Friday, September 4, 2009

Didymus: Moving Forward Without Hesitation!

Change is upon us. And after several months of being bowled over by the intense energies flowing onto planet Earth, I must say that I am personally very ready for change. The celestial wheel turns once again in September as we welcome the equinox and the balancing energies it ushers in. This message from our friend Didymus (meaning ’twin’) of the star realm Regulus (in the constellation of Leo, which gives Regulus its name ’Heart of the Lion’) was a wonderful reminder that there is purpose in all that we are experiencing as we expand ourselves beyond where we’ve ever been before. Wishing you joy in your own continued expansion!

Monday 8-31-09

Didymus: Greetings from one of your homes! This is the one called Didymus coming in today to speak to you from this star realm and dimension of Regulus…one that you are quite familiar with…one that you are existing in and upon in a different manner than your existence here upon this planet of Earth in this dimensional reality.

Didymus the twin…this is most appropriate for many reasons, and one being that I am indeed one dimensional aspect and reality coming to visit another that flows from the same source and same stream and same place. I will let you ponder upon this and feel your way into this as I deliver a message of expansion and change to you in this now moment of time! Upon your planet the seasons will be changing soon. You are seeing the hints of this. You will be seeing this upon your calendar. And yet the greatest change will be coming about energetically as you continue to expand further and farther beyond the 3rd dimension being your only reality.

Some of you are going first. You are aware of this. You are aware that the vast majority upon planet Earth has no idea what is occurring energetically, what is occurring in consciousness, what is occurring in the expansion that will allow experiences beyond just this dimension to be a part of the reality that is lived. Many have awaited and indeed invited contact between those of other realms. It has been thought of as contact with ‘aliens’ in many circles. And yet indeed those of you who are opening your awareness are able to understand that it is simply dimensions meeting. You are the forerunners, the front runners, and there are others who are seeking this experience as well. You are in this now moment intersecting dimensional realities by having this conversation with one who does not dwell upon your planet in the manner of a 3D human.

It has been a challenging time for so many of you who have brought yourselves to this place upon your journey. As you are aware there has been an intensity in the energies being downloaded. There has been an intensity in your planet’s movement into this photon belt. There is much occurring behind the scenes. It has been with reason and purpose that you have had such an intense experience these last few months physically, and in many ways emotionally. You have been moving beyond the place you have been in before. No place is better, no place is worse than another. And yet some of you, you to whom I speak , have come in here with reason and intention of what is possible. I tell you that your experiences in your now as you open to these energies and take them in, as you open to the light that is flooding your planet with an intensity that has never been experienced previously…what you are doing is bringing in your own ability to interdimensionally travel the universes and to experience more than you have ever before experienced as a human being upon this planet. You each have a different role and you will be expanding into your role. There are reasons that you each experience differently. These reasons stem from who you are, where you have come from, and what your intentions are for your new role upon the planet.

You will find that you are each going to be expanding your experiencing in new ways. You are going to find that the…I will not even call it a veil but this curtain…this gossamer thin curtain between your dimensional realities has just about disappeared. Your experiences when you close your eyes and move away from awake living as a human, what some would call your dream state…these experiences are about to move to a new level. And these experiences are the opening of a door for you. You have been primed for this for quite some time.

It is a time for moving forward without hesitation. You will find that you are moving into a new phase of experiencing your own gifts and unique abilities. These gifts are going to expand in ways that will surprise and delight you. I will not put time tables on this. But I will say that as you move into your next cycle on what has been called the turning of the wheel, celestially, you will find that you will move into new experiences. Many will be unbelieving, many will be envious. You will find that as you move forward into your new experiences the circle of those who are in resonance with you may shrink considerably, but that is only the circle that is found here on this planet, living in human reality. The circle of those who await your interaction interdimensionally continues to broaden, continues to grow, with each day of your earth’s clock ticking by.

You have come very far. You have done remarkably well. You are applauded. You are supported. You are cheered on, for you are the light bearers of so much. You are going first into the new. You are going to find that your experience of human living continues to shift, continues to evolve away from what was your reality previously…what you considered normal, in the past…what others considered normal. You have indeed moved into the realm of abnormality as far as those who know you, for the most part, are concerned! And yet I am here today to encourage you to continue to explore the realms and the dimensions that call to you for it is as if you are approaching the door that you have been seeking all of this lifetime and many other lifetimes as well. You are on the threshold of this doorway and this will take you to the stars indeed and beyond!

So it is a time of change and it is up to each of you to decide what is appropriate change that will enhance your ability to experience beyond the human realm, and what is appropriate to easing and supporting your life in 3D experience so as to encourage and allow your adventures and explorations beyond this dimension. I will pause now and ask you if that makes sense to you…if you are understanding what I am saying?

Participant A: Yes, I understand perfectly. I have a dusty old book in my library that is entitled ‘You Are Becoming An Intergalactic Human.’ If I was to write that book, I would say, I AM an intergalactic human! And it certainly gives new meaning to the statement we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Didymus: Indeed yes, you already are an intergalactic human!

So I am speaking of what you will be looking at with your logistics. You have been nurtured by being in a place to allow your own internal processes to occur. I would encourage you to create circumstances and situations that will continue to allow you this nurturing ability and a nurturing space. And yet I would like to also encourage you to look towards the changes that not only may be coming but that are indeed inevitably coming. And remember who you are and remember your own creatorship ability as far as what serves you best.

There is upon you the opportunity for greater and greater intersecting of dimensions. This reality of human earth living is going to become less and less important to you as you expand further and further into the all of who you are as an intergalactic being. And yet it is still important that you are here in body as humans as you are also aware because of what you are, indeed in many ways, the prototype for…as to what a divine human and intergalactic human is…is about…and experiences.

So I say be aware there is more change on the horizon. In many ways it is coming at you and upon you swiftly, and yet you are in a very good space to not only flow with the change…changes…but to create new from the changes.

Allow yourselves to continue to go through this process as you have been. You have more energies that may feel intense still to come, and yet you will be given periods of down time and rest and respite between the cycles. You will always be in the appropriate place to experience what you are desiring to experience on the soul level. Whatever is required of you to do, you will have the energy to do. In your allowing the experiences of transformation physically that you are going through in your now, you are opening yourselves to the ability to experience these new to you in your human body forms of communication and expanded senses. It has been spoken to you that your human physical senses are expanding into interdimensional senses. This will continue as you continue through the changes.

I am available to you to assist as you have experiences that are new to you. Yet I have the utmost faith and confidence in you that you are ready for these experiences. Not only are you prepared for them, but you are in the place to savor and enjoy them!

Your time in the now is fruitful. Allow yourselves to continue to experience this transformation you are going through physically. It is a challenge to your biology and yet your biology is equipped to handle this challenge. Indeed the cells of your bodies are singing in joy as they expand into their interdimensional true state of being. There is so much more than just this 3D biology. It has been dormant. It has not been the time previously for the awakening and now the time of awakening is upon you. So you will have a bit more of this process. You will have a bit more of riding the waves of these energies. And yet you also have coming up for you a time of quiet, a time of peace, a time of calm. It all serves you. I speak to you from this Heart of the Lion, this place you call Regulus. You are lions in your own right…lions and lionesses. You are regal torch bearers of the light. Go well my friends. You do not go alone. And with that I say, and so it is. Aloha!

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