Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Didymus of Regulus

Life has been busy for me since the last time I posted on my blog and shared Merlin‘s message about this ‘Summer of Magic.’ My recent time in New Mexico was immensely enjoyable, being back once again with my now grown children and the friends that I love in the Land of Enchantment. Just the other day I found an astrocartography report that a soul sister of mine had done for me once on how I would fare (from an astrological point of view) living in various places around the globe that intrigued me. One of the things she mentioned was that my ‘Venus line’ runs straight through New Mexico and the southwest, so it is no wonder that I love the area so. I do feel the resonance with that! Yet I also have come to love Alberta, where my partner Ziggy has created such a beautiful place to live here in the wide open spaces of this part of Canada. This weekend we will be heading out on a camping trip to Banff and Jasper, the magnificently spectacular portion of the Canadian Rockies that is within a few hours drive of Ziggy’s Alberta home. We will be spending the solstice in the energies of some of the most magically and powerfully potent places on the planet, and invite you all to join us etherically as we mark this auspicious moment in the ‘turning of the wheel’ of the seasons, as Brigid would call it.

My road trip back to Alberta from New Mexico was the most enjoyable road trip I have ever made by myself. I broke up the drive by spending 2 nights in Colorado with dear friends and attending the monthly gathering of the Crimson Circle in Coal Creek Canyon. Geoffrey Hoppe has been publicly channeling Tobias for the last 10 years and now Tobias is ready to fully immerse himself in his own next human incarnation, and so will no longer be speaking to the masses through Geoff after his July departure. The June ‘shoud’ was Tobias’ last monthly shoud, and he personally invited me to attend in one of our conversations with each other. I had decided not to wait around for it, but to simply drive straight back to Alberta and tune in to it from there with Ziggy…yet with a little divine intervention, I ended up there anyways in spite of my best laid plans! And it was wonderful to be there so I am not in the least bit sorry about the unforeseen turn of events that changed my plans and got me there! Aside from the honoring of the unique paths we each have chosen, as in Geoff’s journey with Tobias, one of the best parts of these kinds of gatherings is meeting the people from around the world that you’ve never met before but immediately recognize as soul family. This was certainly the case with this gathering, and I have posted above a picture attesting to this. That’s me in purple surrounded by 2 Dutchmen, a mother and daughter from Belgium, and 2 other Yankees. What fun we had!

The conversation I am sharing here is with a being from the star Regulas. I have only encountered him once before, when he showed up unexpectedly on my partner Ziggy’s birthday and delivered a very personal message to him that had great impact. His energy is powerful. On that occasion, he said that his name was Didymus. When I looked that up, I found that it means ‘twin’ and that Regulas is a twin star. It was a bit of a surprise to have him show up once again while I was still in the mountains of New Mexico and hadn‘t been in communication with him for months. He addressed a strange cloud formation that my daughter and I had witnessed while we relaxed on the patio of my friend Denise’s home while she was away. Photos of this are above also. And I particularly enjoyed his take on each of us having unique interdimensional gifts and abilities that we are just now beginning to open up to.

May you each feel the stirrings of this within yourselves…and continue to embrace the magic that is all around us!

~ ~ ~ Didymus from Regulus

Saturday May 30, 2009

Didymus: Greetings my friends. This is Didymus of Regulus coming in today. I bring a potent star energy with me that I transmit to you today. I come in to speak of potentials that are occurring as the stars align. As you know, this is the ‘dawning of the age of Aquarius!’ And the stars are aligning! There is much speculation as to what will be transpiring. Many are living in fear. Others are living in hope. I come in to speak from my perch here, my perspective, to say that the potentials in front of you are limitless. I wish to encourage you to activate the star DNA within your systems. I am coming in with an energy that will assist in this activation.

So many of you wonder what is next. So many of you wonder where you are going. What you are desiring in the deepest parts of your heart and soul is this connecting with the star realms. And it is aligning. The potentials are coming into this place of alignment. Now, not for all in the sense of…oh, star ships being broadcast on your news reports in the evening! That is not a near potential in this now moment, and yet those of you who have been moving first, moving forward, continuing your own journey of consciousness expansion…those of you who are in the place of knowing you come from the stars and you desire this connection and communication…you are very close to occurrences that will not be explainable to others immediately, and yet, that will be magical! Have you spoken of…yes?…a Summer of Magic? There are those potentials.

Maureen, I will speak for a moment of your sighting with your daughter…of very strange looking cloud formations.

Participant: They were really interesting!

Didymus: They were indeed. And while they were not spaceships or star ships per se, they were star beings who came in without the need for spaceships to hover close and observe. For you see, you and your daughter both have quite the bright energy, bright light, and combined in the calmness of these surroundings…of this vortal that has been created and nurtured here…it was a Friday night party for some who were seeking connection. You did have this in a way that perhaps is not easily explained to you. And yet be aware that nothing happens by accident and you have both been seeded with an energy that is a star activator. It is no surprise to you, is it, that your daughter is a star being…she who uses ‘stars’ in her email address? Her connection is deep and strong also and you will probably not be surprised to know that your connection to each other began in the star realms.

Dear one who nurtures this space, you will find that there may be more visitations during your summer. There is nothing that you need do, any of you, to initiate this, except to be open and be welcoming. It is, as has been called, the Summer of Magic, and the beings that desire to interact with you from the other realms are not only the elementals and the fairies, the devas, as you would call them. They are the star beings as well. And your communication has begun. You are speaking to a star being now. You are indeed merging and melding dimensional realities as you feel this energy and flow it, Maureen. As you are well aware, your partner is very connected to this star realm. You might say that he is a bit of my twin…hence the name Didymus, not just from the twin system of stars but from our connection with each other!

I desire more and further communication. You have been told that many of us are desiring this. You’ve also been told to be prepared for a busy summer! But you will find that there will be much nurturing of your spirit in this busy summer, especially as you connect to the places and situations and environments that you find peaceful. You will find that you will be in the place for this heightened communication. There are many besides me who do indeed desire to come in and communicate with those of you who are open to, desiring and welcoming of this communication.

What may I say to you today?

Participant: I’d like your perspective on…for lack of a better description…these tones and vibrations that I’ve been hearing. Some of them have a certain periodicity. And my guess, my feeling is, that they’re dimensional intersections.

Didymus: Indeed.

Participant: And so whatever kind of perspective you can offer would be wonderful. Its very interesting because it happens when I wake up first thing in the morning and I can move my hand and the vibration will quit…or…it’ll start back up. Its just very interesting.

Didymus: As you are aware, sound is a vibration. Any sound makes a vibration, and yet, often the sounds in the denseness of your human realm do not cause things to vibrate unless they are of a very high pitch, such as your opera singers who can shatter glass with their tones. What you are doing, yes, is intersecting dimensions. You are being called to visit this dimension of this particular tone that you are hearing because it is the closest to your home dimension you might say. It is where you are from. It is where you have many friends and family who are desiring to interact with you. It is also a part of your upgrading, as you have spoken of, of your physical system. It is assisting you in making the biological shifts that are leading you towards further ability to hold light within your physical body. It is part of your moving into light body phase. And yet it is also a communication to you. It will assist you in awakening your star DNA. And as such there is nothing you need to do but allow. And when you do hear this, feel this, sense this, I would encourage you to go into your heart space for in your heart space you will be more aware of what is being communicated to you. It is more than just a tone. It is a communication.

Participant: Well, and then there are the times when the hum in the house is…different than the tones that I hear when I first wake up in the morning. The hum in the house…the hum of the vortal I guess…is what I’m hearing sometimes. Its getting rather loud actually. Any perspective on that?

Didymus: Well certainly. It is as you have said that you have a vortal in this space. It is a portal and a vortex combined, and what you are doing is inviting dimensional intersecting by the hum of your own vortal and at times you are simply hearing this tone of your own vortal. And sometimes you are experiencing the intersection and sometimes you are merely experiencing this hum. And you indeed may become very familiar with this as you continue here, for you see your vortal is becoming increasingly stronger and more powerful as far as the signature tone it is emitting. Do you understand this?

Participant: Yes, I do. Thank you for that perspective. I was certainly just allowing things to happen, but its interesting how sometimes I can hear it. Sometimes I can’t. I’m sure that has something to do with obviously my receptivity and maybe sometimes my busyness.

Didymus: Very much so.

Participant: But I do appreciate that perspective because that just gives me a little bit of confirmation!

Didymus: You are quite welcome. I will add to this a bit and say that more and more are going to be finding it increasingly difficult to interact with the human world in the same manner that you have done all these many years of your present lifetime and other lifetimes. You are going to find that there is such a discrepancy, there is such a difference in vibration that it becomes harder and harder to do what you used to do. This one I speak through is one who has definitely sensed this earlier than many others have. It is why she has sometimes craved ‘hermithood’ and withdrawing from the world a bit. It is why she is finding it more and more challenging to spend time in the atmosphere and energetic environment of the city, something that she was quite used to previously. But she has changed her own vibrational tone, her own frequency, so much that it actually is energetically painful to be there for long periods of time, as she is discovering.

And what you will find, dear one, in answer to your question…yes, when you are engaged in the busyness of the world around you, of what you term 3D matters, you are putting yourself into a different vibration…you emit yourself a different frequency in response to the frequency around you. And so you will find you are not as open and receptive to being aware of the frequency of this particular environment. It is when you are most relaxed and in your own space that you hear and feel this, is it not?

Participant: Of course. Very much so. And in fact I’m hearing it as we have this conversation. I hear it in the background…for lack of a better terminology!

Didymus: Well actually…what you are hearing is my frequency…

Participant: Really!

Didymus: …coming in to meet the frequency of this vortal. You see each of you has unique abilities, and unique gifts. Now Maureen is sitting here very aware of my energy. She is feeling my energy and she is flowing my energy through her own physical human form in the now, and this is part of how she translates these energies into conversation. She is not aware of the same tone that you are. This is your unique continuance…I don’t know if that is quite the right way to put it…the way you are expanding in form. And my dear, you have had a challenge in your human experience a bit with hearing, have you not?

Participant: Oh, yes you are correct. I have a perpetual ringing in my ears…there’s actually I believe a medical term for it…tinnitus or something…but I’ve had hearing issues since my childhood.

Didymus: And part of the reason for this particular experience that you created was because it was this continuance of what you have yourself experienced as an ability in other lifetimes. Maureen has gone back to Lemuria…she has been told that her gift and ability to translate energies in this manner stems from what she was able to do then. You have had a vibrational hearing-related ability that you have not fully opened to as of yet. It may take a while longer before you access this, but your physical hearing challenge since childhood in this lifetime has to do with this ability. And you are now bringing things into a better balance and a better alignment for you to develop this interdimensional hearing capability. It will be one of your unique gifts. There are many, many gifts and it is quite important to share your own experiences to the best of your ability, to the best of your comfort level as to how, for others are going to be having increasingly interesting experiences of their own too that do not have any easy explanations in the physical realm. All of you who have been on this journey of awakening and expansion are reaching the time and the place where the activation of your interdimensional abilities is beginning. And so many of these experiences…Maureen, the experience that you have had with the pain in your side that others, so many others, have written to you about who say ‘wow, I have had something similar going on and did not know what it was‘…this is a part of the…you might say re-activation of your abilities that you have not lost, you have simply repressed, you have suppressed, you have allowed yourselves to forget, and that is what this journey of awakening is about. It is time to reclaim these abilities. It is time to stand tall as the Shining Ones, the star beings that you are, and it is going to be a great deal of fun to experience what comes next.

Participant: I like that perspective because the potential I guess is there for the partial deafness in my one ear to be transformed and to be utilized as an ability and I appreciate that.

Didymus: It has been said so many times, by many…Tobias is taking credit for this though (laughter) in the now…things are not always as they appear. And what you have that manifests in your human physical biology as partial deafness in this one ear is actually your window to interdimensional hearing abilities that others may not have. And so things are definitely not always as they appear. What seems to be a deficit in your 3D human biology may actually be your keycode…keycard to other dimensional experiences that you might not have been able to have or access without the appearance of the seeming deficit. Do you understand this?

Participant: Oh yes, very much so. That’s spot on. I perfectly resonate with that. Thank you so much for your perspective!

Didymus: You’re very welcome. And I would say further that you may find, without putting effort into it…it should be effortless…it should be easy…but when you hear these tones, when you are hearing the hum, allow yourself to focus on this exclusively for a bit of time and see what happens. Shut out everything else and focus inward on this and you will find that this is one of your interdimensional portals. Maureen is thinking back to her experience as a hypnotherapist when each person would have their own unique experience. Some would see things as if it was a movie. Others would hear the experience and know from their hearing state what was occurring, while others still would feel what was going on and bring something up from their subconscious purely through the feeling state. You are one who would be the equivalent of someone accessing through hearing state, and so your hearing state that goes beyond the physical human is your portal to other dimensions. You will have other portals. All of you will have many portals. But this is new to you and in the newness, focus on what is most apparent, allowing this particular type of communication to occur. When you are hearing the tones, allow this to act as your access to other dimensions. And just allow the experience. This is your portal, my dear, and you can expand upon the portal as you allow the experience to continue.

Participant: How cool is that! (laughter)

Didymus: I would say it is very cool!

Well, I do not want to blow circuits today and I am aware of the possibilities of that! I am infusing you with energy…


You have so much company.

Participant: It’s a party 24/7!

Didymus: It is a party that attracts many from the many different realms. Really, it would be wonderful if you could have a visual of how many different beings are here. It would look a little like that Star Wars movie scene where Harrison Ford goes into the bar…

Participant: The bar scene? (laughter)

Didymus: It would look a bit like that! But we are far handsomer than we were made to be in Star Wars, believe me! (laughter) Yes, you see I have a sense of humor too! Humor is indeed the universal transcender of dimensions. I will not get into any competitions here (laughter) but I will say that we are good looking beings…we star beings!

The brightness here in this place is quite known and attracts many. Keep the laughter going, I so encourage you all. I have heard your discussions of the seriousness that some feel that the journey to ascension and enlightenment must be and I would say that you slow yourself down with that, as dear Merlin has said…the lightness is what will buoy you up and move you along further and faster in the manner that you desire. So keep the laughter going. Keep the joyousness bubbling with the Merlin energies and indeed…the star realms I would say are not quite as bubbly as the Merlin energies, but they twinkle. It is a twinkly energy and it is very bright, and we of the star realms indeed enjoy mirth and laughter also. Keep this going. It attracts to you the experiences you desire. It is very hard, it is very challenging, for us to get close to those who are mired down, anchored down, in heavy energies. So the lighter you keep your energies, the easier it is for you to have these experiences that you are so desiring, that you are so welcoming of. And if you keep yourselves light, if you keep yourselves laughing, I guarantee you, as Merlin has said, this will be a Summer of Magic, and far more than just the summer. You will be opening doors, opening portals indeed, to experiences you cannot even imagine, of such joy, of such magic, of such delight, and we have all waited a long time for this to occur. So there is no rush, of course, with anything, but…why waste time? Enjoy the experience, have as much fun as you can, and know that this pause so many of you have been feeling in your forward movement is for a reason. Much is aligning. Things are going to continue moving forward in a manner that you have not been able to contemplate up to this point because it is so different from what has ever been experienced before.

I would say that is enough in words for now. See how you are feeling in a little while…but do feel the twinkling energy that is assisting you in awakening your star DNA, awakening your own remembering and knowledge of who you are beyond the grandness of your beingness as humans…Divine Humans indeed. Divine Humans are star beings, and you are remembering this.

It has been my delight to come in and I look forward to coming in again soon! You are all so very dearly loved! With that I will say…and so it is!…Aloha!…Gleep Gleep!…and I will save my greeting from Regulus until our next encounter! (laughter) ~~~


vivian said...

Thanks for sharing this latest communication with us Maureen! YOU have a wonderful gift of facilitating putting these energies into words and I value that!! I can really relate to all that is spoken of here too. My ears are ringing like crazy in my now moment in fact; after having just read this :)

As my Grandma always said: I Love You Dearly! I always have and I always will. Thanks for reminding me of that too.

Love you Maureen!

Newlily said...

Dear Maureen,

i have to wonder why we are always on the similar track ? :)

I went to Phuket Island, a resort island in Thailand on 11-15 of June. It was a holiday and on the 3rd night, I woke up in the middle of the night, hearinng some " humming " , then i saw a woman ghost, angry and horible looking .....I guessed its one of aspects - so the humming is my opening to other dimensions. A bout 4 years ago, when a group of masons/ Illuminati contacted me, they are chinese , not whites!!!! i did not know how they knew of me , how we met is another long story. They told me that they were masons and they hv link to the ETs. one night, in bed, I heard a tongue clicking coming from my balcony .... and I "saw " and felt the presence of different vibrations ..... I was very sacred . Another night, again I heard the tongue clicking sound again, and i saw with my 3rd eye, there were hundred of spaceships in the sky !!!!! I woke up my hubby frantically and told him " they are coming !!!"

My Hubby just rolled over and said " go back to sleep " and left me , lying scared to death, calling on Tobias Guan Yin, St G , chanting mantra .....for a long time , and ST G appeared , and told me to focus on chanting the Guan Yin Mantra , he will take care of the rest.....i fell asleep finally .... I have been wondering since whether that expereince was just my aspects coming back? Now , from your expereince, it seems that was a real ET encounter.
So probably , i drifted into another dimension ?

In Phuket,at the Beach, my hubby and i also saw very cute clouds , in the sky at Subset. They seem to be alive !!!!!hmmmmm
So this is going to be a busy summer .....

I was born with a defect in the left ear as well. its a little deaf- and it is hereditary:- My mum, my brother , sister , my nephew and my son all have the same defect. My mum , my brother and my sister are slightly psychic ......

My domestic helper has developed tinitis in her left ear. She is a lovely pure woman , who is a very devout muslim , She has been with me for 6 years now. She is very int uitive. Soemtimes, she would bring me what i want, drinks or whatever, without me opening my mouth- I would jusy be thinking- i need a cup of hot tea- and a few minutes later , she would bring the tea. And she said she " heard" asking her to make the tea :)

Hugs , I am going to MNSEC...


Newlily said...

p.s I I just did SES in Perth end of May with 2 shaumbra teachers. at the begining of the 1 DVD, i went back to the my Temple of Tiens , in the end days, where we were franticaaly discussing what to do . I remembered in class , that i put an energetic device on my chin, so that the Azura people would not hv access to the knowledge of Aliyah. that device was part of the reason that made me zombie like after capture.

I also remembered that i taught Aliyah then, or in later life times. I had experience buzzing of my 3rd eye and on the crown in the SES class- tobias said that it is a sign of Aliyee..

I also had flashes of my temple .....