Saturday, September 27, 2008

Adama on Other Dimensional Contact

A message from Adama of Telos, the first communication in this manner I’ve had with him, came through after the experience I shared of interdimensionally visiting Telos during my recent trip to Mt. Shasta. That visit was a magical experience filled with golden light, and Adama brought that same golden light with him when he visited for this communication. It was a short message and some of it was directed at me personally as he told me that the odd physical sensations I’ve been experiencing in my chest since my time at Mt. Shasta are part of my own preparation for what is to come. He also said there will be many more opportunities for energies to be translated into communications as we move into a new experience of connection with other dimensions, and new ways to do this.

I personally am feeling that we are in for some very exciting times to come!

~ ~ ~ Sat Sept 20, 2008

Greetings and aloha! I am Adama of Telos. I come in today to create a bridge of communication between us. This is what you have been opening up to, in many ways. There is much more to come. It is time for us to communicate on levels beyond where you have been previously. You have been transported Maureen to our beautiful place of Telos. This is the golden sunlight energy you are feeling all around you in the now. You are back to this place of paradise-like surroundings that you visited while you were physically at Mt. Shasta, and yet you know that you did not physically visit this realm in the manner of the human experience. You visited this in the manner of interdimensional experience. This is what I come to speak to you of today.

You have been in a time of preparation, a time of waiting, for a very long time in your human time. The time of change is upon you now. The time of expansion is upon you. The time of new experiences is definitely upon you.

It is time for a leap beyond where humanity has been previously. It has been a very long time since there has been a great deal of interacting between those who are living different dimensional experiences. You are hearing the promise of soon to be contact with those from the star realms. I would say to you that the star realms are an otherdimensional place and while we in Telos are not living on what you would consider a star, we are beings from a dimension that is quite similar to the stars and we do indeed interact with these star beings. The time to welcome interaction with your dimensional experience and reality is swiftly approaching. It is most important that those of you living on Earth who have originally come from the star realms, those who have come here with this particular purpose in your soul’s mind’s eye, be in a place of readiness. What is about to come has not been previously experienced in this manner. There are no guidebooks. This is a paradigm shift and it is timely.

Be in a state of preparation. I would encourage you to bring yourselves into the pure space in your now of vibrational clearness that will allow you to move into this next experience that you have desired for yourselves. The human experience is a dense one and much can bog down even a star being who comes into this realm and this dimension.

It has been said by many who speak to you….you cannot move forward while you bring with you what is of the old human past. It is the time now for…oh, a quantum leap perhaps in your experience rather than just in the energy of the planet. So many have been waiting a year now to see what the Quantum Leap would personally bring into their own experience and many have been discouraged and indeed disappointed. But it has been about alignment of energy, as it always is, and the personal alignment of energy is as important as the planetary alignment of energy.

Purification continues to be of the utmost importance. In many ways this is why there has not been interdimensional contact of this sort we are speaking of previously, for there has been such a discrepancy in vibrational frequency, in many ways it would have been too potent. It could indeed have zapped those of you still residing within the density of this human experience. This is why you have been so cajoled, it is why you have been so pushed, to clear what needs to be cleared from your energy fields. This is not in any way a judgment of your experience in the human realm. It is simply a necessary requirement for your own continued expansion while in a body, for the density of the human body cannot easily withstand the higher vibrations and frequencies of those that are coming from other dimensions unless they have been purified, unless they have been brought into this neutral state of allowing in what has been called the light of your divinity, what has been called bringing your light body into your human form. This is why it has been indeed an arduous journey for so many, because of what you have carried in your human experience. But you are so close now to this new experience. You are so close now to this throwing wide open the door that you have been desiring to walk through for so very long. So I come in today to encourage you to look with new eyes at your present experience. Allow a new understanding of where you are and what is happening, and why it has been the way it has been up until now. It has been necessary. Things are about to change in a very big way. Not all are going to realize this at once. Those of you who are ready, those of you who are desiring this, will be invited into a new world of experience beyond what you have ever previously dreamed of in this lifetime.

I bring this golden light with me. I flow it. I emanate it. I am infusing you with it. I would say sit with this infusion, take it in, allow it to circulate not just in your bodies but in your energy fields.

Let this be enough for this now moment. I will be back and I will be delighted to answer questions at another time. Today is just about making this contact. It is just about opening this door of communication in this manner between us.

In the language of your planet, aloha is very close to the Lemurian greeting that we have greeted each other with in prior shared experiences. I touch you now in your deepest of soul spaces and say…remember! And I say aloha. ~ ~ ~

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Mirri* said...

Coolio! Love Adama's energy. I feel the changes coming also. Party timeeeeee!!
beautifull blog by the way! nice energy** you rock!!