Thursday, October 9, 2008

Brigid on Creating in this Time of Change

At a time when so much crisis is occurring around the globe, this message from Brigid lifted my spirits:

Wed October 8, 2008

Cead Mile Failte Beloved Ones, and good morning to you. It is a delight to come in this close once again, to share our energies, to share the joy of communing together in this now moment of time in no time. Your room is very full indeed with many friends, many nonphysical beings and entities who are close to you, who love you, who so enjoy sharing in the experience of the creating that you are doing in this now on planet Earth.

I am the one coming in to speak to you today simply because I am flowing the feminine energies and it is a time to talk about the feminine. It is a time to talk about the challenges that are inherently widespread across the planet in the now. It is a time of change, yes, as has been spoken of. It is the time of the falling of power, yes…but indeed more of the falling of the dysfunctional masculine energy that has been rampant around the world. This is what the seeking of and the abuse of power is. It is dysfunctional masculine energy. And now is the time for bringing in both the healthier version of masculine energy and welcoming back, embracing and embodying the light of the healthy divine feminine. Each of you regardless of sex, regardless of gender, contains both masculine and feminine, as you know. And it is now a time in which it is quite important for each of you as individuals to blend your masculine and feminine, to stand in this, and yet to be quite aware that it is important for it to be healthy masculine and healthy feminine energy. This is what your purification process has been about indeed for the eons of time that you have been inhabiting this planet and experiencing your incarnational cycles. There has been a skewing of these energies, and there has been an impurity in them as they have been made manifest out of balance and in unhealthy ways in much of human experience. The true purity of the masculine and feminine is what emanates from Source in balanced form, and this is what it is time to make manifest on Earth.

Your world has been built on a structure of power and it is power that is outside of Self and which seeks to control. It is power that has taken from others. It is power that has been about energy feeding and stealing. It has not been the true power of the sovereign divine human. And now is the time for this true power of the sovereign divine human to be brought to the forefront of human experience and existence.

Your divine feminine is very much ready to make itself known in each of you, in all of you, if you allow it. I spoke to you a few weeks ago on your equinox of the importance of balance in your lives in the now. I said to you that in the now, this period of sacred geometry on your wheel between your equinox in September and your solstice in December is a time for integrating what has come up for you in the last 6 months. And much has come up for each of you. You have the opportunity in the now to work with energies in a new way, in a way in which you have not done before.

There are memories within your soul’s own libraries, there are memories in your DNA, what you call your akashic records, of simpler days, of simpler times, when you have lived simpler lives. But these simpler lives were without the conscious awareness that you have now of your own connection to the Divine. They were without the knowingness that you are the Divine, that you are God yourself. And so it is not in the now about returning to simpler times. It is about creating simplicity in the new times that you are living in. It is about seeing your world with new eyes, which are indeed the eyes of appreciation of the simple pleasures of it. You have reached a place in your time upon this planet where you are capable of so much. You have indeed brought your technology to places that are incredible as far as what you can do, as far as the ease with which you can circumvent so much of the limitations of simple human living. And yet you sometimes become lost in this. You become dependent on this. And as your time of balancing is occurring, it is most important for you to remember to find your balance within your way of living in the now. Return yes to simpler ways of living without indeed negating all of the advances that you have made in living in a technological world. For it does indeed bring you closer together. Your internet is one of the greatest gifts this planet has ever received for its ability to transcend time and distance and space. This kind of connectivity is how you experience your beingness when you are not in physical bodies.

So what does all this mean as your financial structures come crashing down around you, and as this has the trickle down effect to so many of the structures of the organization of human living as you know it now? What it means is that it is a time for new creating. It is a time when you can wipe the slate clean and begin again, though many will not do this willingly. Many will come kicking and screaming to this place of beginning anew. For those of you who are less attached to keeping things in the structure that they have been in, those of you who have been on this journey for such a period of time in the now that you have experienced the letting go of much that was familiar and seemingly offered security to you…those of you are now in the forefront of creativity, and this is what I would like to express to you, and I would like to stress to you in the now. This is what the Divine Feminine is about. It is about the nurturing of creativity. It is about knowing that you incubate in your womb of the feminine what it is you wish to give birth to, what it is you wish to create. Each of you are doing this on an individual basis in the now, and yet your collective experience of this is what can and will create this happening on a larger scale if you allow it to flow in this manner. So what this means is it is a time of much potency. We have spoken of this previously, but this is a different potency in the now than those powerful energies that were flooding your planet over the last few months. This potency is more of the potency of roots going deep during winter weather, nurturing, nurturing the tree even with its branches bare and leaves fallen to earth. This is an individual time of gestation for each of you. And I am aware yes that many are anxious for the living of the Shangri-la, for the birth of Paradise from which there is no turning back, and yet it is what it is. It is still this time of creating. You have been through many cycles in your experience. You have been in many places upon this wheel of creating the new. It is still turning. Many are not in the place that allows for understanding that the old must crumble and fall before the new is completely birthed.

I wish for each of you who are aware that all is in Divine Perfect Order with what is happening, I wish for you to go deeply within yourself to tap into your own divine roots of nourishment from Source yes, but remember you are Source, you are a part of Source. And while it can appear bleak on the outside, the amount of creative nurturing, the amount of gestating the new that you can do in this period of time that seems to be spiraling into darkness…it is beyond what I can even get you to imagine. And so you see…remember in your world of duality there are always two ways to look at things. What is your saying? Is the glass half empty or is it half full? This is a very rich and ripe time for you if you allow it to be, if you choose it to be. Darkness can be very nurturing when it is allowed to be. The dark of the womb, what is hidden, the dark of the moon…very very creative energies. So I wish you to know that all of you have within you the ability in the now to go deep within the darkness of your own womb and create with your creative energies. It is time for this.

What may I speak to you of today?

Participant: I just want to say that while you know I am not in the best of physical condition inside in the now, I am really jumping with joy because I recognize that these are the times of change, finally…and its…I expected it sooner. Its kind of overdue a bit. And I’m really excited about this change happening.

Brigid: As well you should be, dear friend, if there are any ‘shoulds,’ for you yourself personally are incubating and nurturing your new health, your new creation that oh in the now baffles and boggles those who look at you only through the eyes of western medicine, but which has been said by several is indeed your energetic reset button. You are resetting yourself for what comes next in your experience. You must have the patience that a pregnant woman is required to have as she waits for the life within her to be in the place to be sustained on its own.

It is the time of change, and oh you are going to continue to hear much about doom and gloom predictions, much about what is happening as things crumble and fall. And yet for those of you who have been waiting for this change, who have known it is seemingly quite overdue, you have been quite ready for this for a while, so you thought, but not all was in place. It is as we have said, always about alignment. You will find that there are ripe and fertile opportunities for you in this time of change that others will not be able to see, simply because of their clinging to the old, because of their fear, simply because of the seeming demise of all that they have worshipped and honored as what represents safety and security to them. And as has been said to you by many, it will be a time when others will seek you out for your calm, for your peace amidst the turmoil, for the light that you shine. And this is a wonderful example of the need for both the dark and the light. For you see, dark is not only bad and evil as you have looked at it in the world. Dark is that nurturing womb of creation. Dark is what is hidden. And so each of you are being called upon to reach within to the dark place that is your nurturing womb of the Divine Feminine within yourselves while you continue to shine this light that is becoming brighter and brighter to those around you. This is a large part of the balance that you are being called to manifest in your lives in the now.

I come in today to tell you there is much joy to be experienced in the now times if you choose it and if you allow it! You do not have to be sucked in to the prevailing winds, to the predominant energies of fear and panic that are all around you. If you remain the calm centered beings that you have been expanding into, learning to become, learning to be balanced in your own healthy masculine and feminine blended energies, you will find that there are opportunities available to you in the now that have not been present before. They simply come in a guise that you are not used to looking at, that is not familiar to you. And so it is a time for, oh, perhaps what you might call a treasure hunt. Do you remember being children and the joy of the adventure of treasure maps, of following them, to see what you could find? Things are not always as they appear! And so you see, in your now, that X upon the blank page map spoken of by dear Kryon ‘you are here’ becomes the treasure map. You are here. What treasure can you find in this place in this now moment of time? Others may be blind to what is available. This does not mean that you need to be blind as well. Open those new interdimensional eyes you have been developing, and you will find that you are in quite the rich…quite the golden place of new opportunities. It is available to each of you who chooses and decides that this is what you will experience in your now.

It is a time to shake off the old. This, dear friend for you, is what has been happening. You are still in the process of releasing the old blockages and cleansing in a way that your system has needed to be rebooted for. New cleansing for new purity and balance. You are completely capable of doing this.

Again do not get sucked into appearances. You have come here for a reason. This is the time you have all been waiting for. This is why you are here upon the planet. So do not sit cowering in doom and gloom predictions, shivering in fear. Indeed carpe diem! Seize the day! Seize the day for what it offers in the now moment and you will find that there are opportunities beyond what you had ever considered, and yet they will not be the same opportunities that have been offered previously in your third dimensional way of living, in the old programs and patterns of living that you are so used to. These opportunities come with having new eyes. These opportunities come with allowing new experiences that are beyond anything you have experienced before. And this is my message to you today, to all of you…take advantage of these opportunities.

Yes, many of you have needed to kick and scream, to get angry, to vent, to cry, to release this seeming inability to make your 3D world look the way you wanted it to, to create in the manner that you thought was what you desired in the 3D world…but you are not living in the 3D world anymore. This has been the hugest shift, the biggest transition and transformation that your planet has ever seen, and you dear ones are leading the way. And so you see it is time now to stop looking for things to look like what they used to. It is time now to have vision to create what can be that goes beyond anything you have ever known before. Are you understanding of this?

Participant: To a certain degree, yes.

Brigid: And so what may I continue to impart to you that might be of the greatest assistance to you as you go through this transition, as you continue through the transition?

Participant: I know that we are working together. I have remembering especially when I first wake up after a deep sleep, and its not completely understood, and not completely remembered of course, and I’m sure I will when I’m ready for that, in physical form here that that will happen also.

Brigid: Indeed. You might say that all of you who are expanding more and more into your other dimensional realms and connecting more and more with your other dimensional selves as well as those of us who work with you in these other dimensions, you might say that you are creating new synapses, not so much in your brains but in your DNA. You are creating interdimensional synapses that will allow you as you continue to expand to bring your interdimensional experiences back into your conscious awareness in ways that are more understandable. For you see, oh, if you take the example of your Star Wars movies, which were written from an imaginative perspective that is still human, you see that things are different in different realms. It is an example of this. But it is still an example of other realms being filtered through human consciousness. With these new synapses that you are developing, creating, birthing, you will not need to be filtering so much through your human faculties. You will be reaching the place of understanding and awareness that bypasses your human brain. This has not been done before. This is entirely new. And so those of you who are having what at times can seem to be far out adventures in your dream state and bringing back little inklings of what it was about that perhaps do not make much sense, know that you are in the place of rewiring and forming new interdimensional connections. And you are indeed creating the new in these synapses that allows this gateway to open to understanding of experiences that have been beyond your reach previously.

So yes, we do work together, my very dear friend, and we will continue to. You work with many others also. You all do. And it is a time of excitement for those of us who are not living in your human dimension at this period of time, but are working closely with you, for the expansion that is taking place is allowing greater and greater interaction between us in ways that have not been possible previously, and this will continue to expand. You will know that you are indeed on the threshold of a dream…to use words from musical lyrics made famous in one of their songs by the Moody Blues, a favourite group of this one who is translating my energy into words. These musicians were very instrumental in their bridging of dimensions. And you are, all of you, on the threshold of a dream in your now, and yet it is up to you to make the dream manifest, to make the dream a reality. And those of you who continue to move forward courageously, in spite of the fear, for there is always fear of the unknown when you are living in a human body if even to just the smallest degree…but to those of you who continue to move forward, know that the rewards that you reap shall be beyond anything that you have experienced previously. This time is fast upon you. Certainly there are challenging times to be experienced in the world around you, but remember, as the one who opened many doorways 2000 years ago said, “Be in the world but not of it.” You are no longer of the 3D world, even if you are living in it. And you are the ones who are creating this bridge that others shall walk across after you, into the new.

It is an exciting time. It is a rich and fertile time of creativity. And this is what I encourage you to tap into, to remember, all while experiencing the simple pleasures of living, all while renewing your closeness to the Earth, in whatever ways feel most appropriate to you, while nurturing yourselves with the bounty and the fruits of the harvest in your physical form. Connect with fire. You know this is a symbol and a dimension that is very close to me. For indeed fire is an energy that is a dimensional opening as well. So feed the fires of your hearth, light your candles, nurture the flame within your own hearts. This will indeed feed your own creative passions for passion contains much fire energy. It is time for creating.

Much is upon you in your now. But it is as always up to each of you to decide how you experience what is happening and what you do with the energies that are here to be aligned and here for you to work with. This can be an exciting time, if you let it be.

Maureen: I keep hearing Metatron going “Are you ready?” (laughter)

Brigid: Yes, my dear. Metatron’s energy is very present, as is Archangel Michael, as is that of your dear friends Tobias, St Germain, Adama, all who have been coming to and through you interacting…Merlin and your friends from Sirius, Babaji and Mataji. This room is filled with the presence of interdimensional energy. Are you ready is a question that was asked by your Voice in Spirit quite a number of years ago now in your human time. And you were ready then for the preparation for change, and now you are in the time of change. It is good, it is exciting, it is timely, if you would like to look at this using your human terms of understanding. And so allow. Let go and allow. And know that all is indeed in Divine Perfect Order. And you yourselves are the ones who have put this Divine unfolding into motion. Trust yourselves. Trust your own individual guidance. Follow your hearts. And know that your energies are collectively working together to create the new. Celebrate this! Do not get sucked into the doom and gloom! Celebrate what you are creating!

You are most loved. You are all so loved. I would say know that I am always with you. You will feel me most present in the firelight of your hearth, in the light that shines within. You will find me always in your own enjoyment of the simple pleasures of life that I encourage you in the now to cull, and to enjoy. You are dearly, dearly loved.

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