Saturday, August 2, 2008

Merlin on the Energies of August

This message from Merlin came through on the morning of Friday August 1, 2008:

Greetings my very dear friends. It is I Merlin who comes in to speak to you today. I have not been with you in this manner in quite a bit of your time though I have indeed connected with you, been energetically present with you. I am always available to you.

Today is the Celtic celebration of Lughnasa. It is much more than that though. It is an opening. It is a new beginning. It is a portal that will take you places that you have not been before, if you choose to allow this to be so.

It is a day in which you experience a total eclipse of your sun. This is quite the powerful indicator of change. Merlin, as I come through this Voice, is a White Light Being and the White Light is very much associated with the light of the sun in ways you are not yet consciously aware. You will open to greater understanding as you walk through these doorways opening in this powerful month of August.

As Merlin, I am also a flower of the energies of Merlin of Camelot, of the Great Magician, the Grand Alchemist. The energies that you are walking into, the energies that are opening up to you, are very much filled with what you might term magic. It is in your now greatly beneficial if you will embrace the Magician, the Wizard, the Alchemist within in order to transform your lives, in order to create the magic that you have been desiring for so very long.

Let us speak of Camelot. The kingdom of Camelot as you know it is situated in the Celtic lands. It is slightly askew of your third dimension. It is not quite a part of it. And yet Camelot still exists and this is why so many resonate so deeply and so strongly with the legends of Camelot, with Arthur and Excalibur, with Merlin, Guinevere, the Lady of the Lake, and so many others. The energy of this otherdimensional kingdom of Camelot flows in the energetic signature of many upon this planet. Camelot is also closely connected and associated with the energies of those that you know as the Shining Ones, those that have their roots, their beginnings, in a place you call the star Sirius. Indeed if you look at the Lady of the Lake, you’ll see how much she carries dolphin energies, as the Nommos from Sirius have done. You will see that she indeed flowed and flows the magic of Sirius.

And so it is a time to speak of much, a time to speak of many events, many openings. It is a time for choice, for this portal, this gateway, is open for what you would call a certain period of time in linear time. And then the gateway will close. When it has closed, it is not that it is inaccessible. It is simply that it is in many ways lost in the mists as Avalon and Camelot have been. And so it is much harder to find, and if you cannot find it, you cannot walk into it. You cannot walk through the doorway of it.

I come in today to encourage all who are in this place upon the journey of desiring to access more of Self than has ever been accessed before, I come in to encourage you to utilize this opening. This month that is upon you is a turning point in your own creating. This month that is upon you offers you the energetic support that has not been there through all of your efforts to create, all of your desiring to create previously. The energetic alignments that are here for those of you who are in the position to embrace them, utilize them, will assist you in your own alchemizing. It is indeed a time of Harvest, and the harvesting is of your own Divine Self…should you choose. For you see what is not harvested is naturally recycled, falls back into the Earth, changes form also. It is up to each of you what you choose to do with these energies.

This is a month of much power and potency. It is a month that offers you the opportunity for much creation, for much alchemizing. Many of you are not yet completely and consciously aware of what it is you are choosing to create. Things have been a bit murky. And yet, the energies do not wait for those who are not able to work with them. I encourage you to look within very deeply in this time of such potency, this time of such alignment of energies.

There is much that awaits you as your light encodings activate. Invite in the crystal light energies, and also the crystalline energy of water to assist you in your opening. There is much for you to expand into as you continue to connect and communicate with water. There are many what you might call secrets contained in water that your own awakening consciousness is becoming more in the place to remember. Water speaks in resonance to you for you yourselves contain much water within you. This water vibrates in the same manner and at the same frequency as crystalline energy. It is an Atlantian vibration. It is a Sirian vibration. It is an angelic vibration. It is a Divine vibration.

You are at a crossroads, and how you continue creating will be greatly affected by the choices you make at this crossroads. You will continue creating always. And in all ways. And yet if you are not free of your pasts, dear friends, this will effect your ability to create in the now as you desire to create. Being free of the past and standing completely in the now is of the utmost importance for you to move into what you have set up for yourselves on the soul level to create next. There is a window of opportunity for you in this opening, in this portal, and in these energies that are upon you in this month of August. I come in today to encourage you to utilize these energies and utilize this window of opportunity. For you see, one of the other meanings of Lughnasa, of this celebration of the Celts and indeed these Shining Ones, one of the meanings is the ‘turning of the wheel.’ This has to do with cycles, this has to do with flow, and it has to do in your linear world with linear time. The wheel is turning and it is heralding a time for new creating in a new cycle. You must leave the old behind in order to create in the new.

I will say to you that change is in motion. The energies that have supported you in the lives you have lived previously are changing. You cannot continue to stay in the same place that you have been. It is a time of inevitable change upon the planet. You are the creators of your own experience and your own world, and it is a time for new creating. And so it is up to you to choose the direction of your creating. This is the alchemy of the soul that is in front of you.

I speak to this in this now moment simply because so much of what you are walking into is about the light encodings within you that are beginning to activate. Once you have completed these activations, you are going to not be able to hold yourselves back from moving into your next expansional phase of creating.

I speak to you now of your new creative phase. You have each come in with a soul desire. Perhaps desire is a better word than purpose. It is certainly a better word than mission. You’ve come in with a soul desire and this applies to all, every being on this planet has a soul desire, for not one is on this planet in this now moment by accident. It has been choice. And every being, every soul upon this planet, has chosen to be here for unique reasons.

There is an interconnectivity. There are soul groups, families, that have come to Earth with similar desires, with shared purpose. It is a time now of the ripe place of harvest, and for those who choose to participate in the harvest, they will find themselves in the place to attract to themselves those who share their soul’s desire, those who have a similar purpose for being here in the now. And so you see it is a time for clarity. It is a time to be introspective in these energies to allow yourself the clarity of why you are here, of what you are choosing to create next. For you are beginning a whole new dynamic that is ushered in today with this solar eclipse on the new moon and this celebration of Harvest. Your creating is going to be far easier than it has ever been before. And this will be joyful for so many. But it can also be problematic for those who are not clear on what they truly desire to create. For it will not take much to be the creator of new experiences. So choose your experiences wisely. Use your creator abilities wisely. Find the place of your own passion and your own joy and use those energies to fuel this new creating that is leading you into the Golden Era upon this planet.

You are each equipped with inner guidance that will always lead you in the right direction for your own soul self. Allow your inner guidance to lead you to what feels to be the perfect next step in the unfolding of this new adventure in living and creating. You must remember to be flexible, and you must remember to flow with the energies of the now. There are wonderful experiences awaiting you. Simply walk into them with an open heart.

Your hearts have been awakening to the crystal within them. I would say that you are also now awakening crystal eyes. You will, if you allow it to be so, see things differently as you see through your crystal eyes and see beyond just the third dimension. Be open to this and allow the experiences to come to you naturally and to be what they are.

It is a day today to celebrate the harvest. I would encourage you to consider what the harvest of this long and often challenging lifetime is for you, and what it is that you truly desire to create as you step through this threshold into the new. You are Master Alchemists. You are Master Alchemists who have suffered from amnesia, who have forgotten your own ability to be Magicians and Wizards. This memory is returning to you in the now. You have the ability to visit Camelot in a manner that you have not been able to do in quite a long period of time. I encourage you to enjoy your visit. The Shining Ones are with you as well. There is so much of your own energy that is Shining also.

Be in a place of joy today. Celebrate. Enjoy the moment. It is a wondrous new beginning.

I close now with love and bid you Aloha.


cj5404 said...

This was just beautiful, Maureen!! Thankyou SO much for translating Merlin's energies and fascilitating such a wonderful, uplifting message. I so look forward to our Divine Harvest this month and whole-heartedly choose to open to these incredible portals and rediscover the magic and beauty of all that I Am :-)
much love,

vivianbn said...

The question is, can I trust myself enough to know that I will unfold into my soul desire and be able to create from that knowingness?? Guess I won't really know that until I am actually in it! I'm just impatient I guess. 'cause truly I know I will get there :)

Thanks Maureen, this is great creating here from you!