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TOBIAS: You Are The Artist Creating Your Life!

This conversation with Tobias was held at the home of friends who hosted a small group gathering of soul family one early evening. There was much boisterousness and exuberant energy in our coming together, and Tobias was very happy to join with us in this. The entire recorded session is quite lengthy and contained much personal information for the individual participants. I have chosen to share the parts of the conversation here anonymously that seem to be so pertinent in the now to many more than simply those who were participating in this particular gathering.

On a humorous note, Tobias is known to be very fond of dogs. Our hosts have two, and throughout the entire recording, the sound of dog panting and occasional barking (often at the perfect moment to be an exclamation point to what was said!) is heard as the background music for the evening. The smaller of the two ended up in my lap for a good portion of the session as I brought Tobias’ energy through and he enjoyed being able to pet her through my physical hands as we conversed!

~ ~ ~ Tobias: And so it is…is what you are used to hearing me say. Tonight I would say…and so are you! And so are we! And so…here we go!

It is my deepest pleasure tonight to be here in this particular capacity coming through this particular Voice. Indeed those of you who are present in this room in this now moment welcoming me in…and welcoming the many in who have come in on my coat tails I might say, knowing that I was the one to speak with you in person (laughter)…we have all been together quite intimately in other experiences…incarnations, yes, but I will say experiences because it goes far beyond just the human lifetimes that you have lived and that I have lived with you. For of course I have known lifetimes with all of you.

We are breaking new ground so to speak in this new energy time…in this new energy. Much is changing and much is being birthed, and as is the way of giving birth as a human, there are labor pains to be dealt with. And these have been quite prevalent for many in the now. Yet I come in this late afternoon in this wonderful energy of this wonderful space that you have created and that you provide…I come in to say that the labor pains do not have to be debilitating. I come in to say that you each have the capacity to…yes…breathe your way through the labors that you are in, for you are very close to giving birth to the new.

I will answer your questions and address each of you soon, but first I wish to say how pleased I am with each of you. And that is a laugh when you think about us being the comrades in arms that we are indeed for all we’ve been through together, as you might think…who are you Tobias to be pleased with me? (laughter)

We have each chosen our own soul’s path and each has been unique. And each has been paved indeed with petals of roses and each has been incredibly challenging and difficult in its own way. For this has been the challenge of expansion. This has been the challenge of moving beyond what has been before and where each of you and indeed where I have been before. For as you know I am becoming more and more your equal, more and more someone who is sharing the journey with you, as I come closer and closer to full incarnation in the physical and as a human once again.

And it is okay if the dog wishes to come over here so do not worry about this! (laughter) Your animals are very special. They each carry unique energies, they each respond to unique energies…and each of you provide unique energies to the environment which you are in. And you each have plenty to still do, as do I, and yet you have come so very far and I wish to definitely pat you on the back, give you accolades, each of you, uniquely, for the journeys that you have been upon which have had so many different challenges in so many different ways.

I would say to you, step into your full role of creatorship for you have much to offer that is not dependent on anyone else. And this is something for you to look to as you move forward into your own expansion in the new energy. And I am aware that you are feeling a time for change. And this is good. It is time to feel what this change means, and what you wish to do with this next experience of living in the new energy because there is much of passion and much of satisfaction for you, should you choose this. I know I sound like ‘Mission Impossible’…‘should you choose this.’ (laughter) It is up to each of you to choose what comes next.

Before I continue, I would ask you to direct my focus to you by choosing for yourselves what you would wish to hear from me tonight. For indeed I am in my element in the now! I am so happy to be in your company! Each of us has shared so much together, so closely, so joyously, so painfully, on many occasions and experiences on the soul level. It is no accident that we are together here this evening.

So, who will be brave enough to go first? What would you wish to hear?

Participant A: I would like some insight into the current health situation that I have created.

Tobias: ‘Into the courage’ is what I thought you were going to say. And that is what I would give back to you. It took courage, what you have walked into. Yes, you have created this on the human level, but remember, dear one, there are varying levels beyond the human. And this was one of the potentials that you walked into…of moving into the new energy with this experience. You are very aware that you felt the connections to other times and places as you were experiencing what you shared this afternoon of your biopsy, were you not?

Participant A: Yes.

Tobias: So tell me, what was the energy that you felt with that?

Participant A: The energy of the biopsy?

Tobias: The energy of the way you felt during the biopsy…as you explained your feelings of this being barbaric and your feeling of it being connected to Atlantis, in which you indeed were not mistaken about this. There is a very deep rooted connection.

Participant A: It was…a part of me knew the truth of it…a part of me could not believe (laughter) that this was real. A part of me in this is…WHY would I create something like that?

Tobias: What was the ‘truth of it’ that you knew? Put this into words, for it is important for you to voice this. What was the truth that you knew?

Participant A: I think it was how shocking it was…and I‘m not sure at this time whether I was the one doing it or the one receiving it, but how barbaric…how painful it was…the experiments that went on in Atlantis. I‘ve felt this before…the experiments…and maybe I’m not accepting of my role in what happened.

Tobias: Well my dear friend, I wish to tell you that it does not matter whether you were the one who did this or you were the one who experienced this, for indeed what you are moving in energy is the consciousness that allowed both those who perpetrated this and those who were the victims of this to be in the experience of this. You are moving the energy for so many. Your own individual role in this…yes, it may continue to come to you in flashes of awareness and intuition. But dear one, you are guiltless. Please know this. There is no need to agonize over what you may have done, who you may have been in the past, for you see all of this new energy is about moving into all experience being in consciousness. It is in consciousness before it is made manifest in physical reality. You have talked this afternoon about moving into your light bodies. You are moving into the time and the experience where it is up to you to choose whether you manifest in physical form or not. It is up to each of you to decide what your next experience is.

For you, dear one…you have carried the energy with you from the time of Atlantis. This is not unique. Many have, many do, and yet you each have a role in the movement of this energy. You have been the holder of much energy of the victim, yes, but the perpetrator also, for you see they are only separate in duality. When you step into consciousness, you cannot have one without the other because they are both the same. It is a certain energy. You have held this energy, and you have chosen to move beyond it for yourself personally. That is what this experience is for you. It is a doorway that has opened that offers you the opportunity to walk through…to walk beyond…what you have been experiencing in the physical and to walk into new creations…and yet as has been said over and over, and as has been said to many, you do not do this for yourself alone. I know you are aware of this and yet you are not quite aware to the degree that this is true for you. You are…by virtue of your role in volunteering for this…you are moving energy for the many. It has been said that you can heal karma for generations that came before you and that will come after you by clearing what is there in front of you now. You, my dear, are doing this. Please do not underestimate what you are doing. I am aware…I have been human…I know how painful it can be. I know how difficult it can be. I know how challenging it can be. You are through the worst of your experience. Please be aware of this. And know that from here it is your choice where you go, and what you do with this movement of energy that can indeed be your momentum for a magic carpet ride. You have left behind much in this experience, have you not?

Participant A: Yes, I can feel it.

Tobias: And how do you feel about this?

Participant A: It feels like…I don’t see a future. (laughter) Its cloudy. Part of me feels…like I’ve chosen and its not shown up. Or I’ve chosen and something else shows up. And its just difficult to see where I’m going.

Tobias: And this is because you have been looking with 3D eyes, and you are moving beyond creating merely in 3D. You have walked into the new energy and you are one of those who has carried the load for many. You are one of those who has gone first. Would you agree with this?

Participant A: Yes.

Tobias: Yes. And so you see you are now in the place…and it is a place that others are in as well…you are in the place of no clear vision because it is beyond what you can imagine as far as what you have seen previously with 3D eyes. Have you ever heard of the experience of the Natives who were unable to see Columbus’ ships because it was not in their reality?

Participant A: Yes.

Tobias: You are aware of this? This is the place that you are in as you move into creating in the new. Now what you have been choosing to create…has this not been very 3D oriented?

Participant A: Yes.

Tobias: And this is not particular or peculiar to you. I like that word so I will use it. It is not peculiar to you. Many others do the same because there are very, very few, if any, in the now, who have the vision yet to see what is coming. And this is why all have been told over and over through many different voices, through many different perspectives of non-physical beings, that you are moving into a place that you’ve never been before.

I would say, dear one, allow this murky vision to clear. Allow the fog to be there in the now. It will dissolve. It will dissipate. The main thing is for you to continue to breathe…you are very good at this…continue to breathe through your experience to the place of peacefulness, to the place of allowing yourself to feel the fear that is very natural to all of you as humans….and yet you are more than human….to allow yourself to move through and beyond it. And I guarantee you that if you do this you will find that a whole new vision of what you choose to create will appear to you.

Can you accept this?

Participant A: (laughter) First off what comes to me is…am I done suffering for others?

Tobias: Do you choose to be?

Participant A: Absolutely!

Tobias: Yes, I like that answer. If you choose it then you are done. If you hold on…and you see you can choose it in your mind and still energetically hang on…if you hold on you could certainly whip up more suffering for yourself. (laughter) But that is a choice also and if you’re truly done, let yourself be done. And that is a feeling state that you must sink into, you must totally meld with…there is absolutely no reason left for you to experience anything other than happiness and joy. And it is your creation. You have come a long way in letting go of the programming…and the old energies…and the vows. You made vows dear one.

Participant A: Yes.

Tobias: You have done much to release this and you are very close to being through this experience. I would say that the last little bits for you are very much energetic, and I would say that you are on the right track to releasing these last energetics by allowing yourself to wallow in self love.

(Much laughter from group)

Tobias: This is what you need to do. Be decadent, my dear, in your approach to your own connection to self. Whatever will give you joy, happiness, pleasure, whatever will make you feel more connected to the true divinity of soul…of who you are…this is what you need to choose in the now.

Participant A: So my question would be…so…like choosing a place to live…or…choosing the type of work that I am to do. Is this part of this fog that I’m still in?

Tobias: It is part of the fog that the vast majority are in in the now (laughter)…so you are not alone! Do not feel alone! Indeed.

Participant A: Well, is it going to clear up any time soon?

Tobias: You are going to find that it clears in another dimensional reality than the one you are living in. You are going to find that if you continue to fixate and focus on how it should look, using past parameters, that it will continue to be foggy.

Participant A: Okay.

Tobias: If you can allow the letting go of old programming and ideas, having no expectations…and this is not easy to do, I give you that…and simply allow yourself to go towards what you are drawn to! Your compass right now is your feeling state. And I say this to you personally, dear one , and I say this to all of you present, and I say this to all who may at any time look for an answer to this. You must follow your feeling state. You each have this…what through Maureen has been called the barometer by Kryon. You have the internal barometer that will give you much guidance if you pay attention to it. And yet, it is easily drowned out, easily not seen or heard when you live in 3D. And there is much that pulls you into the density of 3D because this is how you have been living for quite a long time, and yet you must release these bonds that hold you down in this. You must…in order to welcome in your light bodies…you must let go of the conventions of 3D that keep you trapped in it. Each of you will do this in your own way, which means that it will be a bit different for each of you. You each must go within to see where you are still tied in to 3D and convention.

Now this does not mean that you must fear living a life that is, oh…as gypsy-like as Maureen’s! (laughter)

I know you were worried! You each have chosen a particular route as a potential, and you each do it differently. And I say to each of you, honor each other’s paths for none of them have been easy, and each of you is walking the path that is most suited to your own personal soul choice. But…I would say this to all, that your choice of places to live, your choice of work to do, must be given the opportunity to arise from your soul by letting go of all of the conventional programming that you have lived with for so many years. Choose your joy! How many times have you heard this said, over and over…choose your joy! Listen to your joy! Follow your joy! Each of you are quite aware when you are going against what is the directive of your soul. Each of you are quite aware. You feel that. Do you not?

Group participants: Yes.

Tobias: And so you see, you do not need me or anyone else to tell you what to do or how to do it. You need to let go of not listening to yourselves. Can you accept this as an answer? Before we move on to something else, how do you feel about this?

Participant A: I can’t say I don’t know, because I do know…so its simply my choice of not suffering, of not taking anything on with humanity or whatever…?

Tobias: I would say go back to what I said in the beginning, when you began to ask…and I said, “courage”…it is about having the courage to let go of everything you have taken upon yourself previously, and when I say previously, I mean in many, many lifetimes and incarnations…and have the courage to be your true self. My dear, have you any idea how big a being you are? How beautiful you are?

Participant A: I get glimpses! (laughter)

Tobias: And what closes off those glimpses…that you don’t keep looking?

Participant A: The reality that I exist in!

Tobias: Well, who’s reality is that? (laughter)

No, I do not wish to in any way chide you or make you feel uncomfortable. What I wish to do is take your hand and lift you with me above the density of what you have been stuck in. You have been stuck in other’s opinions, other’s expectations. You have been stuck in the conventions of what you are supposed to do, how your life is supposed to look, what measures success. My dear, you have gone beyond all of these and yet you can’t see it yet for yourself. You do have glimpses of this, do you not?

Participant A: Yes.

Tobias: You have inklings of this. Now, let go of what holds you back from embracing this full throttle! (laughter) Go for it!

Participant A: Well…let go! What does that look like?!

Tobias: What does it look like to you?

Participant A: I have no f***ing idea! (laughter)

Tobias: Well now we’re getting somewhere, aren’t we?! (laughter)

Now (to Participant B), I need your assistance in this answer. I wish to ask you, as an artist, how do you know what to create?

Participant B: Oh my god! That question makes me cry!

Tobias: It is very much connected to this. This is a piece of the answer to (Participant A’s) question, because you see…a lot of you, you want me to have your answers…but I don’t. You have your own!

Participant B: You wake up in the morning and there’s this energy that comes into your heart…of a picture, a color, a line…sometimes just a line almost makes me have an orgasm! The idea of a line…of how it moves…that I feel a color…I can look at a tree and see this amazing…there’s like 20 different colors on a branch of a tree…and if I let myself really vision and really see it…really see it…its the most amazing experience of my life. The same with cooking. We’ve talked so much about this. Cooking and art…there’s no separation!

But what I’m really trying to understand is how I translate that to life!

Tobias: There is no separation in any aspect of life, and this is what I give to you.

(To Participant A) What is your line? What is orgasmic for you? You must find this for yourself. I don’t have your answer. You have your answer. And I am quite aware of how challenging it is for each of you…when you do not have a f***ing clue! (laughter) Consciously you do not have a clue when you think of consciousness as your mind…but you each do have your own clue, when you feel into that heart space that you are talking of. This feeling space…this is what you must follow. This is the line that will lead to the multitude of colors that will lead to the picture that has never been drawn before. For each of you must be the artist…each of you has to create the art of your own life, which has never been created before.

What you are needing is the application of feeling state into your creating…the application of you as the artist…

Participant B: I am an artist, aren’t I?

Tobias: You are an artist in every aspect of your life!

And in this it means you choose how to express what you desire to create…and so where is the challenge in that, dear one, with application?

Participant B: Home! I want home, Tobias! I want a home.

Tobias: And I will take the liberty of saying that Maureen would completely agree with you in what you are saying (laughter) …and I would say to you, to both of you, to all of you, what has been said to her. First, dear ones, you must make home within yourself.

Participant B: Oh, I don’t want to hear it!

Tobias: I know you don’t want to hear it (laughter)…but you see it is the truth of it and you can’t get beyond it, for you are still looking through 3D eyes. You want 3D homes, and yet you have gone beyond straddling the fence, each of you sitting in this room with me this evening, and not just with me but the many who are enjoying the party here…each of you has made the decision to get off the fence (between old energy and the new). You have jumped. You are not on the fence. You are in the new energy. And your new energy home is not going to look like your old energy home did. You have expectations of home that come from the past…all of you!

Participant B: Alright, Tobias, I get it. But why am I so drawn to creating this space where these friends here and other people can come to feel safe?

Tobias: Because you are the artist! And this is your vision to create! And I am not saying there is anything wrong with your vision. I’m saying make it happen! Go for it! Yet don’t have the expectation of what it will look like in the physical manifestation. That is where you each get caught up. You are still expecting the physical manifestation to look a certain way. And you have moved beyond 3D physical manifestations. Now, you are still manifesting in 3D physical, yes, but you’ve moved beyond just creating in that dimension.

Participant B: Do our expectations limit our manifestations?

Tobias: They can, and they cannot…if you allow your expectations to be visions rather than absolutes. You have beautiful visions of what you would like to create in 3D, and I would encourage you to expand on your visions.

Participant B: What stops me? That’s my question. What stops me?!

Tobias: You are the one with the answers, so let us speak about this.

Participant B: Why do I stop myself from being the artist and the incredible creator that I know I am, and I stop myself every time. So let’s talk honestly and you tell me the truth!

Tobias: Well, I would say that you have been plenty honest with Participant C here when you said to her earlier…why do you keep choosing men who are unavailable? Have you not been this honest?

Participant B: (laughter) Well, yes. But tell me…

Tobias: Have I told Participant C why she’s doing this? (laughter) YOU, my dear, have the answers. I can offer insight. I can offer perspective. First I want to hear your answer. Why…?

Participant B: …do I stop myself from being an artist?

Tobias: Yes. Why do you stop yourself from creating what you choose and what you desire? Isn’t that what you’re asking me?

Participant B: You want to know the first thing that comes to me? I don’t deserve it.

Tobias: Yes. And that is exactly the answer I would give you. You still are holding on to feelings of unworthiness, old heavy energies…

Participant B: …that I don’t deserve it…

Tobias: …that do not serve you!

Participant B: Where do they come from?

Tobias: Didn’t I hear you say earlier today that you walked through the darkness and came out the other side?

Participant B: Yes.

Tobias: And I would love to add the word courage to what you have done, too…that you had the courage to experience this…for exactly what I have said to (Participant A) is applicable to you in your own unique experience. You did not do this just for yourself! You did this for the masses and for the many. You chose to do this because on the soul level you knew that you were capable of doing this. You, my dear…like Kryon has talked about with ‘the tar pit‘…you are simply still allowing the tar to stick to you.

Participant B: What I walked through…am I still stuck in it?

Tobias: No, you’re not stuck in it. You have walked through the tar…but what you have walked through has stuck to you in bits and pieces. You’re not mired in the tar anymore, are you?

Participant B: No.

Tobias: No! And I would certainly say, no you are not, but little bits of it still sticking to you are keeping you from seeing your true beauty and keeping you from allowing the purity of your own light to shine through and guide you to what you are wanting to create.

Participant B: How do I get done with it?

Tobias: What has been the answer to so many? Breathe! (laughter) And it is…staying present in every now moment and being aware when you start to feel mired down by the density, by the patches of tar that have not completely come unstuck. They are such little patches we are speaking of. Only little patches. Do you know how minimal it is?

Participant B: Yes.

Tobias: It is so minimal! And yet what you feel is the density…what you feel is the heaviness. You are so close to…how to say it?…blowing it all away! You are perched to just move beyond it…into your true brilliance. You are brilliant, and you are this close to feeling it!

Participant B: I am.

Tobias: So dear one…know…you are brilliant. You are light. Each of you is divinity, is God-ness, and yet you are human too. You have chosen this human experience which is quite the game…is it not?

Participant B: Well welcome home! (laughter)

Tobias: I am looking forward to it! I am very much hoping that you will be here for me!

What I say to you is…know that you have the ability to walk through this, to breathe through this, to choose not to let the density stick to you. That is all that the tar is…the density of human experience.

Participant B: What I’m hearing my Higher Self saying to you is…I need you to tell me I’m an artist!

Tobias: You are an artist!

Participant B: I am an artist!

Tobias: And you are an artist in every area of your life! And it is up to you to bring that into manifestation in a way that brings you fulfillment and joy! ~ ~ ~

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