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St Germain on Physical Symptoms...and Creating with Joy!

We are approaching the halfway point between the August eclipses. I have certainly been affected personally by the intenseness of the energy August 1‘s total solar eclipse ushered in, and I know that many others have as well. I have been experiencing symptoms of ‘ascension flu’ the past few days, and my partner Ziggy has been flattened by a flare up of his own physical symptoms that has been quite painful and challenging.

St. Germain came in for a visit earlier in the week and addressed this physical rewiring we are doing, as well as also touching on creative expression in the new energy. This was a very timely message for me.

This physical transformation process has not been an easy one for a lot of people, and for many, it has been quite a painful one. In looking back on my own journey of awakening, I would have to say that my rewiring process began quite abruptly in May 2001 when I sustained a brain injury in a car accident. I had bizarre symptoms that baffled and confounded the health care professionals who treated me, and these symptoms included severe sleep dysfunction with a hypersensitive startle reflex. An electroencephalogram of my brain documented that I was completely devoid of REM cycles, which are what allow the body to feel rested, and which also facilitate our dreaming. What was very odd was that in spite of the scientific evidence of this complete lack of REM cycles, I was experiencing the most intense and vivid dreaming of my life during the short periods of sleep I was having.

At the time of the accident, I was a super-responsible single mother and professional woman, trying to do everything perfectly. I was devoted to raising emotionally healthy children, and the quality of the work I was doing out in the world was impeccable. It was quite a juggling act! In retrospect, I see that my creation of that accident was absolutely perfect as far as it being the best possible circumstance that would allow me to let go of controlling what I thought I had to be doing and how I thought I was supposed to be living…because I had no other choice! My world as I knew it crumbled, and it was devastating then. But it was the greatest catalyst for expansion I had ever experienced previously, so I did eventually come to see what gifts there were in the changes those physical symptoms brought about.

In my introduction to those reading my messages on one of the group sites that has so graciously been posting them, I shared this about my experience of opening that has allowed me to receive these messages:

“All of my life I have been extremely sensitive to energies. In June 2006, I became very ill with pneumonia, which was quite a surprise to me as I had not been sick in years, something I attributed to my own understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection. I allowed that for reasons unknown to me, the illness must have something to do with my own opening to the new energy. This was confirmed for me when shortly after my recovery, I was able to translate the many energies I could feel around me into words, and this opened up to a whole new level of interdimensional communicating. I was told that I was reclaiming an ability that I had in the days of Lemuria, but that it would not fit in my physical body ‘as is.’ Hence, the pneumonia made room in my lungs for what could not previously be brought through my biology, as ancient encodings within my DNA were activated. Since then I have translated the energies of many different nonphysical Beings into words, and now frequently engage in this kind of communication.”

The physical transformation process can certainly be difficult, but I have firsthand experience as to how amazing the changes it brings about can be. I encourage you to trust the wisdom of your own soul in whatever you may be experiencing, and to listen to your body and your own inner guidance as to what you may need to do to help yourself through this period of change on the physical level.

Then follow your passion and your own creative joy and let nothing hold you back from experiencing the true magic of Being a Divine Human!

Here is St Germain's message delivered on Monday, August 4, 2008:

~ ~ ~ Greetings and salutations to you!

This morning I St. Germain come in to speak to you a bit more on the energies of this now time, for it is such a unique time in comparison to what has gone before it. You have had times previously that have been quite energetically potent, which you are aware of and which you have experienced, and yet this particular time is significant in that it is occurring in the energies of this first year after your Quantum Leap, in which everything has been accelerated. So you see, it is a time of much energetic potency. It is potent in a different way than it has been previously. It is new energy potency. And there is a very real difference between the old and the new energetically and this means that you have different opportunities and different potentials in your now than you have had previously. The energy can also affect you more strongly than it has in the past. So I come in to address you this morning on some of the issues of the physical that you are experiencing, and to address you on some of the issues of change, this flux that you are all feeling in the now.

I would congratulate you on the place you have come to. I would congratulate you on your willingness to continue on this journey, for I am quite aware that it has not been easy these last many months for many of you as your body goes through such a complete transformation…a true metamorphosis, and quite the intense rewiring experience. And yet you see you are positioning yourself to be an example and an inspiration for many once you have completed this process. For many, many, many others will go through this same process. It is quite challenging. It is quite scary at times when one wonders…am I dying? What is happening?

Yet there will be many who will be strengthened by your example, and by the sharing of your own experiences.

I continue to use the word leader, for you are in the lead, you are on the leading edge, and so there is still a place for those who go first and go before others to be called leaders. And as such, as leaders, many will follow your example. Being a leader does not make you greater or more highly elevated than anyone else. It simply is about experience and it means that you are choosing to experience first.

You are rewiring your physical body and rebalancing your energies, especially the masculine and feminine energies within your self. Be aware that it is also about these hemispheres of the brain coming into alignment with each other, and the veil. What you are doing is removing more and more of the veil as you allow the balancing of your own two, in human form, polarities, of this masculine/feminine, for you see once you are fully rewired, once you are fully standing as the Divine Human you are, you flow both the masculine and feminine in balance and it is simply the essence of divinity rather than the polarity of human existence.

Let me answer what questions you may have on this.

Participant: I just am certainly quite aware of what is happening in my physicality. I do get discouraged at times. I do certainly have to deal with a bit of fear at times, but my inner guidance keeps me on track pretty well. And it helps a lot to know what’s going on and it helps a lot to have your clarification.

SG: Indeed it is very much about being fully present to Self in each now moment. On the human level it is fear inducing to not feel normal, to not feel healthy, to not feel balanced in the way you are used to feeling, and yet you are quite aware that you are opening up to things beyond just the human level, and things not always being as they appear. You are moving beyond having the illnesses and the diseases of the 3rd dimensional human experience, for you have opened up and invited your divinity in, and this rewiring is part of what is required in order to bring in your divinity. It is not always easy when one feels as one does, yet I would encourage you to always listen to that inner guidance, to always feel the pull of the light of your divinity and allow that to speak to you more strongly than the fear does. And you are doing a very good job with this!

You will move through this more quickly as you allow the flows of the energies of what has been set in motion in your experience in this now time. You in particular are activating more on your right side now, you are bringing into balance the masculine. Now all on this earth, even though it is the time of bringing in the divine feminine goddess energies…they must have a healthy, well balanced masculine element to be in the place of complementation for wholeness. And so I would encourage you to contemplate, to look at, how you are being in your masculine energy in the circumstances you are experiencing in your now? For the strong, healthy and balanced masculine does not need to go out with his sword tilting at windmills as dear Don Quixote has done. You do not need to flex your muscles. You do not need to stand in the masculine in the old way, in the element of power and might and force, and yet healthy masculine is able to speak up, is able to stand clearly in strength and truth. Do you understand a bit of what I am saying and a bit of the difference here?

Participant: Yes I do.

SG: And so it is about each of you being in your own now moment and feeling your way to your own place of balance. And allowing, allowing all to be as it is. You will find that much moves during this month of August energetically, and you will find that it happens no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Now, what else may I address for you?

Participant: Well St Germain, I would like to ask a little bit about…oh, I’m feeling so unsure of direction. I do feel prodded to put myself out there creatively, to let my creative energies flow, yet I’m not sure how to go about this. I am feeling very drawn to express creatively but I don’t know how this works as far as the world around me goes, what it means for me publicly, what it means as far as sharing my abilities. In many ways I’ve ‘been there, done that’ before with really trying to become successful and well known and recognized in the world and I don’t know that I want to do that….or I don’t want to repeat what I’ve done in the past, yet I also know that I have a lot that is of value to share. I’m just wondering if you would comment on that please.

SG: The most important thing is for you to feel the flow of your creativity and to allow the expression of it. Everything else follows from there. And so it does not matter how the appearance of the expression is received in the world. What matters is that you express. My dear, you very naturally attract others to you. It is part of what you came in to this incarnation for. It is part of what you brought with you and you are well aware of this. You do not need to do much of anything for others to want to know what you are doing. And this will continue. And so you see you do not need to have the game plan or the blueprint or the business plan sitting in front of you. That is what you have done previously and for you it is old energy. In the new energy you follow the flow of the moment. You allow that to lead you into the different potentials. There are many potentials for you. It is a matter of you feeling your way into what you truly want to do, how you want to do it, what feels right to you, and what feels joyous to you.

You must feel your way into your passion and feel how that passion desires to express…and then express it. But do it for yourself, not with the expectation of what you think others might like, not with the expectation of what you think might make you successful in the 3D world. You’re moving out of 3D. Indeed, dear one, you already have moved out of 3D. And you in particular are quite advanced in the area of realizing that your abundance does not need to flow through what you do. You have been manifesting abundance beautifully, even if not in the eyes of the 3D physical world, but in your own eyes of knowing that you always manifest what you need. You’ve been doing this for quite a while now. This is something that you have attained a knowing of, and the knowing does not disappear. You cannot lose a knowing and un-know it! This gives you much freedom for you do not have to do anything out of a feeling of necessity. For those who do not have this understanding of how abundance truly works, there is a sense of being driven to have to manifest money through endeavors. When you live knowing your own abundance and ability to always create it, you have reached that place of the shaman, have reached that place of the magician. You do not need to fear lack ever, for you will always manifest the next step, magically, in a way that will indeed astound and amaze others, and in a way that you do not need to plan for, in a way that you can’t plan for, in a way that is spontaneous and happens in the moment it is needed. It is what the Kryon has spoken of…you put your foot out and the ground forms beneath you.

I would say to you, release any need for your creative flowing to be a source of flowing money to you. And you will be quite surprised at what happens spontaneously then. So I encourage you to simply follow your heart, follow your feeling state. Do not do what you think you are supposed to do. Do what you feel joyous in doing. Flow your passion in your joy with no expectations. And I assure you that you will be very happy with the results. Does this answer your question?

Participant: Yes it does. Thank you very much.

SG: What else my friends?

Participant: Today or the day before I was seeing myself in my light body, just walking the good earth. And it was quite an amazing experience to look into that. And I know that’s the direction I’m moving in.

SG: That is why you are doing so much hard work on the physical level, dear friend! It is the direction you are moving in and indeed you have more challenge as far as the physical rewiring goes simply because of the choices that you made for this incarnation. You are aware that you came in a bit sooner, a bit earlier than many others going through this same process. You being of an older age in linear physical time, it is simply a little bit more…mmm…

Participant: Challenging.

SG: Challenging. It is a little more work in the now for you than it is, for example, for the one who is flowing my energy through her voice in the now. She has spent much, most, all of her adult life seeking to understand this mind/body connection and how this is connected to spirit, and has been indeed purging and clearing for many years, even prior to the beginning of what has been called this ascension journey. And yet you are aware, she has not been without her physical challenges also, and has been going through this rewiring too. But the point is that you are doing it, and you are doing it in a way that will be, as I have said, the example, in a way that will be inspiring to others, and in a way that will allow that heightened flow of your own divinity.

You will never be able to hold all of your divinity in a physical vessel. This is why when I pop into physical form I don’t stay that long. (laughter) I come in and I enjoy and I pop back out because it is very challenging to be in the density. You are each so honored for this volunteering to be here now, to experiment with this, to see how much of your divinity you can bring in and maintain on a consistent basis and to live with and it is an experience that has not happened before, that has never been done before. You have been told this many times. You are aware of this. And so, allow your visions to give you your own inspiration, to keep going.

Do what you need to do to take care of yourself, to nurture your physical body in the now to ease your physical symptoms as much as you can. And also to know, this too shall pass. You will not stay in this forever, though at times it can seem that way when it has taken such a long time to get to the point that you are. But you are shining so much more the light of your divinity now than previously, and this will continue. And so I applaud you and I support you, to keep going. It is a beautiful, beautiful experience that you are well on your way to manifesting.

Participant: This may not sound like I’m staying in the now moment but I sometimes find myself using my imagination as far as what effect I will have on others and how they will react to my being in the place I am in, off into the future…if you want to look at a time line.

SG: Well my friend, you are aware that you already have an effect on others. Look at your experiences with others who sense and feel something different about you, particularly the children, who are much closer to their divinity and pure spiritual state. These will only increase. These will only become more manifest as you continue to bring in the light and you will find, indeed this is not true only for you, it is true for all who are accepting their divinity and walking in their Christ Light…you will have the impact of the Christ, for you are becoming the Christ. Oh you already are, but you have not manifested it in full embodiment as of yet. But remember the stories of the man Jesus. Others would come up just to touch the hem of his garment in order to heal because of the light, because of what poured out from his energetic field. This is what you are walking into. This is why you are doing the work, the heavy duty lifting work that you are doing now. And it will be what leads this planet into this new Golden Era. And this is why it is so exciting. And this is why there is so much joy that you have chosen to stay, for it was touch and go for a while as to whether or not you were going to make this choice, because it has been heavy duty lifting, and all of you get tired when it is so intense, and the work just continues to be intense. Yet there is so much joy to come. There are miracles and there is magic beyond what you can even imagine. I know so many are so tired of what they believe to be dangling carrots, but it is simply the truth. You are getting closer and closer to this. And so allow the process. And be aware that it is not without end…that the process will reach a point of conclusion as far as at least what you are experiencing now in the rewiring.

There will always be new directions to expand into. Yet they will not be painful and difficult in the same manner that this has been, to allow your physical body to be upgraded to the point of being the receiver for your divinity. Does this answer you?

Participant: Excellent. Yes. Thank you.

SG: What else?

Participant: Well, St Germain, I would like to ask about what I was saying to my partner earlier when I related how when I wake up…I know I’ve been so busy during my sleep!…and he has these wonderful dreams that are visions and experiences that I’m sometimes quite envious of, as my dreams just seem to be populated with people all the time! I’m so busy with people, always! And last night…I knew when I woke up…last night I was experiencing being with people from my past, people that I have been close to in the past, and I wondered if I am in some way a teacher on some other dimensional level, working with them?

SG: Each of you has a different and unique role. You have one such as your partner here who is the explorer, who is the one who will take his interdimensional spaceship into new realms, to see what is there, to experience that particular level. You my dear are quite the explorer and adventurer in your own way as well, and yet, you are the bridge. One such as your partner can go forth and leave everyone else in the dust! (laughter) And those who are left in the dust are scratching their heads wondering…what is he doing? Where is he going? What is he experiencing?

You my dear friend allow others to share in the experience by your gift and your ability to include others in what is happening. This is why you have come in here. You entered this incarnation on the ray of white light, and this is magnetism, and you magnetize others to you. This is part of your role. Many of those that you interact with in your life experience, particularly the young people that have been so attracted to you, they are part of what you might call your particular tribe. You are the one who said to this family group, to this tribe, I will go first and experience all that I can, and then I will come back, and I will see what I can do to assist you on your own journey, and this is what you are doing in your now. This is not just something that you have been doing while you are awake. You have been doing this interdimensionally as well during your sleep time. You are doing this on so many levels with the ones that you are close to on the soul level, who are a part of your tribe, even those that you may not be in contact with on the human physical level in your now, but that you are close to on the soul level.

You might call this an agreement, and yet it is more of a desire on your part to assist others to greater expansion of consciousness. And you do not even need to consciously know what you are doing, for of course you are all quite busy interdimensionally.

You must remember, the teacher and the leader gets to that point through experience. You have much more experience than most. And it is up to each of you to come from your own place of balance and grounding, to be in awareness of this, as you teach and lead by example.

Others may at times be resentful of your many experiences that have given you a wisdom and a knowledge that they do not yet possess. And so it is a dance of balance for you to not shrink yourself, not to make yourself smaller than you are to not make others uncomfortable, as has been said in a well known quote. And yet to not express yourself to others in a way that makes you sound as if you are higher, mightier, more ascended, better. There is no such thing.

So keep your own balance. You are in a good position for this. But be aware that there are many who look to you for your example and it is not just on the human level. It is on the soul level. Yes there is a responsibility that comes with this. You are handling this quite well. And as you are becoming more and more aware as you embrace your divinity while in your human body, you are not under any obligation to others to do things in any certain manner. You teach simply by being. You teach by what you vibrate. You teach by what you emanate in frequency.

The white light ray carries the blueprint for unconditional love. This is what this white light magnetism is about. Emanating unconditional love is very, very attractive.

And so allow that you are indeed the teacher to many, the leader to many, and this is not just on the human level. You are very, very, very busy when you are in your sleep state, but you are enjoying it, for it is your choice. We all have a good time when you leave your physical body in this manner! And we have a good time with your partner here, too! We all interact in ways that are so wondrously beautiful because each is such a unique expression of the whole. And the whole comes together in this incredibly intricate weaving of energies that is this universe, that is this All That Is, that is the I Am that I Am. And it is indeed wondrous and beautiful, the collective weaving. And your unique individual weavings are equally as beautiful. Does this suffice?

Participant: Yes, thank you! Very nicely.

SG: Then in closing, I will say that I truly want to encourage you in these energies of now, to let you know that it is a time that is different than any time you have experienced previously. And there is no set way to go through this. It is up to you to follow your inner guidance and to allow, but to also have a bit of a reverence for how magnificent the energies that are…oh, pouring onto this planet in the now are, that are coming into alignment for you are…to honour them and to work with them…to allow them to assist to move you forward in the direction that your soul is choosing.

It is a magnificent time. And I am joyfully sharing it with you. ~ ~ ~

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