Saturday, January 17, 2009

Winter Reflections...and a Merlin Message

~ ~ ~ This blog post was edited on February 7, 2009. I have been feeling my way into what is the most useful way to share the information that comes through in these messages with others, and I have decided that by not including the personal dialogue directed to only a few, more people may find resonance with the messages. I am returning to the format of editing the personal information from the messages for enhancement for the individual reader. In doing this, I seek the assistance of the deliverer of the original message…in this case Merlin…for guidance. ~ ~ ~

Happy New Year of 2009 to All…and best wishes for your own personal expansion into the magic of what has never been before!

If you are alive in the now and reading this message, it means that you chose to be here at this most auspicious time on our planet. Congratulations for your courage, fortitude, and determination to plow through all odds…as chances were good that we would not make it this far!

I have personally been on quite the hiatus these last few months. After my last sharing from late October, I left Alberta, Canada to spend two months in New Mexico, USA, apart from my partner, Ziggy, who I’ve spent the last 3 years heart connected to. We each faced issues of sovereignty, and what that meant to us personally, as the old ways of being in relationship…and what we knew from our previous experiences…faded away in the light of new energy living. The time apart was wonderful for our relationship, and after greatly enjoying the company of my children, and delightful time as the guest of my dearest friend and soul sister Denise, I happily returned to Alberta on New Year’s Eve to be with Ziggy for the ushering in of the new year.

And what a new year it is!

I did not bring the recording equipment with me during my time in New Mexico that Ziggy has used for all of our previous sessions. I was glad to find that interdimensional communication continued to happen, in spite of this. Recording directly to the computer preserved those messages but has made for some challenges in transcription. I have a number of messages that seem to me to be worth sharing, yet the task of transcribing them in order to do so has been feeling a bit overwhelming. Ziggy and I have been nudged to upgrade our own technology…and we are working on it. Its time for voice recognition software that makes transcribing messages so much easier than it is in the now. And we are close to making this a reality, as we have researched what looks like it will work best, after some great input from Family around the globe.

How best to share these messages is something I have been pondering for a while now. What I post here is personal experience that is being shared from the heart. I am not sharing these messages as a business or a source of income in the now. I am simply experiencing life in the new energy and desiring to share my experiences of this with those who are resonant with it. Sometimes these conversations occur with a small group of close friends, but more often than not there are just two or three of us present. There does always seem to be a message for a broader audience that comes through, no matter how personal the conversation in the individual sessions. This is what I desire to share with whoever may be interested.
Ziggy has been healing himself from a health challenge and this has been the catalyst for me to research diet, nutrition and recipes on the internet. I had previously heard of the blood type diet that Dr. Peter D’Adamo, a naturopathic physician, wrote about in his best selling book Eat Right 4 Your Type, but I had not read the book myself. In my web surfing, I came across Dr. D’Adamo’s website and was amazed at the extensive amount of information offered there. I found myself getting quite excited as I was extremely resonant with what I read, and my personal experience and that of family members seemed to offer proof to me of the correlation between health when eating correctly for blood type, and an increase in health challenges when not. As channeled information has come out on DNA and interdimensionality, specifically from Kryon as channeled by Lee Carroll, I had a feeling that there might be an interdimensional component to blood type as well, and this is what Merlin is addressing when he speaks of this in this message.

Commander Frodo is the name that we’ve given to a Being who communicates with us from the star Sirius. He has a wonderful sense of humour and decided he liked that name, so it has stuck. He came through, along with St Germain and Tobias, during several of the sessions recorded in New Mexico while I was staying at Denise’s, and he also came through a few days prior to this conversation with Merlin here in Alberta. As soon as I am able to catch up with my transcribing, I will be sharing those messages also.

With this post, I am pleased to introduce you to Denise’s stunning photography. Her beautiful home located in the mountains of New Mexico is affectionately known as Chez Denise, and Buddha, shown here covered in a mantle of winter snow, graces her backyard. Please visit her website to view more of her gorgeous photographic art.

The double rainbow was photographed by Ziggy last summer here at his home in Alberta on 8-8-8, a wonderful sign to us. The Merlin photo Ziggy took of the picture he found while cleaning out the garage that is now hanging in the living room.

In addition to the two websites I’ve listed here, I would like to add a couple more. Our global community of expanding consciousness is continually growing, while the internet makes geographic distance between us less important. Karen Bishop is mentioned in this message, and she has been inspiring me to new energy living and a deepening sense of community for quite a while. I am making it a priority for myself this year to support the efforts of those who contribute so much to planetary awakening. Please support Karen and the work she does by visiting her website:

I am also continually inspired by Celia Fenn, who resides in South Africa, a country I remain very heart connected to after my time spent living in Cape Town. Celia exemplifies love in action to me and I am so grateful for all the amazing work she is doing. Her website is:

Our dear friends Dan Bennack and Alexandra Mahlimay presently reside in Romania and have just birthed their first book together A New World Awakens A Saint-Germain Book. I have been impressed by the beauty and clarity of the messages they bring through and generously share freely, which you can find at their site: You will also find information on how to order their new book there, and information on the home study course they are offering. Please support them in the wonderful work they are doing.

One of my biggest supporters through my own ascension journey has been my dear friend Carolyn Johnson. Carolyn has been the GateKeeper and Guardian for the large portal in the area of Bisbee, Arizona that has played a prominent role in my own expansion and connection to the star Sirius. We now no longer refer to this as the Bisbee Portal but as the Sirius StarGate. With the advent of the new energy and all of the movement of so much energy that previously was being held by the caretakers of it, Carolyn is aware her unique role is shifting and she is heading into her own next as yet unknown adventure. Carolyn’s storefront, as Karen Bishop would call it, that has been her source of income has been her printing business, Cards by Carolyn. Carolyn is a talented jewelry maker and has been offering several lines of jewelry through her website also. As she prepares to move from Bisbee, she is in the process of closing down her printing business, but will still be offering her exquisite jewelry for sale. Whether to treat yourself or to buy a gift for a loved one, please check out her jewelry at by just clicking the jewelry link there. Her Egyptian themed collection is a particular favourite of mine!

Once again, Happy New Year to All! Let’s keep creating the new Earth together through our expanding consciousness and continued support of each other in 2009. After all, we are the Ones we’ve been waiting for and we truly are the Magicians of the world.

And now, Merlin’s message!

~ ~ ~

Thursday January 15, 2009

Merlin: Greetings my beloved friends! This today is I Merlin that you have invited in so warmly and lovingly, without completely knowing you were doing so.
I come in today because it is a time of change…and it has been a long time since I have come in, in your time, and spoken in this manner with you. Much is happening. Much has been happening. I come in to remind you of who you are and of who you have been in other incarnations….and to encourage you to remember that your soul purpose for being here now encompasses far more than just this lifetime.

Indeed there has been a building up of reason and purpose over many incarnations. For many, your incarnation in this lifetime is directly connected to your Atlantean incarnations. Things did not work out the way so many had wished, because of the many things going on in the time of Atlantis, and yet many come in very attuned in this lifetime to the crystal energy that was quite prevalent in Atlantis and was quite able to be utilized in Atlantis. Now, times are different. You are different in this lifetime. But there are connections, as you are well aware. This lifetime has the potential now that you have passed Armageddon without it destroying the world…now that many of you have passed your own personal Armageddons.

I flow much of the energy of the White Light dimension. There are other colors that others flow, including the Crystal Blue we have spoken of previously. This is a time when all of the colours of the spectrum of dimensions are making themselves known in different manners to different people. The dragons are a dimension as well, and some have been encountering their energy and the Green that they bring through. They are indeed opening a portal for this energy flowing to the planet. Many other colours are going to be coming to the forefront, including the violet of St. Germain’s ray…coming into the new…a new meaning, a new opening…in this particular time. There will be other colours that you will be becoming more and more aware of, for you are individually and uniquely opening to bringing in this rainbow spectrum to your own energy field.
You have each come in on a predominant colour, a predominant ray, but as has been said by a number to you.…you are a blend of these, you are made up of a ratio of these different flows. And truly what you eventually will be doing will be to balance all of these flows of energies within yourselves, much as you have been balancing the energies of astrology in yourselves. You have come in with a particular imprint at the time of your birth in this incarnation, and yet as you go through this ascension process, you are born again into a more balanced energy of all of the astrological signs and imprints. Something similar to this is beginning to happen. It will take a bit of time in your time. It is not something that will be accomplished overnight. Yet it is what you are moving into in the new energy…not being merely and only associated with one particular crystalline colour…for what you are in your now bringing in is indeed crystal energy. And yet there are other energies beyond the crystal. You will continue to keep expanding as you continue to keep exploring and experimenting with living in this new energy manner in a body.

I would like to bring up this subject that has been spoken of by some of you of this blood type diet….and blood types in particular. It has been mentioned in your last conversation with dear friend from Sirius, Commander Frodo, that yes there is a connection to your star beingness in the blood types you have chosen. There is a connection to the families of the archangelic realm. Indeed, in your now moment of time you will find that you will accelerate your own expansion into the new by tuning into the biochemical needs of your own particular bodies. And this is very much what you surge through your bodies in the way of your bloodstream. Blood is quite the interdimensional fluid in the sense that it is the interdimensional portal of your DNA. Look at how much blood has been associated with the Christ energies up until this point in time. The one who you call Jeshua, who has been known as Jesus, who indeed is the incarnated man who sparked the beginning of Christian religion, began this with the shedding of blood. There is a great deal of symbolism in the connection to blood. It is no longer about shedding blood. It is no longer about sacrificing as so many of you are becoming aware. And yet it is still very much about blood. And now it would…what is the term…blow your circuits?…or…knock your socks off?…if everything was given to you at once in the manner of what you will open up to as far as understanding. And so this is not the way it is going to come to you. But it is important for you to take things to a new level, one step at a time. Many have read Karen Bishop’s latest report, and indeed she uses this example of the ladder and moving up rungs. It is a good example. For indeed, you will move up this ladder of understanding…of opening to greater understanding of the interdimensional significance of the blood…one rung at a time.

Some of you have the potential to be a wonderful liaison in this particular manner….a Christ liaison…a blood liaison…for assisting others in awakening to the understanding of the importance of all of the interdimensional encoding contained within their own blood. And indeed one of the most prominent of these encodings is blood type. There are different encodings in other aspects of the blood, but for one to tune in to their particular energetic signature contained within blood type, this will indeed expedite the movement forward of understanding of interdimensionality. When you utilize science to eat what is best for your body, you will be amazed at how quickly the door opens to give you further expansion into the spiritual understanding of your interdimensionality that you are seeking.

This is one of the secrets of magicianship. This is indeed a great part of what has been sought in the knowledge of the Philosopher’s Stone. This is something that is known to the Ancients. This is something that the knowledge of has been sleeping within you. And you are beginning to wake it up. You are beginning to activate this encoded knowledge in your now…to bring it in to your conscious knowingness…your awareness…to make this part of your living reality. I am available to you as you move into this next phase of expansion that you are just beginning to step into.

On relationships in the now…there are many who have lived lifetime after lifetime of soul’s purpose, but taken one lifetime at a time and dissected, it may not make much sense…but combined with the soul’s choice of multiple experiences in many lifetimes, adds up to a wonderful purpose about to be fulfilled by so many. And this is why it has been said that there will be many pairings coming to fruition in the now, in this new energy, in this new year, for many who have lived separate experiences over many lifetimes with a joint purpose in mind…or should I say in soul…are coming together in the now to bring all of these different but complementary experiences to fruition in this now moment of time…opening the door to living in the new energy and all that that means as you usher in the Golden Era that is soon to be upon you.

I am a mentor to so many of you. So many of you have brought in…yes the crystal white light energy…and yet also the hues, many hues, of the Merlin energy…which indeed contains the crystal blue, which contains the iridescent green of the dragon realms, which contains the full spectrum of colours of the crystalline realms. There will be others who represent the energy flows of other spectrums to you. Indeed there is a platinum spectrum that is coming into the forefront of many’s experience on the planet in the now. There is also a pearl…a pearlized spectrum of colours. Some are new that are coming upon the planet. Some are ancient. Those of you who are very much living the experience of the crystal energies…and those are many of you…have been together for many, many, many lifetimes. Atlantis was very much a crystal spectrum experience. Those of you are opening now to your experience of bringing in all of the colours. There are other ancient myths…there are other realities that are just as real as Atlantis and Lemuria and all of the experiences that have been so prominent for those of you who are on a similar path in this lifetime. Be aware there are many, many other experiences as big as Atlantis, as big as Lemuria, that are simply not of your own particular frequency. And there are others who are diligently working over many lifetimes as well on the soul level to bring their spectrum into balance. I would say that you are going to see this with what you are going to experience in the manifestations of what happens on the continent of Africa in upcoming years. You are going to find that as your new president in America, Obama, takes office, it will be a shifting, for he is not predominantly flowing crystalline energies. He is flowing a balance of many spectrums. This is where there will be some exciting new understandings coming into play on many levels as you move forward in the time of the change from President Bush to President Obama. I do not come in here today to talk politics with you. (laughter) Yet I come in to talk spectrums of light and colour. For colour is light. Indeed there is a sound quality too that is connected to each frequency. You’re going to find that as you move forward these sound qualities and tones become more important to you in your own particular experiences of living. Each of you in your now is in the place to experience fully embracing your own particular energetic signature and this comes through in many ways.

As has been spoken of by the Kryon, your name…we laugh, your name cannot be said in any of the languages of your human planet…your true name is indeed written in light and sound and colours and frequencies beyond your imagining. But as you move into living in this new energy and in the new energy way, you will find that you are uniquely able to experience your own energetic signature in ways that, until now, have not been possible upon your planet. This is what you are opening up to.

Indeed. You are ready to move to the next step, and it is…mmm…it is quite a fun step if you consider what you have been through before to get here! (laughter) You are opening up to new levels that have not been available to you previously, that have not been even part of your own realm of imagining previously.For those of you who have faced health challenges, there is nothing to worry about as long as you continue on this path of energetic movement and clearing of past stuck energies. I would like to affirm this for you. Follow your own feelings of resonance on which is the best way to proceed and to continue proceeding, for certainly there is expertise that can be shared with you but do not allow anyone else’s expertise to override and supercede your own. You are the best expert of what is the best choice for yourself.

There is much excitement for you to be doing what you are doing in the now…which is expanding interdimensionally. Allow this to continue. You have much assistance. You have many who are desiring to work with you.
I will not infuse you with energy today. I will say you are surrounded by it. You are embraced by it. But I know that there can be some times of adjustment after an infusion and you had an infusion from Commander Frodo very recently. So I will just say that the energy that I bring to this gathering shall remain here and it will embrace you. You will be able to breathe it in, but in a gentler manner than some of my previous visits have been (laughter) as far as infusions of energy go. Allow yourselves to feel the mellowness of simply being supported by this energy. I am available each time I am invited in. You are so dearly dearly loved. And with that I
will say...Aloha! ~ ~ ~


Go Mama said...

Welcome back, Maureen.
I was so pleased to find a new post from you and want to openly encourage you to continue sharing your journey. I stumbled upon your blog quite by accident during my own 3 month physical-spiritual "hiatis" this summer and am happy to see you are back.

Interestingly, I also enjoy and resonate quite closely with Karen Bishop's energy readings, as well as Celia Finn's, so we must all be somehow connected and moving together in spirit or frequency.

I am moved to offer assistance in writing out your transcriptions, at least temporarily until you upgrade your system. We might be able to work something out over email. If you are so inclined, write me at gomama at mac dot com. And blessings to you and your crew.

Newlily said...

great read maureen. truly resonate with this msg