Monday, September 29, 2008

Brigid on the Equinox on BALANCE

On the equinox of September 22, the beautiful energy of the Celtic Goddess Brigid visited to deliver this message on Balance. Balance is such a pivotal factor in our life experience. In the years I worked as a holistic health consultant, the key point I always sought to get across to my clients was that to be holistically healthy, every facet of our lives must be in balance, because if one area is out of balance, it will affect every other area. No part of our lives is ever lived in isolation from the other parts. They are all interconnected.

It is our challenge in the now to be courageous in looking at what our own issues still seeking balance are, and then to do what we need to do to bring them into balance. I feel certain that the rewards that will come to us will be well worth the effort!

~ ~ ~ Monday September 22, 2008

September Equinox

Cead Mile Failte Beloved Ones! It is I Brigid coming in today to greet you…to dance with you…to celebrate in joy with you this sacred point on your wheel of time in this particular year of your time. The universe is composed of sacred geometry in all its many forms. You each are a part of this. You are intricately connected within this turning wheel, within this web of creation that you are so much a part of. It is the equinox today. The equinox is all about balance. I come in today to speak to you of balance.

It has been a particularly potent time from your last spoke on the wheel of the June solstice. There have been many energies that have flowed, both to your planet and to you as individuals. You are in the time of grand transition upon this Earth plane, within this dimensional realm of humans living on this great planet Earth. Many are unaware of how deep this transition is. Those of you who are awake, who have been actively working with the energies, are indeed in the throes of change yourselves. You have had much thrust upon you, seemingly, in these last few months. And yet it has as always been what you have brought up within yourselves to look at, to work with, to release…to create anew. The theme of your now is balance. And this is what is being brought to the forefront of your experience in this now moment of time. Each of you is, from your soul’s deepest place of love, each of you is being directed to look at what ever in your life still may not be completely in balance.

There is a great beauty in the cyclical nature of life upon your planet. The Ancients knew of the beauty and the power of the turning wheel of the year. They lived their lives in rhythm with the seasons and the cycles. This has been one of the challenges of the modern era of living…that so many have become out of balance, out of sync, with these natural rhythms. I have, in all the time I have spoken to you in this manner, been encouraging you to come back into this very natural and very beautiful rhythmic dance with the world around you.

It has been half a year now since your March equinox. Much was set in motion with that gateway opening in March that perhaps has not been completely understood and yet has been quite a dominant force in your life. It was when you opened the door to bringing to the surface what has been perhaps out of balance.

You have another segment of time in your time between now and the December solstice. I would say to you that you have invited in, though perhaps not always consciously invited in, and perhaps not seemingly willingly invited in…but you have invited into your experience that which still requires addressing. And this has been taking place since your March equinox. You have been suffused, infused, charged with many energies in this six month period of time. Today once again marks a turning point for you. Oh, perhaps not in exactly the manner you might desire. It is not a magical wand being waved today. It is simply the turning point as far as all of the energies you have taken in, and you have opened to many in these last months. Today marks the time of integrating these energies of change. It is the beginning of this and I would say that you have once again before you another three month period in which to focus on the integration of what has come up for you in these last six months of time upon your wheel. For there will be indeed as there always is a new beginning with the solstice of December, the winter solstice here in your northern hemisphere. The sun begins to return, days begin once again to creep towards getting longer. And there is such a wonderful sacred balance in the hemispheres of your planet that the polar opposite is occurring in the southern hemisphere at the same time. We have spoken of this previously. It is again a piece of sacred geometry that your world turns in the manner that it does. The northern hemisphere faces south for your sun in the winter in order to bring in as much warmth as you can in your life…bring in the light. And in the southern hemisphere, it is the opposite. You face north. It is a perfect dance of balance.

And so I speak to you now of the balance in your own lives for you see you are getting closer and closer to the time that you have come here for. Indeed you came here with many potentials, you came here with many options for this particular dance upon your Earth. And yet much was unknown as to how things would play out, as to whether your planet would still be here as you move in to this time that is ushering in the Golden Era. This is very real. Many of you are I know quite weary. Many of you have grown tired of what you see as dangling carrots. And yet I would say to you, look at how much farther along you are than you were a bit of time ago, a few years ago, 10 years ago. You have indeed been working very hard to transform your life and your experience, to ready yourselves to become the vessels that will hold the light of your divinity that you may once again dance in your divine light bodies as the Shining Ones that you are. And yet it requires preparation. It requires work. This is what you have been about. You are all standing in a wonderful place in your now, even when you are not quite consciously aware of this. For you all have up in front of you in your now whatever the issues are that remain to keep you out of your own perfect place of balance. I come in today to encourage you not to be discouraged for you see things are not always as they appear. What is in front of you is a gift and an opportunity. And I speak to all of you here. There are so many different issues that seem to be confronting each of you, and yet each of these is perfectly orchestrated to come to the forefront of your now by your divinity. For you see, you have balanced so many parts of self, you have brought home so many of your aspects into the Oneness of your own divinity. You are on the home stretch indeed. And so it is in front of you now to complete the balancing, complete the release of whatever is holding you back. You are quite capable of this. It does not matter whether this has to do with health, whether it has to do with abundance, whether it has to do with independence, balancing of your masculine and your feminine…it does not matter what is the issue which is there for you for your final completion. What matters is that you face it head on. What matters is that you embrace the opportunity that is offered to you to complete your preparation phase and be ready to welcome in the Light once again with the December solstice.

What is very important for you in your now as you face whatever is the challenge of this next time period in your own experience, what is important for you is to maintain your faith and trust in your own soul self guidance. It is most important for you to release once again any remaining shreds, any remaining remnants of doubt in your own ability to create whatever it is that you desire to create for yourself as your next step on this journey of awakening, this journey known as the ascension journey, on this last leg of inviting in your divinity to meld with your humanness. It does not matter what challenge you are facing. You have the divine guidance to walk through it, and walk beyond it, if you so choose. It is up to each of you to choose for yourselves what is the deepest calling of your own heart, where it is you desire to go next on your journey. The light is bright, both in this now moment (said as dazzling sunlight fills the room) and in your own inner awakening. It is important for you to merge with your own light. There is so much more to come and there are new experiences awaiting not only you but the entire planet in this next segment of time upon your wheel. Things will once again look very different in three months time when you greet the solstice of December.

You are the potters, you are the moulders of your own experience. Take heed to mould with beauty, mould with joy, the clay of your lives. This is your divine masterpiece. It is the creation, oh in many ways the final stage of your creation, of your own divine human experience. There are still challenges in front of you as there will always be. But they indeed are not insurmountable. They are as I have said gifts of opportunity for you to expand yourselves further than you have ever expanded previously in this incarnational experience.

I bid you to remember to celebrate with joy. I bid you to remember to share your experience of celebration and joy with each other. It is a time for going deep within self, yes, but it is also a time for touching each other as the community of divine humans that you are, knowing that you are not alone, knowing that you do indeed share your experiences with each other, you touch each other, you help each other expand into continued growth.

What may I speak to you of personally today?

Participant: I don’t have any questions. I would just like to comment that your message is like a breath of fresh air compared to some others!

Brigid: Oh my dear friend! It is important for you to know that each message is offered to you in love and that each message comes through with its own unique energy of the one giving it. I say one and yet you know it is more than one, it is indeed a stream, it is a flow of energy that brings forth Voice…each is appropriate. There is a place for each message, and each is delivered in love and each expresses a different facet of love.

You dear one personally I know are in the midst of much turmoil in your now. And it is your opportunity for balancing. And I most especially bid you remember not to lose yourself in worry or fear. It is most important that you release your doubt of your own divinity and creatorship. For what is manifest in the physical in any moment of time is subject to change and new creation in the next moment if there is a change in the energetic flow. And what has been spoken to you recently has been a loving attempt to assist you in understanding the importance of changing the flow of energy that has been what created what you are experiencing now. Nothing is set in stone and this most especially includes your physical condition. Your physical condition changes with the flows of energy that you yourself allow into your own experience. What you flow, what you dance with, what you choose to embrace, what you choose to release…you are the creator. And as such, you have all the power of the universe with you as you choose to create what works for you. Do not judge by appearances. This is my message to you today. Do not let the appearances captivate you so much that you lose sight of who you are and what you have the power to do. Do you understand this dear friend?

Participant: Yes, I do.

Brigid: Well know that you have the assistance of many who love you from the nonphysical realms with you. We are encouraging you to create what you choose. You are not stuck with any creation….even if you are the one who created it. You have in every moment the opportunity to choose again, to create again, and to live and love and laugh joyously once again, no matter what your experience is. If you do not like your experience, change it. And this I say not just to you, I say this to all. It is now a time for those of you who have been working so hard, hanging in there as you say, oh sometimes patiently, sometimes not so patiently…but who have been on this journey, and consciously aware of this journey, for quite a long time, each of you has in front of you in many cases that last bit of out of balance energy that is showing up in your experience now asking you to dance with it, asking you to bring it into balance. For once it is within balance within you, you are in the place to flow the light of your divinity, and this will mean many different wondrous experiences coming up upon your horizon. They are available to you now, and yet it is what is out of balance that is keeping you from them. And so you see, oh it is not the time to rest on your laurels in the now moment. It is a time to willingly embrace what is in front of you. It is different for each of you. And yet you each are quite aware of what the issue is, where you are lacking complete balance in your experience, and it is up to you in this next period of time upon your wheel to focus your energy on bringing this complete balance into your experience. I will say to you it will be a time to celebrate much with your winter solstice here in the northern hemisphere…with this December solstice coming upon you in both hemispheres. For it truly will be the birthing of the light in a way you have not experienced previously.

This is enough for now. I will say it is once again energy that is very important in the conveying of this message. The words are not as important as the flowing of the energy. And there is much energy flowing. Remember again, it is a new opening today. It is a shifting. And there is much beauty in the balance that you are bringing into being, both in your own personal experiences and upon this planet for indeed all of the turbulent energies that have been present, that have been flooding the planet recently are ready to be integrated, are ready to bring about changes as they too seek to bring more balance to your Earth in the now. Trust what is happening, and do not give way to doubting because of appearances. You are the creators. You are very dearly loved. Cead Mile Failte. ~ ~ ~

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TQ Maureen. Always like your shoud- the clarity and the info in it. By the way, pls post a notice on the Shumabra msg bord about your shouds, so others wont miss ut the goodies ...

i only stumble on your shoud with Adama when i went into here.

Mwah !