Friday, June 19, 2009

A Solstice Message from Jeshua

~ ~ ~June 19, 2009

Jeshua: Greetings my Beloved Ones. This energy flowing through to you today is the energy of the one you have called Jeshua. Jeshua is part of the expanded energy known as Sananda, and there are many other names, there are many energy streams that flow this particular energy. In the now, in this moment, I choose to come in to you as Jeshua because Jeshua is the one that you have known and loved so well and walked with, not just in the one incarnation as the man Jesus, but in many incarnations since this energy was initiated in the star realms. And yes, indeed, Jeshua is a star energy and a star being. It is one that you are so familiar with. It is one who is so very loved because indeed the energy that is Jeshua is the energy of your own highest potential contained within the All That You Are. Jeshua is not a lone entity. Jeshua is a multitude of souls who have chosen to expand into the highest form of being as the Divine Human Being walking on this most beautiful and beloved planet of Earth.

I come in today at this advent of your solstice…summer solstice here in your northern hemisphere…winter solstice in the southern. Duality is such a beautiful mirror image in so many ways. This solstice is a doorway, as has been said by many, and yet I would like to speak to you today of exactly what kind of doorway this is. I do not come in frequently in this manner through this particular Voice and yet this particular Voice very much flows my energy stream as do you sitting here with this Voice. We’re very familiar to each other. And the many who will choose to tune in to the words of this message also very much flow this energy stream of Jeshua, of Jesus, that is indeed star energy from the Order of Sananda.

This doorway of your solstice is the most potent doorway you have had open for you in a very long time. What is occurring astronomically, what is occurring celestially, what is occurring in the movement of Heaven and Earth, is an alignment that you have awaited for 2000 plus years. What is occurring is what you came here to birth in this particular lifetime yes, but what you have carried with you through so many lifetimes of challenge, through so many lifetimes of passion, through so many lifetimes of being on fire with the purpose that your soul brought you once again into human form for.

Dear Ones, Beloved Ones, you are here. You have arrived. I say to you everything will change. Everything will be different with this alignment coming into manifest form. And you are the manifestations. You are the ones who have walked this very long road, this very long journey. There have been joys and sorrows along the path of all these many lifetimes. And yet you have persevered and yet you have continued to come back time after time so strong was this desire within you to make manifest the glory of God and divinity within human body and human form. I come in today to say I am so pleased with what you have wrought. I am so filled with joy at this blossoming, at this new becoming that has only been dreamed of previously. I come in to tell you, each of you, every one of you is applauded throughout the universe. And yes it is a standing ovation indeed.

Many will not be aware of the change that is taking place and about to come into full swing, full manifestation, with this alignment. And yet I wish you to know that as I have always walked beside you to lovingly support and guide you, I remain with you, my energy still very much a part of this germination and blooming that you have been the loving gardeners bringing forth all these many, many, many lifetimes since we walked together.

Indeed what is aligning and what is coming into manifestation now you may call the Christ grid. It is the weaving, it is the web of divinity brought into human form. It is the ushering in of the Golden Era. It is the opening to once again live your lives as Gods on Earth. Gods and Goddesses indeed, and yet you are moving beyond duality. You are moving into the place where the spark of divinity within you will be much more important to you than the gender of biology that you inhabit. You’re moving into the time of seeing and recognizing each other as sparks of divinity more so than as male and female, man and woman. There is a certain joy in your playing the game of duality in which you mirror images of each other in human form, are able to fit so well together, and yet, each of you is in the place to transcend the limitations of biology if you so choose, while truly enjoying the gifts and the blessings of biology. Indeed my beautiful mirror in my own lifetime as the man Jeshua, Mary Magdalene…she has been called Miriam…she is known by other names in other circles…this energy is a twin mirror energy to my own. In the realms beyond the earth realms we are not male and female. It is only in this world that you differentiate as such. And yet there is such joy and beauty in the differentiation.

Miriam’s energy is blended with mine…melded with mine. You are being suffused with both, for indeed we are a divine complementation to each other. You are reaching the place with this alignment of the Christ grid in which complementation in human form is no longer as important or necessary as it has been in the past, for you are awakening to your own ability to be the complement to yourself in all forms. The world will continue to operate as it has…as it has been in duality for so many eons…and yet those of you who are walking through this doorway at this solstice consciously into the energetic field of the Christ grid made manifest have many choices in front of you. With the alignment that is occurring you no longer need to continue living your lives in the same manner that you have lived up until now. Many new and wondrous opportunities will be presenting themselves to you for multidimensional experiences of living that were only but a dream and part of science fiction books in the past. Your imaginations are going to be stretched beyond any limits with what becomes available to you. I encourage you to choose wisely and yet to choose joyously as to what you would desire to experience next and what you would create, for the boundaries of creation as it has been in your world previously are being stretched and expanded. The many miracles that the man Jesus performed indeed are within your reach and indeed are potentially there to become the everyday reality of those who open themselves to their own alignment with this Christ grid.

I will not speak of the specifics of the different experiences that will be upon you shortly, yet I will say that it is what you have been coming back to Earth for over and over again. It is why you have endured lifetimes of challenge and grief and pain. Let the pain and the grief and the sorrow be finished for all eternity now. You have moved beyond the need to ever experience pain or sorrow or grief again. You are now fully and completely able to put on your light bodies, to clothe yourselves in the light of the truth of Who You Are. I walk beside you upon this journey. I extend my hand and my heart to you. I ask you to remember what we began together so long ago in your time, and yet, merely the blink of the eye in no time.

You are so beautiful! And your beauty shines forth from within you. It is your essence. It is Who You Are. It is the truth of Who You Are. We all come from the stars, something you will understand more deeply and more fully as you continue to walk forward in your new and expanded way of living.

I am a Shining One. As are you. It is time for our light to light the way to this new Earth, to this new realm, to this new way of multidimensional living and experiencing beyond what has ever been lived and experienced on planet Earth before.

Celebrate this solstice! The energies are potent as you know. They are powerful. They are your energies indeed as you step fully into your recognition of Self as God. So many of you have taken this in on an intellectual level. So many of you have accepted that you are these Divine Sparks and yet you have not made manifest in your living what it means to be the Divine Human Gods that you are. It is time now for this. It is time now.

I will be with you as you open your hearts to the energies of the Christ grid that you will feel with this solstice. I celebrate with you in joy. And so it is. ~ ~ ~

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Margaret said...

Dearest Maureen,

Thank you for bringing these energies through! What a joy to "happen upon" this channel today. My heart was deeply touched by Jeshua and all the beauty and love shared throughout the message. It is indeed a magnificent time unlike any other. Blessed are we all!

With love,
Margaret Rose