Sunday, July 19, 2009

TOBIAS: Choosing Change

~ ~ ~ Saturday July 18, 2009

Tobias: Greetings my very dear and oh so beloved friends. It is I Tobias coming in today. It is my pleasure and my joy to be with you, to flow to you, through you, and to share with you.

You are feeling much energy. This is because of the potency of the time you are in. It is because my own energetic connection to you is being magnified by the energies of what is occurring in this now time. In this now time you have reached a culmination point. Some may call it a graduation point, but in my now I will call it a culmination point.

The road you have been walking, my friends, for a long time has led you to where you stand in your now. Not all of you are standing in the same place. Not all roads lead to Rome! My joke. (laughter) Not all roads, no matter how much they have appeared to be similar, lead to the same destination on unique journeys.

So much has been shared, and yet, so much has still been individual, as it must be in the game that you are playing. Each of you chooses which particular destination, for this portion of your itinerary, is most appealing. For you see it is not your final destination. It is never your final destination. There is no final destination. Some of you have shared the same airplane ride, so to speak, as you headed to the same airport, and yet as you disembark from the plane, you go in different directions. Some of you may be already where you are choosing to be in this now moment and not opting for further travel, while others are catching connecting flights and yet going on to very different locations. Intersecting and intersections occur on every leg of the journey. And yet again, not all destinations are the same.

Some are celebrating this weekend in one manner. Others have chosen to mark this weekend in another manner, a different manner. All is appropriate.

There are many different flavors of I Tobias, as there are many different flavors of all the energies that are flowed by those who are known as channelers…or as the one who flows my energy in the now has called it, energy translators. It has been spoken of as streams. There are different streams of what is ultimately the same flow that always leads back to Source. Source energy. You are each here choosing uniquely how to flow Source energy through yourselves, how to demonstrate this God that you are. Not all will choose to do so in the same manner.

There is a separation occurring. You know this. You feel this. You are aware of this. There need not be sorrow in separation. For all separation is simply choice for change. I am making choice for change myself in choosing to return to human form, choosing to take on a body once again after, in your time, a very long absence. I am excited about my choice. And yet my choice to stay out of body for this period of time that I have was most appropriate also. Everything serves the divine Whole.

This would be my message for the ones who are confused about all that is occurring. Everything serves the Whole. What serves each of you best is to find what brings you the most peace, the most joy. Find that place of centeredness and balance within Self that allows the winds of change to blow around you, that allows the seas to be turbulent and yet like the one Jesus, for you to simply rest through the storm…for you to calm the seas of your own boat. You do not need to live in fear unless you choose to. And if you choose to, it is an appropriate choice for what you are desiring to experience.

You are desiring, many of you, to move out of duality. When you do begin moving out of duality, you will find that things are not always as they appear, as we have said. There are many layers, many levels, to every experience, to every choice. Honor each other’s choices! Allow each other their choices!

As things crumble, there is often panic and chaos. You will see this in the world all around you. Because this is indeed what you are in the midst of…the crumbling of the old. But you who choose to be here now in order to bring in the new, to create the new...stand fast in who you are. Stand steady in who you know yourselves to be.

It is only important what you alone choose for Self in your own world. You create through your choices, yes, but you do not need to change the choices of any others. This is the magnificence of this particular game board of planet Earth. You cannot control others. There is no need to control others. And yet by shining your own light, by standing in your own love, which oh yes, dear ones, is grounded in your love of Self first and foremost, by doing this you have the amazing ability and capacity to influence others in a manner that may indeed assist them in choosing differently for themselves.

You are in the midst of a very powerful time upon the planet, as I know you are aware. When our dear friend Brigid comes in and speaks to you, she so often speaks of the cycles of the turning of the wheel of planet Earth. Between the turning of the wheel of your solstice of June and your equinox of September, you will find that you have blasted yourselves far beyond where you were before this cycle began, when this cycle completes itself. This is why this particular cycle contains these 3 eclipses. It is why you are having these occur at the time of your Lion’s Gate and it is why after you have walked through this particular portal in this particular time period you will receive an infusion of light the likes of which you have not experienced before. And so you see, there is grand reason and grand purpose for all that is occurring in the now, even when you may not on the human level understand it or like it, even when it does not seem that things are going the way one would desire or think they should at such a time of planetary awakening and enlightenment. But do not judge, dear ones. Do not judge. For you cannot see with your human eyes with the same vision and the same perspective that you have when you are not in these bodies.

I wish you to know that with these potent energies, with the amping up of what is occurring on the planet in the now, those of you who have made the choice to walk into this further expansion of consciousness into the new…you will find that your senses do begin giving you experiences that are far beyond what you have been used to experiencing in this dimension of the human realm only.

So you see it is a time for excitement. Not all will experience this time in the same way. And indeed some have chosen not to continue the journey of expanding consciousness, but to remain living in the reality they are in in their own now. This is appropriate also. For indeed you might say that these changes come about in waves. Wherever one may be within the ocean, within this ocean of divine experiencing, the waves do not separate. They ebb and they flow. And one drop of water that may be contained within the wave now breaking on the shore, when it is washed back out into the wholeness of the ocean returns to shore on a very different wave.

There will always be some who go first. There will always be some who come up behind. I encourage you wherever you are to simply hold out your hand to those who are desiring to follow your lead. And this is not in need of a debate on leaders in the now. I do like the word standards. But it is a human reality we are speaking of here. A person who goes in front is leading. When you hike a trail where people must go single file, there is one who is leading, and the others are following the lead. No position is better or worse than any other. Each simply has different responsibilities, different joys, different challenges.

I am choosing change in my own experience. I am and always will be still with you and available to you and desiring to connect with you in the realms beyond the human in which we all do dance together, laugh together, share together, love together. This shall continue. It is important for you to know that I am not disappearing. I am choosing change. And it is a change that is noticed publicly by those who have followed the messages that another has brought forth from me. It is time for a change. I still have more things to share, more messages, more conversations to delight in with you. And I shall return to do this! For you see, we have such wonderful conversations with each other in other realms besides this one. You are not limited by the human dimension you are living in when you choose to expand beyond it. I love you dearly. And so it is. Aloha. ~ ~ ~


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