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ST GERMAIN: The Parting Of Ways

I have been so affected personally by the intense energies of these times we are living in that it has taken me 3 weeks to transcribe and post this recent message from St Germain. Being a little further through these energies now than when this was first received, I can feel the shifting that he spoke of here occurring, and I can also feel the peacefulness that comes in parting ways with love.

~ ~ ~ Monday August 3, 2009

St Germain: Greetings, salutations and hail to all! Yes, it is I, your dear friend St Germain here to share a visit today.

Much has occurred on your journey in these weeks of time, in this period of time since I have come in last to speak with you. And I would like to say that it is a good time for the clearing off of accumulated road grime from the journey. That is what so many are doing in this now moment. It is a time of purification. It is a time of enhancement of your own sensitivity to your own path and your own energy and your own choices. For it is a time of parting of the ways for many. This is what is occurring across the planet and around the planet. This is what is occurring in the smaller circles you have been a part of.

It is not as it was originally thought it would be in plans and potentials. And yet it is most appropriate for what is in the now, for what has occurred in the now. Many of you have come together as what you have called a family, indeed. You are soul family and yet as with any family, as has been said previously, there are many branches. You have cousins, you have brothers and sisters, you have mothers and fathers, you have partners and lovers. Many of you have been all of these things to each other, and yet in this time of now when it had been hoped that there could indeed be a merging and a bringing together into Oneness of all of the branches, it has not occurred. Sometimes things change. Sometimes they do not go as hoped for or predicted. You all learned this a few years back when it was announced to you that the new earth and the old earth would not be merging in the manner you had hoped, at least not in the now period of time. You are finding that different paths are calling. And it is a time to diverge. It is a time for each to follow their own call of sovereignty…divinity…soul guidance.

There are many Beings who seek to come in and converse with you and yet all of these many honor the physical process you are going through in your now so are stepping back to allow what is occurring. This is an intense period of time as you are well aware and I do encourage you to hold on just a bit longer, allow this nurturing to continue through the intensity…this nurturing of physical self. Do what you feel drawn to do, do not do what you do not feel drawn to do. Simply allow.

It has been said this is a crossroads and this is true. Many of you have been drawn to particular soul family groups that you have felt a part of, and now change is occurring within these groups. Many have been a part of a particular soul family group from it’s inception in the days of Atlantis and from the inception of the idea of the Christ…the Christos…from the days of Sirius. I wish to reassure you that for those of you who are feeling your own movement forward and beyond where you have been previously in relationship with this particular soul family group, you do not need what is to come next through this particular group and its designated messenger. And I say this with all honor to each who chooses their own role and their own path and I shall certainly be working with this messenger and working with those who do choose to continue to follow this particular manner of teaching. And yet it is not something that is a requirement for all. Some of you have moved beyond this particular teaching on your own pathway as far as the necessity for it or the requirement of it. You have found your own ways to expand into more of your divinity and more of your sovereignty and this is noted. It is honored. It is indeed applauded and you are encouraged to continue in this direction and in this pathway for yourselves.

What I have said to you over much of the time that we have come together to converse in this manner is…do not let anything or anyone hold you back. You are in the place in your own now moment where there is the potential that continuing to follow a path that does not serve you any longer could divert you from your desired soul intent. And I would like to point this out to you. It is a time of great change, as you are aware, across the entire planet indeed, across the universe this planet is a part of. It is a time for boldness. It is a time for courage in moving forward and leaving behind what no longer serves. We have spoken of this on other occasions. When you are in graduate school you do not need to return to any of the classrooms that were a part of your earlier learning experience. Allow each to choose their experience. Allow those who are choosing their own pathway to choose what is appropriate for them in their now. Do not judge them. But do not hang around and wait for them either. It is time for you to move on and you will find that as you go through all of the energies that are being gifted to the planet in the now…and they may not always feel like a gift to you with their intensity and with the way they make you feel…but indeed they are a gift for they are moving you swiftly forward. You will find that as you move through these and come out on the other side, you are upon a new shore. The waves have brought you to an uncharted place, an unexplored and previously undiscovered land, and you indeed are the adventurers and explorers who get to play in this new land first, before the others. You will indeed, as you always have, pave a pathway for the others to come later and follow. But where you are going they cannot come in their now. You are aware of this. They are not in the place to go where you are going. So with a loving heart, bid them farewell and a good journey. You will all meet up again at some point. And yet there are many others who are awaiting you. They may not all be in your physical human form. This is the time you have been waiting for. It is the time when you are poised to make your interdimensional contact a greater reality in your physical human experience than it ever has been before. Some of you are indeed on the forefront of this.

You will be given more direction and guidance. You will have more experiences of vision as you expand into what is to come next after you get through this time period. So again I encourage you to simply allow it to be what it is. Do not tax yourselves. Simply be in your now moment. But know that you are indeed guided as you move through this. There are many amazing experiences for you of connection to come…connection beyond what the majority of those you know can even imagine is possible, and yet you know it is not only possible, it is your future. It is what you have been creating. It is your next step. It is very close to being upon you.

Now you know I could say much more on this but I will take a breath and allow you to ask me what you might desire to ask, that goes along with this…or that has nothing to do with this! Let us just share a good conversation this morning! What would you have to say?

Participant A: (laughter) Oh, I’ve got a lot to say these days! Of course I’m very curious about your perspective on this night time ’dream’ experience I had two or three nights ago where I stepped into the near earth realms and the experience I had there. I’ve written about it and discussed it a little bit so I feel that you’re well aware of what I’m talking about here.

St Germain: Indeed. And…?

Participant A: And I was wondering if…oh, I might say this too…some years ago… just a few moments ago…I had this similar experience whereby these two what I call ‘angels of death’ came into my scenario and I asked them if my time was up because I recognized who they were, and they said no, no. You’re here for the long run but we would like to engage you in assisting others to process through or out of these after death experiences that they are tied into. And I feel that this night time experience I had a few nights ago really ties into that and that this was…this is…part of what I do while I’m asleep, that I’m assisting others, that I’m comforting others and so on to realize who they are just by shining my light.

St Germain: Yes! (laughter) What more do you need said on this?

Participant A: Oh, I don’t need anything more (laughter) just that…I suppose I don’t need affirmation or anything…but it’s sometimes very nice to have a viewpoint from others that adds to the experience.

St Germain: It is much as you feel…and I would encourage you as always to feel your own interpretation of your experience above that of any others. Each who gives you their perspective is going to be giving it to you through the filter of their own place of experiencing. I would say that you are quite well integrated as far as your aspects go. I would say that you are capable of having a level of experiencing that goes beyond where many others are. This is indeed why you are at the forefront…as one dear friend says, the leading edge of the leading edge. You are there. Yet you are still human and indeed as such you have human things to experience and to deal with and integrate, and yet in your now you are quite well balanced as far as the integration of aspects. You have nothing that is seeking or demanding attention as an unintegrated aspect of self. And so I would say to you dear friend that your interpretation as far as being one who assists others in moving beyond the near realms is quite accurate. You are very busy when you close your eyes at night to sleep, as you are quite aware. You’re busy in many different dimensions. You are aware of how multidimensional all beings are. As such this is why you have been able to smile and feel peace through the sorrow and the grieving so many have done with the recent departure back into human form of one who has spoken to soul family through a public messenger for these last 10 years, for you know and I know he has not gone anywhere. He is as multidimensional as all of the rest of us are! And I hear his laughter in the background! He is saying this is very correct! (laughter)

So yes dear friend one of your responsibilities on the soul level that you have taken on willingly is to assist those who are unclear of how to move on, and you do this through your light, as you are aware. And as you are becoming more aware of on the human level, this integration of the masculine and feminine energies which occurs, or is necessary to occur, within each individual on the planet is also very much found in the pure experience of lovemaking (as represented in your dream experience) between two souls who are balanced in their masculine and feminine energies, and this loving balanced energy shines a very bright light that is attractive to many souls also. You are working with the ones you call the ‘angels of death’ very intimately, very closely, as you indeed work with the Kryon very intimately and very closely. It is not quite the time for complete understanding on the human level of what you are doing and how you are doing it. And yet you are getting closer and closer to the complete dissolution of the veil, which as we have said before is truly only a belief system that you agreed to when you came onto this planet and agreed to play this game in this lifetime, the one that has been called ‘The lifetime.’

It is a pivotal time for you, for the planet, for the universe. There will be more bumps in the road (laughter), but they do not necessarily have to negatively affect you. You are quite adept at maintaining balance. Your challenge is to make sure that you are not hiding things from self in attempting to not be knocked off balance, and so that is your dance of coming into balance with self…balancing your humanness, your human experience, with the grand being that you are beyond this human level. And oh I laugh. It will be so fun when you remember! (laughter) When you remember the all of who you are and the all that we are to each other! Does this assist you in what you are desiring to hear and know, dear friend?

Participant A: Yes. You have released a few little tidbits there that really assist me in understanding further, and opening further, and I thank you for that.

St Germain: You are welcome!

What else?

Participant B: Well, I’d love for you to elaborate a bit on the whole soul family group thing. I get what you’re saying over all, but I would really appreciate if you have anything a bit more specific to say directly to me on this because I’ve felt so much that I do desire to maintain my own balance and to do what’s healthiest for me and in my own best interests, and yet something has kept me over and over continuing to come back to this soul family group, when I see the bigger picture and feel the energetic dynamics of it. So anything that you can say to address that would be greatly appreciated.

St Germain: Indeed. (laughter) Indeed. Oh, you love to dance! You are such a dancer! You have been, over and over and over, the one who chooses to dance with the fire. This is a delightful choice in so many ways. You are well aware of your connections to this family, in ways that others are not aware of, or perhaps would seek to deny, or who do not feel comfortable admitting. You go back my dear to the very beginnings of this family. You are indeed in many ways the matriarch of this family. You have brought the feminine into this family in so many ways. You are in your now seeking to assist in both the birthing of the Divine Feminine within this family and the integration of it within those who are members of this family. You have played your role well. It is time for a change in this role as well, for there are choices that are being made by each individual on the soul level. It was hoped that things would be in a bit of a different place in the now than they are, and yet it is not to be lamented or cried over. It is to be accepted that this is as it is. This is what it is.

It would be in your best interests indeed for you to focus deeper within yourself as to how you desire to express this abundance of Divine Feminine energy that you have to share…not just with this family, but with this planet. For you will never be completely happy and fulfilled my dear unless you are sharing in this manner. It is part of who you are, and yet what you are finding, what you are seeing, is that there is no joy in sharing with those who do not desire to receive what you have to share, who for whatever reasons are not in the place to open to what you have to share. And so I would encourage you to move on, as I have been saying, in the directions that beckon as far as new experiences, new contacts with others who are desiring the same kinds of expansional experiences in the new energy that you are. And yet I would also encourage you not to slam the door closed behind you. And this is why you have been drawn to come back time and again to this family group. Do not slam the door for there are many who still will seek out connection through this place of connectivity…those who seek to harmonize with others who are truly moving into this next phase of exploration and expansion, and they will find you. You do not need to make this your priority as far as what you do, how you spend your time, how you spend your energy, and yet I would simply say, allow. You will find that there will still be some who continue to find you and desire to connect with you for there will be a shifting, there will be a shifting overall, after this energetic infusion that comes with these eclipse energies and that comes with what follows these eclipse energies. There is much changing. So you do not need to completely sever your ties. This is what I would say to you. But I would encourage you to focus on your own joy, on your own passion, and finding ways to flow this that feel good to you in your own now moments.

You have been encouraged to shine your light. It has been said through The Group, it is time to no longer hide your light. As you shine your light, you will find that the ones who are able to see your light clearly and purely will be attracted to it. There will be others who come to you who will benefit from the connection and interaction, and you will as well. There are others who will come to you who have not been walking the same path that you have over these last years, over this past time period, and yet that you will intersect with who are in the most appropriate place for you to share the next experience with. So I would encourage you…shift your focus. Yet don’t slam the door shut. Is this clear enough to you? Does this make sense to you?

Participant B: Yes, thank you very much.

St Germain: (to Participant A) Do you have anything to say on this?

Participant A: I enjoy sharing my experiences with this soul family group most of the time…most of the time. I see others that are in resonance with what I have to say….even though I get a little far out flying space ships around…

St Germain: Far out for whom? (laughter)

Participant A: …scary to some. (laughter)

St Germain: And this is where I say to you, those who are in resonance and seeking to harmonize with you will find you. Do not worry about the others. They no longer need to be a part of your reality. You are coming to the time, you are coming to the place, where you can indeed create your own reality and your own space of experience, without regard to what is going on around you. And this is as true for that space of sharing on the internet we are speaking of as it is for anything else. Indeed in many ways it is a wonderfully appropriate exercise for you to allow this to occur, to allow whatever is going on in other places around you to occur without it affecting you, without it affecting what you have seeded and nurtured and allowed to blossom in your own creation. And do not worry about who thinks you are far out, for you must be far out to be the one who goes first. You are doing this dear friend. You are doing this.

Participant A: Yes. Well….maybe it does bother me, but I don’t feel it that much, I just…I use that ‘like water off a duck’s back,’…you know if somebody says something derogatory, it’s like water off a duck’s back for me. It doesn’t really affect me.

St Germain: And that is most appropriate.

Participant A: Yes. I know who I am.

St Germain: Indeed. And so do I! (laughter)

Participant A: Well, I don’t know it all though. (laughter)

St Germain: Oh but you do! Simply on other levels of your being and it is a grand time to have fun and to play and to explore, even though I am aware these energies have been extremely intense. And this has been necessary for your planet to move to the next step. You are indeed moving towards this Golden Era. I know our dear voice here has jokingly questioned…how do we get there from here?! (laughter) You must trust. You must trust that all is appropriate. You must trust that there is a need for oh, crumpling of old illusions, and indeed in many ways there has been illusion in the group experience that has brought you to this point. Not all are going to see this for a while, but you are aware of the illusions that have been a part of this experience. While there has been some wonderful cohesiveness, while there has been some wonderful purpose served by the messages that were originally brought forth through this particular venue, things have shifted, things have changed…even this was an experiment. It is never a done deal. It is never a known outcome how things will come to be. And remember, a while ago in your time, not long ago in ours, we had a Fireside Chat with you, Tobias and I, in which we spoke of a venture being experimented with by some in this soul family group, and if you will recall both Tobias and I said the outcome at that time was unknown. We had hopes. It did not go the way we had perhaps hoped it would…desired to see it blossom. Again it is simply the way of it when each of you is here with your own free will, choosing experiences. And yet nothing is lost. All experiences lead you beyond where you were before, whether that is each of you individually or that is all of you as a collective. It is all appropriate.

So in your now I would say to you you may certainly tune in to hear the messages that continue to come through the messenger of this particular soul family group, but be aware that the messages will continue to carry the flavor of the messenger who delivers them, no matter whose energy is behind the message. This is the way of it. And while there may be nuggets in there for you, while there may be bits and pieces that are beneficial and of interest to you, over all you will not be in need of following this particular formula and format when you stand in the new place you are in on your own journey of expansion. You will not be receiving any mind blowing, earth shattering new knowledge and information because you are in a different place than where the vast majority are that this information will be directed to. And so, there is no need to begrudge those who are not where you are what is of use to them and what is helpful to them on their own path. But you also do not need to stick around and try and get morsels from a meal that has been digested long ago in your own experience.

So it is a time for new beginnings and yes, August will continue to be an up and down month. You will find that things begin to smooth out and mellow out and become easier to deal with, to handle, as you move into September and more of this turning of the wheel that comes with your equinox. So keep your eyes on the focus of your own horizons and on what you desire to create. You are about to be infused…about to receive an influx of light energy the likes of which you have never experienced before. Some are going to have challenges with this. It is indeed a bit like the cockroaches running when the light gets turned on. (laughter) It is not the most pleasant thing for some. But for those of you who are in the place and who are ready, you will find that this light opens up opportunities within yourself. It assists you in moving through the doorways of your own DNA expansion. Remember you contain within you the All. You are God. You are ready to move to the next experience. Some are ready to go with you. They will find you and you will find them. Yet I will say you are the ‘leading edge of the leading edge.’ You do not have to go out looking. They will find you, those who are desiring to go where you go, who are desiring to support you and have you support them. You will always form community around you, even if in the now it is cyber community. It is etheric. It is energetic. It is soul community as well. And that is only beginning to be fully experienced in the new. And that will continue. So do not fear letting go of those who are not ready to move with you. It is simply their own choice for experience. Allow them this. Bless them on their journey. Love them. And move on. You do not need to hold yourselves back. Much beckons. Much awaits you. There are many of us who are very excited to be playing with you interdimensionally as you move on to this next leg of your own journey of exploration of what it means to be a Divine Human waking up to your own sovereignty and to your own abilities. And so I say to you, go for it! And do not look back. All is as it should be. All is well.

Anything else my friends? Anything else?

Participant A: Oh, your words have soothed me right into a place of extreme comfort. Like a lullaby to a baby.

St Germain: Oh I could have some fun with that one my friend, but I will let it pass. (laughter)

Participant A: That’s why I said it. (laughter)

St Germain: Soothing. Soothing words! There is nothing wrong with soothing words and I am happy to hear that you find it as a lullaby. There is nothing wrong with comfort! We always encourage you who are humans to stretch outside of your known comfort zone, but this does not mean that we who are your mentors and your supporters and your guides in many ways, though you are now guides to yourself, it does not mean we want you to be uncomfortable. For you see that is a part of sovereignty…that as you continue to grow in your own trust of self…it does become more comfortable. You speak often of maintaining your own balance. What that means is maintaining yourself in comfort, in the place that feels right within yourself. And yes friend I am glad that you find this comforting and comfortable and like a lullaby for I like that analogy, which works well for me! And it is most important that you realize you are here for far bigger things than the majority who are here on Earth in the now are ever going to do in this lifetime, and that is okay to acknowledge and to admit. You do have an inkling of who you are. You are here for grand and great things. Most others will not choose this for themselves and that is okay for you know everyone is eternal. There will always be more choices and more opportunities for choices. But, do not hang around and wait for those who are not going to catch up to you in this particular lifetime of experiencing. Go for the gusto! (Laughter) Go for your own experience of joy, for I guarantee you that what you are moving towards and what you are moving into will indeed bring you joy.

With that I will say, unless you have anything else pressing, it is enough for this time together in such potent times. You will make it through this. And make it through this without worrying about your weight (laughter) and I will promise you that after you get through this time period and this infusion of energy, you will not need the extra weight as much. And yes, you may count on that from me! I will work with you if you would like for you to release energetically, which is the place that all releasing must come from first. But do know, it is a very special time…in ways a very poignant time upon your planet for it is a parting of ways. And you may love those that you part with, but still need to part. You are going places. I guarantee you I will be with you. I look forward to this.

It will get easier soon. Just a little longer. It will get easier.

You are so dearly loved. I am working with you all. I am loving you all. And so it is. With that, I head off with an aloha! ~ ~ ~


Go Mama said...

Always a pleasure to read your messages, Maureen. I especially loved this line which also resonates with me as we move forward at this time:
"you do not need to stick around and try and get morsels from a meal that has been digested long ago."

I also appreciate the call for Boldness, for Courage. For moving forward into uncharted, unexplored territory. A call to be both Adventurer and Explorer.

Exciting times. Onward and upward my friend.
Much Love.

vivian said...

This really, really resonates with me Maureen. Thank you for sharing it. Soooo much has changed even since the beginning of August. It is mind blowing in a good way! Much love to you and Ziggy.


Jenn M said...

It is comforting to hear those words from St. Germain. I have had to walk away from my family after my brother committed suicide in March. My mother & sister chose to direct their anger over his death at me and have been extremely mean and degrading. Trying to maintain a relationship with them was like poison to me and I had to make a difficult decision. Although I did understand at the time that it was all in the "plan". Thank you so much for sharing your messages with us Maureen it is appreciated more than you know.