Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cmdr Frodo, Babaji & St Germain

I have been absolutely amazed at how fast time has been going by of late, and these past few weeks have been no exception to the days just speeding by me. I have been enjoying being ‘Home’ in New Mexico for the last 3+ weeks, and in my now am writing these words surrounded by a panoramic view of incredible beauty from the Paradise that is my dear friend Denise’s sanctuary here in the mountains east of Albuquerque. It is a true delight that this soul sister of mine continually has the welcome mat out for me whenever I am able to come join her here, and I am always refreshed and renewed by such a visit. It is a wonderful base from which to make jaunts into Albuquerque to spend time with my 3 children living there, while not needing to constantly put up with the noise and congested energies of the city. Last week I delighted in celebrating my son Patrick’s 26th birthday with him, and getting together for Mother’s Day at my daughter Erin’s new light, bright and cheery apartment home on Sunday, where my son Tim provided us all with an excellent meal and we talked and laughed with each other for hours.

I have been surrendering with wild abandon to the joy of the now moment…moment after moment after moment! And this indeed seems to be the way of new energy living!

As such, I would like to thank all of you who have written me personal emails, and tell you how much I enjoy reading each and every one of them. I am awed by the heart connection I feel with so many ‘Family’ members who are residing in diverse places around this beautiful planet we share. What a true wonder the internet is that we can connect and share energetically with each other in this way, wherever we are geographically located! It is always my intention to respond to each email in as timely a manner as possible, and yet these past few months have been so busy and full for me that I am finding I am continuously far behind on keeping up with this intention. So if you have written to me and not received a response, please know it has much more to do with how fast the hours in a day go by in the now than anything else! I will be back with my partner Ziggy in his Paradise home in Alberta in another few weeks, where things are peaceful and life moves at a much slower pace for me than it does when I am in the Land of Enchantment, reconnecting with all of the people and places here that I love. I am joyfully anticipating the energetic shift in my own focus that will occur when that happens!

The session I am sharing today took place on Sunday, April 26, when our dear friend from Sirius, whom we have been calling Commander Frodo since he first invited us to name him anything we wanted to (he has said his ‘real’ energetic name cannot be translated into an Earth language), dropped by and was accompanied by Babaji and St Germain. ‘Gleep Gleep’ is another bit of humor, as Cmdr Frodo has told us that this is what one Sirian greeting would most closely sound like in English, and we enjoy using this ourselves now as a greeting that makes us smile.

So, here is the conversation that transpired. Enjoy! And Gleep Gleep!

~ ~ ~ Sunday April 26, 2009

Commander Frodo: Gleep Gleep!

Good Morning my dear friends! Oh, yes! What a pleasure to be with you, and yes, as you are aware there are many beings present here in your wonderful abode in this amazingly potent and powerful portal. And indeed we have been holding back a bit, just allowing the melding and merging of energies. It is becoming less important to speak in words as it is for you to feel the energies. So you see it is fun to come in and have these conversations, and yet these conversations are not quite as important as simply our being together energetically. And this is always possible. This is something that is ongoing even when you are not consciously focused upon our connection and our energies intermingling, and yet when you focus on it you are able quite easily to tune in and bring in the energies of all of us who indeed are close at hand and loving you. And I would say we have quite the medley of nonphysical beings with us this morning. St Germain is here. Babaji is also present. You know Babaji and I are very good friends. Babaji has this strong connection to Sirius as well…and many of ‘The Collective’ are here also. You are tapping into dimensions, universes, indeed, that you have not previously done in this lifetime, in many lifetimes, and there is, as is always said, so much excitement about this from our realms as well as from yours, which is why so many choose to gather around you.

My, my, my! It is so delightful to see the progression of consciousness that is occurring in those of you who are connected to us and aware of this and who seek this, for things have changed quite a bit from the early days of channeling, from the early days of messages coming from beyond the mere human 3D realm. You are on the forefront of knowing that your answers will never come from outside of self. This has been said over and over and yet, many still do look outside of self. You are the pioneers who are leading the expansion of consciousness. You are living it. Many are able to grasp this in their mental capacities, yet are not able to truly live it.

I would like to share that as you continue your further expansion of living this consciousness that you have stretched so much…that you are allowing to encompass far more than the vast majority of humans are yet able to do…that you do indeed open yourselves to new experiences that again as we have said in many previous conversations and many others have said as well, have not been in the range even of your imagination. It is a good time to truly move beyond where you have been in the past…how you have thought in the past…how you have acted in the past…even how you have imagined in the past. It is time to expand the scope of your own imaginings. There are many who know how connected they are to so many of the star realms. This is why indeed I am in speaking with you today. As you know I am from the realm of Sirius. Of course I expand beyond that realm, but the part of me that you are most connecting with in your now moment is Sirian by nature. Maureen, you connect far more to the Sirian aspect of Babaji than you ever have to the aspects that were human. And indeed his name on Sirius is not Babaji! (laughter) And yet, a dear one, a friend of yours and mine penned that phrase, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” We do not need the word name. It is that energetic recognition that allows you to be aware of whose energy you are connecting with, and there are many, many of us who occupy more than one realm, more than one dimension, as you yourselves do. It has been said to you many times there is a part of you…of so many of you, that is actively experiencing a reality on the dimensions and realm of the star Sirius in the now. You are getting closer and closer to actually meeting this aspect of Self and this is part of the excitement for this truly has not been done before in this manner.

There are many other experiences of the universal realms and all the dimensions in which there has been intersecting that you are not aware of and that you do not need to be aware of. All you need to be aware of is your own experience in the now as you open to new realms of possibilities. There are many. There are many potentials, and it is exciting. And yes, it is about fun. It is about love. It is about joy. It is about enjoying and partying with each other. And yet, you have come in with soul purpose. Many who are channeling in the now will tell you …you are done! You do not need to do anything more except enjoy yourselves. There is truth to this. Again, this has been said to you...when you live your passion, when you are following your joy, you are in alignment with your own soul purpose. This is why you are here, for you did indeed come in with a purpose in mind and there were many contingency plans, and many of you have moved beyond the vast majority of those contingency plans. This is what the new energy is. It was not felt that at this time it was likely that you would get to this place, but you have. This is why there is such joy in the many other realms.

I will be available for much more time together. As you know, I am here frequently. But I am going to allow Babaji to flow through. He has not flown through…flown through (laughter)..that’s a good one!…he has not flowed through or flown through in this manner (laughter)…in quite a bit of time. So take a deep breath, and let us allow Babaji to flow some energy in conversation.

Babaji: Greetings Beloveds! It has been a while since I have been present to you in this manner…since I have flowed energy, shared energy with you in this way. And it is quite pleasant to do so.

Today I bring the reminder of living with lightness of spirit and heart, and to simply allow all to be as it is. I do wish to bring your attention and your focus to where you are. There is great connectivity in the experience that many of you have had and are having, even if you are not always experiencing similarly in your human 3D lives. You are opening to new connections, new communications with others that have not been present in your reality previously, and this will continue. You will find that as you yourselves have honed your own focus, you have moved towards a greater understanding of living in this way that goes beyond what you have ever experienced before. I will call it the way of expanded consciousness rather than the way of new energy, for there will always be further expansion of consciousness and indeed when you speak of new energy and old energy as has been done so much previously, it again sets up a bit of duality energy as to which is which. It is simply continued further expansion of consciousness. You are expanding your own consciousness in your manner of experiencing life and living, so many of you who are tuned in and connected and resonant to a conversation such as this. This expansion has not always been easy, as you are well aware…to live in this experience of being a human in this 3rd dimensional realm as you continue expanding your consciousness. It becomes a challenge at times to remain focused in the physical human realm. And this is the dance you are doing in your now…to continue allowing your consciousness to expand while you allow your bodies to come along with you. This has been what has been taking place for many in the now…your bodies are attempting to do the transitioning…to do the upgrading…to do the remembering within your DNA to bring you as the Divine Humans you are, as the melded beings that you are who are encompassing more than one dimension at once…to bring you to the place of allowing this to happen.

There will be many more interesting experiences for you. I assure you of this. And yet you have come as far as you have. You are still here. You are allowing your human vessels to expand also as your consciousness expands. You are well on your way in this transformational process of opening your very cells to allow in more light. Indeed you are Shining Ones, you who I speak with, you who resonate with me. And in order to bring the Shining Beingness of these other expanded parts of soul Self into your human form you must expand your physical bodies. You are doing this.

Our dear friend Commander Frodo has mentioned soul purpose. I will touch on this also, and I will say that none of you are yet fully aware consciously of the soul purpose that you have come in with because it was not thought you would get this far in this game of planet Earth playing with bringing more divinity into human form. So you see all of the rules of the old way of living have changed. Many are still trying to live by them and play by them, and by doing so, they will not get far in the game. This is where you must be aware that it is time for entirely new rules, which as has been said are ‘no rules.’ It is about following your inner guidance. It is following the inspirations and nudging of your heart. And it is knowing that you have the ability and capability to create in manners that you have not previously done before. This is the place you are perched in and poised in in your now moment. For you see, what you are choosing to expand into you cannot create in the same manner that you have previously in your past, for you have moved beyond the level of play in the human 3D world that you have played in in the past. You are in a whole new realm with all new parameters. It is important for you to completely allow yourselves the experience of creating without ties to how you have done this in the past. This is a challenge when you are in a transitional state such as the one that you are in in this now time, now moment. It is entirely new. You are creating, you are giving birth to new ways of creating, and this is not always the easiest of things to do, but you have done it before, though certainly in different experiences and in different dimensions. That is very present within you…your own soul knowingness of this. And so you see, I wish to encourage you to keep tuning in, deeper and deeper within yourselves, for you will find that there is a knowing of soul purpose that will guide you, and that is not something that you can ever fail at. It is not something that you can ever miss the boat with. It is something that if you continue to move forward, following your passion and your joy, you will find that you will expand in ways that you can’t even imagine. That is what I wish to say to you in the now.

Do you have comments or questions on this?

Participant: I would say what you have spoken of resonates very well with me. As you know I’m in the middle of a transition in the physical context of I am going to be leaving my oxymoronic job soon and I’m in a comfortable space with all of it. I mean it. I’m feeling really good about it. Its nice that I have a period of time to ease into that transition and I just…you know…there’s an inner calmness that I probably would not have had 10 years ago in similar circumstances, so I’m feeling fine about it. (laughter)

B: This is a good thing indeed. You are doing quite well with the human experiences that are being lived in your life in the now with the transitional creating that you are doing. I would encourage you to continue to let go of looking to the past for how to create in the future. You are doing well with this and I would just encourage you to keep at it and keep with it for, from my perspective, from my vantage point of being able to view this, I would say that you have set a course for yourself that is far beyond anything that you can imagine. And I wish to be part of your cheering squad as you go along with this, and encourage you not to allow the considerations of human living to impede you in your progress, for you are coming into this empowerment of your own divinity of being able to create whatever is needed next, though you may not consciously be aware of what it is. You are creating or will be creating what will meet the need that you are used to looking at in 3D. Does this make sense to you? Do you understand what I am saying?

Participant: Yes, I understand what you’re saying. It’s the basic thing about how to keep the mortgage paid, or those kinds of basic things. And I’m not worried about that either. (laughter)

B: Well this is good. And I would say that there is the potential for you to be expanding into a place where you do not need to be concerned about mortgage payments ever again. It is part of the 3D human field of living. You have not completely moved beyond it as of yet, and yet there is a very expansive potential of living that does not need to take any of that into account. This is what I say not just to you, but to all who are bridging the dimensions of this human 3D reality and where you are going, what you are desiring to expand into. There will be many changes coming and as these changes come…and I mean overall in the world the things that have been mentioned to you and spoken of by others…as you bring back technologies you have known previously, as you expand into taking some of the things you have known previously beyond where they have ever been before, there will be a great deal of change that comes about in the world. It may well be change that brings about chaos for the many. It may well be change that stresses to the max many who are completely living in 3D. You have already seen the beginnings of this. You are seeing this in action now, but for those of you who are well grounded in your own interdimensionality, who know that there is more to this life you are living in the now than merely 3D, there are opportunities to expand your experience of living in ways that you have never even dreamed of. And this is where those of us who are working with you do desire to be close at hand. We know that you are used to us being here to party with you and share interdimensional living and experiencing with you. But we wish you to also know that we are doing what we can from our own dimensional realms to assist, to smooth the way. We cannot do it for you. But we can offer resonant energies that assist the process, and that is what I come through today to share with you, to tell you. And with that I will say that St Germain is very present and would like to come in and speak to you also in this manner.

Is there anything else you would like to say to me before I depart for this now moment?

Participant: Thank you very much! That’s what I would like to say. Thank you very much. We love you very much. Its nice to have your energy. Its been a while for me personally connecting with you, as I’ve not been in the same time space continuum with you since…

B: And remember the time space continuum does not reach into my reality! Yes, yes, yes, we are always present to each other and that is something delightful that you will be becoming more and more aware of. I am indeed a dear friend and someone who loves to come in in this manner and share this experience.

In this now moment before I do depart…I would direct a bit more to several of you, one in particular who is in her now wondering what comes next, who is living her experience in a manner that is very much in the now moment in a way that perhaps previously she had not been able to. And I wish for you to share with her that she is perfectly aligned with her own soul path, even though it continues to give her a bit of frustration that she has no idea what that might be. But she is burning off much of the density of the reality of physical living that has been appropriate to her earlier experience of life on this planet in this particular incarnation, and yet the more she burns off, the more she will be ready to leap into this next cycle of living when all is appropriately aligned for it. I would say to her that it is most important to continue this process of living in each now moment. All of you are going to be finding that it is impossible to plan ahead in the manner that you have been used to in the past and this is a good thing. It is most appropriate. You will find that you are much closer to the ‘poofing’ and the time travel and the teleporting that you are so desiring when you release the density of your everyday experiences of human living. So tell my dear friend ___ that the more she allows this to burn off, the closer she is bringing herself to this moment of pure remembering of what is so innately a part of her being. It is for each of you in a different way and different manner.

I would say you are moving yourselves towards this ability to just let go to allowing your soul Self to direct you in these experiences that go beyond the human. It does not need to be as challenging as it has been. You will find that when you are in the place of releasing the hold that the world around you has had on you, you put yourselves into a more resonant place with the experiences that you are desiring to expand into being able to occur.

You will find that as you continue to follow your passion…as you are getting better and better at doing…without effort you will tap into what is waiting in your own DNA to be brought to the surface to be released. So I would encourage you to continue in this manner. I would encourage you to continue following all of the pathways that bring you joy. And you are very adept at knowing what is right for you, what works for you, and what doesn’t. I would encourage you to continue in this for there are many potentials in front of you that will certainly excite you…that indeed are things that will bring you joy as you expand into them. You are here with great reason and great purpose for this particular lifetime and it is approaching for you and for all who hear me as I speak this message today.

That is as much as I need to say and I will simply impart a bit of energy lovingly so, and tell you I will be close at hand and be happy to come and converse again whenever it aligns. And with that there is one more who does indeed desire to come in this morning.

SG: And…Yes! It is I…your dear friend St Germain! It is fun to share with each of you the connection that is so personal and intimate between us…and that is not dependent on anyone else’s connection. And so I come in today to say you are my very dear and very close friends.

Participant: We had a good time together, didn’t we? (laughter)

SG: And there are still many more good times to come!

You see, its barely been a heartbeat since we have last spoken in this manner. And yet in your world, in your realm, in your dimension, it feels as if all this time has gone by, and yet for me, it is but a heartbeat beyond our last connection…for you it perhaps feels a bit longer. I wish to say that I am as happy and thrilled as ever that we do share this connection. It is fun to play together in the experience of living.

I wish to focus for a moment on the subject of soul family connections. Of course all are connected but some of you have simply had more experiences with each other and you are here with more cohesiveness of soul purpose than others may share with you.

There has been a purpose served in connecting with each other as a group, though many will find now that the groups they have been connected with are transitioning also. You are going to find that it is a launching off point for many as this particular cycle of some groups comes to a close and a conclusion. Purpose has been served. Many have been touched. Many have indeed used these as stepping stones to progress, to move forward in their own expansion, and so there are wonderful things to be said about what this experience with these groups has been. And yet I have said this to you before, do not hold yourselves back. Sometimes a group dynamic is not supportive of individual continued growth and expansion, particularly when one has expanded beyond where the majority of the rest of the group‘s experience is. When you have gone as far as you can go with others in a group setting, it is time to move on. There will always be more ‘others’ and new groups to continue expanding with if one desires the company. But always remember that as a sovereign being, your growth and expansion is not dependent on any besides Self!

And so from there I will move on and say that your cohesiveness of soul purpose will be mapped out for you. The people who will be the ones to share these new experiences of living with you will show up in your lives. There are many, many new souls ready to connect with you that you were not even aware were alive previously in this experience of your particular incarnation. They are there and you will find that it is your own frequency of purity of the light that shines from within you that attracts to you the others around you who are of like frequency. And those of you with like frequency have come in with similar purpose.

For many, the groups you have been involved in were the vehicle for you to connect with each other in this lifetime. But you see you are going to find that as you continue to expand into living with this new consciousness…and I will honour what Babaji has said of the duality of old and new…it is just continuing expansion, always. You will find that what has served in the past and what has played a prominent role in your previous experiencing may no longer serve. You will find that there is the strong potential that what has been of great importance to you previously will have very little bearing and very little influence on where you are going in your new experiencing and what you are now choosing. Others may find this true for themselves as well, and there will be those who will be drawn to you, others who will be in resonance with you, others who you will find are a part of this cohesive soul purpose that you are here to live and experience. You see, you are realizing it is time to expand beyond where you have been.

(To participant leaving job) To you, I would reiterate a bit of what Babaji has said…that I can see as a dear friend of yours that while you have let go of much of the trying to figure it out in the 3D, you are still looking through 3D eyes, even while expanding. So I would encourage you to perhaps play a bit in these next few months of your continuing to have this employment and to have the security of what the paycheck offers. Play with imagination. You are scientific in your approach. We have spoken of this previously and there is much of value in the scientific approach and the use of the left brain in intelligence. But I would encourage you and say it would benefit you to play with imagining different scenarios in your life that go beyond what you can see and envision right now. The more you play with your imagination, the more you…

….outrageous…you know I like the word outrageous…

…the more you outrageously allow yourself to come up with scenarios that are completely different than anything you have ever imagined before…the more you align yourself with potentials that are beyond what you can imagine in 3D. Do you understand this?

Participant: Yes, I do. And right now I really appreciate what you’ve said because I’m in this conundrum.…that I still live in a 3D world in the context of, you know, developing my new business and potentially being able to also do some consulting on the side. I’m looking at having to establish some kind of a corporation or something like that, in the context of getting a tax ID number and I really would rather not do that. However, I’m in a conundrum and so I put that off…its on the table but I put it off to the side to contemplate it, to see whether that’s really what I want to do. But therein lies the challenge because we still live in this 3D world and we straddle it back and forth and so that’s why I put it off to the side. But I have some of those kinds of things in the context of making this progression through to where I would like to see what I’m working on, but I don’t want to get hung up with the IRS and the tax people and all that…and I realize that I can go beyond that. I’m just in a conundrum.

SG: Well, it is a 3D conundrum, let me say that.

Participant: It is a 3D conundrum. Yes it is very much so. And I mean I guess I would ask, is there a way to get out of that conundrum in the context of what I want to achieve in the overall context. Does that make sense?

SG: Yes. And there is a way to get out of it, but it is only in your way of expansion.

Participant: Yes. Okay. As I continue to expand I will find the solution or I can expand my way out of the conundrum. Is that it?

SG: Yes. And you see…

Participant: Ok. I like that.

SG: What Babaji earlier said for another, I would say is appropriate in many ways to you also…that you have done a phenomenal job of creating a life in 3D…a wonderful and fulfilling life for yourself in so many ways…as a single woman. And you have done a job that many others can be inspired by and can admire in your choosing not to be inhibited from creating by lack of a partner. There has been reason for this that it is not quite time for you to fully understand yet. But I will tell you that more comprehension of why your path has looked the way it has looked will be coming to you as you expand into the future. Yet I would say that you have created so well within the realm of this human 3D world, and so this bridge that we have been speaking of…this bridge for you is about moving beyond simply creating in the manner that you have previously in 3D. And I know that you are aware of this, and yet it is going to take practice and experimenting to continue to remove yourself from how it has been in the past. Certainly I will not make fun of considerations such as the IRS and the legal requirements. I will refer to that old saying of ‘rendering to Cesar the things that are Cesar’s‘…and rendering to Self…God Self…the things that are of your own expanded consciousness.

And I would say, this is a fine dance! It is this fine dancing between worlds. This one I speak through will tell you that as she has released more and more of the 3D, living more in the other realms has become easier. This does not mean you need to live the same life she is living. It means you need to live the life that is the one of passion that you create for yourself. And you have different desires and requirements for this. Yet I would say there is still density holding you back that is directly connected to not yet having fully expanded in your imagination beyond 3D. You still do desire to win the lottery…to find that suitcase of money in your closet. (laughter) Do you not?

Participant: Yes.

SG: And I will not knock it. It is a wonderful 3D desire. But I will say to…

Participant: Stop buying the lottery tickets!

SG: No, I will not even tell you to stop buying the lottery tickets! I will say stop imagining the reliance on the lottery ticket! You can create without a lottery win. It does not mean you cannot have a lottery win…to create in one way. But that is still a 3D creation. That is all I wish you to be aware of.

Participant: I totally understand what you’re saying. Its very much of 3D. If I could win the lottery and have millions of dollars somewhere, then I’m done. But that’s done in 3D.

SG: That’s done in 3D. You are being encouraged…

Participant: …to not go there…

SG: …to keep expanding in ways that have no reliance on 3D!

Participant: We’re creating a new path for ourselves and we don’t have any …you’re suggesting and you’re saying that we have the ability in the 5D context…or whatever beyond 3D context…of creating it however we want it. Its just...stop thinking in the context and the confines of 3D.

SG: Yes…but now I will say that when you say ‘however we want it’ that you are limiting yourself from the perspective of wanting as a 3D human. Do you understand that?

Participant: Oh. Yeah, I understand. And it may have been an inappropriate phrasing.

SG: Not inappropriate at all. I just wish you to see that on the level of creating what you want, often your soul vision is far expanded beyond your limited 3D vision and what so many desire in 3D…and this, Maureen, I feel you would agree with me in your own experience…what you desired to create at one point in 3D would have prohibited your experiencing what you have experienced that has brought you to where you are. Would you agree with this?

Maureen: Yes. I would. And I would say that there are still times that I desire a whole lot more in 3D! (laughter) But I get it…I do get it that I have let go to my experience and I guess I trust my soul Self now. I know from my conversations with others that that’s what many have had trouble with…that a lot of people have trouble trusting that their soul Self is leading them in the right path because its not bringing them what they want in human manifestation.

Participant: Well, particularly since we’ve all had to kind of like ditch a lot of the previous stuff! Its hard to…for many people…to rely on soul Self because soul Self ‘drug them through the mud’ so to speak…you know!

SG: And there’s much road grime to be gotten rid of! Is there not?

Participant: That’s exactly right. I totally get it. I understand. Don’t create in the old way, and imagine all kinds of fun things.

SG: And it is…what was the word or the expression used previously? Fits and starts? It is fits and starts to understand how to create in a manner that’s totally foreign to everything that you’ve done before.

Participant: …because we’re writing the guide book.

SG: Yes. As you go.

I wish to encourage you all. I wish to encourage you to continue to expand beyond where you have been before. I wish you to understand that it is important in many ways for your continued delving within, as has been said. It is a time…and it will continue…now you know that everyone hates when we give time frames for things because…

Participant: They call you a liar! (laughter)

SG: I would say to you, though, that in this now moment…that my guesstimate would be there is at least another 2 years of transitional experiencing as you move into living from your new and more expanded consciousness in a way that manifests in your physical reality. Now remember that physical reality does not only have to be 3RD dimensional. There are other dimensions that include a physical reality that are not your 3D human reality. You are expanding into new realms of this, and so be gentle with yourselves. Go easy on yourselves. But continue to allow this expansion to occur through imagination, yes, but also through allowing yourselves to experience the new with that willing suspension of disbelief that has been mentioned previously. Allow yourselves to have whatever experiences you create on the soul level. There is so much that is exciting that is to come. And I am very happy to be a part of your reality as you do this!

I would say it is quite a delight to be here. I would encourage you to relax into your living in the now. It is quite joyful for those of us who love to come in and experience togetherness with you to be able to observe and be a part of your expansion. As always, we are never far!

We shall speak again soon! And with that…Aloha! ~ ~ ~

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