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One of the Divine Feminine Goddess energies I frequently feel and bring messages through from is that of Brigid, a Celtic Goddess who was later christianized by the Catholic Church and reborn in it as a saint. February 1 is celebrated as ‘Brigid’s Day’ which is known on the wheel of the Celtic calendar as Imbolc. Christianity celebrates its own version, Candlemas Day, on February 2.

In one of Brigid’s messages through me, she encouraged coming together in spontaneous celebrating as a way of moving beyond old rituals and into the joyousness of the new energy. Last year on Imbolc, a number of us around the globe joined hearts etherically while lighting candles to welcome in the returning of the Light that Imbolc marks. We did this once again on this year’s Imbolc, February 1, 2009. The message that follows was what Brigid spoke to us of during our candle lighting.

There are some wonderful sources of information on Brigid and Imbolc on the internet. Anyone seeking to learn more will not be disappointed with the wealth of material to be found at:

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For those who want to utilize the energy of Brigid and her fire, there is a lovely Imbolc candle flame meditation for this to be found here:

Welcome the Light!

~ ~ ~ Brigid on Light

Sunday February 1, 2009 Imbolc

Brigid: Cead Mile Failte Beloved Ones. Hello my dearest of friends. It is a true honour, it is a true joy, to connect with you, to connect with you all, in this manner in this now moment. It is a celebration…indeed a celebration of the returning of the light. The light never disappears. The light never completely goes out. And yet to be in tune, to be in rhythm and harmony with the cycles of this dimension you have willingly chosen to come and occupy, to come and live within…that while seemingly so removed from all the far dimensions such as the stars, is intricately connected to each of them…this is what you do celebrate in the turning of the wheel of these cycles of time as you measure it in your human dimension.

The light is flooding your planet in this now moment. Not all are aware of this. Not all are attuned to this. And yet those of you who have been doing the heavy lifting, as has been said…those of you who have been walking the journey, walking the path that has not been easy, that has not been without challenge…but that has brought you to this new place of awareness and understanding of who you are beyond just your mere humanness…your wonderful humanness…but know that you are so much more than just who you have thought you are within these human bodies…those of you are opening now to an attunement with light such as you have never experienced before on the plane of Earth.

All of you are experienced in light from other realms. Yet this is a first for planet Earth. And while things may appear to be chaotic and out of control, things such as your weather and the shake ups geographically upon your Mother…Mother Earth…everything is the bringing into balance that allows the flooding of the light. For you are approaching the Golden Era…and gold is very much associated with the golden light of the sun. There are many associations, and whatever each feels in their own heart of hearts and depth of connection to the light is the most appropriate symbology for the connection individually. And yet all on this planet are connected through the light of the sun. And those who are drawn to darkness...there is a beauty in the darkness as well. There is a balance between the dark and the light…and yet the opening to light is an expansion into new dimensions not yet explored. It is an expansion into the discovery of realms that you are quite familiar with, quite experienced with, on other levels of your being.

It is a wonderful day to come together, to join together in heart, to sing in celebration of the turning of the wheel on your planet that marks the return to light that is associated with this particular day.

I speak about light and geography in this now moment, as well as light and geography in partnership relationships. Light is very much part of each of your unique make ups and energetic essences, yet in different ways and in different combinations. Light is a part of the opening to new experience that is upon you. It is upon you together. It is upon you in your sovereignty. It may come about in different ways, and I wish to speak briefly of this.

I wish to tell this Voice that the song of New Mexico heard this morning here in Alberta was a gift from me to you on this day! Bright sun! You are very much a part of and connected to the light of that particular place. It is a place that has very unique light. It is a light that has drawn many artists who seek to capture it. It is a light that draws many from varying and diverse places to it, for it is a light that comes from the sun, yes, but it is a light also that emanates from the Earth in this particular place. You are part of this light and this light is part of you.

Your dear partner emanates light that is from a different origin if you look at it as far as what we are speaking, and this is true for many in relationships. There has been a great complementation in your coming together, as you have known, as well as unique challenges. Yet there is also a very balancing harmony in the light of the far north of Canada that you are situated in here in this place, and the south…southwest…the light of the desert of New Mexico. As you move forward in your now from where you are standing, you will find that there will be times individually of the need for different light energy. This is part of the new…it is part of the new energy…it is part of the new era of relationships. You may not always be together in the physical but as you move forward into what you are exploring…as you continue to expand into the new energy…you will find that if you are able to remain connected at the heart and the soul level, you will always magnify the experience of light that you share, whether you are together in the same place or not.

You are moving into a new experience of light that goes beyond what has been previously experienced on this planet. As such, you will find that your opening to interdimensional experiences of light will be greatly increasing, if you choose. This will be different from how you have experienced light before. The great central sun is indeed the major source of light to your planet, and yet you will begin opening to experiencing the light of a rose…the light of a glass of water…the light of a crystal…or snowflake…as well as a sunbeam. You will begin experiencing the light in your own blood…the light in your cells. For you are in the process of transforming what have been your dense human physical bodies into bodies that hold…that flow…that radiate and emanate far greater quotients and amounts of light than has ever come through previously.

Fire is a portal. We have spoken of this before. It is a good time and a good year and a good moment to allow yourselves to walk through the portal of the candle flame…of the fire in the hearth…of the soaking in of the sunshine and sunlight.

What may I speak to you of personally today in this now moment of time?

Participant: I really like these words on light. And to keep with that, I really enjoy, much as a cat does I guess, laying on the sofa in the direct sunlight. Even though its filtered through glass windows, the energy is there and it is awesome! I like the sun in my face with my eyes closed, and the last couple of days anyway I’ve been experiencing these awesome colours, as if the inside of my eyelids are screens or displays of such. And it got me wondering if I am actually seeing the colours of who I am.

Brigid: And what was your response to your own wondering? (laughter)

Participant: The major colour that comes up…or came up…is immediately a beautiful spring green, and of course that immediately brings to my attention Green Man…and I know the two of you are very closely associated…so yes, I really feel that’s part of my energy stream…the colours that I’m seeing.

Brigid: Yes. Very much so. And you are made up of all of the colurs of the spectrum of light, and it is important for you to remember that you have not yet brought into your human awareness ALL of the colours of the spectrum of light. You have brought in the ones that are known to the human eye and the human realm. There are others that go beyond this. There are colours to be experienced that you have never seen with the human eye before, and yet which you are not only familiar with on other dimensions, but which are incorporated into who you are and are part of your name when you move beyond your physical human bodies. Yes, this spring green colour is very associated with the Green Man indeed. Also with me…also with Brigid as she has been described throughout the ages as the goddess who wears the hooded green cloak. Now it is a darker colour than the light spring green you see. It is more of a deep forest green. And yet it is again a hue of complementation that you find between my energy and that of the Green Man.

Each of you is going to find that as you continue to open to your Selves, as you continue to open to your grander and more multidimensional Selves, that you will spend time connecting with each of the colours you have been associated with and that you are opening to your own connection with and understanding of. And this is ever fluctuating and changing. This Voice I speak through will tell you that through most of her life, she has been predominantly feeling her association with the colour blue. It has only been in the past few years that she has strongly opened to the colour green and that there has been a matching corresponding feeling of this within herself. A balance needed to come about with the blue and the green…she had to take in the green…she had to experience all of the aspects of the colour green. So you see dear friend, green is what is in your awareness in the now moment…what you are seeing. Many upon the planet are opening to this new iridescent pearlized shade of green that has not been well known or well painted or well photographed previously within the human realm. You are bringing in more light interdimensionally within yourselves through your own…yes, DNA activations…through your own expansion into greater communion with interdimensionality and who you are beyond this realm.

And so you see, you are going to continue to see new shades of colour, new hues of colour. It will not stop with the green. You will find that as you continue forward on this journey, it will be all the colours of the rainbow and beyond. It is a colour that is coming up now for many…this green…because it is a frequency. Much as you’ve heard so much about the ‘indigo children’ who have come upon the planet and you now have a president that it has been said is indigo himself…it is a new frequency. This shade of green that many of you are aware of and are seeing with your inner eye is a new frequency that is coming upon your planet as well. There will be others that follow. Allow yourself to relate to, communicate with, get to know and dance with each frequency as it comes to you. It is all part of who you are. It is all part of your own interdimensional grander being. Now you are grand as the humans you are for it is such an amazing experience you have come here for…you have volunteered for…and you are doing so much. Yet you often forget who you are beyond these human bodies. Who you are beyond these human bodies is all of this colour spectrum, it is all of these frequencies, and you are opening to bringing in more of your Selves, and as you do this, you open to bringing in greater and more expanded frequencies of light and colour. Does this make sense to you?

Participant: It does perfectly. Thank you.

Brigid: You are welcome.

And is there more that you would like to speak of?

Participant: One dear friend has quite awesome dream time experiences, and she shared one recently about coming face to face with this entity that was emitting so much light…and she touched that entity briefly and was instantly in this place of love and bliss. I’ve experienced that same thing, and in my experience I came face to face with my Self. And I recognize that in what she wrote of in her experience as well. And I was just wondering if you’d be interested in commenting on that?

Brigid: This one you speak of is very connected, though is not always aware of this from the human realm. She has lived with consciously forgetting, as so many of you do, yet all that she connects with in so many ways in her art, in her way of living, in her writing, in her experiencing of this dimension, brings through the colours of who she is beyond this, and it is exactly as you have said of your own experience…her dream was an experience of meeting Self. This is what has been said by so many in so many different ways in these years of the awakening process…mainly in the years since the Harmonic Convergence. In 1987 there was a huge doorway that opened up and now this is not when consciousness started moving forward. It has been moving forward for decades and decades. Your 1960s, particularly in the United States, was an era in which the old began to be left behind…and those who went first with moving on from mass consciousness made an impact that has had a ripple effect. But in the time frame of this ascension journey of this path of awakening that many have catapulted themselves along, 1987 is a very significant date, very significant opening, and it has been since then that you have all had more and more experiences of the trickle down and bleed through of your own expanded multidimensional Selves. And yet, as has been said in many conversations that have come through this Voice from different beings, it is often challenging with the veil in place to understand the totality of all of who you are. You dear friend that I am speaking with in this now moment…you have had the experience that has virtually blasted through all the layers of your density when you had that ‘White Light hug’ as you have called it. Would you agree with this?

Participant: Absolutely. Yes, that happened to me in 1988 so shortly after the opening you’re speaking of.

Brigid: It touched you to the very depths of your being and the core of your remembering. Not all are able to experience in the same manner, and so this dream by this dear one was indeed a very similar experience to what you had with your White Light hug. And yet it came about in a manner that was most conducive to her being able to receive it.

Many more will be opening up to greater and more expanded experiences of this coming into recognition of Self, for you see you are beginning, merely beginning, to comprehend what it means that you are God. As God you have experienced All. And as God you are All. And so all of the wondrous things that you have equated with magical and mystical beings from this realm and from the star realms…this is what it means to remove the veil. You are going to be further and further understanding…it is you. It has always been you. It always will be you. And now…there is a joining now. It is a time where you can experience the game on planet Earth, but with a remembering of the grandness of who you are.

Is that sufficient as an answer, dear friend?

Participant: Yes, it is. Thank you.

Brigid: You are welcome.

The green is very prominent in the now. It is a new frequency of light that is flowing through to you and the planet.

You have joined with many around the planet today…more than you will ever know. I very much honour you and express my appreciation for your bringing my energies through and allowing my voice to continue to be heard…the voice that is made up of colours and sounds and spinning frequencies of energies. I am an ancient voice. I am an ancient energy. And yet I embrace the now and the opportunity to be a continued source of inspiration and love and light in the world in the now. I thank this Voice for being a match to my frequency to allow this to be experienced by others in the now. Many carry the Brigid frequency and are not aware of it. It is definitely an energy that is very connected to light…very connected to fire and flame…very connected to this interdimensional portal that takes you beyond only human reality. It is a time to welcome the light! I thank you for sharing this with me. And with that I say once again, Cead Mile Failte. ~ ~ ~

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