Humans because we are part of God, and as such, we are God also…each and every one of us.

I have been quite sensitive to energies all of my life. For the past 2 years I have been feeling and translating into words the energies of many Beings from the nonphysical realms. Opening to this kind of interdimensional communicating has truly been a joy and a delight for me, and has enriched my experience tremendously. Most would call what I do ‘channeling,’ but I prefer to think of what I do as ‘energy translating.’ Everyone has the ability to feel energies, and as such, everyone has the ability to access this kind of communication, though most are not yet practiced enough to trust themselves to have these kinds of conversations. I encourage you to experiment and play with energies and how you feel them. Tune in and listen and you may be amazed at what comes through. Have fun with it!

Most of the messages I have brought through in these last 2 years have been personal, or for sharing among the small groups of people I interact with and am connected to through different circles. This has begun to change and I have been finding since early this year that I have been being encouraged to share some of these messages with a broader audience. In particular, the Divine Feminine energy that flows through me as the Celtic Goddess Brigid has specifically requested that I make her messages and her energy available to all who desire to interact with her. I am ready to do this.

My partner Ziggy and I greatly enjoy facilitating gatherings, whether in the physical or with others joining us energetically through the ethers. Brigid’s messages have renewed our passion for celebration, and we particularly enjoy celebrating the rhythms and cycles of the year that were also celebrated by the ancients of so many cultures. These were marked by the sacred geometry of the solstices and equinoxes, and in Celtic tradition, the cross points between them of Samhein, Imbolc, Beltane and Lughnasa.

Lughnasa, the celebration of the beginning of Harvest season, will be upon us once again on August 1 (or 2nd, depending on your geographic location). This will be a particularly powerful day as August 1 is also the day of a total solar eclipse. The energies are building and August looks to be an especially potent month. I invite you to join Ziggy and me in celebration at our sacred power spot here at his place in Canada. You can do this by energetically connecting with us whenever you are inspired to during the day.

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