Tuesday, July 7, 2009

MERLIN on the Lunar Eclipse

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Merlin: Greetings my very dear friends. This is I Merlin coming in today to once again share a bit of magic with you. You have reached yet another milestone on this monumental journey you have been on, not just of late but through the many ages of time that you have spent playing on this planet. It has been said the game has reached a new level of play. With this eclipse of today, with this blotting out that allows for what is hidden to come forth, much is changing. Many doors are opening. Many choices will need to be made. Remember, there are never any wrong choices! This is a game that you have set up to play collectively, and yet indeed there is no other who is ever playing the same game that you each are playing individually.

Be your own Magician. That is what this energy I bring in today is about. It has been talked about by many besides me that you have all…all who are drawn to the energies of Merlin and Camelot, Arthur and Guinevere and Lancelot, the Knights of the Round Table…you have all been a part of this reality that has been known as myth. It is a reality that has crossed dimensional boundaries, crossed dimensional borders. You have done this previously. Camelot was not fully in this 3rd dimension that you have been living in in this now lifetime that is spinning itself into change.

You have previously bridged the dimensions. Many besides just those who are tuned into the Camelot energies have also done this…your Anasazi, your Mayans and Incas, your aboriginals in that magical Land Down Under. Many places upon this planet, many peoples upon this planet, have known the intersecting of dimensions, the bridging of realities. Now each of you in your now is in the place to choose which reality you desire to live in and to create in. There are as many realities as there are individuals living upon this planet. No one is right. No one is wrong. As you know, each is simply unique.

The energies are building as far as assistance, as far as tools, for you to utilize as you choose how to move forward on your journey. Questions have been asked…do these tools come from without or from within? Indeed it is your within that generates the without that brings you back the tools to use from within!

You have heard of a collective measurement that is taken at times. You have heard of the potential for a ‘technology drop,’ as it has been called, or indeed an upgrade to a level that most in this lifetime cannot imagine, and yet a level which all of you who lived in the days of Atlantis were very familiar with. It is not that something is coming back to you from the outside. It is that you have allowed this to rise up within yourselves from the inside. What you do with what comes next is up to you.

For those who choose it, you are entering a period of time upon your planet that has been long awaited and has been long longed for, wished for, and desired. It makes no difference how many others choose this reality for you to enjoy the fruits of your own journey of consciousness. And it makes no difference to those who choose to continue to journey in the very real world that has been created by consciousness also over these eons of time. No dimension is any better or worse than any other dimension either. Keep this in mind as you attempt to choose for yourselves while allowing others their choice as well. Each of you, when you access your own inner Magician, does indeed create your own kingdom, your own realm of living.

What may I say to you that would assist you in tuning into your own inner Magicians?

Participant One: We have been experiencing night time activities (dreams) dealing with road construction…pathways…and you know my feelings towards that is that this is part of our creation. Also, I had this awesome dream a couple of nights ago…well I call it a dream but its actually a peek into a slightly different reality…that I have a new house under construction and it is just about ready to go….to move into…but I had a little issue with the entryway into this new house which required access from the old house. So I’m putting in a new separate entry way right now…and of course the house I see as being my physical body and the renewal taking place in that. I wonder if you could comment on these sorts of experiences we’re having?

Merlin: Indeed. First I would say that your dreams of road construction are very appropriate for where you are. And I would take you back to a Kryon parable, a story that many heard on the beginning of this leg of the journey on planet Earth and for individuals walking their own unique part of this path. This parable was about the bridge that had washed out in the storm and the car that was hurtling towards it with no other place to go, worrying about seeing no bridge available, only to find that eventually as the car reached the place where the old bridge had been, there was a whole new bridge that had been under construction to take the place of the one that washed away that had been hidden from view…it had not been in sight previously. Many were being shown that it is not always a requirement to know what comes next or how one is going to get there. When one is able to tap in to one’s inner Magician…which you might also call God or your divinity…it is always taken care of for you…when you allow that You take care of you always.

And so you are, in your dreams, dreaming about heading to this new bridge…the one that you may not have been aware has been being constructed as you have had to go down this rugged path filled with potholes, in your vehicles. The new road will take you to new places, and you are fast approaching the new road.

Now, my friend, in your dream of the houses…your new house under construction and nearing completion, and the entry way is through the old house…this is your old world and your new world. For you, yes, it is very symbolic also of your physical form. And yet it is about much more than just physical body. It is about…hmmm…it is about your kingdom, indeed…it is about new creating, and sometimes new form evolves from and through the old. Sometimes your experience of whatever has been…what you have been living in what you might call the old, the past…is very necessary before you have the skills and abilities to create the new that you desire…and so, necessary in order to create whatever entryway you choose to create that is completely in your new realm, your new kingdom, your new dimensional reality that may indeed be of intersecting dimensions.

And so I would say a message for many is to not scorn the old…to not put down the old…but to embrace whatever has been as what has led you to what you are experiencing now and what comes next for you. Many will find that before they choose to create in a different reality or intersecting dimensions that it is important and necessary for them to complete what they have been building in the old, as you might call it. And from that…from the fulfillment and satisfaction of having completed what was previously not complete…from there a whole new design plan may come into place. You see, as has been said by wise ones, you never get it done! You can create a new house, a new realm, a new kingdom, and you will live there and hopefully enjoy it and play in it for as long as it is relevant to what you are desiring to experience. And when you are finding yourself desiring other experience, desiring further expansion, then it will be time to leave behind that creation. It may seem so shiny and new in the now but by then it will have grown old! There will always be new houses to build. There will always be new bridges to cross. There will always be new dimensions to experience. Again, I take you back to Kryon, one who has played a very important role in the unfolding of this journey for many. Take out your maps! Do you remember the map Kryon gave? X! You are here. That is all you need on your blank piece of paper. X…in the middle of it. You Are Here!

So it is a good thing for you to stop being concerned about wherever anyone else is in their construction…whatever anyone else is choosing to build…whichever house is still under construction or whichever house is nearing completion…for each house is built upon the house that came previously…for you and for all others.

And so, the important thing is to experience your house joyfully. Have fun in the creating. And when you feel that it is finished and you are ready to play in it for a while, have a very big housewarming party! Invite everyone you know to come and share…everyone who would choose to come and share with you! Encourage others in their construction. There are many styles of houses. There are many styles of living. All are beautiful. All are indeed magical. You are each musicians…(laughter)

…MAGICIANS! (laughter) You’ve been listening to too much music! (laughter) You are all Magicians!

I tease…you can never get enough of music. Music is quite magical.

Remember who you are, dear ones. Remember that your kingdom, your Camelot, is not dependent on anyone but yourself. And sometimes you will find…this is the beauty of living as humans…sometimes you find that there are houses that can be built that more than one can be happy living in and sharing in. This is not a requirement. It is part of the ever changing spiral of creation. It is part of the dance of life and living. It is part of the magic of being a Magician.

Does this answer what you are seeking to know?

Participant One: It does. It provides me with a much broader perspective…a wider range…and I really thank you for that. One little follow up is…you know speaking of assistance, I had my construction crew, in this new kingdom, new reality, new house…it was made up of beings that are incarnate at this time and not incarnate at this time, and I recognized quite a few of them that are, you know, providing assistance for this happening for me, so I’m not in this alone.

Merlin: Did you ever think you were? (laughter)

Participant One: Not really. (laughter)

Merlin: Oh, and each of you would be very surprised to see the full extent of the construction crews that work with each individual creating their new home…new castle…new kingdom. It is made up quite a bit of those you interact with in whatever manner you do. It is all made up of those who are closest to you that you have chosen the closest relationships with, which are often those who are your family, your friends…sometimes even those who you (laughter) …you have not gotten along with so well! Sometimes they are assisting you, truly, in pouring the foundation for your new creation. You are not in this alone, even though it is all about creating solely through your own choice…and your own consciousness. Many others will happily create with you.

And many others are happily creating with you that you are not aware of, that have not participated in your human experience in this lifetime by interacting with you in the physical, and yet they are very much a part of your extended soul family…entourage…and part of indeed Who You Are on a grander level than just the reality you have been aware of up until now. Many are aware this is shifting and changing. Many know they are far more than how things appear on the human surface. These extended parts of yourself are very much a part of your construction crew as well.

Participant One: Yes, I recognize that. Initially I felt that all of…not all of but many of…the beings that were assisting in this construction project were actually parts of myself and when we consider our Self to be all in this together as part of the One, that makes a lot of sense also.

Merlin: Good. I am glad! I am glad it is well received.

And you, dear one (said to Participant Two), I am aware there is something you would like to ask!

Participant Two: Well, I would love any perspective that you might be up for sharing on these collisions and explosions that seem to have been brought to the surface by whatever is going on energetically in the now…and just any words on the experience that has been shared by many in the context of this. What would you say about any of this, dear Merlin?

Merlin: We are talking about construction. As you are aware, quite frequently in construction before the renovation work can get under way, before new construction can occur, quite frequently there must be a demolition crew who comes in and removes what is to be replaced…what is to be upgraded and renewed and recreated. And this is as important a part of the process as any other…for indeed you would not want to merely build over the surface of the old when it is the new that you are truly desiring. That would not be a sound manner of building. And so allow that while each of you is indeed living your own unique experience, many times there are…how would I say it?…many times you are part of something bigger than your own unique experience. There are group collectives of energy, and many times you participate in their movement of energy, yes…you participate in the renovation, yes…you participate in the destruction of the old and creation of the new…together…because you are creating something new, together…birthing something new, together…something that is larger than only your own individual experience. Every person playing in this is a willing participant…whether they think so or not (laughter). Yet what this has been about in many ways has been a renewal. It has been a bringing back together of energies that have needed to go off in different directions…in order to then come back together…to create in a larger way than any one direction ever could…and now this is coming back into collective awareness.

This is to say that the whole is indeed greater than the sum of its parts. It is to say that every note is part of the collective song. You do not desire to have all sopranos or all altos in a choir. You need many different octaves and ranges in order to give the most pleasing final composition. You are not done composing this song as of yet. You are about to make a dramatic shift in what has been previously being sung. To put it in the terms of classical music, you are about to change tempo from adagio to allegro in the song you have been composing together! It is appropriate. It is required. And indeed it is quite beautiful. So, I remind you again to remember to be your own Magician…and to also allow all others to be their own Magicians as well. And know that when many Magicians come together there is magic and alchemy. This is what is occurring now. Have no expectations as to what the result of this alchemy will be! Simply trust…trust creatorship. Allow this birthing. Allow this alchemical process. And know that all is well!

And so it is!

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