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BRIGID'S Equinox Message on Happiness, Relationships & Animal Totems

The ‘turning of the wheel’ of the year continues, and my partner Ziggy and I were delighted to share a conversation with our dear friend Brigid as we passed the equinox marker last week. This conversation was also a personal one rather than one done in a group setting. As I have received some wonderful mail from people who relate to and appreciate the personal messages that I’ve shared previously, I am posting this one “as is” also.

I am eagerly anticipating the joyous and delightful potentials that this new cycle in our lives is offering according to Brigid. Wishing you all much happiness as you embrace the continued turning of the wheel yourselves!

Wednesday September 23, 2009

Brigid: Cead Mille Failte Beloved Ones. Good Morning! It is indeed a beautiful morning in this beautiful place…a place of physical beauty in your 3rd dimension and the human physical reality, and yet a place of much interdimensional beauty as well. It is a place of much light that does draw many from the other realms to come and surround you, to be near you…oh, indeed you are never alone! Many come to simply be in your presence. Many come to be a part of the light that you shine…to absorb this, to take this in and to make it a part of themselves.

Indeed dear ones you know you each are part of one another. Yes, sovereignty is such an important piece of consciousness in this now moment as the consciousness of your planet expands. And yet even in your sovereignty, which comes about in consciousness, you still cannot truly part yourselves from others. You are rainbow streams of energy. There are some streams that are shared by all. There are other streams of energy that are a bit more unique. You are drawn to those who flow similar energy streams. There is familiarity. There is a resonance. And yet each of you, while part of others, while part of each other, are the most radiantly beautiful unique makeup of these flows, these energy streams, these colors, these sounds, these frequencies and vibrations. It is a joy to come in and be able to feel the beauty of who you are in a way that is so recognizable to all who are not living with the veil of this planet covering their eyes. You are opening your eyes wider and wider to the ability to see interdimensionally. This is what your crystal sun catcher experience is about for you who are seeing its light in all new ways. This is why not all will see things the same way that you see them. And yet you can share what you are seeing with each other. You will find that your experiences are now going to be coming to you more quickly, more easily, more readily…these experiences that are the intersecting of dimensions. You have been waiting for this. The time is now upon you.

Yes, the wheel has turned once again. You have had quite the cycle from your June solstice to this September equinox. It has been one that most will not be forgetting for quite some time to come. It has been one like no other for indeed you have never been in this place you are in in your now on this planet. Many have spoken of the parting of ways and the parting of worlds. This is very much occurring in your now. Those of you who have consciously chosen the new are going to find that your experiences of enmeshment with the old world of 3D, with the old world that still exists, will be less and less. You have indeed moved far enough now into the new where the creation of your own experiences does not have to be influenced or affected by what is going on around you, by those you know, or by the world at large. You are in the place now to exercise your abilities as the sovereign new energy creators that you are. This is truly a delightful cycle to be embarking upon, marked by this time of balance of light upon your planet…of light and dark equally balanced with each other. Indeed this is what you are each doing within self. Many are confused by what darkness signifies, by what it means, by what the darkness within self is all about. The darkness does not need to mean evil. It does not need to mean bad. It simply means the places where the light has not flooded through yet. It is the contrast that is part of this world.

The equinox is a good time to look within, to focus on your own place of balance in all of the things that matter most to you. It is a time to also tend to the fire within. I am the Goddess of the Hearth. I remind you that the fire that burns in your internal hearth is the most important fire you will ever tend.

I am what is known as a Triple Goddess. I represent 3 phases of becoming. You are in the place now where it is time to integrate all of the phases of your own personal life and experiences of living, and in the integration you create something entirely new. You move beyond any phase and you blend all into a new creation. This is what is upon you in your now as well.

What may I speak to you about that would be meaningful to you this morning?

Ziggy: There are many that are expressing pangs in a way of disconnection you might call it from loved ones, from family members, biological family members, and I really have to include myself in that…that there is a disconnect say with my children because they choose to be in 3D, at this time anyway, and I do have occasional pangs of heartache for…oh perhaps just from the disconnect. Nothing serious but its something that I feel many are going through and I don’t know if you have any words that you may offer to assist us in this process.

Brigid: It will get easier, even as it gets more challenging! (laughter) That is the paradox. It becomes easier to allow when you choose the relationship that you desire to have and you create this within self. Now, it has been said that in every interaction between two people, there are different perceptions taking place as to what is occurring. You have the person in front of you that you are interacting with, and you have your perception of the person in front of you…and there is you standing in front of the other and the other’s perception of you. And it is often perception to perception that people truly do interact in the human realm rather than essence to essence, heart to heart, energy to energy.

There is no easy way to fix relationships. There is no easy way to mold them into what may be desired in a relationship. And yet when you change self to open the flow of energy to other to be pure, to be free flowing from your heart and your essence and your energy to theirs, this will affect the relationship. However it may not affect it in a manner in your 3D world that would cause a great change to immediately occur and be observable. Each is sovereign in their own right. Each chooses their own experiences. And sometimes the experience of challenge in a relationship is one of the greatest catalysts for growth in those of you who walk as humans. What I would say to all who are challenged by any relationship…be in the now moment. You are all aware of this piece of advice. And in your now moment, connect essence to essence, heart to heart, energy to energy. You can create the relationship you desire even without the other person’s conscious awareness or involvement. And it is quite interesting when one is able to let go of the energetic dynamics that have influenced a relationship from the past. The relationship does indeed change. Maureen, you just experienced this in your reconnection to your sister, did you not?

Maureen: Yes, I would say that, because I was totally in the now moment when I called her and I didn’t bring the past with me into the phone conversation, and she didn’t either. And I really feel that it was because I just was fully present in the now.

Brigid: Yes. And you see you feed and fuel the past when you energetically carry it into relationships. Now, you cannot…for instance with a child…you cannot move them beyond past perceptions, past experiences. They must do this on their own, when and if they become ready to do so. And yet you can continue to come from a place of interacting with this other, with any other, with clearness in your own energy field…of free flowing energy coming from you so that no matter what they are bringing into the exchange themselves, you are not allowing yourself to be influenced by the stuck energy of the past in your own interaction. It is not always easy. And yet, there is a continual flux in relationships just as there is in the flow of energies. When you keep yourself clear, when you keep yourself present, when you allow others to be who they are, to be where they are, and yet you can still stand in your own now moment and interact from a pure place of love from heart, you may be quite surprised at the impact that that has on the other, and on the relationship.

That being said, it is of the utmost importance to look within and assess if there are still stuck energies that you yourself are carrying surrounding others…for if there are, if you are still bringing past energies into your present now moment relationship with anyone, it would be of great benefit for you to do whatever you need to do to clear the past. You cannot live anyone else’s life for them. You can only live your own. Live it as cleanly as possible, for you will find that in this place of purity and in this light, your creations definitely expand, and this includes relationship creations. They will expand to a place they have not been before. And for those who are unable to or do not desire to move into the new right along with you, bless them, love them, release them and allow them to make their own choices. It does not mean all is lost as far as your relationship with each other. It means that you are simply choosing different experiences. And there will come a time when you will be able to enjoy sharing with each other from a totally different perspective what these experiences have been about. You will be amazed at how integral your relationships to each other truly are.

Does this assist?

Ziggy: Yes. It does.

Brigid: And is there more? Anything more specific that you would like to speak of on this?

Ziggy: I really feel that that will assist many besides myself. And I can almost hear St Germain in the background there saying hey, I assist in that department as well!

Brigid: You have many, many dear friends and family members who are quite joyful to be asked to assist and to have their assistance be allowed to be received.

The answer on relationships is the answer that indeed answers so many different questions. It is simply to continue to focus on you and you alone. Focus on your part, focus on your clarity. You cannot impact others except through making choices and changes within self.

Are there other topics today?

Maureen: Animals! There’s been so much coming up for so many on our message board about lizards. Our group is looking at working with animal totems again. I’ve had some interesting experiences this summer, certainly with all the snakes, and it was definitely quite the event to meet my antlered moose face to face a few weeks ago. I’m just wondering from your perspective if you can share a bit more perhaps about all of these many animal experiences people are having, about our connection to animals, about anything you might have to share. I would appreciate it.

Brigid: Animals are some of your greatest teachers, and you have not as a species of humans understood this for the most part, though there certainly have been groups of people throughout the planet’s history who have understood the sacredness and the value of the connection to these different realms, different dimensions indeed that are inhabited by your different species. Each of your species of animals on this planet is of a different frequency and has a different vibrational energetic signature you may call it, just as you also have personal energetic signatures. In times past many of you have been able to experience for yourselves the gifts of each of these creatures. Those of you who have been Native or Aboriginal, who have bent the seemingly solid walls, barriers, veils between dimensions…many of you have had the experience of becoming a different species through shape shifting. Many of you have had the experience of taking on the qualities of whatever totem animal has appeared for you. It is a wonderful exercise indeed to bond with a particular species of animal and invite in the gifts it brings, and allow yourself to take on these qualities. This is why it is indeed unique to each individual what totem will speak to them in any given moment, and it is certainly subject to change as the moments change. You may find that you need different qualities or you have a predilection to explore a different frequency, a different dimension, with a different animal.

What I will say is that it is never an accident when one encounters an animal totem. It is never an accident when you have interactions with the other species. There is always a message and there is always a gift.

You, my dear, have had snake as a totem for a very long time. You are quite aware of this. Snake energy, snake medicine, was with you very strongly this summer as you experienced quite a time of transformation, which is indeed one of the gifts that the snake brings with it. You are now in a new place and your beautiful encounter with moose is offering you new gifts that you have not yet explored. It is a very good totem for you. There is much that you will discover through working with this particular totem that is very unique to you.

Each of you will find that you are visited at different times for different reasons. Simply allow the experiences and go within to find the meaning and to seek the expansion that is always waiting for you as you welcome in a new totem.

There are doorways to other dimensions to be accessed through your working with totems. There will be a deepening of your own insights and your own understanding of many of the abilities that have been lost over time that you once possessed in many of your other lives, be they Native, be they Aboriginal, be they when you were a Druid, be they when you simply walked in greater harmony with this beautiful planet and all upon it. These are all waiting to return to you.

So, some will have actual physical encounters with an animal that seeks to be a totem. Others will simply feel the encounter energetically or in dream state. And it is most important for you to follow your feeling state. You will know what is the right totem for you in any moment. You will know what does not feel as if it is quite as much in harmony and resonance. I would encourage you to enjoy the experience for there is much to come of this and it is something that will expand you overall as you allow the experience.

Maureen: Thank you.

Brigid: Do you have any other questions on this?

Ziggy: I find for myself as far as the totems go, I have a lot of change, almost on a daily basis it seems. This morning it was the beautiful deer that I encountered on my walk…the lightness, the lightheartedness of that encounter as it bounced across the field. Yesterday it was a little red squirrel that almost…I thought it was going to climb my pant leg. (laughter) It just hung around me for quite a while, and beautiful, really beautiful energy. And I have these kinds of experiences very, very often. Is there any significance to that….change?

Brigid: Well my friend you are very, very connected to the natural world. You are very connected to the earth and the realms that are represented by this nurturing and love of nature that you have. There will continue to be many animals, many totems, that come and go in your experience and there is always something to be gotten out of the experience in every now moment. Every animal who visits with you in this way is, as I’ve said, offering you a gift and a message. Yet what I am speaking of in working with a particular totem is a bit different. You have not yet heard the call of your own particular totem. If you choose to participate in this experimentation with expansion…this is basically what it is…you will find that you will not be able to have the same depth of experience if you do not choose one or allow one to choose you. The moose chose you, Maureen, you are aware of this. Now there’s much to be explored. You have many totem animals around you. You will find that as you decide you would like to participate in this particular mode of exploration and discovery, one will speak to you loudly. I would ask you to open your interdimensional ears a bit more to allow this to happen, for you have not had one yet who has said, “I would like to work with you,” have you?

Ziggy: Well not exactly. I’ve been tuned in to the raven energy. A lot of my working life I’ve been associated with those particular birds in the far north and I just love their energy, and we didn’t have ravens in this particular part of the country previously, but now the ravens are occupying this area, and not that many of them. Some are. I have one that comes and visits quite often, especially when I‘m laying out in the sun. It flies directly over top of me and talks to me. And I know that there is a strong connection there, and if I would choose any right now, I would say it would be the raven.

Brigid: And this is the best path for you to follow in making a choice…what calls to you most strongly in the moment. The raven is a very spiritual totem. It is one that you have worked with in other lifetimes. It is one that is very closely connected to you, and so explore and allow and be open, and you will find that there is purpose in choosing one simply for this experience. It does not mean you do not all have many different totems.

Maureen: Well, okay, I am going to ask if you have any perspective on these lizards. (laughter) There’s so much going on about lizards and I’m just wondering if you have anything to share.

Brigid: Oh, the lizard! The lizard is a wonderful creature. Your chameleons are a type of lizard, they who can change colors, not be rigid in who they are but be fluid and flexible in adapting to their surroundings.

The lizards that others have been experiencing are not seen in quite the same light as you see them. You are quite fond of your little southwest lizards, as you have written, and you find them to be very happy and fun creatures. Those who are not seeing the lizard in quite the same manner are still interpreting the message for themselves that the lizard is bringing to them. They are getting closer and it is indeed a very positive and helpful thing for all to be encouraged to share their experiences. When there are still dark places within that have not yet been balanced by the light, the equinox is a perfect time to look at where the light has not shined in on those dark places. The dark places are always perspectives that have not shifted the flow of energy. Dark places within are always representative of energy that is stuck…for whenever it moves, it becomes light. It is only when it is stuck that it becomes dark.

Encourage others. There is much more symbolism around the lizard than what has been brought forth. In the book you have been reading (Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak) the Pleiadians speak of the star beings in the form of lizards that have come to Earth. There is an element of this that is unrecognized yet in those who are having lizard dreams and lizard experiences. In some ways it is an invitation to expanding beyond some previous limiting concepts. Now the lizards are not good or bad. (laughter) This is as true upon this planet as it is in the star realms and out in space. But perhaps plant a seed about the star connection to lizards and see what people are able to germinate in their dream states and in their introspection. There are still some aha!s to come for those who are working with this totem in the now. While it is not a totem that many would willingly choose for self…others are seen as much more attractive…there is still much wisdom to be gained through this totem of the lizard, and it is quite a powerful totem. As is the snake. As are many others of these animals, and yet the power is within. The power comes when the message of the animal is received and acted upon in one’s own life and experience. This is still to come for some, yet it is within reach. There is much movement of energy that is occurring now, and it will continue to occur as you have been told it is a time of acceleration. It is a time of swiffening, to use the word that you and St Germain created (swift + quickening). It is happening. And it will continue.

And so to have the most enjoyable, the most comfortable journey as things speed up, you will find that it is quite important to lighten the load, to travel without much luggage. You do not need baggage with you. It is a time for clearing and this is indeed what the lizard is representing for many.

Maureen: Thank you.

Brigid: You are quite welcome. It is quite delightful to come in and experience this sharing, particularly in this time upon your planet of another turn of the wheel. I will say that this upcoming cycle from this equinox to your solstice in December has much potential to be a very joyous and delightful experience for those of you who have chosen to walk forward in the new world, living in the new energy. There is much happiness available to many. I would encourage you to choose it. Stoke up your home fires! And know that I am always near and always available and I am very pleased to be invited in to be a part of your experience in the now. It is a wonderful time to embrace the goddess energy. With that I will leave you once again with Cead Mille Failte. Aloha!

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