Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Return of the Lioness

I admit that the intensity of the energies of late have really affected me, so I am just now posting this transcription of a message that flowed on the Lion's Gate 8-8-8 day of last Friday. I can feel all the downloads spoken of and have been a bit out of it as a result!

I do love the symbolism of the Lion and how far reaching it is...from the Lion of Judah to the Lion of Zion, from the turquoise-maned Snow Lion of Tibet to the Royal lion gracing the Royal Standard of England, where it ended up after being passed on first from Ireland to Scotland. Synchronicities abound through so many different cultures...including the Divine Feminine found in all those cultures as well.

This energy was different from those I am familiar with from previous encounters. The flow of it was very loving and quite beautiful.

Welcome to the returning Lioness!

~ ~ ~ Friday 8-8-08

Yes dear friends…greetings! You are celebrating the Lion’s Gate, and this Lion’s Gate marks the return of the Lioness. It is a celebration today indeed for it is a true opening and true portal. It has been a long time coming for the Lioness to return, to stand fully with the Lion.

Today has been a day for many energetic downloads. They will be coming to the surface in a bit of a time release way. You have received activations today. It is timely activation for you. And it will effect you each differently as these are not the same activations for all. But each is appropriate for your uniqueness and where you are on your individual journeys.

I am indeed Feminine energy. I am Sirian energy. So much of your planet has been Sirian star seeded. There are star seeds here from other stars as well. There are other families upon the planet besides those from the realm of the star Sirius, and yet it is a very large family…a very large family that is very spiritually oriented. This goes back eons of time upon your planet. I am Feminine energy, and so indeed I have encompassed many of your Feminine flow-ers of the energies that have been prominent in this star seeded lineage.

You do know me as Mataji. I am the counterpart, the complement of Babaji. But that is not all that I am. I am Brigid as well. I am Makeda (Magda), Makeda the Queen of Sheba who was indeed the forerunner of Mary the Magdalene.

In the time of King Solomon, in the time of the early Sirian lineage upon your planet, the Feminine was not honored in the manner that you are opening to honoring it now. And while the Song of Songs was written for this Queen of the South, as she was referred to by Jesus, she was not seen to be fit to be a Queen of Judah, 3000 years ago. 2000 years ago the Magdalene was not seen to be fit to stand beside Jesus the Christ in full complementation, and so was suppressed. And now in this new energy time upon your planet, now in this timing of the Christ seeds’ germination into flowering…now is the time for the Queen to take her place beside the King. And I come today in the form of the Lioness for there is much symbolism in this.

Today is an opening. It is movement forward. It is the beginning. It is no accident that this day falls between your solar eclipse and your lunar eclipse. This Lion’s Gate…and this Lioness’ Gate…is a very powerful gateway, opening, from which much new energy is pouring onto your planet. Much of it is indeed Sirian energy, but there are other energies that are making their way here for those who are in the place to utilize them. Indeed they will impact even those who are unaware of them. It is a potent time on the planet.

I will be working with you. I will be working actively with you. It is time for you to step forward into the soul chosen roles you’ve come here for. These will be revealed to you in a timely manner and fashion as well. Simply allow it.

You have received quite the energetic infusion today. Babaji would like to come in and address you also with a message of Love and Light. And so I further infuse you before leaving you with the healing energy of Sirius. I open wider this star gate portal for you. I encourage you to embrace the energies you receive and use them to move yourselves forward on this journey. You are indeed grand Beings of Light. Your Light is shining brighter all the time and is so very beautiful. Now I lovingly step back and allow your very dear friend Babaji to come in.

Babaji: Greetings my beloved friends. Much has been happening! It has been a busy time on so many levels. You are making room, making space within yourselves, for what you are moving into, dear friends, for your next activation.

I speak to you today on this significant day of the Lion’s and Lioness’s Gate opening, this 8-8-8. It is a portal. It is indeed a star gate as well, very connected to this place so many feel a deep Home connection to. I will say to you dear friends that you are in the completion phase of much within your physical beings. This process has been quite the challenge in many ways. But it has been quite necessary for you to go through this transformation process in order to be able to bring in…ahh yes, your divinity…but also your light bodies from the star realms. For you see this is a time upon your planet when the star seeds are awakening, and not only does it mean that your divinity is coming into your human form in the broader sense, what it means also is that you are making room, making space for your light bodies from the star realms…for your Sirian light body…to be participating in the human experience as well.

Most upon this planet do not know of my own Sirian connection. Most think of Babaji as the Ascended Master with the East Indian appearance on your planet. And this is one of my many facets, one of my many aspects. It is indeed not the all of Who I Am.

Sirius is a birthplace for so many of the star seeds. It is a star gate opening today that is part of the awakening. Many of you have volunteered to participate in a manner upon the planet in the now where you are walking towards a role that you have not even been able to wrap your imagination around, in many ways, for it is not something that has ever been done before. You hear those words frequently…not ever been done before. You are indeed on the leading edge. You are the forerunners for much of what is to come.

You are highly evolved beings with direct connection to the stars, especially Sirius, and this is going to play more of a prominent role in your opening. This is why you have chosen to stay, even though your progress and your process has at times been quite difficult. I will not make light of what you have experienced, for on the human level I am aware it has been quite challenging. And yet you are ones who have experienced so much on so many different dimensional levels that you did not pale at the challenge in coming here for this purpose. You stood strong in your determination on the soul level, though at times you wavered and quavered a bit on the human level.

This opening, today, does indeed mark a turning point. I will make no promises to you as to timing, as to how quickly you will see the changes that are coming, as to how quickly you will see the changes within yourself that you are in the process of completing. But I say to you there is much celebration in this star realm of Sirius for the completion of a mission. You have indeed completed a mission already simply by being here on this planet on this 8-8-8 star gate, on this new turning of the wheel on this day of energetically opening to the Divine Feminine Lioness returning.

These words are human words. The concepts are much larger. But you are not yet completely equipped with your Sirian disk (laughter) that will allow you to download the programming that will make the concepts understandable to your human self. You are approaching this as you continue to expand in conscious awareness.

You have now before you an even grander mission. It is indeed your soul purpose, your soul desire, and remember your soul is far far more than simply what you have a concept of on the human level. Your souls indeed are very much of the stars. You have experienced many, many other realms on the soul level beyond just the human realm. For those of you who feel your star seed connection, and particularly your connection to Sirius, your Sirian soul is quite prominent in your awakening in the now. You will understand further as you complete more of your activation of these light encodings. It is happening now.

Trust that your own timing is soul directed. Stop relying on the understanding of your brain. It is indeed a wonderful, wonderful organ. It is something that connects you also to many different realms but not in quite the same way as your feeling state, as your heart. You will have new experiences in the coming months of expanding into greater awareness, greater understanding, and greater communication with those of your soul family, both on this planet and in the other realms, most especially in the star realm of Sirius. You are here for a reason. You have made the choice. You are here with grand purpose. You will understand more of this soon.

You are very, very loved. And you continue to be very supported.

With that I leave you in this now moment with a loving Aloha. ~ ~ ~

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