Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Greetings to all!

As I sit to write today, change is in the air. The seasons are changing outside my window as I watch bright yellow leaves from the Siberian crab apple trees in the front yard joyously dancing in the breeze as they gracefully flutter to the earth below. The Harvest Moon, so bright in its fullness just a few days ago, signals that Autumn is upon us here in the northern hemisphere. I feel that perhaps the change of seasons is signaling a new season in our lives as we approach the upcoming equinox.

As I sit to write, I feel a bit as if I am contemplating the assignment ‘What I Did On My Summer Vacation’ as I certainly feel that I have been on hiatus for awhile. I have been so fully engaged in life in each now moment of my experience that I have put everything else besides that in-the-moment experiencing on the back burner.

For 4 days at the end of August, I participated in an Earth-Keeper sponsored gathering that took place at Mt. Shasta in California. ( I had waffled back and forth all summer on whether I truly needed to physically attend this gathering, as I wasn’t certain that the material being presented would be anything new to me. Yet I felt such a strong call to participate, no matter what the experience might hold, that in the end I listened and answered the call and joined about 75 other close soul family members, only one of whom I had ever met in the physical previously.

The experience was amazing and even for a wordsmith like myself, it is difficult to find any words that come close to adequate in describing it. For the space of the time I spent at Mt. Shasta, I touched the feeling place of HOME in so many different ways. Perhaps most significantly, what I felt at such a deep level was the recognition and experience of Love without any rhyme, reason or particular ‘sense’ to it. And isn’t that after all the Truth of Love…it just IS.

I stayed an extra day after the group gathering concluded, and had quite a magical time by myself on the mountain. I revisited a spot in which I had experienced a great deal of interdimensional energies during my last visit to Mt. Shasta, and I was gifted with quite an incredible experience as Adama of Telos came to greet me as I sat in the sun on a fallen log. I was led through a blue tunnel that opened up into what I can only describe as a Paradise or Shangri-la type of setting. It was a verdant and lush green valley filled with bright sunlight, many flowers and a crystal clear waterfall that flowed into a jewel-like lake. I was greeted and welcomed into a circle of Beings I can only describe as appearing as ‘Shining Ones.’ They had physical bodies, but their bodies seemed to be illuminated by a light from within.

There is no time when we step out of the 3rd dimension, so I have no idea how long I stayed, being infused with energies and love that were definitely out of this world. When Adama led me back through the tunnel, he told me that it is not necessary to physically be on Mt. Shasta to visit this place, as the doorway/portal to it through the tunnel is interdimensional, which means it is accessed from within and not from without. I was assured that the welcome to visit is always open to those whose desire to access this realm is pure.

I spent my last night in Mt. Shasta with a handful of the other folks from the gathering who were still there and a couple of their friends whom I had not met previously. We met at 9:30pm at the top of the mountain in the Panther Meadows area, where we had shared a powerful group experience together 2 days before. It was COLD at such high altitude at night and we found ourselves huddling together in a not too successful attempt to stay warm. We eventually decided to lie back into each other on the ground in a circle close together, supporting each other with our body heat providing warmth as we watched a meteor shower that had shooting stars flying across the amazing just-past-new-moon night sky above us as we oohed and ahhed together in unison. We were blessed to have one participant, a musician from Hawaii who communicates with dolphins and carries much dolphin energy himself, share his incredible knowledge of astronomy with us by using a laser pointer to show us which different stars and constellations were twinkling their greetings to us from above. I found myself drinking in the experience while sandwiched between folks from Sydney, Australia and Cambridge, England, with a cold hand from Houston, Texas seeking to find some warmth on my head. There is no intimacy greater than soul family connecting and sharing love and magic with each other for a special moment, even when those family members don’t know each other in 3D and may never see each other again afterwards.

I have been deeply touched by the potent energies that emanate from this place of Mt. Shasta, and upon returning from this trip, found myself experiencing odd physical sensations that I have had to attribute to activations taking place within my DNA. Last week I seriously wondered if I was developing pneumonia again as there was so much activity taking place in my chest. My ability to translate interdimensional energies into words and flow conversations ’awakened’ for me after a bout with pneumonia back in 2006, and later I was told that the abilities I was reclaiming from Lemurian days would not fit in my body ’as is’, so the pneumonia made room in my lungs for what I was activating within myself then. I still can’t say that I entirely understand that, but there certainly has been a great deal of joy associated with what I have been able to experience in the aftermath of that pneumonia.

Fortunately, I don’t seem to have needed to take things to such an extreme this time around, as I am beginning to feel better physically in my now. The sensations I experienced were beyond anything I had ever experienced before though. One night last week as I was beginning to drift off to sleep, I was abruptly brought back to waking consciousness when I felt as if fireworks were exploding in my chest. The sensation felt electrical in nature, and I had to laugh at how appropriate the term ‘re-wiring’ seemed to the experience. Two nights later I felt as if power tools were operating on my brain. I could not only feel them, I could hear them! Very strange indeed.

I do not know what it is that I am activating this time around, but I am certainly curious to see what unfolds from this most recent experience. My interdimensional communicating seems to be opening up to new levels in many ways, but I haven’t yet been recording the conversations. I went back today and revisited the last 2 sessions I did that were recorded, one right before the Mt. Shasta gathering and one that took place shortly after I returned, and I found that there is much in them that seems pertinent to what is happening in the now for so many of us…so I have edited these 2 sessions into one blog post and share these words from Tobias and St. Germain with you here. There certainly is a similar theme contained in both of their messages, and that is that the time of CHANGE is definitely upon us. I am in the throes of this myself, and I know that many of you are experiencing this in your own now also. Let us allow the creation of the NEW in our lives, and embrace the adventure that this is with joy!

Love to you all…

Tobias and St. Germain 8/23/08 and 9/5/08

Tobias: Hello my very dear friends and family. It is I your dear friend Tobias coming in today to speak with you. Indeed it has been quite a bit of your time since last we communicated…shared energy…in this particular way.

So much of what has been happening on the physical plane for you recently has been about opening you up to further sensitivity and greater expansion, and you will not stop here. You shall continue to move. You shall continue to go forward. And this is a bit of what I wish to speak to you about today. It is quite the time of much flow of energies upon your planet. Others have spoken of them as being turbulent, potent and powerful times. And sometimes they even do feel chaotic, I am aware. And yet, this is all perfect and all part of this forward movement of expansion that all on the planet are experiencing, and that you each in particular are experiencing as well. It is quite an important time for you.

Now I come in today to speak lovingly to you about this time, about where you are, about what is happening. It is a time for much change. This has been said to you by many. This has been said to all by many. And it is challenging I am quite aware when you are not able to see…what are the changes that are coming? What does it look like after the changes occur? How will I cope? Will I be able to handle whatever comes my way? And you are in the forefront of those who are going through this, and you are each indeed going through these changes in slightly different ways.

Change is upon you now. You are setting change into motion on the soul level, and as such, it is nothing to be feared. It is a time for going deeper within. It is a time to pour each other’s cup…in the words of Kahlil Gibran…yet to drink not from the same cup. It is coming to be a time when you must each drink from your own cup. You may still lovingly pour into each other’s cups, but it is a time of individualization.

It is a time for you each to feel deeply into what your own soul direction is. It is a time of you coming to the place of choices that have been made on the soul level being about to come into fruition. This is what many, many are experiencing in the now. Many, many are experiencing major shake ups in their worlds and in their lives as they know them in the now, because it is the time for this to occur…because it is the time post Armageddon…which did not happen. It is the time post the Quantum Leap for you all to truly get serious about what you came here for. And yes that is a pun intended for those of you who are able to respond to that bit of humour! (referring to connections to the star Sirius) It is time for you to “be about your Father’s business’’ as is said in your bible. And yet you know that what that means is that it is a time to be about your God Self business, and you have come here for specific reasons and purposes. It is as if you have been playing a game. Imagine your computer and video games. You’ve been playing a game that has been quite challenging and difficult that you have mastered on many levels. Now you are elevating yourselves to a new level of play that you have never accessed before. And no one else that you know has accessed this before either. And so you truly are on your own in the sense of learning how to play and seeing what is required in this game and what is the goal of this level of play and how do I go about it? And no two of you are ever going to have the same game playing, even though you may each have reached new levels. For you are each uniquely moving into this soul purpose of yours. It is quite important. It is quite timely. It is quite appropriate.

And so I say to you, stay connected to love and allow all else to flow from that, for change is the order of the day, for all. And this will come in many ways. It will come in ways that indeed are quite unexpected, and yet it will come in ways that will move you to wondrous new ways of living that you have not yet even imagined as the humans you have been thinking as. Now that you are moving into being able to expand more into your conscious awareness as the Divine Humans that you are, you are indeed moving into the arena of new experiences that you have never had before. This is a wondrous thing and I wish you to know that you have my love and support and my blessings as you move into this.

Now…what would you like to speak of in the now moment? What would you like to ask me or say to me?

Participant: I would just like to comment on the journey in the past while. I have certainly not been enjoying to the fullest the physical feelings that I’ve had in my biology. But I seem to have journeyed through the worst of it because I’m feeling much better…still not energized like the…whatever the brand…the bunny is. But I’m getting there.

Tobias: You are not alone in your experience, though you are one of the first to go through the experience in the manner in which you are. Many are finding that you have been thinking that because of this ascension journey, because of the road you have traveled, that the rejuvenation and restoration of the physical would be happening much more quickly, and this has been a bit disappointing, to not just you but to many, that there has been this long process to go through, that at times has been quite unpleasant and that has also left many as if they look in the mirror and have aged quite a bit rather than rejuvenating themselves. And this is challenging for many, and this is again something that did not translate well as far as linear time periods from what has been said from those in non-physical to those of you who are in your physical bodies, for once again, you have heard this so many times, what you are doing has never been done before.

And so you see, we have been, in many ways, guesstimating what is happening with you, and it does not always approximate your level of time. And yet what you have heard from so many different sources is quite true…that what you are doing in your now is basically transforming your physical bodies in order to bring in more of the light of your divinity. And your divinity will not easily expand and flow into energetic blockages. You must have clear, vibrant, and pure flowing energy in order for the light of your divinity to flow into your physical body. All of you have been a bit surprised I am aware at how much work it has seemed to be to dissolve these blockages, to release the energy of all of the accumulated experiences of your past that are no longer serving you in your now in the manner in which they have been held in your energetic bodies. And yet be aware that so many of you have lived many, many, many lifetimes of experience upon this earth in these physical bodies. You carry over into every incarnation the energetic blockages that have not previously been released. And so those of you who truly have had more lifetimes and more experiences than some others, have more work to do because in your accumulated experiences you have in many ways accumulated more blockages. And it is soul chosen. This is not something that has been done to you. It is something that you have willingly gone into and you are willingly doing now, even if at times it does not feel like you would like to keep doing this.

And so I say to all that a bit more patience is required. You are, as you have said, you personally and in particular, through the worst of it. And yet, it is a matter of going for the purity. It is a matter of making it your priority to release and dissolve anything that is not vibrating at the highest level of your own understanding of your God Self Being and what that is. As such, most still have issues. Most still have energies that must continue to move. And this means that it may be a bit of time yet before you are fully bringing in your light bodies and the larger energy of your divinity is radiating out through the cells and pores of your human biology. When this happens you will indeed find yourselves youthening, you will find yourselves walking as the Light Beings that you are and that you have walked as in different experiences of your soul, not necessarily all on this earth plane. So the advice I give you is what many others have given you. Address what is in front of you to address. Take care of your past. Release the past baggage in whatever manner is most appropriate. But know that you cannot invite your light body fully in to your physical human now form while you are still holding onto the past.

While you are doing this, it is most important to nurture yourself in all the ways you feel drawn to. That includes sleeping when you feel like sleeping, exercising when you are drawn to exercising, and eating the foods you are drawn to eat and drinking the fluids you are drawn to drink! What is appropriate for one is not necessarily appropriate for all. But you must do what you feel drawn to. Do what feels most appropriate for you.

What else?

Maureen: Well, Tobias, you know that I am on my way to Mt. Shasta to this gathering there. I would absolutely love it if you have anything to say about that.

T: Indeed! You are, my dear, going to a family reunion. And it is important for you to allow yourself to fully immerse yourself in the experience of the now. It has been said to you often previously…have no expectations. And I know you are not in the place of expectations. Yet I wish you to completely be open to the experiences that you are about to have. You are going to be reconnecting with many that you are extremely close to on the soul level that you have not known in this lifetime previously. This is what has been spoken of by many to all of you who are awakening in the now. It is a time now when you are ready to attract to yourself those of similar vibration and those who have a similar soul purpose.

You bring an energy to this gathering that would not be present if you were not present. There is an energy to be shared by all participating that is….very Lemurian…and it is very much a part of the unlocking of the DNA activations that are about to occur for all of you. There are many connections that will be taking place that may not on the surface level of appearances make themselves known in the now as to what they are about, but they are connections that will be cultivated through this next phase and cycle that so many of you are walking into.

There are many potentials in front of you, and the potentials will give rise to an array of choices. I come in today to encourage you to remember to be true to yourself as you make those choices, to be true to Who You Are, to drink from your own cup and to honour love, in all its many manifestations!. As you honour love, all of your choices and the path of direction for you will be illuminated and you will find the clarity that you have been seeking in these confusing times.

It is a time now to look within, look within Self and truly feel deeper than you have ever felt before…at least in this lifetime, at least in body form, for you see you are moving into a time like you have never experienced before. You are moving into living in a way that you have no defining parameters for. This is what is meant about it being such a time of change. You cannot hold on to what does not serve you any longer, and as you are going into something that you are creating as you go along, it is very challenging for you in your conscious capacity to allow a flowing of what is entirely new. There is that sensation of nothing solid to hold onto. There is that sensation of putting your foot out into thin air but remember, oh, as Indiana Jones knew how to do in that movie where he was seeking the Holy Grail…the leap of faith allows the footing to form beneath you. And Kryon has spoken of this as well. This is what is required of you in the new energy. This is what you are called upon to do. You do not have the map that shows you where and how…where you are going and how to get where you are going. I take you back once again to what the Kryon said years ago now in your time. The only map you need is the one that is blank, except for the X in the middle that says, You Are Here. You are truly walking in those times now where the only orientation you need is where you are in this now moment. And when you follow your feeling state you will move yourself to the next now moment and the X will move as you move, and this is what is most appropriate.

There is much energy flowing in this now moment of time. You are integrally a part of a soul family. You are expanding out now to meet ever more soul family in your own ways. Some of those may not be human! Your movement forward as you choose to move forward may bring you some exciting surprises.

St Germain: Greetings and salutations my very dear friends. It is a delight to be back here with you in this manner, to be able to flow energy and conversation in this way.

Indeed, it is a time of flux for most upon the planet. And it is important that you pay attention to the energy surges, to the fluxes, and to the openings before you in these times of transition. You are indeed going through all of these. All on your planet are going through these, yet you are going about them in different ways, in ways that are unique to you as individuals. It is a time of change. We have spoken of this previously. Many of your other dear friends who come through in this manner have spoken of this as well. And yet previously it has been the time leading up to the change. Now you are in the time of implementing changes, and I come in today to remind you that things are not always as they appear. In your now there are many things taking place on many levels of your Being, on many different levels of your energetic layers of soul. It is indeed a time of quite the bit of activating of DNA, keys, of codes that have been held within for eons of time. And there has been a quickening. It is now the time for these activations to move you into new phases of your existence, new phases of your living on this planet in this time of new energy. It is a time of awakening, and awakening occurs in many different ways.

Your dream, Maureen, prior to your trip to the power place of Mt. Shasta…in your dream you met up with a bear, awakening from hibernation. There is much symbolism in this. You may say that this is quite significantly symbolic of where you are finding yourselves in this now moment of time. It is most important for you to follow the signals of your own internal guidance, to follow the guidance of your heart as you go about awakening, for you are about to step into a fullness of being that you have not previously had access to. And as such, it is a very important time in your own awakening. And it is important that you allow this to come to the surface, and allow yourself to embody what you feel coming to the surface and allow yourself to be guided in the new directions that are most appropriate for you.

It is a time of change. Change is upon you. It is a necessary requirement for your continued growth and expansion. And it does not always come about in ways that are foreseen. You are about to enter the unforeseen and the unknown, and I am here to remind you that you have been through so much previously, in your experience of this lifetime, yes, but in all of your other lifetimes that it is most important for you to remember that what you are about to embrace is the culmination of many, many lifetimes of work and experience. We have spoken previously of a crossroads, and I would say that you are each, through your soul’s guidance and through actions taken and actions not taken, you are each making the choice as to which direction you are going to follow at this crossroads. It is most important for you to each continue to put first and foremost the beckoning of your own internal guidance.

With that, let us focus on what you wish to discuss.

Participant: The last short while I’ve been doing some strange things during my apparent sleep time. Quite a bit with awareness, I’ve been going to dimensions where I’m meeting up with…oh, fellow travelers that I’ve known in this lifetime in particular that I am fairly sure are no longer here in physical body. And its really interesting but I have a very distinct feeling that I’m not really going anywhere…that all of this is coming to me. I wonder if you could comment on that.

SG: Well, it is no longer a requirement to journey outside yourself. It is always appropriate to visit places you are drawn to, power places as they are called, such as Mt. Shasta and many other places around the planet. All of these places do indeed pulse and vibrate in a manner that can be helpful to you in elevating your own vibration. And yet, as you discovered, Maureen, with your recent visit to Telos…you were met and greeted by dear Adama, and you were led through the tunnel that brought you entry to this place. You did not physically go anywhere. You remained sitting on the fallen log during this entire experience in your physical body. You see you are entering the realm now of truly what your multidimensionality is all about.

Your physical body is a very small piece of the whole of Who You Are, and you are aware that you are beginning to gain access to greater and greater parts of your soul Self and your soul Self does not require a body for travel. You might say in many ways that you are experiencing now the precursor energies of what you are desiring in your teleportation or as you call it your poofing experience, for you see it is not a requirement to bring your body with you to have these experiences. And when you are able to be in contact and communion with your soul Self, it is exactly as you have described, dear friend, all comes to you. You do not need to go out and go anywhere other than allowing yourself to experience the other dimensions. And there are many ways to do this. You have brought back experiences into your human conscious awareness without having the need to physically journey anywhere or to bring your body with you. You have indeed traveled on the soul level.

You must remember that every experience such as this you participate in, you have willingly both chosen and designed for a multitude of reasons and purposes. You are opening yourself to your next phase of expansion, and in this expansion, there are many who will come to you seeking guidance, seeking for you to share what you have gained upon your own journey. This often can mean quite busy times when you are in what is supposed to be your restful dream state, for many many times this is nothing more than a launching off point for these interdimensional and multidimensional experiences. You all have families, soul families, that you are connected to and indeed it is not only those who are awakening in the now on this so called ascension journey. It is not only those who are consciously aware who are part of your soul family. There are many who are part of your soul family who are still very much living the 3D experience while in body and not sure what their experience is about when they leave the body in the same manner as those who have reached a state of awakening that allows easy slipping between dimensional states. Is this making sense?

Participant: Yes it is.

SG: And so you will have many who will seek to contact you and some seemingly not deep relationships in the 3D world are indeed quite a bit deeper on the soul level, and you may be surprised at times to find who desires and chooses to connect with you and who you invite in to your interdimensional experiences.

Participant: I was really intrigued with the fact that some of the individuals that are coming to me, if you want to put it that way, are, I know, not in physical form at the present time although they could have reincarnated I suppose, but I don’t know that part of it. But whether they’re in human form at this time or not, they’re coming to me and sharing experiences. I find that rather intriguing.

SG: Again, remember that even the form you see them in is simply a symbol for their soul Selves also are far greater and more expanded than the little human focus that they took on during a lifetime, during any lifetime. And so you see, for you to bring this experience back to your conscious awareness, there must be a manner that you can interpret it through your human awareness, through your human consciousness, and so you must see them in the form that you knew them in as a human in order for the experience to make sense. Does this make sense to you…what I am saying?

Participant: It does. There is a lot of symbology attached.

SG: Yes. And each of these souls is far greater than the one incarnation they lived, and are living, in some cases…and yet, so are you. And so you see many times the symbolism of who they have been in a lifetime is merely a bridge for soul to soul connection that is in place in a manner that would not be completely understandable to your waking consciousness. Is this understood?

Participant: Its understood.

SG: What more? Are there other questions?

Participant: I have a question on the electrical power consumption that’s been happening in the area. My bills show usage that is off the charts. I don’t quite understand. I don’t think its equipment malfunction. Its probably deeper than that, having to do with magnetism perhaps…or the power spot that’s been developed on the land that is somehow consuming electrical energy?

SG: Yes.

Participant: …and showing up on these little gizmos that measure it.

SG: Let me say that it is a combination of factors. There is indeed a 3D reason you might call it for this occurring, but it will not easily be recognized and brought to the surface. What is occurring is a great amount of magnification of the electromagnetic energy that is present in this particular spot because of what you have here…because of what you have developed here…because of what you have invited here… and this is interacting with and exaggerating the effects of what is going on in 3D. And so it would be appropriate for you to speak to your power company and let them know that things are a bit awry here, for you do not need to be paying huge bills for the power that is flowing. You are not consuming more as far as your 3D usage, but you see you have interacted with the grid in a manner that is not understood by you or the power company. You are indeed utilizing more power than your electric equipment requires to run it. And yet let it be a bit of a mystery. Let your own understanding come greater and greater to the surface for you with this. You are working with both a portal and a vortex on your land. The energies go both ways, both directions, and this is having an effect on your …hmmm, not just your meters, but it is having an effect on how power flows to this particular area. Will that suffice?

Participant: For now it will. I will talk to the power company and let them do a little investigating and see what they come up with, but I have the feeling that even if they replace the meter, there won’t be much change. And that’s going to be pretty frustrating for a few people around here who are experiencing the same thing.

SG: Well, there is much that is going to be frustrating for more than a few people as you continue to move forward. Things are changing. You have no paradigm for what is about to occur and those of you who are awakening your consciousness will have an easier time of it than those who have absolutely no inkling of what is going on, and there will be great frustration among those. And this is where staying in your own place of balance, your own place of connection, your own place of peace will be seen as very attractive to others so you may indeed anticipate that those contacting you both in 3D and in your interdimensional states will increase, for you have something that they desire and they would like to learn from you. They would like to grow through their experiencing of you and your energy. And it is most important for you to flow with this in manners that feel appropriate to you, in ways that are in sync, ways that are resonant with where you are at in your own experience.

What else, dear friends? What else?

Participant: Last night I sat and just chilled for a while, went within. Recently I wrote a few words about hoping, hoping that the aging process was coming to a null point and that the rejuvenating process would take on from there. And I got the very clear message that the Temples of Tien in Atlantis times were…well, this process was actually a mechanical process to some degree, but there was also the energy of who we really are involved as well. There was a lot of magnetic energy. I guess in the process there was electromagnetic energy that actually made the rejuvenation process fairly quick, and was utilized to a great degree. So I was contemplating you know why we were going through this physical process of reaching the same point. We brought this, I don’t know, I wouldn’t want to call it technology, but I guess in a way it was, of rejuvenation to a certain degree in Atlantis and it worked very well at that time. I know times and energy are altogether different now, and we can’t or we can I suppose try to repeat that particular process, but I was just contemplating the amount of I guess you could call it work that has been required so far to bring ourselves almost to the same place.

SG: You do not want to go back and repeat what was done in Atlantis for indeed there were drawbacks and pitfalls. And Atlantis is no longer in existence because of these drawbacks and pitfalls. Much was known about rejuvenating the body then but the conscious awareness of the inhabitants who utilized these processes did not match in frequency for the most part what was happening through mechanical means as you say. And you are in the place now where whatever you are able to utilize from outside yourself, such as through a Temple of Rejuvenation, such as through the…oh the usage of those tools that would assist in this process…must be met by a matching vibration in consciousness in order to sustain the effects. You must have in your now the matching frequency as a Divine Human in order for this rejuvenation process to take and hold in the new energy.

And so you see, it is still a matter of having to release and having to clear what have been the energetic blockages that have kept you from this process. For you see once you release…oh, the belief system of mass consciousness that says that you must age and become debilitated and infirm as you become elderly, once you release that, it is still necessary for you to release what you have held in your energy field that is not of like vibration to this crystalline form of the Divine Human body that becomes ageless. You dear friends have had much to release, much to let go of. You have had energy blockages that have taken quite some challenging work for you to begin loosening up, to begin shaking about within your energy field to release.

Participant: I know I still have bits and pieces that I‘m actively working on…for instance, in the now, it seems to be my teeth and my eyes. My eyesight had improved to the point where I didn’t need any correction of any kind, even though my eyes individually were quite different, one gave me good long distance, one gave me good up close for computer screens and reading and so on. Now they’re out of sync again and my eyesight has gotten more back to the old way for some reason. And I know this is only temporary. I really don’t know the process that’s taking place but I can feel that this is temporary that I’m working through and…my teeth, the ones that have had serious work done on them in the past feel like I’m growing new teeth underneath them and they’re pushing and aching and especially when I first wake up my teeth are very sore. And I don’t understand that either but I also feel that its just part of the process I’m working my way through.

SG: The teeth are indeed the densest part of your physical body, which means that they hold onto energy at perhaps the deepest level of your energetic being. And when I talk of blockages, I am indeed still talking of what is in your energy field for everything that manifests in your physical body comes from your energetic field and this particular portion of this lifetime as you are desiring to embody your Divine Humanness, this is about releasing the energetic blockages that are manifest through your human physical form. And I would say that these energetic blockages do tend to be emotional blockages that have not been cleared and this is why each individual has such a unique experience of what they are going through…and yet there are also threads, there are also patterns that can be similar for those of you who are closely connected, those of you who are here in many ways for similar purposes. But no two experiences will ever be exactly alike and you are aware of this.

Take the action that is required of you for release and for balance. Have the courage to act on what you feel, to act on what you are drawn to, to always come from a place of love but to always put love of Self first and to care for Self in the manner that seems most appropriate. It is a time for much upheaval. And it is most important for you to follow that guiding star within that will always lead you in the correct direction for Self.

Take heart! Much joy is on the horizon with the changes that are upon you, if you allow it to be so. ~

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