Sunday, August 16, 2009

THE GREEN MAN: The Wild Dance

This time period since the June solstice has been one of the most intense energetically that planet Earth has ever experienced. The recent trilogy of eclipses had many people, myself included, simply unable to focus on anything other than maintaining their own centeredness and balance, often with mixed results at best! Now that the last of these eclipses is past, perhaps we will be able to enjoy a bit of a respite from the previous intensity. Much energy moved during these last 2 months, and we’re standing in a new and different place as a result.

Since the camping trip to Banff National Park that my partner Ziggy and I made for the June solstice, we have pretty much spent the rest of our summer in a much more subdued and low key state than we had been anticipating…simply because we had no energy to go anywhere or do anything other than take life one moment at a time in whatever manner gave us the most peace and the most joy. Because of the beautiful Natural setting where we reside here in Alberta, serenity was found most easily by staying close to home.

We did have many visitors this summer though, and most were not of the two legged variety! As we traversed the waves of the energetic shifts, we had various animals appear in our experience that always seemed to have the perfect message for us in what they symbolized and represent as an animal totem. These have included birds, skunks, a porcupine who very much enjoyed our raspberry patch, a moose we watched munching leaves from the Siberian crabapple trees in the front yard one morning, and garter snakes with a real affinity for getting into the greenhouse here, which is attached to the house via a door through the living room with a glass window panel. Two mornings in a row this past week I looked up from where I was sitting drinking coffee in the living room talking to Ziggy to see a snake hanging in the window glass looking in at me! According to the research I did on the internet on snake symbology, snake medicine is very powerful indeed and indicates a time of complete transformation and renewal. I am trusting that this is what all the intense energies we’ve been experiencing have been about!

Our friend The Green Man paid us a visit on the 5th of August, which was the third eclipse here in our part of the world, and also the day that marked the lunar celebration of the cross quarter day on the Celtic calendar of Lughnasadh, also known as Lammas. Though his message was brief, it was a wonderful affirmation of all that’s been occurring…including our animal visitations!

I continue to enjoy very much the emails I receive as a result of my sharing these messages, and I appreciate each of you who takes the time to write to me personally, and I thank you for the wonderful letters. I look forward to the day when our telepathic communication abilities come back to us in such a way that my response is immediately sent out and received without any need for keyboards ever being required! Since we are not quite there yet, I apologize for my inability to keep up with answering in the way I would like to but simply can’t due to time and energy constraints. I do hope you can feel the communication I send in return heart to heart though! I am sending love to each of you reading this, and wishes for much peace and joy in your own lives as we continue the universal dance we are collectively engaged in!

~ ~ ~ Wednesday August 5, 2009

The Green Man: And I shall steal Brigid’s greeting of Cead Mille Failte and come in with a Hail! Hail to all and greetings beloved and oh so dear friends of mine. Yes it is I The Green Man. I have not been here to speak with you in this manner in a very long time and it is delightful to come in on the wings of your welcome and to fly in on the energetic invitation that has been extended so lovingly and so beautifully for many days of your time in the now. I come in today on this full moon lunar eclipse day, indeed, and yet I also come in today because it is your Lunar Lammas or Lughnasadh and I am very much connected to this energy, as is our dear and beloved Brigid. This is an ancient energy…what this represents. It is associated with the Celtic and yet every ancient culture is connected. Before the divisions came about of different times and places that have sprung forth upon the planet, all originated from the same source and the same spring, which was much closer to the star realms and the eternal Source than is so much of your world in the now time and the now way of living.

I represent the universal masculine energy. I come through to you in partnership with Brigid as The Green Man, well known in Celtic mythology, yet I am also an offshoot of the energy of Pan…Pan who is the eternal mischievous masculine energy, full of life. So much of the female, feminine energetic is attracted to and loves this wild boy energy of the masculine, and this is Pan, this is The Green Man at its very best. It is the wild masculine. And yet, this wild masculine is always benevolent, and never malevolent. It is loving masculine energy at its best, at its purest. And in its purest state there is a wildness, as there is also indeed a wildness in the purest state of the feminine. The divine masculine and the divine feminine do indeed dance, and they dance the closest and they dance the best when it is the time of these eclipses that you have been traversing through energetically in these last few weeks of time.

You are reaching a point of fruition. You are reaching a place of culmination of the dynamics of the dance, as they have been brought to their heightened place since this solstice of June. Next will come a time of integration of these energies and this will be quite fruitful as well for those of you who open to and allow this integration to occur to its fullest.

You are such beautiful divine human animals in your purest and wildest states! And I say animals in the best and most expansive sense of the word. You are creatures upon the face of this beloved planet. You dance with her, as do all the other animals that inhabit this environment. You are all brothers and sisters. You have tamed your own wild pure energy in such a manner as to attempt to be civilized and above the essence of the beasts around you, and yet in your taming you have sometimes gone down pathways that have not led you into expansion. I come in today to dance with you in my wild, pure masculine energy of joy and love and passion and delight to say it is time to honour your pure wildness be ye males or females and yet to honour this in a way that makes you one with the beasts of the earth. It does not take you out of their realm by feeling you are above them. You are one with them. You are simply on a different level of the ladder of consciousness and understanding. You were all created together and indeed you in your purity and your wildness created these to be with you in this togetherness. Honor all the varied life forms upon your planet!

The ancient runs through your veins, every one of you who will hear these words, who will breathe these words, who will feel a part of this energetic message today. The ancient is not just from this planet. It is not just from the times of Atlantis and Lemuria. Indeed it is not even just from the times of Sirius. You go back to the very beginning of All That Is. Each of you is a part of this. It is time to let this flow through you completely and be with you and be a part of you in this now moment of living.

Brigid’s energy is very much present with me today in my speaking to you. For you see, you could not have the moon without the sun. You could not have the masculine without the feminine. You could not have the dance without each part that plays its role in this human reality of duality. You are expanding at a very rapid pace. This is a good and wonderful thing. I encourage you all to embrace your own masculine energy. So much has been spoken of and aptly so in the now of returning the feminine and the goddess energy to her rightful place. But this cannot happen without the embracing and the embodying of the masculine occurring also. And this is the pure and wild masculine energy that I represent. It is the divine masculine. And to birth the Christos into embodiment in divine human form, which is why you are all here, which is what you are all about in living this particular experience and reality in this now time upon the planet, to do this you must have wild, pure, healthy and balanced divine masculine and divine feminine. They each deserve their place, and each in their place supports and loves the other. This is what this dance is about. This is what the Christos is all about. The Christ is not masculine and the Christ is not feminine. The Christ in your reality on this human planet of Earth is about both, and you must embrace and embody both in healthy form in order to bring forth the light of the Christ and the Christos, which is why you are here.

I do not focus on what is out of balance, and so I will not speak of it. I focus on what is inherently already balanced but has simply been hidden from view. It has been dormant, out of reach, asleep for a long period of time. I come in today to encourage you…wake this up! Wake it up within yourselves! Find this wild and passionate pure energy of both these elements of the Christos, the masculine and the feminine. Embody and yes, let them dance with each other in their purity, in their wildness, in their beauty, and in their joy.

This eclipse today is the culmination of this cycle of eclipses and you are now in the place to open to the light in a way which you have never done before. There is a song from the Wizard of Oz that begins with “You’re out of the dark…step into the light.” That is where you are in your now moment. I bid you to accept the invitation.

There is much else I could say, much else that it would be my delight to say in the now, to stay and converse and banter a bit with you who are present and to simply enjoy the communication that takes place energetically when all barriers are down, all barriers that would keep this from occurring. When there are no barriers and all is allowing, it is quite magical what can and does occur. I encourage you all to continue to demolish whatever barriers you have in place around yourselves. Remember that your vulnerability is indeed your strength. Allow yourselves to be vulnerable to the All…to the masculine, to the feminine, to each other. For love is born in vulnerability and indeed the fusion of the masculine and the feminine comes about only through the wild and pure power of love.

You are in a new place, now that you have experienced all three of these eclipses. You are in a new place and there are so many dear and beloved friends and interdimensional family members that desire to take your hands and walk with you into the new. Let it occur! And celebrate it! I am celebrating with you and loving you always. And with that I bid you aloha and once again Cead Mille Failte. ~ ~ ~

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