Friday, March 27, 2009

Fireside Chat with Tobias & St Germain

The energies flooding the planet continue to be potent, and a season of change is definitely upon us. Yesterday was the new moon, always a time for new beginnings in the rhythmic cycle of living on beautiful Mother Gaia.

I was born under a Witch’s Moon, also called a Wishing Moon, which encompasses the 3 day period before the new moon, which is always the time for planting the seeds of the new. This moon is also known as the Balsamic Moon. I love following the cycles of the seasons and knowing where we are collectively in the ‘turning of the wheel’ of our calendar year. ‘My’ moon is known for its connection with deep feelings, and I have always been in tune with this and always been a deep feeling person.

This past lunar cycle from new moon to new moon has been one overflowing with feelings for me, as evidenced by my last blog post and what I shared in it. With the advent of the new moon, I’ve felt a shift, and can tangibly feel myself moving into a new cycle.

I did an internet search of moon phases and loved what I found here about the Balsamic Moon. I was impressed by how closely what is said has mirrored my own experience.

Balsamic Moon

Characteristic just BEFORE the Balsamic Moon
Ending the Cultivating Phase of the Lunar Cycle.

Coalescence into Essence

The latter part of this phase results in coalescing all that was experienced in the cycle into its essence, into its seed form. It is a reflective time looking back over the past, of extracting and assembling what was learned from the cycle, claiming its true wealth and wisdom. This is a great time to explore what we learned in the context of the new moon theme. It is this seed essence which is of true value to our greater growth. This seed will sprout in the next Lunar Cycle of growth and unfoldment, and morph into the next Lunar Cycle's theme.

Characteristic just AFTER the Balsamic Moon
Beginning the Seeding Phase of the Lunar Cycle.

Focus to the Future

Our focus now turns toward the future. We now turn away from looking back over the past cycle completely and begin to look ahead, preparing for and anticipating the future cycle to come, to a new step to emerge in our Lunar Path of Fulfillment. The seed is planted. It is time to let it germinate. Completing any loose ends is appropriate, to move into a new position for the next cycle to unfold. Here we make the field of all possibilities smooth and clear, ready for the new sprouting to occur.

It is a time of readiness for new sprouting for so many of us!

In that vein, Tobias and St Germain stopped by for a visit and conversation earlier this week, during the Witch‘s Moon time. These two friends were the first to speak through my voice when I initially opened up to being able to feel and translate energies. When that happened, they frequently came in for fun conversations with my partner Ziggy and me, and as these often occurred next to a roaring fire in the living room’s fireplace, they began being called ‘Fireside Chats.’ We haven’t had a Fireside Chat in a very long time, so it was a wonderful gift to have one take place this week.

Since having Brigid and Merlin’s Equinox message not record, and therefore not being able to transcribe it word for word to share, I found that I personally enjoy sharing the message that these nonphysical friends bring through, and have decided to continue with this venue.

As I’ve shared previously on my blog, I have felt some challenge in deciding what is the best way to share these conversations that flow through me so that the greatest number of people can receive something of value from them. I have debated with myself as to whether ‘depersonalizing’ them into more generic form is the best way to offer them. There are so many wonderful channelers out there now who offer such beautiful…and non-personal…messages to the masses. I wondered if I should attempt to put my own out there in a similar fashion. In the end what I’ve realized is that I am not a channeler for the masses. I am simply a person going through the same ‘ascension journey’ that so many others are, too. As I’ve expanded my own consciousness in the process, I have opened to abilities that go beyond the typical 3D ones of my earlier experience of living. First and foremost, having conversations with ‘family and friends’ who are not inhabiting physical bodies in the now is something that has become a part of my own personal everyday reality. I no longer only live in the 3rd dimension myself and my experience is a continual exploration of what expanding beyond the boundaries of this 3rd dimensional realm looks like, sounds like, feels like, tastes like, and smells like. Sliding through the dimensions has become my favourite dance, and one that is definitely not an exclusive one. Everyone is welcome at this particular dance party, and the more the merrier. For anyone who wants to join in but doesn’t yet know the dance steps…well, I offer these personal experiences and conversations as a way to pull you out onto the dance floor anyway just for the fun of it! Give the steps a whirl and see if you like it!

After this conversation, as I looked out the sliding glass doors of the living room here in Alberta, I was mesmerized to see the sunlight glinting off the still very present snow cover here not just in the usual manner of shimmering diamond sparkles that is always so beautiful. The sparkles were an incredible rainbow of different colours, the likes of which I have never seen before. It was pure magic. I called Ziggy over to the spot I was looking out at this from, and he saw those rainbow colours too. We wondered if this is something new on the planet in this now time…or if we simply have new eyes that are able to see multiple dimensions at once?

Fireside Chat with Tobias and St Germain March 25, 2009

Tobias entered and joked with Ziggy a bit about the last session not recording, asking if Ziggy was sure that everything was operational for this session. Ziggy answered in the affirmative and said, “All lights are on and it’s a go!” referring to the blinking lights on the recorder. Tobias joked back asking if this meant that “all the lights are on and somebody IS home?”

Tobias then greeted us, and said that since we lit 2 candles, in lieu of a fire, there were 2 visitors and St Germain was waiting in the wings to be invited in also…but he was definitely waiting until he was invited, since the last time he had spoken with Ziggy personally over 6 months ago, Ziggy had ended up being a bit ticked off at what St Germain had had to say to him then. Ziggy assured St Germain that all is well in the now between them and he was very happy to invite him in also. St Germain enjoyed the banter and greeted us too, but allowed Tobias to speak first, who thanked him for that privilege.

Tobias: “It has been a while and as you know I do not come around as frequently as I used to. So many changes taking place! There is excitement on many realms. It is a chaotic time for so many, and yet it is a time of much promise, much potential, and much is occurring.”

Tobias then addressed me personally and spoke about what has been occurring in my physical body in the area of my lungs. I am still congested and coughing, but feeling much better than I had been. That morning I woke myself up with the very strange noise and sensation I have felt in my lung area since the first time I had pneumonia. It is a sensation/vibration of air being blown through my lungs as if it was a pipe organ, and there is an accompanying noise that I can only describe as a ’snort’ when the air comes out the other end and escapes through my noise and mouth. It is very different from a ’snoring snort!’

Tobias: “And so Maureen once again I come in to speak to you about what has just transpired in your physical body…this area of your lungs. You have been curious. You did indeed wake up this morning with your symbolic…what you call…lung snort. And this is indicating that you have indeed made huge transformations in your physical body yes, but your energetic structure as well. And I know it has been a long and challenging path to this, through what seemed to be an illness, and yet you are emerging from it, none the worse for wear, and with gifts that you bring back with you. You are expanding your interdimensional senses, dear one…as is Ziggy, too, and as all are, in different ways. “

He went on to tell me that my own abilities “have much to do with this area of the lung and with the breath. Indeed what you have just done is balanced your right and left lungs. You have expanded the size of your left lung now to be a balanced match with what you expanded of your right lung previously. That is not completely finished as of yet. You are still having residual challenges to your physical body. These shall not last forever as you are well aware. But you have previously opened to gifts from Lemuria. What you are opening to now are your gifts from Atlantis. Now, I do not wish to spoil the surprise for you (laughter) as you discover these on your own. But I do wish to say it is a time where the gifts you are bringing forth can be shared. But they must be balanced.”

In speaking of balance, Tobias offered up a message that I feel is relevant to so many. He spoke of balancing the introvert and the extrovert within ourselves. He directed this to me:

Tobias: “You have been one who in your life has been quite extroverted previously. You loved a party my dear…(laughter) yes, and so did I! But in this lifetime you have found that as you began your ascension journey, as happens to so many, you have gone more and more inward. This is what this journey has been about for so many. You have become introverted in a way that you were not used to being. And now you have passed the Quantum Leap, now you have been going through these momentous cycles in your turning of the wheel, as dear Brigid calls it, and you are bringing in powerful energies on the planet….for yes, all of you, these energies are not being ‘done ‘to you. You are calling in these energies…these very potent energies. The energy of this solstice is off the charts as far as what you have experienced previously. “

After getting that out, he stopped me and said of my ‘translation‘:

Tobias: “Not solstice, Maureen…equinox!” (laughter)

“Yes…equinox! Wait til the solstice comes…you will find out that things can build even more! (laughter)

But this equinox has been quite powerful, as you are aware. It effected all in different ways, but what I am speaking of…St Germain is telling me, ‘in my long winded way!’…what I am saying is that you are entering new cycles in your experiences, because you have indeed reached a culmination point.”

In speaking of this culmination point, he addressed Ziggy, who has continued to bring himself back into balanced health after months of intense physical challenges of his own.

Tobias: “…with what you have done as far as your movement forward from energies that were stuck…you have done well my friend. You have done well. You are all reaching a new place of more balanced energies and there are going to be changes that come about as far as this goes. It is going to be time for more of a balancing of the introvert with the extrovert. “

Then he spoke to those of us who are here “as the leaders, as the standards, whichever word you choose to use…you are the ones going first and you will find that as you move forward, it will not happen immediately, but I am speaking to you to prepare you for this…you will be moving back into your role of physically being with others in a far grander capacity than you have been for quite a while. And I wish you to know that this is part of what you have chosen when you have come into this incarnation with the potential for reaching the place that you are in now.”

He joked to us personally that Ziggy did not need to worry about being as ‘verbose’ as I am, as I can cover any required verbosity quite easily, but that his contribution, and indeed each individual’s contribution, is equally important.

“But you are both aware of how important your combined energies are for the work that you are doing. And while you may not have quite the same gift of gab that this one has who has indeed kissed the Blarney Stone, (laughter) others do indeed wish to hear what you have to say. Your way of expressing, your way of sharing, is a bit different, but it is every bit as important. And so both of you, and all of you, it is important to be aware that indeed the seasons are changing. You will not immediately be catapulted into this. Yet be aware…”

He spoke to us of the traveling Ziggy and I did when we first came together, saying that “those trips that you have taken previously were just the tip of the iceberg for this World Tour as it was called when you first began it. There are many other places on the planet to visit. Allow it to come about in a natural manner and a joyful manner. Know that what you need in the way of resources will be provided for you and there are new ways of this provision to be coming into your experience. As you said, dear Ziggy, the lights are on! Yes indeed, and as our dear friend Jeshua said, you do not hide your light under a bushel basket! And so while you do enjoy the peace and tranquility of this beautiful place (Ziggy’s Alberta home), it is not the place for you to spend 365 days of your year. “

He asked if we understood, and we said yes. Then he asked if we had any questions, and I asked if he could just please elaborate a little bit more on whatever gifts I had gotten from my recent physical lung challenge. His response was not exactly the specifics I was hoping for.

Tobias: “Dear one, dear one. You still lack patience, don’t you! (laughter) You are going to find that you are increasing your ability to…what do you call it…slide between the dimensions…and you have seen hints of this. You have seen yourself able to see auras now, more than you ever did previously. You are hearing other-worldly tones. You are going to find that this meshing of the dimensions becomes more of a reality for you as you continue to move forward in your own expansion, and as you do this you will have new…what is not just connecting and communicating with the other dimensions, but…sharing of these with others who are not yet as adept at this sliding between dimensions as you are. So let me leave it at that and say there are some lovely surprises in store for you. This has not been for naught that you have experienced this recent bout of illness! Continue to take care of yourself. Continue to do what you are feeling drawn to do or not to do. Allow your body to heal. It is important that you rest, for your body must be in a place of balance also in order for you to have the energy that is required for movement into this next step. “

Tobias then concluded with this to Ziggy: “You dear Ziggy I would say are doing wonderfully well in balancing out your body. You will find that as you continue to move forward in this new mindset I might say, or at least this new place of determination to be the master and creator of your own experience, which is how I see it, you will find that things continue to fall into place and I would not be talking to you about world tours and expanding outward if you were in any condition to become an invalid and move backwards in your health. You are doing quite well and it is a delight to see.”

And then St Germain took over, with loving greetings to all. Ziggy joked about his ‘appearance’ to us the day before in the form of a beautiful little bird…a wild chicken…that had come right up to the sliding glass doors and looked in on us.

St Germain responded: “Well how appropriate, was it not, when you know I love to strut my stuff and preen my feathers? (laughter)

Oh, I am always around and you are aware of that. It is a time of expansion in so many different ways and you will find that as you have recognized certain people as being part of the energy streams of certain larger energies and entities, you will find that more and more you will be understanding that animals are as well. Even your flora…and fauna…and yes that is indeed a reference to your Sleeping Beauty movie as spoken of by Merlin recently…your flora and your fauna also carry many different energies, though not in quite the same manner as people, as humans, do. There are different vegetations, different flowers that grow in different climates, as you are aware. Now differing climates are energy streams as well. This is perhaps a bit more the conversation dear Kryon is most adept at, and yet be aware of this…this is part of what you are moving into with your expansion of understanding. It is such that, when a volcano erupts, as has been happening in Alaska, you are connected to this. It is climatic, but it is energetic as well. And there is a far different energy contained in the eruption of a volcano than is contained in the Arctic Circle where it is this crystalline energy of so much snow. So you see that when you have plants that favour certain climates, they are in tune with the energy of that particular climate. There are variations and this is why it is such a delight to travel all around this planet and see that you have different frequencies of beauty every place that you go.

And the same is quite true of the animals, and in particular birds that populate different places. As you two present here were aware when you visited Australia, there is a variety of birds there the likes of which you had never seen or heard before. And this is because of the attunement of the energies of that place and that climate…and there is much more to the energies we speak of than simply the climate. It is also the varied energies of the Earth itself that is felt in certain locations…in different locations. It is the mineral content…it is the rock content contained in the Earth. This is of course why you are so drawn, Maureen, to New Mexico. It is a place where the Earth’s energy is very much in resonance with your own frequency. Each of you will find that different places on the planet are most in tune with you and your own energy flow. And that is why it is so delightful to have the ability to be able to travel to different places and find where there is resonance with your own uniqueness.”

Then St G addressed Ziggy and me about the trip that we have long thought about but that was put on hold a while ago for a variety of reasons.

“You will at some point in your future be traveling to what you have come to call ‘the Camelot lands,’ which includes Ireland, too, as well as the countries of the United Kingdom. You will find that you have a great deal of resonance with this place because you have left so much of your own energy there from your previous incarnations. So again it is a place to not just consider a trip to, it is a place to begin creating the unfolding of the trip by simply doing a bit of research and imagining what you would like to experience. It does not mean you will be going next month, but it means that when you do go you will have seeded the trip for yourselves already. That would be a delightful thing to do. It is a place that is calling to you as many others have, but as you are aware, things shift as you shift. You were so very drawn at one time to visit Bolivia. What happened, dear friends? What happened?”

Ziggy responded: “I would say that the energies of that place that we were drawn to return to came to meet us. It was no longer necessary to actually physically visit that place.”

SG: “And this is a place that you may well yet get to in this incarnation, but you are precisely correct in what you are saying. The energies came to meet you and a great bit of that was indeed your very dear friend going there and saturating herself in these energies because of her being drawn to this particular trip that she made, and she did indeed bring these energies back to you in many forms. Indeed the most important form was her own energy, and yet it is not entirely about that. You do have some water from Lake Titicaca that she brought back to you sitting on the hutch in your kitchen! It is a wonderful thing how this energy works and this energy spreads itself around. There are other places you are going to find yourselves drawn to as you continue forward in this expansive new energy journey, and yet follow what you feel most drawn to in any given moment. You can see that you have indeed created such a wonderful connection to the one you call Merlin who is of course an energy stream…and indeed a very powerful, very large flowing stream of energy. Merlin is very connected to these lands we are speaking of…the Camelot lands. There is much more to this place than them just being the Camelot lands. It is one of the most energetically powerful places on the planet. There will be many reasons for you to experience this and when the timing is right, when the alignments have occurred, you will find that you will receive much from the experience. You will expand yourselves much from the experience of the trip there.”

St Germain asked if we were following what he was saying, and as Ziggy replied that he was, he brought up a dream that he had had prior to our meeting in the physical, when our connection to each other was purely etherically heart felt, and through the internet. He dreamed that my father, who died in 1974, had invited him to join him for dinner, and my father stated the place and time. Ziggy was delayed in getting there and so was late. As he arrived, he found my father…who he described perfectly in the way he looked, dressed, and acted as far as I remember him, even though he had never even seen a picture of him…had already eaten and was on his way out of the restaurant. He told him that he couldn’t stay any longer, but that he had ordered dinner for him and already paid for it. As he was leaving, he said to Ziggy…”Your energy is needed in the Hebrides.” This left Ziggy a little confounded as he had no idea where the Hebrides were located and why his energy would be needed there.

The Hebrides are islands off the west coast of Scotland, and there is quite the ancient and magical history to places there like the Isle of Skye and Ione.

Ziggy expressed what he felt about this: “I still remember very clearly the meeting I had with the energy that was Maureen’s father in this incarnation previously…coming to me the way that he did and suggesting to me that my energy is needed in that area, and you know I certainly didn’t understand it then…I don’t understand it fully now…because I don’t remember my many incarnations there. But I know that its very important and I’m very drawn to…accomplishing isn’t the right word…

St Germain responded: “Indeed. And you and this one, as I believe you already know, were Druids together and you seeded much energy in that area as a result. And it is…in many ways it is meeting yourself in going back there and connecting with the energies. As you are aware, you all have experienced so many different incarnations and there are mysteries that will be revealed as you continue to make this ascension journey…as you continue to walk into your creation of the New Earth. Many things that were not understood previously, you will begin to understand. This is the veil continuing to get thinner and thinner and thinner. Things that you could not have imagined even a dozen years ago you have experienced in these last few years. “

He then brought up an experience I had several years ago during a private session I had with a channeler, in which I had had a conversation with another aspect of my own soul that lived an incarnation as an Apache shaman several hundred years ago.

St Germain: “You had the experience of holding a conversation with the shaman aspect of your soul from this other incarnation. It was very real. It was a real experience for both of you, for this shaman knew how to…you might say…time travel in order to be able to go forward, in order to be able to go into the future and hold that conversation with you. There are many what you might call miracles waiting in the wings to come forward onto Earth in this time period. You have been told through The Group…you have been told much from Atlantis is ready to come back up to the surface from where it has been buried in consciousness. There are magical things in this. Again, it may not happen overnight. It may not happen all at once, but believe me…you are building such a momentum energetically and in your consciousness that it is inevitable. And as has been said, if this time frame of July (as mentioned in The Group’s message) comes and goes without it being the right timing yet, you will have more and more opportunities. It is not going away, because your consciousness has expanded to this point…because there is now a balancing. There are many, many who are not in the same place as you and the others who are in your place of awakening, and yet there are so many who have come so far in their awakening that this is bridging the gap, this is leading the way, for those who are still sleeping, to begin to awaken themselves.”

St G then mentioned what fun it is for him to come in close and have these kinds of conversations. He took the opportunity to kid Ziggy a little about all that has transpired since last he spoke to him in this manner, saying: “You have come so far! Do you recognize this yourself?”

To which Ziggy replied: “I do!”

SG: “Do you remember when you wanted us to answer every question that you had? You were a chatterbox back then, dear friend!” (laughter)

Z: “And I would get a little upset if I didn’t get the answers I wanted.” (laughter)

SG: “I recall! (laughter) Now…are we at peace dear brother? With where we have been ourselves in the past?”

Z: “Certainly we are. And we always have been.”

SG: “Well…I do recall there was a bit of upset over the last time I came in and spoke to you this way!”

Z: “Yeah. There was a bit of grating energies….exactly why I’m not sure…it was just a raw button there that needed dealing with and I know that that’s been accomplished now.”

SG: “You understand why I kept pushing you?”

Z: “Yes, certainly. And I thank you for that!”

SG: “You are most welcome. (laughter) It is my delight! Truly though, dear friend, you were about this close (Maureen’s thumb and index finger are held together) to missing the boat. Do you get that? “

Z: “Yes.”

SG: “And I am delighted that you…at the very last minute…hmmmm….Maureen is recalling your dream…

(one in which Ziggy helped someone else with her luggage as she got off a train at her stop, which was not his stop, and the train began pulling out of the station again without him. He dove at the doors as they were closing, and found a “doggie door“ kind of opening at the bottom that he was just able to throw himself through at the last minute so he could keep going on his own journey)

…perhaps it was not quite the same as jumping through the doggie door on the train! But you indeed had to jump a bit…as the removal of that plank you use to walk onto the ship was occurring. You had to leap through mid air for a bit to land on the boat (laughter)…but you made it, and it is going to be the most exciting and adventurous cruise imaginable now that you are aboard. There are many others onboard with you also. There are many you have not met yet who are going to play major roles with you in the unfolding of the future. And this is what is very exciting for those of you who are alive at this time on the planet, those of you who have struggled,…most of you…through so much of this journey. There have been many challenges. You have been purifying and cleansing. You have put yourselves through a complete overhaul and rewiring of who you were earlier in this lifetime…and who you were earlier in this lifetime indeed carried so many energies from who you were in many other incarnations. Now you are coming up shining and sparkling clean like newborns, and yet not like the newborns of this planet in the past who bring so much of their past karma with them. You have cleared your karma. You have cleared this game that you have played for so long of balancing things out through actions and lifetimes. Now you are able to balance out through intent. Now you are able to choose to create balance in your energy fields and your bodies, and all of you have indeed had to work on this, and I do know it has not been easy…even though I have perhaps not been as kind and understanding in my conversations as you might have desired me to be….and yet it was this pushing knowing that you could get to this place. And you are going to find that you create a whole new game, but it is a game with entirely different rules…as this game has no rules! It is a game with an entirely different purpose. This one is further expansion through knowing You Are God. This is further expansion through joy and creating wondrous experiences for yourselves. You might say that you are finally reaching the place where you no longer have to keep dealing with the old stuff that’s been hidden away.”

St Germain then mentioned a dream I had recently had, of being ready to move and at the last minute, realizing I had forgotten to clean out the basement of the house I was vacating.

“This dream of forgetting to clean out the basement is precisely about what you thought it was about…bringing up the last of those old energies and past emotions that have still been lurking within, hidden and forgotten, to be released, to allow you to stand in your purest form that you have ever stood in as a human…as a Divine Human….and create from there. Many who have shared legs of your journey with you, as you have called it previously, have disappeared, have left your life, because they are on different legs of their own journey. This is the way it is meant to be. And yet, there are many who will share this next leg of this new journey with you that you have not known previously in this lifetime, who have been doing their own work in their own lives, in their own places removed from where you yourselves have been. And there is going to be a wonderful reunion of souls who recognize each other at the deepest of soul levels, and you have not even been aware that they exist upon the planet! Oh, this I wish to tell you….there is so much joy to come!

Certainly there is going to be…what is that expression?…wailing and gnashing of teeth. There is going to be much chaos in the world around you, as you are seeing…as you will continue to see for awhile. But remember it is always your choice which world you occupy, and you are in the place where you are completely capable of occupying only the world that you yourselves desire to be in. Now others may say you are in denial, others may say you are in continued hibernation, but as Tobias has said, you will be coming out of your hibernation, and you will have the opportunity to be in the world but not of it. It is the opportunity to begin living your own reality in the new earth-new world you are creating while right here still upon this beautiful and beloved planet.

And now Tobias is telling me that I am indeed off on a tangent (laughter), but what we both wish to get across to you this morning is that you have reached the place of critical mass. This has been said before in different ways, but in your now it has never been truer. You have reached this critical mass that means, for those of you who have gotten this far, there is no going back! And this is a joyous and wondrous thing! For it means you do not need to go back into living in the world of density that has sucked so much of your life force energy out of you…that has indeed in many ways sucked you dry…that has been so challenging.”

He then went on to speak of all of us prioritizing where and how we expend our life force energy, particularly in relationships with others.

“I would bid you to continue to follow the feeling state of your own heart as far as who you are drawn to expend energy in connecting and interacting with. You will experience others seeking a potential connection to you as you continue to expand on your journey. You will not always have the energy to respond to them all in the same manner. The ones that you find yourself desiring to respond to when you have the energy to do so are the ones that there is a reason for you to build and maintain a connection to. It may not be clear to you in your awareness or your consciousness as to what the connection is about. It does not need to be consciously clear. Follow the guidance of your heart. Use your own discernment in who you connect with, and this discernment will always come from your own feeling space of heart.

Now, in conclusion…let us make this a day of celebration! Let us make it a day of joy…and not for any particular reason or date on your calendar…simply because we are all here together connecting in heart, in this space of the now moment…and it is a beautiful thing! There is much more to come!

Tobias and I both wish you each to know that you are so very dearly loved!


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