Thursday, April 30, 2009


~ ~ ~Kryon: Good Morning dear ones. This is I Kryon coming in this morning. There is indeed a parade…a hit parade…of your dear friends in the nonphysical available to you this morning, and yet, I have not come in and spoken to you in quite a bit of time in this manner and I do wish to speak to you a bit about these energies that all on Earth are being affected by. You are entering a time that is new upon your planet. That information is nothing new to you. You have been aware of this for quite some time, and yet you are actually going to be feeling the effects of the newness, those of you who are tuned into this. Not all will be. For some it will be business as usual, for some it will be ‘we’re going to hell in a hand basket’ with what is happening in the world all around you. But those of you who have been awakening and opening up to the greater knowing of who you are are about to be able to take that ride…that magic carpet ride you have spoken of in the past…that has not been available to you until now. This is why there are many who are present here with you in the now. This is what you are noticing in the increased activity of the cats here in this room with us. They are very aware of your portal here. Your energy, dear ones, is attracting many. It is as if this is a bright spot that is quite noticeable to those who are looking upon your planet from the other dimensions. You have indeed nurtured this portal of energy. You have indeed nurtured the portals within yourselves and this is attractive to those of us who wish to share the experience with you that you are having upon this earth plane. And so I wish to speak a bit of the dynamics at play. You have all been talking for so long about the energies aligning. You are in for this grand paradigm shift, and you may not know what to make of it at first, how to go about utilizing the energies that have now aligned for you, but I wish to tell you that it is quite possible for you to work with the energies in a way that you never have worked with them before…simply because so much has shifted on your planet as a result of this upgrading of consciousness that has been recorded, that has been noted, that has been taken into the very earth of your planet.

Do you have questions on this?

Participant: I would ask for perhaps a little bit of clarification about utilizing these new energies. What needs to be done to utilize these energies? Will it become apparent to us how to do that? I mean are we going to have to have a certain amount of maybe fits and starts in order to be able to utilize this energy? I hope you understand where I’m coming from.

Kryon: Indeed I understand where you’re coming from. I would use the example of a computer and learning a new program on the computer. Some learn more quickly than others. Some can sit down and play and pretty much master the new program in a very short period of time. And then there are others who are not as technically inclined, who may not understand all of the things that the program can do, because they have not played with it in the same manner. This is what I would wish to express to you. It is a matter of playing with the energies. As you become more familiar with them, yes, it will become smoother, so in the beginning there may be stops and starts. You may not quite understand what it is you’re playing with. You may not understand the power of your program. (laughter) But I would say that if you can consciously tune yourself into the realization that things have changed, the realization that you have something working with you or ready to be worked with, that has not been there before…it is as if you have all just purchased the newest program available for your computers that does the most wondrous things that you would like to find out how to do, yet until you learn the program, it will be trial and error, it will be exploration…but let it be fun. Do not get frustrated. Let it be the game.

What I would say is that all that is required for you to do…as you say…is to align yourselves with these energies, and so this requires that you release doubt, release mistrust, release frustration. It requires you to simply know that you are indeed divine, that you are God also, and that it is time for a new level of play in the game. Many are saying that the game is over, and yet you know that as long as you are here in physical body, you are still going to be playing the earth game. You are simply ready to play this at a new level that has never been accessed before. Let this be fun for you. Know that you no longer need to attempt creating through struggling. This is much of what the old energy has been about. These energies aligning mean that it is time to release the struggle. For you see, it is your doubt, it is your fear…fear of failure and fear of success that many of you hold, because in the world of duality that you have lived in there are both sides of the coin…that interferes with creating with ease. It is now the time for just being, as has been said. Creativity and passion…they just are. Love just is. And it is the time to experiment as a child in delight as to what can I do with this? How can I play with this? What can I make with this? And indeed you are in the place…what can you make with your lives and your experiences now that you are moving beyond those dense energies of mass consciousness humanity that have held you back and held you down and held you in the place of feeling small and helpless for so long? Now is the time as the energies align that those of you who choose to may take giant scissors and cut away any of the last threads that hold you stuck in place with the rest of mass consciousness.

Participant: I prefer the use of a machete. (laughter)

Kryon: Overkill! (laughter)

Participant: I just had to go there.

Kryon: It is delightful to have you in a space of lightness around this, for this is indeed what is required, and you dear one, have picked up on the words of the last conversation you had with your nonphysical friends that you are so attuned to…

Participant: A lightness of spirit and heart. I got it…

Kryon: Lightness of spirit and heart. Yes. This is what is indeed required for you to access this new paradigm, to walk into it, to be done with the old in the sense of living in the old and playing the old game. Now for many it will be challenging to see a difference, because your everyday surroundings for the most part will remain the same, and yet, it is you that is new. It is the energies that are around the planet, aligned with the planet, indeed generated by the planet that are new. The energies we have spoken of aligning are the very ones that are coming from the expansion of consciousness of those of you upon the planet, and it has been said that such a very, very small amount of you need to awaken in order to bring this shift about. It has been happening, and the time is now for you to move forward without the fears, without the issues of the old way of playing the game. Those who choose to keep playing the old game, and those who choose to keep playing it in the old energy, will create their own choice. Make the choice as to how you wish to play and create!

Be aware that you have much assistance as you learn how to play the game in the new energy on this new level. Be aware that I am very available to you . You may call upon me for assistance when you are unclear as to how to proceed in your new level of play of the game.

I have enjoyed coming in in this manner today. I would say you do have other friends who would like to speak with you, so I shall allow this. Realize that when I say that I am leaving, I do not go far. I am right here with you and I would enjoy it if you would call upon me more frequently. You see those of us who are not in your physical bodies but who work so closely with you…we delight to have you consciously communicate and participate in our interactions together. So please remember this, and please do call upon me, for you are dearly, dearly loved.

And now I pass the microphone on to…

Tobias:…I Tobias! And yes, your dear friend St Germain is here as well. It has been a while since I have been in in this manner also, so it felt like a good day to come in and just have some fun together. We do not need to speak of weighty subject matter, unless you desire to. Let’s just have a good old fashioned Fireside Chat!

St Germain: Which means that I must be present, too! Good day, my dear friends! It is I St Germain coming in as well to share this conversation. And I of course am just wonderfully delighted to be here in this manner, as well. Oh, but it is a busy time. It is an exciting time, is it not…for all that is happening upon your planet. And I feel that so many of you are a bit road weary at this point. You have thought that you were into the place of smooth traveling and clear sailing only to find that there were still some seeming land mines in the way. So many of you are simply in the place now of being…which is exactly where you need to be in order to allow in this shift. Simply being. So many have stopped looking at what’s happening beyond themselves. So many have become more and more disconnected from…oh reading channels, from even participating on messages boards. Many have just tuned into their own life, their own world, their own reality. This is perfect! Yet those of us who have the vantage point of a more pervasive and extensive view are able to see with excitement what you are approaching, and that’s what we are here today to celebrate with you. And I know many of you say…its about time!

You have so many friends in many interdimensional places and spaces which indeed are not places as such that you think of them. This is something that you are going to be furthering your understanding of as you move forward in living in your new energy. It is all about energy and so you see most of these interactions that you have with those who are not living in the dimension of the Earth realm happen energetically. This is why Maureen is often able to traverse the dimensions without going anywhere physically beyond the sofa many times, simply because she is open to the different energies. Through these different energies you can access many other dimensions. There are many, many catalysts to interdimensional energies that you are not always aware of, or, that you are not clear that they are these portals as they‘ve been called, and yet, when something does indeed act as a catalyst for shifting the energy of your everyday living…such as a Christmas tree, for you have it only one time a year…it is quite the beacon of light…but it is not just the beacon of light because of the many ornaments, decorations, and bright lights upon it. It is because it intensifies the energies that you are focusing on and including in your awareness. You create quite the vortal of energy. We have spoken of this previously. And so something that you can focus on that shifts your energy a bit, and it has been mentioned by Brigid that a rose does this…a fire can do this…these can all act as portals. And you see your interdimensional friends are quite frequently anticipating, awaiting, desiring you to focus your attention upon them through this shifting of energy that comes about through the means of one of these portals.

(Pause and laughter as the cats present become very lively, seemingly in reaction to the energy present.)

Tobias: Now I will take this presented opportunity to speak to you as well! It is my delight to be here. I would like to clarify a bit what those of you present have been discussing…what others also have been discussing…about my ability to continue to be present to all of you. As you know it has been announced that I am going to be leaving through the one who has publicly channeled me these last 10 years, and that my last message through this channel will be in July. I would like to assure you that I am able to be in more than one place at one time…as all of you are also able to do. For all of you, there are parts of Self that are present beyond this dimension of the Earth realm. For all of you, what is here in your physical form is not the all of your grandness of being. This is a large part of what this ascension journey is about. It is this meeting. It is about ascent and descent, as you are aware. It is about your human consciousness expanding to open up and ascend back up to the heavens of your own divinity, your Godness. It is about your Godness and your divinity descending into your human bodies, if you wish to speak in linear terms. Of course it is more than that. Yet I wish to say that I will always be available to all who desire to connect with me and to communicate with me, because there will be those portions of myself, those parts of me that are not going to fit into the body of the human I am incarnating as, that are going to remain in the God state, that are going to remain in the expanded beyond human form state. And yet, much of my focus in the now is in the one I am incarnating as. It is in my excitement and my anticipation of having this human experience at this amazing time upon the planet, especially when it has been so long since I’ve been here in human form. I have a lot of catching up to do with the fun and enjoyment that you have had for so many incarnations! Its very exciting! So what I wish for you to understand is that because so much of my focus is going to be in my human incarnation, whereas our dear friend St Germain here and your other friends are not focused into a human form in the same way at the same time, it will be easier for their presence to communicate with you because of the fullness of their God state beingness being free of other…hmmmm….

Participant: Free of the density?

T: Free of the density but also free of that…I don’t know how to say it in words except…focused focus. I am still going to be available to you, but it will be a little bit more challenging, with my focus being so much in my incarnated human form, to communicate with my grander, larger God aspects that are not in human form. But this does not mean that it cannot be done. There will be occasions when it will be most appropriate. Many of you have connected with those that you have loved in other experiences of living, those who have gone before you, who have transitioned…died…and left their physical body. Yet you know that they are eternal. You know that they will not be disappearing, except in the way of the physical body they occupied being gone. You know that you can still be in contact and be in touch with their soul, and yet many of these beings have since gone on to re-enter Earth again, have gone on to take new form. It is not the same being. It is a part of the soul of the being that you connect with. And yet there are times, there are moments, where the connection with the one you have loved who has passed over is quite intense…it is quite pure…and it is quite real. Now this may not be something that happens every day of your week…all the time. It is something that happens on special occasions. This is what I wish to say, that there will still be the opportunity on those special occasions for my ‘Higher Self,’ greater Self, soul Self, God Self…I hate to get lost in terminology…but for that expansive God part of myself to connect and communicate. I will be focused on my experience just as each of you are focused on your Earth experience. But that does not mean that I am not quite well versed with that greater part of your Self that is not stuffed into these little human bodies, as our dear friend St Germain calls them, at this point in time.

So I hope that this assists your understanding. I may not be as frequently available through any who have given me Voice previously as I have been in the past. But that does not mean that I am completely gone. On occasions such as this, on celebratory days, it will happen. And each of you must know, in what you have called on earth your heart of hearts, there is always that connection. I am always going to be available to give you that etheric hug, to send you the love that is ever present. I hope this assists in explaining things. I know there has been a bit of wonderment, a bit of confusion around my leaving in the way it has been spoken of by others.

There are many, many, many facets to multidimensionality. You are just beginning to even understand that. Just beginning to even explore that. Several years ago, through the one who has channeled me publicly, I spoke of using your imagination to access multidimensionality and I used the example of your television set and how you can change channels and you can access many different channels on the one set…and then I said imagine that you have a whole wall full of television sets, each of which can access that many different channels. And this is a good example of what multidimensionality is about. There are many more realms in which I exist, and in which you exist, than simply the realm that is touched when there is a communication in this manner…what has been known as channeling, what Maureen likes to call energy translating. You are tapping into one facet of the multidimensional essence and energy of I, Tobias…of St Germain…of Brigid…of any of these energies that you bring through. Another facet of the energy is what is embodied in human form. For me as I begin this journey, for each of you, there are many other dimensional realities that my essence and energy and yours as well are experiencing.

I will use the example now of you about to lose the ability to receive analog signals in your televisions here in America. You are going to all digital broadcasting. And what this is now allowing is that one television station will not be limited to broadcasting only one show or one program. Each transmitter, each station, will have the ability to broadcast more than one show, because it is a different system of broadcasting. So I would use the example that perhaps you have all been attuned to something similar to analog in your understanding of how this communication between us works, of why …well it is a decision that has been made on many levels…why it is time for I, Tobias to stop speaking through the one who has publicly channeled me…but there is more to it than what you perhaps understand. I would desire that you understand that you are, as you begin to explore the new energy, quite capable of digital broadcasting in your communication efforts, and that this takes you light years beyond where you were with the analog type of broadcasting. Is this making sense? Are you understanding this?

Participant: Yes. Very much so. I really like the analogy!

Tobias: Indeed. So stay tuned for the Tobias Show! (laughter)

Participant: In digital!

Tobias: In digital format! You might say that previously my public communication has been an analog broadcast. It is time to expand to digital programming! And of course I jest. It has all been great fun. But do remember that things are not always as they seem. There is always a more expansive, bigger picture. This is what I am encouraging all to take a look at. You have the ability…each of you…each of you has the ability to quantum leap beyond where you have been before. To go back to your conversation with the Kryon from just a few moments ago, it is about…how did you phrase it…stops and starts?

Participant: Fits and starts.

Tobias: Yes. Fits and starts. And there have been quite a few fits since the Quantum Leap! (laughter) Believe me! Because so many expected it to be the magic wand that was waved. Now again, that was a major alignment of energies, a major door opening. And yet, dear ones, there will always be more doors opening. Many found that things did not miraculously shift immediately into the new after the Quantum Leap as they were hoping. Yet it was definitely the opening of the door to this new paradigm that is being spoken of. And as is frequently the case, there are preliminary steps that must be taken, to use Kryon’s analogy of the new computer program. Before you can actually start using it, you must take it out of its package, you must upload it onto the computer, you must make sure that the program is installed properly, before you can actually attempt to use it and try to learn it. Is this not so?

Participant: Yes. This is so, but it also comes with some semblance of an instruction manual, which we don’t have! (laughter)

Tobias: But you do have the instruction manual! This is indeed what this whole ascension journey has been about! I beg to differ with you, my dear!

Participant: I’m baiting you. You know that! (laughter)

Tobias: You see it is the difference between an ascension manual in analog and an ascension manual in digital!

Look at it this way. Many times in the old energy you would get a hard copy instruction manual. As things began to shift, as you began to transition, what became of those hard copies?

Participant: They went away. You had to have an online manual!

Tobias: You had to access it…you could download if you chose…but you would have to access the instruction manual online. Now what I am saying is that as you are moving past the transition phase…and I am of course jesting a bit with you also…but the instruction manual does not need to be accessed online.

Participant: The instruction manual is internal. Yes. (laughter)

Tobias: It is internal!

Maureen: St Germain is joking, saying…pop quiz! I will let him grill you on this!

Participant: No! No!

St Germain: You know this is supposed to be fun! And we are having a great deal of fun! I St Germain would like to call on you this morning and ask you…what is in the instruction manual?

Participant: Go with the flow!

St Germain: And what else?

Participant: Be in the now. Go with the flow. Live in the energies that are around you and have a lightness of heart and spirit…to go back to Brigid’s comments. I mean, I totally understand…I was just sort of baiting Tobias because…well, I knew what he was going to say…so…I didn’t mean to be put on the spot! (laughter) But I really like the analogy, and I just know that Maureen has problems with instruction manuals too, so I kind of am in the mood for having fun today and so I can subtly jab about instruction manuals and cover multiple bases at once. So there! How’s that?

St Germain: Very well done! I will give you an A.

Participant: Alright…an A!

St Germain: Ah but surely, I hate to use the word ‘fail’…but this is a pass/fail class! You either get it or you don’t get it! (laughter) It is very good what you have said. And I would like to say a bit about Maureen’s difficulty with instruction manuals because, Maureen, I will put you on the hot seat too because we do not want this one to be lonely there!

Let me say first I would ask you to add to the instruction manual, Maureen. What else is in that instruction manual?

Maureen: Hmmm. Always follow your feeling state over your head. Don’t hold on. Release. And one of my favourite sayings is that line from William Blake‘s poem ‘Eternity‘…to ‘kiss the joy as it flies.’ I feel that’s in the instruction manual. Be in the now moment, which I think was already said. And the letting go…of what Kryon said…letting go of the fear of failure or fear of success. Stop doubting. Get out of duality and just into…beingness.

Participant: Getting out of expectations. I would add that to the instruction manual!

St Germain: Very good!

And, I would add…know that you are God also! This is a very big piece of it…to trust what you create but to know that you do not need to create in challenge and struggle and difficulty anymore. You will always set up situations for yourselves that allow you to continue expanding. So some might see these as challenging. But they do not have to be difficult in the way they were previously. Everything that you have learned and all of you who have followed the teachings of Tobias, of myself, of Kryon, of The Goup, of those that you are in resonance with…that is your instruction manual. You have been internalizing it for the many years that you have walked this journey.

I will direct this to you, Maureen, as far as not liking to read instruction manuals. This is a bridging of the left and right hemispheres of your brain, as has been talked about. And now, I will say, Maureen, you have a scientific knowledge and basis…though you do not like to operate from it. Yet my dear you have gone through school, you have learned all of the biology and chemistry, you have been registered (laughter) as a nurse. Legally you have worked in this capacity. You can’t do this purely from feeling state. There must be knowledge involved. You have a scientific basis. You enjoy much of this. However, your brain has come to the place where it has allowed the opening of the right side, the feeling side, in a manner that many are still opening up to, because in your human world the solid, the rational, the linear, scientific thinking has been much more honored, has been put upon a pedestal in grand fashion indeed in many ways. What you are doing is what the ascension journey is about. It is not about negating this ‘gift of the mind’ as Kuthumi is very ready and willing to come in and mention. Your intelligence is a gift in your human form. It is something that is very fun to play with. Play with your intelligence, for you all have it. And yet you are leaning to not completely supercede the feeling connection in place of the brain…that is where you will experience more of the flow of your interdimensionality. And so you see, Maureen, you may have felt inept at times…we are quite aware that you have…at your inability to focus on instruction manuals and learn in that concrete linear way any longer, and yet you generally do pick up what you need to learn for the most part through trial and error, through feeling your way to…you are one of those hands on learners who would rather try it than read about it. This is a bridging of the hemispheres of the brain.

You have spoken…many of you have spoken…about desiring to remember your ability to speak in many different languages. That is one that many, many of you have spoken of. This is a step. This is where you are, Maureen, with this not desiring to sit down with a manual but to simply let the learning and knowing come. And you have taught yourself much as far as computers go. Certainly there is always the unknowing of something new, and certainly you are always open to someone else showing you but your manner of learning is no longer sitting down with the external hard copy instruction book. And you see this is where you are all heading. The bridge step is the online version. And most of you, many of you, have moved beyond the old hard copy even in what we are talking about now, through your access online. How do you access all these channels from around the world? How do you access all this information that has been such a large part of your expansion in the last few years, but through the internet. The internet is a bridge to the next level of communication which is without the need for any outer accoutrements. You will be able to communicate with each other…you will be able to access information without needing to read a channel on the internet. You are not there yet. It is a process you are moving through. And yet I would say that those of you who are open to continually expanding your ability to feel and to rely on your own intuition without throwing out your ability to understand science and technology, you are the ones who are the closest to accessing your internal guide book. This is what I would encourage you to continue with.

And let me be clear. There is nothing wrong with continuing to learn your programs! You have very technical programs that are fine tuned to what you are doing. Your computer technology with your photography (to Participant photographer)…this is one way to learn and I am not suggesting that you toss the instructions out the window. What I am suggesting is that you play a bit with your own ability to feel your way into what comes next and we’re not talking about computer photography programs here! We are talking abut living in the new energy! And what Tobias and I are both saying is that it was a good point you brought up…no instruction manual, and we beg to differ with you. You have been learning the instruction manual and you have been opening to the instruction manual. You have been writing the instruction manual…for quite a bit of time now! And there will be the opportunity for some of you with abilities in writing to actually physically hard copy write an instruction manual for those who are coming next, for those who are nowhere near where you are at in the now. Your ultimate instruction manual will always be internal. And yet there are many steps that all of you have taken and have needed to take. Much assistance has been needed on this journey to get you to where you are in your now. All the others who will be coming up behind you will also need this. And each of you who have come first, who have gone on this journey first, who have cleared a path, with scissors or a machete (laughter) to where it is much more smooth sailing in your own now…you have much to offer those who will be struggling in their own journey to expand. And this is what is encouraged by all of us who speak to you in this manner…to find what brings you joy, to do this, but to know that your interactions with others from your place of joy, from your place of living your passion, will have an impact on those who are still struggling to find the light switch to turn on for themselves…others who are not yet aware that they have come here to be a part of this major transition on planet Earth. And you have the ability to be of great assistance…though not at your own expense. The time of those gossamer strands of martyrdom is over and done with. It is not about sacrificing yourself. It is not about sacrificing anything. It is abut living in your joy and that is the grandest…what you might call a very good catch-22...that when you live in your joy, you cannot help but to serve others. You do not need to focus on serving others. You need to focus on living as the Divine Being you are, in joy, expressing yourself creatively. You will feel passionately fulfilled in living as you do this, and that turns on a light that so many others will be drawn to, much as the interdimensional gatherings and partying happen as a result of the light shining through the portals here.

And so this feels to be enough in the way of words for now. It is your choice…how you live! I encourage your choice to be a joyful one.

Tobias: It has been a delight. Today has been such a very special time for us to share in this manner. We will share again and it will be very special also. I would like to be around as you walk into the new energy simply because it is joyful for me, and we too in the nonphysical realms know that we serve best through our own joy. So expect for me to be back! It has been a pleasure to be with you today.

St Germain: And you know I enjoyed it as always! And I am not going far! And with that I say it has been a delightful time to spend together!

And so it is!

Aloha! ~ ~ ~


Go Mama said...

Sending you Love, Joy, and Many Blessings for continuing to share your gatherings with us. Wish I was there. I join you in spirit....

BlueRose said...

OMG Maureen! ♥♥♥♥♥

They mentioned the withdrawal from the message boards, lol lol lol lol!

Beautiful channel, so on time, so full with needed knowledge...answered a couple of my questions on the way...

Hope you're having a great time in New Mexico!

Much love! ♥♥♥