Friday, May 1, 2009


Friday May 1, 2009. And it is the celebration of Beltane!

Brigid: Cead Mile Failte Beloved Ones! It is I Brigid delighted to come in and dance with you a bit today…delighted to bring my energy to your celebration…delighted to be a part of your celebration on this very special day in the turning of the wheel. Beltane is indeed a celebration. It is a day to enjoy who you are, what you are, where you are, in the context of your connection to All That Is…your connection to the Earth, your connection to the stars and all the celestial bodies, your connection to each other, which indeed stems from the heart space. Mother Earth has a heart you know, and her heart is singing with joy on this particular day of celebration in this hemisphere of the world where it is indeed a celebration of spring. It is a time when dear Mother Gaia is decorating herself with the blossoms and blooms, with the fragrance and scents of the flowers. You, dear ones, are in the space to do this yourselves as well, not that you need to wear flowers, but it is a time to feel your way into your own heart space, your own place of connection, first and foremost to yourselves and then from there, to each other, to this beautiful planet you are living upon, and indeed to all of us friends of yours, nonphysical beings, entities, who enjoy sharing interdimensional connectivity with you. As we have said so many times previously, the veil has become so thin, so gossamer thin, it is illusionary. There is no veil except the veil of belief systems that say it is not possible to communicate in this manner. You are very aware it is not only possible, it is quite joyful.

I come in on this day to encourage you to continue living from your place of joy. You hear this message over and over from so many who come through, particularly those who choose to come through this voice. And I say choose because it is always a choice when those of us who are not in physical form desire to participate in your experience by coming energetically close in this manner and allowing communication to take place. In the now there are some ripples in the fabric of the tapestry that is interwoven of family groups, of those who come in to an incarnation together. I wish to tell you that it is not important enough to throw yourselves off balance. And I speak this to the many. For it is far more pleasant when there are not these kinds of ripples in the force field. Yet I come in to say that each of you must indeed continue as always to find your own truth within. And for those of us who delight in coming in, we do indeed choose who we allow our energy to flow through, and who gives us voice. Each of you must have your own personal relationship with any being, whether in physical form or nonphysical form, regardless of what anyone else is choosing for self or what anyone else is doing. I simply wish to remind you to lift yourselves above the density of what happens when others are causing those ripples in the force field. It does not have to be a ripple in your own force field. I would encourage you to move beyond any ripples. I would encourage you to hear the joy and feel the joy in the birdsong that is so much a part of our gathering, of our being together today.

(Much birdsong is heard.)

Joy is my message for today. There is so much taking place in the world around you that does not seem to be joyful, that does not feel joyful to those who are participating in the affairs of this world. And yet you know each of you, as always, has the choice whether to come from a place of joy in your own experience of living or to be caught up in the vibrations of others that are often what you would consider negative in the world of duality. You know that you…yes, you create your own reality, as has been said by so many, but I will add to that…you create your own joy. And it is indeed a much more wondrous experience of living to experience from and through joy than it is to be bowed down by the heaviness and density of the experience of living in a world that is not infused with joy.

What today would be joyful to speak of in this manner that we are conversing? Do you have subjects that are close to your heart?

Participant: I’ve noticed that we have an earlier spring this year. The flowers are blooming earlier. Its quite a pleasant and beautiful thing. Living at 7000 feet can be a challenge at this time of year. We had snow 2 weeks ago and today…it’s a gorgeous day! So I love my flowers and the plants and the trees, and sharing that. So that’s what I’m joyful about for today.

Brigid: You are one who is able to feel the energy of joy that comes from every living thing that occupies this same space with you. And this is seen and appreciated and it is why indeed there is cooperation in desiring to bring you a joyful experience in this place that you are living, and in this life that you are enjoying in this space. We have spoken previously of the fairies and the devas of the Earth. I will say to you that in this early spring coming about the fairies and devas have been quite active and their activity stems from their communication with you on levels that you are not even consciously aware of. There is much celebrating that is taking place in this space because of the energy of joy that permeates it, because of the love that is so easily and so readily shared with…oh your plants, with your flowers, with your animals, with your birds. Indeed even with the singing of the water in your fountain. All is the song of love. And this is what Beltane truly is a celebration of. It is a celebration of love in the form of fertility…love in new life and new growth….love that blossoms.

There is a great deal of energy flowing in this now moment. Indeed we are very connected to your dear friend and mine, Ziggy (Maureen‘s partner), in his well altar space in this place called Alberta. I wish for you present here…I wish you to feel yourselves connected in this space beyond time and connected in this space of interdimensionality that has nothing to do with geography and feel how much a part of this gathering he is as you feel yourselves gathered around the well altar with him. For you see we are all…you, me and those others with us…we are all in more than one place at one time. He is as present here as you are present there and we are present in both places. I would encourage you to experiment a bit with this feeling state. It is a wonderful exercise in your building up to your ability to teleport that you like to call ‘poofing,’ that part of what is required for poofing is to feel yourself already there where you wish to be. And as you sit here in your human bodies, be aware that your molecular structure is quite permeable. It is far less dense than you believe it to be and you are capable of transporting your molecular structure through time and space. And you are getting closer and closer to this. And dear Ziggy has been feeling the energy of The Green Man. This is what you are feeling in your now, Maureen.

Participant: I don’t have any beer in the house! (laughter)

Brigid: My dear counterpart will be happy to visit you with or without the beer that is so grounding. But his energy is pouring through and I shall allow him to come in and join this celebration in this particular manner in this way on this day.

Green Man: Greetings, oh dear friends! It is a joy to be with you this day. It is a joy to be with you both here in Alberta and here in these East Mountains of New Mexico. I bring with me the energy of spring time. I bring with me the energy of the color green. I bring with me the energy of the groundedness of beer! (laughter) I am quite fine if you have no beer in the house. You are not in need of as much grounding as you used to be. Would you agree with this?

Maureen: Yes…most of the time. (laughter) Your energy though…whoa! Makes me feel like…where’s the Guinness?! (laughter)

GM: You are doing quite well sipping on your red nectar of the gods as it has been called. And you will continue to do so. I do come in to encourage once again deeper connection with this planet, deeper connection with the Earth that you walk upon, deeper connection with the living and sentient beings that occupy this planet right along with you. There is so much life upon this planet and yet it is often so overlooked. This particular space that you are occupying in this beautiful sanctuary of a home you have created, dear friend, with all of this wonderful land around you…it is indeed teeming with life, and it is teeming with life that is not just the life of planet earth. It is teeming with multidimensional life. Many indeed do enjoy coming to this place to share this experience of living with you, even if you are not aware that they are here with you. Truly you are never alone in this space. You are aware of this?

Participant: Yes. I am. I’m very aware of it.

GM: Have you spent time interacting with those who are sharing this space with you from the perspective of other dimensions?

Participant: Yes. In the hot tub a lot. (laughter)

GM: Water, as you know…water is life. And water itself is teeming with life as well as your land. You will find that it is easier to connect with those from other dimensions in the presence of water. This is why when you visited Banff and Jasper 2 years ago for the summer solstice…why you could feel such great connection to the many others not occupying the same dimension with you because of the life force of so much water around you. You encourage this intersecting of dimensions when you do have flowing water in your space, and in an area such as this desert of the southwest where there is far less natural flow of water than in places such as the Rocky Mountains of Alberta you find that when you allow water to flow…as your newly refurbished pond and flowing water fountain is (heard in background)…you increase the conductivity of the energy through nurturing, enjoying and appreciating the flow of water. So today I would say that this would be part of my own Beltane message, to reconnect with water. You often take this for granted in your every day experience of living, and yet water is very alive. Water is very conductive of energies. And without a continual reminder of this, many forget it. I would point you once again in the conscious acknowledgement of the work of Dr. Emoto. Water is a living thing. And you have yet to even scratch the surface of what you can learn by communicating with water. Water carries life essence…as does your air and yet in a different manner. And you will find that as further understanding comes into awareness…you will find that water is the element that creates life.

I am so happy to be here with you today. I am so happy to be celebrating with you…to be part of the celebration. I am etherically weaving the ribbons of the maypole with you in the now. It is quite a dance.

Brigid reminds you to connect with your own ancient knowing and remembering, that are within. You do not need to go back and relive what you have lived in the past, and yet there is so much wisdom, there is so much of value to be brought forward into your now, to be lived in your now, joyously. You are ancient ones. As am I. And you are very intimately connected to this turning of the wheel, the rhythms and the cycles of this Earth Mother that you live upon. You are intimately connected to the stars and the planets that share a space with you. When you look up and see the twinkles, part of yourselves is in each of those celestial bodies.

You are opening further and further to your own understanding of what it means to be a multidimensional being. You have been speaking about this with others quite recently. You are moving towards your summer solstice. You are now halfway there from the time of your spring equinox. You are moving closer and closer to a remembering, closer and closer to this deepening understanding of who you are in the cosmos, who you are beyond just the bodies you inhabit in your now. You will find that many others are not in the place to open to this same understanding. And this is where you will find that connections will fall aside and you will find that new connections will spring up to take their place. This is what is happening in the now. Dear ones, so many say this to you and I will add my voice…do not let anything or anyone hold you back. You are indeed on the threshold of this dream manifesting, becoming a reality. Everything is about to change. This is why there has been such limbo for so many, because you see there is no point and there is no purpose in beginning to create a new that will never come to fruition…because the energies are so shifting, because you are going to a whole new place that you have never been before. What you will be creating you could not have previously imagined. And I repeat this for all of you who are wondering about this lull, who are wondering why things seem not to be moving, who are wondering about this standstill that it appears is occurring. You will find that the current of this river of life runs much faster, much deeper, and indeed much more smoothly after the turning of your wheel of your summer solstice. It will be a summer here of much taking place, much I cannot even speak with you of for your understanding is not yet in the place to encompass it. This is how busy a time it is. This is how much energy is moving. You are creating an entirely new reality as you sit and imagine that nothing has been happening. So much is going on!

May I answer any questions for you in this now of our togetherness?

Participant: Well, I would like to say thank you for your loving message. It was very affirming. I’ve just been really happy today being outside watering, and looking at the flowers and all that. Thank you for the message.

GM: You are quite welcome my dear. It is a delight for both Brigid and I to be with you, for you see our energies are so closely associated with this turning of the wheel, so closely associated particularly with this celebration today of Beltane. And I would encourage you to truly allow this day to be a celebration.

Participant: It started as a celebration for me this morning when I went to go out to get into the hot tub and I was treated to this fly by by a hummingbird that was just having a great time zooming all over the place. It was like…wow….this is a really cool way to start the day!

GM: Well you see, there is so much of nature that is very comfortably in resonance with your own energetic signature here and you have this energy that allows flourishing of nature. That is why it truly is a delight to come here and meet you in this particular locale, while it is also a delight to share this moment and this time and this experience with Ziggy in his locale for he also very much emanates the energy that allows nature to flourish. There will be a joining of these 2 places interdimensionally and that is a piece of what today is about energetically as you open to and feel yourselves in both places. You can bi-locate, you know. This is something that is coming up for you as you move into this new energy. You are not limited to being in only one place at one time. I would make reference myself to what Tobias spoke of…of the multiple television sets and the multiple stations to be tuned into as examples of multidimensionality. This is indeed what you are fast becoming capable of doing. And this is why I would in the spirit of lightness…lightness of spirit and heart…I would say that all beings are capable of being in far more than one place at one time, particularly on the soul level. So do not be discouraged by anyone else’s limited ability to comprehend this. You, my dears, you are all quite aware you are very busy when you are supposedly sleeping and dreaming. You are in so many places, and you are in far more places in the now than just sitting on the sofa or even sitting around this well altar that has been so lovingly beautified by our dear friend Ziggy.

You are very close to your teleporting and to your bi-locating. And in bringing together the energies…bringing together the energies of both of these places that have been so nurtured lovingly in the honoring of nature…you will find that you are creating a portal between the 2 places that will make it far easier to eventually traverse.

Know that this is what is taking place. Know that on many, many levels it is a time for change. It is a time for blossoming, but the flowers that bloom may be different than were anticipated. And this is a wonderful thing. It is a wonderful time of new life and new creating. And Brigid and I are indeed with all who are choosing to walk into the springtime, walk into the new energy of creating in their own lives from that grounded place of heart space. Yes, keep your hearts light. Also keep your hearts open and flow that love. For you see you will never create what is fulfilling to you without imbuing your creation with the love that flows from an open heart.

With that I would say, go and enjoy! Go and celebrate! I am with you!

Brigid: I too am with you beloveds. It is my joy, it is my delight, to share this day of celebration with you. You are so very, very loved. Cead Mile Failte!


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