Sunday, May 24, 2009


Merlin the Magician…and the One I know as a ‘White Light Being’…came in for a visit and conversation on Thursday the 21st of May. I am still in New Mexico staying at my dear friend and soul sister Denise’s beautiful home in the mountains east of Albuquerque. This particular conversation took place with just the three of us…Merlin, Denise, and myself. When I share these messages, I usually try to put them out so that the most people may be able to relate to what is said and find some resonance with the message, which means that I usually edit them to depersonalize them as much as possible. This means that I generally take out personal names and just include those who’ve been a part of the conversation as a ‘participant.’ I find with this particular message that I feel doing that would dilute the meaning of what was said too much, so with her permission, I am sharing that the third participant in this conversation was Denise, and I am also leaving in what was directed to me personally by Merlin. It is my hope that others will still be able to glean what relates to them personally and feel the magic that Merlin is desiring to assist us all in accessing and creating.

Two days before Merlin’s visit, I woke up with extreme soreness on my right side after having felt fine when I went to sleep the night before. I could not figure out what I might have done to myself physically that would account for this, but remembered that Denise had gone through a similar experience a while ago herself. She had eventually had it affirmed for her that she was etherically releasing an ancient spear wound, the very first one she had died from in a physical incarnation. And even though this releasing is being done on deep etheric levels, it is felt on the physical level in a very real and often painful way as well. Several hours after this session, I was sitting at my computer transcribing it when I took a deep breath and was suddenly absolutely catapulted out of my chair by the amount of pain I felt in my side. It felt as if my rib had caught on a muscle while I was expanding my lungs and ripped it open. Knowing what Merlin had said to me about it, I also realized that it felt exactly as if the tip of a sword was buried deep in my flesh and was being twisted. I realized that likely what was happening was that this ancient etheric wound had come to the surface in essence to be lanced, allowing the wound to drain energetically in order to then heal.

While I was shocked by the painful intensity of this experience and am still going through the healing process with it, I was reminded of having just read about the extreme experiences that both Barbara Rother and Celia Fenn recently went through and shared.

Barbara related her phantom death experience while on a layover at an airport in Germany on her way to Israel with her wonderful husband Steve, channeler of The Group (, in which she suddenly became so ill that she was taken from the airport on a stretcher to a waiting ambulance. She felt she nearly left this incarnation, but fortunately for all those who love her, myself included, she chose to stay and then began quickly recovering. Those who treated her medically were unable to tell her exactly what had caused her acute condition.

Celia ( was spreading her light and love on a trip to South America when a fish bone became lodged in her throat which she had to have surgically removed…by medical practitioners in a foreign country who spoke a different language than her own!

Both of these experiences by these incredibly beautiful women gave me much pause when I read about them, as they are each such shining examples to me of Divine Feminine embodiment in balanced human form. I realized that we are individually and collectively in the place on our journey to be nudged to go ever deeper and deeper within to release whatever density we may still be carrying in our etheric bodies, in whatever manner our own soul chooses as the most appropriate experience for physical release. Barbara’s and Celia’s willingness to share their own challenging physical experiences made it easier for me to get through my own, and I thank them for that!

Also mentioned in this conversation is Denise’s recent trip back to Ohio to visit her family. Prior to her leaving, we had a visit from several etheric friends who directed a very personal conversation to her. She was encouraged to visit the magical place of natural beauty that she had loved and spent much time at during her early years in Ohio. It was said that this was a place where she had energetically opened herself to interdimensional communication with other realms then, even though she was not consciously aware of it at the time…though she has also related experiences that she had there to me that were not easily understood on the human level. She was told that when she revisited this place, she would be reclaiming parts of her own energy that she had left behind there.

We decided that it would be fun to use a couple of the photographs that she took while there, a beautiful place called Glen Helen, located in Yellow Springs, Ohio, for this particular blog post. As she was pulling them up for me to choose which ones I liked, she mentioned that she was seeing a strange light and shifting of color in one photo that she wasn’t seeing in any of the others. As I looked at what she was pointing out to me, I immediately saw an image with a face in that one misty spot, and was certain that she had been blessed to capture the magic of an elemental on film. She has blown this part of the photo up so that each of you can have a look and decide for yourselves what you are seeing! And anyone interested in viewing more of her incredible photo art can visit her website:

Merlin has called this upcoming summer the ‘Summer of Magic.’ I am so ready for this myself, and wish each and every one of you magic beyond measure in your own experience of living!

~~~ Merlin: The Summer of Magic!

Thursday 5-21-09

Merlin: Greetings, my very dear friends! This is I Merlin coming in today to speak with you on what is occurring in the now. It is a time of much intensification of energy, and yet it is a much more subtle intensification than you have previously felt. Many of you, especially before the time of your spring equinox as you built up to your Easter time of this particular year, many of you were…what would you say?…whacked and flattened by the energies. This is slightly different. They are intensifying and yet you are not quite as aware of this…though when you have things like the pain in your side, Maureen, it is definitely showing you that things are going on. Many of you will be aware that you have reached the point where there is no let up. Some people become quite upset over this particular way of continuing your upgrade and feeling there will never be respite, there will never be down time. Yet that is not quite the way to look at it. What I would say to you is that you are in a phase now where I would compare what you are going through to the tide coming into the shore. You have this continuous motion, and while you do have the periods where the wave hits the shore, it then recedes for a bit. Now there is continual movement and continual momentum as you are building up to your high tide, and yet there are in breathes and out breaths.

And all of you who are going through this are willingly going through this. You have chosen this on the soul level…to keep the momentum building…because of the many, many potentials that are in front of you with your accelerated growth and expansion, with your upgrading in a way that allows so many of the things that have seemed to be out of your reach to come closer and closer to you. This is what this period is about.

It is a magical day, the 21st of May. There is an energy contained in this date and numerology that I will not delve very deeply into, just to say that there is an energy of spring here, for you here experiencing spring in the northern hemisphere, that contains magic. And autumn in the southern hemisphere contains magic as well, though in a slightly different way. You here in the north are heading towards your summer solstice now, just a month away. And I will say that you have the grand potential for this summer to be a summer of magic. Are you ready for this?

It is a time that has been spoken of in which the veil, as you have known it, has definitely become thinner and thinner and thinner. It is something that has been said to you previously…it truly only is a belief system. When you release your belief system in the veil, you will find it is not there. You will find that you have the ability to traverse the many other dimensions besides just the one you are residing in in your physical space and physical reality here as a human on earth. There is a building of momentum that is occurring, not just with those of you who have been on this journey, but with the many from the other dimensions who very much desire to interact with you…to merge dimensions…to meld your experiences to where, you who have been, oh specifically of the 3rd dimension, are able to partake of experiences with those who are not living in this reality. This is where there has been an increased interest in these other realms. Many have synchronicitously found themselves opening to the fairies and the elementals as you call them, to the leprechauns, to those who are residing in realms and dimensions that are not as concrete (laughter) and I laugh when I say that because you see concrete is a very dense material. Your 3d reality is a very dense reality. All of you who are upon this journey, who are opening up to bringing in your Divine Selves into your Human selves, what you are doing, as you know, is paving the way for your light body transformation to occur…for you to release the density that you have been living in in your physical mass, to allow in that lightness, that etheric transparency that many in other realms are quite familiar with, that is their way of living. This has been done previously in the human realm, this mixing, this intermingling, but it has been a very long time since this has been a way of life…to not only acknowledge the other realms that exist, but to choose to interact with these other realms.

Now you who are sitting here today have experience with this, as do many others, and yet it is experience that has been long forgotten in this particular incarnation that you are living, because it has been many incarnations since you have done this. And yet, you are in the place yourselves where focus on…focus on the magic, focus on the experimentation…will be a grand catalyst towards opening to these experiences once again.

I am well aware that many times frustration occurs when so many of you read of all the potentials and then you feel as if nothing is happening, yet I would tell you that you have moved yourselves so far in this reclamation of the all of who you are, of your understanding of your desire to expand, that you are indeed poised…and I would say that this has the potential to be a summer like no other that you remember in your near memory of what you have experienced, at least not in this lifetime. You will find that with nurturing of this expansion of your previous belief systems that you will tap into soul level remembrances, cellular level experiences that you have had previously that, once accessed, will make your expansion in the now so much smoother, so much easier, so much faster than it would be. This is indeed part of what meeting ‘your Selves’ is about…reclaiming other parts of who you are on the soul level. For all of them wish to come in and dance with you, play with you, yes…but all of them wish to come in and be integrated with who you are as these wondrous Divine Human beings.

Now what may I say to you as you take this in? Or what other subjects may be on your mind to discuss in this now moment?

Denise: You’ve got to tell Maureen about what’s going on with her side!

Merlin: I will say that this is indeed part of the releasing of density, as you are aware. And I will say that it is not necessary for you to bring up the absolute memory, absolute recall of what happened…ahh, and you are feeling this even as I am speaking these words…Maureen is finding a lessening of what she has been feeling, are you not, Maureen?

Maureen: Yes, I am. I feel a bit of a shifting.

Merlin: I will say that while you, Denise, have wonderful recall of energetic packets of what you have shared that are quite true…do not doubt yourself for what you bring to the surface…I will say that this specific sensation Maureen is feeling in the now is not a spear wound as you have previously experienced. It is a sword wound. And I would say that it has to do with the Merlin energies, with the Camelot energies, with the Arthur energies, with all of this bridging of dimensional realities. Each of you has bridged dimensions in many of your experiences. Now you, dear friend Denise, when you experienced what you were experiencing previously, you had just bridged the dimension of your first lifetime on Earth in coming from the star realms. It was a challenge, to be sure, to immerse yourself in the density, and that was a piece of what needed to be released for you…the energetic imprint of a wounding in density that you had never experienced before. Do you understand this?

Denise: Yes. Very much.

Merlin: How much to say to you, Maureen…how much to say? For you it is slightly different, though you have had other experiences along those lines. As I have said, you do not need to know all of the particulars. What I will say is that what you are releasing in the now…which was a sword wound…occurred when you were not completely immersed in density. It was, my dear, a time when you were aware of…oh the mists of Avalon…where you were aware of magic…where you were a weaver of magic.

You were one who could indeed go back and forth between the realms, between the dimensions. Now this should not be a complete surprise to you since this is what you are doing in your now. You are meeting me in another dimension and you are bringing back my energy, flowing it into words in your dimension here, where you are hearing this with human ears. During a lifetime when you were able to transcend the dimensions, you were wounded and you died from this wound in your human reality, but it was not…it was not completely a human wound. Hmmmmm. How to explain this?…to say that it was magic, magic that had been used in what you would term the black magic sense? You were a powerful sorceress, my dear…sorceress though in the white magic sense of the word. You carried the feminine Merlin energies with you. Much as you have experienced in this lifetime when you are beyond where others are, there is often jealousy, there is resentment, there is fear. This is what wounded you. This is what you are in your now being asked to energetically not only release, but balance…balance within your energy field the experience that you have continued to carry energetically. When you can balance this energetic experience, you will find that it is far easier for you to recall the magician powers, not only that you have known in the past, but that you know in your now yet which have been suppressed by your agreeing to come in to mass consciousness belief systems, and you are an example of this that you can show to others for many, many others have had similar experiences.

Those who you are used to interacting with in the now may not be open to what you have to share of this, but I would say that, oh much as the book you are reading now (Summer with the Leprechauns by Tanis Helliwell) was experienced 10 years before it was written, you will find that as you continue into your future, there is much for you to share with the many who will be resonant with what you have to share…because there will be many who will come, who will honor the wisdom and honor the experience that you have and will be delighted to share it with you.

You are at a crossroads. There will not be many who will continue this same journey with you, for as has been expressed, it takes courage to continue going beyond…where others have not been before. And so allow…allow…allow…and cultivate…cultivate the inner…what is the right word?…simply say, the remembering. Cultivate your own remembering. You have the ability to connect…and I am speaking now to the many who would listen to this and desire it…you have the ability to connect with the knowledge that is innately contained within your DNA. It is only a belief system that has caused you to forget…to allow yourselves to forget. It is safe to come out now. It is safe to remember. This is what I come in today to encourage you to do! Continue to explore these magical realms, for there is much to be experienced, and you are desiring this experience. And this is why you are hearing this…why you are in the place that you are in in your own now.

Now, what more may I say?

Denise: I returned from my road trip to Ohio. Any perspective that you might like to offer on my road trip?

Merlin: You drive very fast! (laughter)

Denise: I didn’t drive that fast this trip! (laughter)

Merlin: And you had much company!

Denise: Yes, there was a party! (laughter)

Merlin: You have a wonderful entourage. I believe we have used that word previously. You have an entourage of…oh I will not even say angelic beings, though there are many angels included. You have an entourage of multidimensional beings who very much enjoy your company, who love to work with you, and who are delighted to have fun with you in the way that you do have fun. There are some of us who love to let the breeze blow through our etheric hair riding in your little red convertible! (laughter)

Denise: I even let St Germain drive…just a little bit! (laughter)

Merlin: He will be very happy to speak with you about this soon. Not today, but very soon! (laughter) Wonderful experience!

But I would say that you are coming home more whole than when you left. Do you need me to explain this or do you understand what I am saying?

Denise: Yes, I understand what you’re saying.

Merlin: You did have etheric company come in and speak to you just before you took off on this road trip. How do you feel that what was said to you has played out with your experience? How do you feel about coming home from this trip?

Denise: Well, I do feel like I did sort of retrieve some pieces…and I had a great time in fact being there (Glen Helen)…actually twice…having a photo shoot with my brother. It was a lot of fun, and I think and feel that that kind of took my relationship with my brother to a different level. Its certainly very green, and lots of water. I feel all kinds of lightness about the place that I remember from my youth. So I would say…you know, it was really pretty and I got to see some of the places that I really wanted to see while I was there.

Merlin: Wonderful! I would say to you that in your own reclaiming of energetic parts of self that had been previously spoken to you about…that in your doing that…what you allowed to happen with your brother was that you have now assisted in seeding him with these other dimensional energies. Now do not have expectations of what this will mean or how he will change because of it or what might come about…but you have interacted with him where he is in a place of receptivity to what you have had to offer him…even if he is not consciously aware of this. He is energetically receptive.

And I am going to do a quick aside here (to Maureen)…and bring it up and say that this is the same place that others are in who will be attending the group gathering you have been contemplating participating in, and this is why you are being encouraged to consider attending…for while these others may not recognize what is happening consciously, there is the grand potential for, not quite the same kind of seeding, but something similar to occur.

But yes my dear (to Denise), you have picked up energies that were not just your energies left behind, but were portals of energy that connect you to the star realms from whence you come, for indeed you are connected to quite a number of them from your experiences prior to your first incarnation on Earth, and certainly prior to this particular incarnation…and so you have…you have expanded your aura. It is quite beautiful to see the additional colors that are now sparkling and twinkling through your light body that is becoming more and more prominent within your physical body. And it may not be immediate, and yet what you are shining in the energy of the light that you have added, and in the frequency and vibration of what you have picked up, is going to act as your transmitter and receiver for expanded experiences. And you will find that when you are spending more time alone here, which I laugh when I say that because…you are never alone my dear! But when you are spending more time alone in the physical, you have grand potential for many experiences that go beyond what you have had before, as a result of what you have energetically brought back with you. Does this make sense to you, my dear?

Denise: Oh yes, very much so. Maureen and I have been talking about experimenting.

Merlin: And I would encourage you to suspend your disbelief even more this summer. For you see, you have this potential to experience other realms in this summer of magic in a way that you have not previously been able to do. You have been very welcoming of all of the nature spirits. You are ones who love and honor dear Gaia and all of the elementals who live upon her. You have not been blessed with the type of interaction that you can relate to your physicalness…that you can see. We have spoken before that physical eyes are not necessarily what will open you to visions beyond this dimension. You must develop your interdimensional eyes. This is the experimentation that will assist in your expansion of experiencing what goes beyond what you have experienced before. I would encourage you to immerse yourselves, in whatever ways feel appropriate to you, in magic! Immerse yourselves in things that are beyond the 3D reality and experience. This book on the leprechauns has been a wonderful starting place for it has assisted in the opening to greater possibilities.

When you are so lovingly caring for this land…speak to those who are sharing this space with you, and there are many. Become peaceful, and allow yourself from your place of peace to invite in interactions. I know you have done this before, but you have not been in the energetic space previously that you are in now…vibrationally…frequency-wise. Have no expectations. That is a main tenant of the new energy. And yet, anticipate experiences that go beyond what is considered normal. You are very good at that! You have spoken about woo woo (laughter) and it is the willing suspension of disbelief. As you continue your willing suspension of disbelief, indeed you open the flood gates for more and more experiences that go beyond what you have considered to be normal in the past.

What more may I say to you about this?

Denise: Well I appreciate very much the perspective and I look forward to that anticipation of playing with the energies, with no expectations. I want to create a wall of silence between me and my next door neighbor so that I’m not disturbed by the noise that comes from there, and I really feel I can do it.

Merlin: I would encourage you, dear one, to work directly with me on this. You are used to the gift of this voice that is able to translate energies in this manner for conversation, and it is a wonderful gift, and yet you do have the ability, as you know, to interact one on one with me and I would be delighted to assist in your experimentation with this particular sort of magic. So I encourage you to invite me to do this.

Denise: Well thank you very much! I will certainly do that. It should be fun! (laughter)

Merlin: You are very welcome! You see that is the second key. The first key is to suspend the disbelief. The second key is to have a good time with it…to have fun…to be joyful…to not take yourself too seriously…for serious energy is heavy energy and you need lightness. Joy is a very light energy. Laughter is a very light energy. Focus on these twinkling, delightful energies of joy and laughter and you will find that the lightness assists you in what you are desiring to accomplish in your experimentation.

Denise: I like that! (laughter)

Merlin: I’m very happy! (laughter)

Denise: Thank you, thank you!

Merlin: Now I would like to go back to you for a minute, Maureen, with this sword wound that you have been feeling physically, that is etheric in nature. It is very deep within your etheric body, which is why it is coming to the surface now for it is the time when all of these old wounds are being brought to the surface for releasing. I would like to direct you back to your first interdimensional experience that you have spoken of with others, that as you recall happened when you were with friends and you went to the Jemez mountains for the day. You were indeed traversing the dimensions in a way that you had never done before, in a way that was a bit scary to you and those with you, for you were gone from your body and that was recognized by all, and no one was sure if you would be coming back into it.

But, what did you find when you were there in those mountains? You went out walking, trying to ground yourself, in your bare feet on earth that was not receptive to bare skin! (laughter) You went walking and you found this stone. What did you call this stone?

Maureen: Yes. The Camelot stone. There were so many different amazingly beautiful gemstones embedded in that one large boulder that it seemed so magical to me. It reminded me of the kind of stone that Excalibur might have been buried in.

Merlin: That was no accident, my dear friend. It was a part of the intersecting of dimensions that you were experiencing. You are an adept at traversing the dimensions, and you have just forgotten. You have all of the knowledge of the priestesses of Avalon…oh, sorceress yes, but that so often has a bad connotation…but indeed you have used this knowledge in good ways, you have used it in positive ways…you have been a carrier of the sword of the light. It was the sword of the dark that has cut through your flesh in the past. It is a merging and a melding time now. It is a balancing time. I wish to come in today to very much encourage you to allow yourself to focus once again on this magical realm that is quite familiar to you. It is not fully of this dimension. It is a bridging dimensional place. Yet what you desire, what you seek to be able to do, you have knowledge of already. You know how to do this.

I would encourage you to continue your connections with those who speak to your heart and your remembering. There is one Tobias has spoken of as also having been a priestess of Avalon with you. I would encourage you to continue your connection with this one. You will act as catalysts for each other with the energetic keys you are each carrying. So I would encourage this nurturing of friendship, sisterhood, and relationship with each other. You both have shared several lifetimes as priestesses of Avalon. And there are others you will begin recognizing as well. Follow your heart when you do have these recognitions of each other.

You have had other experiences in the Camelot realms. You have been masculine as well as feminine, and yet what you are desiring to access in the now is definitely of the feminine. It is what is hidden. It is the moon energy of the magic of the feminine. And I would say that this is what there is an unconscious opening to receptivity to in others that I have spoken of earlier in our conversation today.

Always when you are true to yourself, when you follow your own inner guidance, and when you continue to live from your place of joy, you touch others more than you will ever know consciously as a human. Others are blessed by your presence. In the now, much is connected to these Camelot energies. And this is what is occurring in your physical body in the now, it is once again opening to interdimensionality and remembering! Please continue!

There is much energy being imparted to you today. I am bringing in a soothing energy. I am imparting to you a magical energy that should not be as jolting as some of the energies that have been infused into you previously have been! Allow yourselves to feel the lightness of this energy, for it is joy and laughter energy. It is also an energy that will assist you in suspending any of the remaining bits of disbelief. Once you can release all of your disbelief, you will find…oh, what is that human phrase?…the sky’s the limit? (laughter) You will find that even the sky does not limit you. There is so much to come!

So breathe it in. Feel it coursing through your veins…beating through your heart. It is the Merlin energy. It is a sacred energy indeed, and yet it is also a merry energy…m-e-r-r-y energy…a merry, bubbling energy of delightfulness! I wish to work with you. I wish to work with many, many…all those who desire to work with me…indeed put this out here. Put it out to those who would like to hear this. This is the Summer of Magic! It is the summer of Merlin being present to you and part of your experience…taking your hand and leading you to this melding of magical realities with your own human reality that previously has been quite dense, but you are moving beyond the density and this is indeed what will foster and facilitate the magic of your experience. It is time!

Denise: I laugh when you say this is the ‘Summer of Magic’ ‘cause it brought to mind the old sixties term of the ‘Summer of Love‘…so let’s dedicate this to being the ‘Summer of Magic.’ I like that!

Merlin: Indeed. And spread it around! Like the love!

I will humanly toast this through Maureen…(laughter and clink of glasses)

Mead! I like mead! (laughter)

I will say that’s enough for this now moment…but take that with you. Feel the lightness of it…and know that it is yours to create…the invitation for this to be the Summer of Magic…that is what will bring it forth.

You are so dearly loved. You are never alone. And I am very much excited to be working with you in this way of magic!

And so it is! Aloha! ~ ~ ~


vivianbn said...

I am loving your blogs Maureen. I just read, Merlin and The Summer of Magic and it thoroughly resonated with me. This part especially hit home for me: "I would encourage you to continue your connections with those who speak to your heart and your remembering. There is one Tobias has spoken of as also having been a priestess of Avalon with you. I would encourage you to continue your connection with this one. You will act as catalysts for each other with the energetic keys you are each carrying. So I would encourage this nurturing of friendship, sisterhood, and relationship with each other. You both have shared several lifetimes as priestesses of Avalon. And there are others you will begin recognizing as well. Follow your heart when you do have these recognitions of each other."

I was remembering that particular channeling in our living room in Durango, right before I came to that part!! Gave me etheric chills, I really feel he was referring to me.

Also, I too had right sided pain recently. As I was holding the front and back of my right side,I had the feeling that it was the remembrance of a very old wound. One in which I had been stabbed clean through my right side. Interesting...the stories that you are relating here.

See my post on the CC board about my turkey dinners here at camp too. It is amazing to me how interconnected we all are!!

My summer of magic has already began!

Love and hugs,

Creighton said...

Maureen; love your blog and it has played a role these past few months as I move through these changes; witner was hard. Magic of spring and Merlin was something I felt on my own..close to my own channeling.

Thanks for your investments