Friday, August 1, 2008

Celebrate New Beginnings!

Today is a day to celebrate! It is one filled with potent energies heralding change, openings, and new beginnings. Each lunar cycle begins with ‘the dark of the moon,’ the new moon, a time of fertility for seeding the new in our lives. Today is the new moon, and it ushers in a new month. It also is the day of a total solar eclipse. Eclipses always signify change.

Today is also the Celtic celebration of Lughnasa, the cross day between the June solstice and the September equinox. Lughnasa traditionally has marked the beginning of the harvest season and the ripening of first fruits. It is a time for community gatherings and family reunions. It is also known as Lammas, which means ‘loaf mass’ and has communion connotations of breaking bread together in gratitude and appreciation of the harvest.

In this ’1’ year of 2008, the beginning of a new cycle, this first celebration of Harvest can be seen as particularly significant. For many on the spiritual path of conscious awakening, it has been a very long season between the planting and the harvest.

I am reminded of the rune Jera. Jera denotes the harvest and the reaping of things sown after completing their cycle. It refers to a change for the better. This rune is symbolic of success, prosperity, and an abundant new cycle. It is also said to represent the marriage between Heaven and Earth. As one rune interpreter puts it…”When the harvest comes, celebrate!”

The harvest is here. It is definitely a time for celebration as we begin anew!


Laurelin said...

Thank you Maureen and Merlin for a wonderful and loving message!


Yvonne said...

Maureen, your message is synchronistic with my NOW experiences. Thanks to you and Merlin for bringing clarity and for helping me emerge from the haze of so many events happening all at once.