Wednesday, July 29, 2009

BRIGID: The Apex Of This Cycle

~ ~ ~ Brigid: Cead Mille Failte Beloved Ones! May the grace and peace of the Goddess be with you! Yes, it is I Brigid flowing in today with that grace and peace, desiring to infuse you with the light and the love of the Goddess. It is a time of much potency, as you are very well aware…those of you who are sensitive to these times and these energies of this now on this planet.

You are in the midst of one of the grandest cycles of the turning of the wheel that has ever been experienced on planet Earth. Many have spoken of this period of three months of Earth time, this period that has begun with your solstice in June and this period that will conclude and open to a new cycle with your equinox in September. Much is occurring, and you are nearing the apex of this cycle. This weekend is the celebration of Lammas/Lughnasadh, which is the cross point on the wheel between this solstice and equinox. It is the height of the potency and intensity of the energies of this cycle, this time of Lammas/Lughnasadh. And yet this celebration of Lammas is also a lunar celebration, and lunar Lammas occurs on the 5th day of August (depending on location, the 6th for some), one week from today. And this is when you will also be experiencing this third in your trilogy of eclipses. Today is the beginning of the apex. This apex will last for this one week of time. And you are correct that numerologically the energy being brought in today…the energy you are being infused with…is that of the Master number eleven. For indeed this is the time for the true birthing of Masters upon this planet.

I flow the energies of the Divine Feminine….of the Goddess. My counterpart…who is energetically present with us today as well…you know as…you call…The Green Man…represents the Divine Masculine. So much is occurring on your planet and yet it is indeed the culmination of this dancing of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine that we both represent. Each of you is dancing within yourselves with your own Masculine and Feminine. Each of you are seeking to bring to balance this Masculine & Feminine within in order to truly birth the Divine Christos that You Are. You have carried these seeds, you have carried this energy, and yet it has not fully reached the place of balance that is necessary for the completion of this fusing of energies into the Christos. This cycle is your opportunity to do this.

There has been much turbulence. There has been much chaos. There has been much confusion. There has been much seemingly strange behavior! All of this is a direct result of this seeking of balance.

Many in female bodies in this lifetime have denied their own Divine Feminine. It is crying out to be embraced, and yet there is fear of the embracing. This has caused the masculine energy that is skewed and out of balance with itself to speak loudly and to act out. It is all part of the process of moving beyond what has been hidden and bringing it into the light. As such it does serve the Divine purpose.

I encourage all of you to continue to love those who are confused, those who struggle with their own frustrations and often act these out upon others. Know your Selves. Stand in your own balance. You have been told this by many, over and over, and it will continue to be the message as you move into the place of readiness for the embodiment of the fullness of all of Who You Are.

The Feminine can no longer be suppressed in the way she has been for thousands and thousands of years of your earth time. Those of you who are on the forefront of this movement of reclaiming the Divine Feminine…of putting this Goddess energy back in it’s rightful place…those of you who are willing to open yourselves to this beauty and flow of the Goddess energy in spite of, often, the ridicule of others, or the anger of others who are unable to do this themselves…and I speak not only to those of you in female form, for indeed there are many who are in male body in this lifetime who are also returning the Goddess to her rightful place of balance with the God…you know to whom I speak…those of you who have allowed the gentleness of your own Feminine to temper your Masculine warrior energies…you are very much appreciated for the work you are doing energetically for the planet.

This is a time like no other…I have heard it said! There is truth in this. You will find that things build in the next week and indeed this is the proper timing for this. You are moving towards the Divine marriage of your Masculine and your Feminine energies. And those who are openly embracing this process and this melding and this dance…after this third eclipse, you will find that you are on the other side of the mountain, figuratively speaking. You will find that there is an easing of the intensities. You will find that your paths are not quite as strewn with rocks as they have been on the uphill journey. Lammas/Lughnasadh is a celebration of the harvest. It is a celebration of the bounty of Nature…of the fertility cycle that you began with the dancing around the Maypole of Beltane. Trust that this has indeed been a cycle of fertility within yourselves. Trust that your harvest is about ready now to be bountifully picked…shared…enjoyed. Do indeed continue to share the fruits of your own bounty. Some will reject…but many others will gratefully and gracefully receive, as they share their bounties with you as well.

Your time on this planet is cyclical. It is circular. The Goddess energies are far more circular than they are linear. This is part of the melding of Masculine and Feminine. The Masculine energies are quite often represented in linearity…the line of the rod symbolic of the male organ. The Feminine is softer and rounder. They fit together well. It is meant to be this way.

Remember there is a beauty in your duality. It is why you have chosen to pursue it here on planet Earth. It is why you have chosen to play this game. You are ascending, yes. You are moving beyond this third dimensional playing space that you have occupied lifetime after lifetime for so many incarnations. And yet, there will sometimes be sadness in moving on for there have been joys as well as sorrows. There are so many things of beauty that you find on this planet that are not found in exactly this same manner and capacity anywhere else in this universe. So I bid you to truly embrace the joy of your living in this world. I am aware your experiences of late have often times been challenging. There has been reason and purpose in every experience you have had. It is offering you the opportunity to expand beyond where you have been in marvelous and truly magical ways. Not all are ready to participate in this expanding potential. Not all are ready to utilize this opportunity and this is okay. It does not need to hold you who are ready back from this. This is probably the most important piece of and part of my message today. Stand in your own place of truth. Invite in your own balance of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine so that you are in the place now with these powerful energies to birth the Christos within yourself. As you do this you emanate out this light and this loving energy. Others will be touched by this and affected by this. But it is not your responsibility to attempt to move others along who are not choosing to move beyond where they are, who are not ready to move beyond where they are. You are Creators and you are creating in every now moment. And while there may have been potentials in place that have not been realized…as the grand Creators that you are, you are in this very now moment birthing new potentials. This is why you feel such potent energy today on this Master number 11 day. For it is indeed the day of the birthing of new potentials.

Stand in your own truth, dear ones. Stand in your own beauty. Stand in your own love. Stand in your own light. Stand in the truth of Who You Are. The Christos is being born. There is great joy associated with this!

You are so loved. You are so honored. You are so supported. I once again encourage you to keep your home fires burning, and remember that those home fires begin first and foremost and always within your own hearts. I live in the fire of your hearts. I am always close at hand. I continue to encourage you on this wondrous journey…yes, so filled with challenges, and power surges. (laughter) And strange experiences! And yet, if you could only see from a distance…from the distance of another dimension, the way you are looked upon by those of us who are not here living in physical body. You would be more awed and amazed than you can imagine.

I will leave you once again with the grace and peace and beauty and the love and the light of the Goddess energy. I infuse you with this and our dear friend The Green Man melds his balance of the Divine Masculine with that of my Divine Feminine. Breathe it in. Feel it pumping through you with every beat of your heart. Know that you are being applauded by all of us who stand in awe of you. And with that I say, and so it is. Cead Mille Failte. And aloha! ~ ~ ~

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