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Equinox Message from Brigid, Merlin & Maureen

It is far easier to simply transcribe a recorded session than it is to write up a synopsis of one that didn’t record…which is what happened yesterday with the equinox message that came through from both Brigid and Merlin. It was a beautiful conversation, and our new recorder was working just fine when my partner Ziggy turned it on to record the session. It was quite a surprise when he went to play it back and it wasn’t there. Someone shared a channeled message with me that said the energies of this equinox were so intense that they were likely to mess with electronic equipment, which is apparently what happened to us.

Intense energies indeed. The energies leading up to this equinox had me personally flattened, and I know many others who were also affected in this same way. This was why this particular message from Brigid and Merlin was so uplifting, and so it is one I very much want to share.

I need to give some background information for everything that was said to make sense. On the spiritual message board I actively participate on, we recently were discussing Atlantis and the many feelings we all still carry that stem from its demise. My partner Ziggy and I both have recall of having drowned together in our last lifetime in Atlantis, when that grand civilization sank beneath the sea. Merlin confirmed for us in one session that this was so, and told us that we are here in this lifetime to assist in ‘Atlantis Rising’ and to give Atlantis back the heart that was lost during those end times and which was the catalyst for its destruction.

Then Ziggy and I listened to the Lightworker broadcast on Saturday, February 28th, in which Steve Rother channeled The Group, and The Group’s message was that we are poised for a technology upgrade on our planet that will bring back some of the things we could do in the days of Atlantis that have been lost to us ever since. Their message was that we are recreating Atlantis in our now.

I was incredibly moved by that message, and its affirmation of all that had been coming up for so many of us. A friend posted a youtube video of Donovan’s song ‘Atlantis’ and as I watched the swirling waters depicted in it, I found myself breaking down and sobbing as huge waves of grief washed over me. I cried for 2 days as I brought up the feelings of grief still buried within me from when we lost Atlantis.

And then an interesting thing happened. As I allowed the release of those feeling of grief from Atlantis, I found myself crying to release the grief that had not been completely released from this present lifetime of mine. My husband Dickie was only 38 years old when he died in 1990. I was 34 and had to then face raising our 3 very young children alone. I was angry with him that he had left me to this, and it took me a long time to work through those feelings of anger. It took me a full year to put a headstone on his grave because I was so angry, but Al-Anon did help me work through those feelings and when I did put one up, I had engraved on it ‘Love is Eternal.’ It is.

Because of the anger, I had never fully and completely grieved for the man I married because I loved him so. Bringing up the grief from Atlantis allowed me to segue into bringing up the grief from my husband’s early death. And as I did, I was able to see him and Who He Was in an entirely new light. I realized what a hero of consciousness he was, back in a time when I don’t recall anyone ever using the word ’consciousness.’

Merlin once said that to understand our soul’s purpose we often have to view more than just our current lifetime. He said we incarnate over and over again in different lifetimes with the same soul purpose that we keep expanding on through our experiences. One of the challenges that humanity has dealt with since the fall of Atlantis has been the skewing of the masculine and feminine energies. Dysfunctional masculine energy has resulted in abuse through power and control, and dysfunctional feminine energy has resulted in victimhood through that abuse, regardless of whether one is in a male or a female body. We each contain both energies.

My father and my husband’s father fought in World War II. We viewed them as warriors and men of honour who wanted to protect the world from the horrible abuse being inflicted on so many innocents by Hitler. We saw them as fighting the good fight when they served in the army.

My husband was a warrior too. And he was a man of honour and integrity and heart. He was a teenager of 17 when he went to Woodstock and basked in the warm sea of love and music that that historic event gave birth to. And when his number came up in the draft lottery and he was supposed to go fight in Viet Nam, his consciousness would not allow him to. He said that he would not kill people he had no personal issue with. He knew that a warrior uses his masculine energy to protect and defend the innocent, not to abuse the innocent.

As I cried for him earlier this month as my grief came up for final releasing, I was shocked when I realized just how full circle his actions had come all these years later. My younger son’s girlfriend of the last few years, a young woman I absolutely love, is Vietnamese-American. Her father was a child of 10 when Saigon fell and he was airlifted out to spend 2 years in a refugee camp before being relocated to the United States and eventually becoming a U.S. citizen. I don’t know if these 2 young people will stay together, and I don’t know if they will ever have children together, though I would be overjoyed if they did. I wondered if on some level of his being, my husband had the awareness that if he went and killed Vietnamese people, he might potentially be killing the family of his own grandchildren. Or…did he just get it that we are ALL ‘Family.’

After I had cried all my tears, something amazing happened. I received an email from the man who was my husband’s best friend. I haven’t seen him in at least 12 years, and the last time I talked to him was nearly 4 years ago when he called me to tell me how incredible my children had turned out when he spent time with them at a family reunion they had gone back east for which I did not attend myself. He had found my blog on the internet and while he said he didn’t understand most of what was on it, he wanted to. He hadn’t known that I had obtained my Ph.D. in metaphysics in the years since I had left New England and moved to New Mexico with my children to start a new life. He affectionately called me ’Doctor Mo’ as he congratulated me, and I found both my heart and all the ensuing years since I had shared my life with him previously melting away as I reconnected with this beautiful person through his email. The next day I called him and we talked for a very long time. When my husband came up, his voice was breaking a bit as he said, “He was my hero. He is the finest person I have ever known.”

I would like to honour this man who was my husband and the father of my 3 children, so I am posting our wedding photo taken back in 1977 when I was 21 and he was 25. At the instant the photo was snapped, I was squeezing his hand telling him to stop making me laugh with all the funny comments he was making under his breath. He made so many people smile and laugh during the time he was here on Earth, and that is how I remember him and why I still miss him.

The other photo is a family portrait that my beloved Ziggy snapped last year when we were housesitting for our dear friend Denise in the mountains east of Albuquerque and my children came out for dinner. What a fun time we had. While Dickie may not have been there in the physical to share those wonderful moments with us, his beautiful legacy lives on in all of our hearts.

This past year, Ziggy has had some pretty intense health challenges which left him at one point in kidney failure. He recognized the energies that had become stuck in his own life, and as soon as he started moving them, his kidney function began to return. He is an amazing man, and he has continued to steadily improve and regain kidney function in spite of his nephrologist painting a doom and gloom scenario of inevitable decline necessitating eventual reliance on dialysis. He is a shining example of what I have specialized in during this lifetime’s career…the mind-body-spirit connection.

His health challenges are mentioned in this conversation with Brigid and Merlin. And so are my own. After all the emotions rising up within me, I went through a period of extreme insomnia where I couldn’t sleep for more than 2 hours at a time. I was exhausted, and one evening felt a sharp pain in the area of my left lung. Shortly after that, I started feeling very sick. It was a little too familiar a feeling, as it felt just like when I had pneumonia 3 years ago. It was that pneumonia that ’opened’ me to reclaiming an ability I was told I had had in the days of Lemuria, and that in this lifetime is now made manifest as my ability to translate the energies I feel into words and have conversations with Beings who are not living in the 3rd dimension. When I had that pneumonia 3 years ago, it was in my right lung. Now I could feel my left lung being affected and I wondered what was up this time. One evening I happened to glance at my tongue in the bathroom mirror and saw a huge lesion on the right side and a smaller corresponding one on the left. I remembered how in Chinese medicine, something I have an affinity for using since it is so energy based, one is often diagnosed through tongue analysis, as all the energy meridians in the body are connected to the tongue. I remembered also that the meridians cross over above the neck, and so the lesion on the right side of my tongue would correspond with the left side of my body. I realized that these lesions were in the area of the tongue that is associated with the lungs. I had previously worked with a Chinese meridian practitioner for years when I first moved to Albuquerque and she had diagnosed me with weak kidney chi (life force energy) and stagnant liver chi. The kidneys are associated with fear and the inability to fully embrace living and move forward, while the liver is where all our anger is dumped. Both diagnoses had made perfect sense to me at the time, given my life’s circumstances. This wonderful doctor assisted me back into balance through her care and I no longer have kidney or liver challenges. Looking at my tongue, I wondered what the lungs are associated with, so I looked it up on the internet. Lung issues are related to grieving. When I saw that, my whole being went ’AHA!’ I knew it was time to once and for all release all of the grief I was still holding onto…from this lifetime, and going all the way back to Atlantis.

Recognition of what was at play energetically allowed me to move through this bout with pneumonia without needing to seek medical care and have an antibiotic prescribed. I’ve been taking echinacea with goldenseal drops, and have resorted to a tried and true home remedy that my husband used to make for me…hot toddies! Its worked, and while I am still coughing I no longer physically feel like I am going to die. And energetically…emotionally…’feeling state-wise’…I feel so much joy and excitement about the future we are all creating together. My grieving is done, and now it is time to fully embrace this beautiful gift of life we give to ourselves when we incarnate on Planet Earth.

Here is my recounting of yesterday’s conversation with Brigid and Merlin:

Brigid began and ended the session with her lilting greeting “Cead Mile Failte”…which in Gaelic means “One hundred thousand welcomes.” And Merlin came through with a “Hail to All!”

Brigid began by speaking of what a momentous day this ‘turning of the wheel’ in our yearly cycle is, this equinox, which is all about balance. She said that both she and Merlin were visiting us today as it was a representation of the balance of masculine and feminine energies. She said that she contains both feminine and masculine energies, and Merlin contains both masculine and feminine energies, but she is associated more with the Divine Feminine and Merlin is associated more with the Divine Masculine, so their energies are a complement to each other. She mentioned our dear friend The Green Man, and said he would return soon to speak with us again also, but that we should know that his energies, which are also the energies of Pan, are a part of the Merlin energies as well. And that while we associate Brigid with being a Celtic goddess, she is known by many other names too and flows many diverse streams of energy within her own.

Brigid said all of us are made up of both masculine and feminine energies, and these energies are seeking balance within us, regardless of our gender.

The equinox, she said, is a celebration of balanced energies, and she said this year’s equinox was a very special celebration of balance because a balance has been reached upon the planet that has never been experienced before. It is a balance of consciousness. She said that while the numbers of those who are still living under the influence of mass consciousness and the fear that arises from it are far greater than the numbers of those who are walking the path of awakening, because of the density and heaviness of the energy of fear, far fewer numbers are needed to balance it since the energy of love that walks through fear is so light. She said we are there now, and that is why there is a huge celebration going on in all the dimensions that watch this game of illusion we so love to play on Planet Earth. They are cheering for us! She reminded us that every ‘one’ who walks through fear to live in joy affects thousands who are continuing to live in fear.

Next, she talked about The Group’s message, and how we are in the place for so much that was amazing from the time of Atlantis to be reborn in the now, in a totally new and different way. She spoke of how as we move beyond the emotions that we got stuck in at the time Atlantis fell, we create the space for birthing what we knew before in a whole new manner.

Then Merlin began speaking, and the word he used a lot was ’transmutation.’ He said that so many of us who are ’lightworkers’ here on the planet in the now are transmuting energies for not just ourselves, but for the masses as well. He affirmed for me what I remembered about emotions and Chinese medicine, and said that the metaphysical concepts that those like Louise Hay have introduced to the world are based on the ancient Chinese understanding of how the mind, body, spirit and emotions are all connected and all affect each other.

He said that those of us who have volunteered to do this transmuting are having the energies of our personal circumstances magnified in order to transmute these energies for the masses. He said that Ziggy’s issues with his kidneys are transmuting fear for far more than just himself. And he said that my whole life and its experiences have been leading me to the place I am in now of transmuting grief and sorrow to be able to fully live in joy, and this affects many, many thousands of others beyond myself.

Merlin then went on to speak of what we are all creating together…what some have called the New Earth. He said that what we are doing is intersecting dimensions in a way that has never been done before, and therefore we are creating a new dimension that no one has ever experienced previously. He likened our interconnecting energies to a spider web, and said that it is no accident that in Native American mythology the world was created by Grandmother Spider. He said this spider web is what we can also refer to as an energetic grid, and that many, many of us are part of the grid of Merlin energies and Brigid energies. He also referred to this as our collective tapestry, and said that each of us contribute so many colours to the weaving as we share our unique energies with each other.

Frequently, people write to me and ask me to ask questions they are curious about during our sessions. I always respond that if there is information for them that comes through, I will share it with them, but that I don’t know if anything will come through. I didn’t ask Merlin anything yesterday, but he spontaneously volunteered perspectives on 4 different questions that I have received in the past month.

One dear lady who is the mother of a young daughter had inquired about the connection between Merlin and the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling. Merlin was delighted to say that it is indeed his energy that is flowing so wondrously through Ms. Rowling's gifted writing. He pointed out that children are so much more easily able to connect to their inherent knowledge of themselves as magical Beings…Alchemists and Magicians…and that it is often through association with what is ‘child-like’ that we adults allow ourselves to remember this aspect of Who We Are. And he suggested that we do this much more frequently! Last weekend while in the throes of lung congestion and illness, I only had the energy to watch TV. I was thrilled to see that our satellite programming was showing the original 1959 Walt Disney movie ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and I immediately tuned in. With no ‘medicine’ besides the herbal tinctures on hand and no hard alcohol in the house other than a bottle of absinth Ziggy had bought just after the December solstice while I was in New Mexico and told him that Denise and I drank ‘Green Fairies’ in her hot tub under the stars to celebrate it, I had mixed myself a ‘Green Fairy’ hot toddy and sipped it while I watched Walt Disney’s magic. (Absinth has quite a history and used to be illegal in the U.S. because of some of the mythology associated with it. It is a lovely green colour and that is how it got its name of the ‘Green Fairy.’) There are 3 ‘fairies’ in Sleeping Beauty…one of them green! They are Flora, Fauna and Merriwether, the magical fairies who watch over the Princess Aurora after that Wicked Witch casts a jealous spell on her after her birth. I recently enjoyed watching a youtube video of ‘Extra Celestials’…the star beings who take credit for creating crop circles as an interdimensional way of communicating with us. They dart around in the air as little balls of light in brilliant colours…and Flora, Fauna and Merriwether looked just like that in Sleeping Beauty. Merlin affirmed that there is much symbolism in Sleeping Beauty and other childhood ’imaginary’ tales that we should pay attention to.

Merlin next addressed my close friend from another incarnation who had asked me about the ancient Finnish kings he is so drawn to…and has been visiting via what he calls time travel, though he admits some might just call it his imagination. Merlin simply said…you are so drawn to them because you were one. Continue your time travel/imagination and you can access all of what you are desiring to know, because it is contained within you. He said he is happy to share those journeys with you.

And then he addressed the questions from the ‘two Adams’ as I like to call them…a very symbolic name for sure. The first Adam had asked about the ‘Houses of Awakening’ he feels inspired to create. Merlin said it was no accident that the location for these are in the lands known as the ‘Camelot’ lands, because he, Merlin, is very associated with them and is working closely with this Adam for their birthing…because this Adam is very connected to the Merlin energies and what he creates will strongly flow these Merlin energies. He said there are still some alignments to come before this manifests in the physical, but if (you) Adam continue to follow your heart and your inner guidance, the alignments will come about more quickly and easily. Merlin then addressed me and Ziggy, and told us that while we may not be involved in the physical orchestration of this project, we are very connected energetically to it, and when we visit these Houses of Awakening one day in the future, we will feel our own energies as a part of what created them.

Merlin then asked if Ziggy or I had any questions about what he had been speaking about. I said no, and so did Ziggy, but he elaborated a bit and said that he had reached the place where whatever he might have had as a question seemed to be automatically answered without his having to ask. Merlin liked that response a lot, and used it to answer the question asked by the second Adam…will Merlin help me remember and access what I know I know but don’t remember? Merlin gave grand kudos to our second Adam, and said that indeed, this is the way to all answers…going deeper and deeper within, because that is where all answers are contained. He spoke directly to this Adam and said, “Continue going deeper and deeper within Self as guided by your heart and feelings. You ARE Merlin as you are part of the Merlin energy stream.”

Merlin ended by talking a bit about the ‘change of seasons’ that is upon us. A dear friend had written to me to say that she had noticed that the equinox occurred at exactly 4:44am in her part of the world, and she felt there must be great significance in this for one such as myself, whose birth time was 4:44pm. Merlin spoke about the energy of ‘12’ as I was born on 12/12 at 4:44 and he said that I not only carry but emanate the energy of this very spiritual number. And he said that many others do as well, and this is what is bringing about the change of seasons on the planet that we are all assisting in creating.

He and Brigid concluded the session by saying that the intense energies of this equinox will be with us for a while longer, but they do not need to disrupt our lives if we simply allow them to solidify for us all that we have brought to the surface in the weeks preceding the equinox.

Brigid, who is associated with fire and the ‘Flame of Kildare’ in Ireland, affirmed for me what I had written of recently on my message board…that, as is spoken of in the introduction to A Course in Miracles, we no longer need to be the steel that is tempered by fire. The raw material of the new energy and New Earth is iron, which has no need for tempering by flame. Brigid said that now we can utilize fire as the portal it truly is…as a doorway we open to a new dimension that we are creating together. I am so looking forward to walking through it.

Happy Equinox All.

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