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Merlin & St Germain: A New Cycle of Creating

It was a special event this past week when both Merlin and St Germain energetically visited my partner Ziggy and me and shared a wonderful conversation with us. Merlin’s message was directed to all who might be interested in hearing it, while St Germain’s was a bit more personal and covered subjects close to the heart of the two of us physically present. I usually edit much of the personal parts out when I share these messages, yet I am aware from the feedback I get that others frequently are able to find resonance in the personal messages also when they apply to similar circumstances in their own lives. As such, Ziggy and I have both agreed that much of what came through in St Germain’s message directed to us may be of benefit to others as well, so I have included that in this sharing. I’ve broken the message into 2 parts for easier reading. You’ll find Merlin’s message in Part 1 and St Germain’s message in Part 2.

As the seasons change, we are eagerly anticipating heading south to spend the coming winter months here in the northern hemisphere in New Mexico. This means it is once again time for us to manifest a home for our stay there, and we have been mulling this topic over quite a bit recently. We have previously stayed in a large apartment complex in the middle of the city, and neither of us desires to repeat that particular experience. We both desire to create something a bit more to our liking for this upcoming experience. St Germain’s input on this was very helpful to us.

Along with being very sensitive to energies, I am also quite sensitive to noise. Ziggy’s beautiful place in Alberta has been a haven for peace and quiet during much of the time I have spent with him here, with farm equipment utilized for planting and harvesting and the occasional howling of coyotes being about the only disturbance out here ‘in the middle of nowhere.’ This changed drastically this summer and I have had quite a bit of challenge dealing with it. The 2 lane highway a mile down the dirt road from here underwent repaving, and a ‘hot plant’ for making asphalt was set up just a few fields away with day and night operation taking place. When the wind blew in the right direction, we were bombarded with noise from it which lasted for weeks. Just when the plant was finally shut down for moving further up the highway, the oil and gas industry made its presence known in our area by setting up a new well drilling operation also within earshot of us. The drilling noise went on at all hours too. They have recently finished and left, but no sooner was I all set to enjoy a respite from the noise pollution than we realized that whatever type of material was used for resurfacing the highway does not allow for any absorption of noise. Instead the traffic sounds seem to bounce off of it for miles in either direction, and once again when the wind is blowing it our way, I feel as if I am sitting right next to the highway. The continuous noise all summer long has felt like an assault on my nervous system and has been the greatest stressor I’ve encountered in quite some time. St Germain also gave his perspective on this and it has definitely been a catalyst for me.

The subject of relationships is always an interesting one, especially when it comes to creating. I very much enjoyed the perspective from St G on this particular topic!

The winds of change are certainly blowing, and it is very heartening to hear that we truly ARE making progress and building momentum as we step towards the new Golden Era we’ve been waiting for and into our newest cycle of creating. Wishing you All much joy in your own creating!

~ ~ ~ Wednesday September 16, 2009

Part 1: Merlin

Merlin: Greetings my very dear friends. This is I Merlin coming in this morning with the energy of your dear friend St Germain present here as well. We shall see if he shall speak to you in this manner or merely be an energetic presence today. First I shall deliver some communication. First I shall join you in your energetic now moment. I have been quite present with you throughout these last months and yet I have not actively come in in this manner to speak with you in a bit of time. And while I am aware that you have thoughts on your mind, that you have questions you are desiring a bit of input and perspective on, my overall message is about remembering that you are Magicians first and foremost, remembering that as a Magician you are a Master Creator. And I wish you to take this reminder in to dwell with your questions, to dwell with what your potentials are as you seek direction and guidance. For indeed you know I and all others who come and visit you in this manner can give you perspective, can assist you with guidance, but ultimately you must find your own guidance within. And I know you are quite aware of this.

What I wish to say about creating is that you are moving into the time period now when there is a great deal more of what you might call power, what you might call force, behind what you set into motion. It is a time now where the energies have aligned for the planet since your solstice, through the eclipses and through the infusion of light that has come afterward. It is time now post your 09-09-09 culmination point for a new cycle. Indeed you will fully find yourselves stepping into this new cycle as you move through the gateway of balance that is your equinox, which will be upon you in just a bit more of your time. In this cycle you will find that manifesting is much easier than it has been. Indeed you have been in a bit of a null zone, a holding pattern, as far as truly being able to utilize the energies that assist in creating. You may have become clear within yourself…or you may not have become clear within yourself…on what you choose to create…but this is most important as you move into this new cycle…to find your place of focus that is dependent on your choice…choice for creating, choice for direction, choice for what is coming for you in the future.

You are alchemists all and yet it has been as if the tools that assist you in your alchemy have been unavailable to you. Indeed the power always lies within Self, and yet tools are a necessary requirement for working in the world of form and physical density. What has occurred with this cycle that is now completing is that your tools have become available to you once again.

It is most important that each of you spends time connecting deep within Self to assess where you are on your journey and where you choose to go as you continue to move forward. For again, there are multiple directions in front of many in this now, for you have indeed washed up on this new shore that has been spoken of previously. You are setting out to explore this new and uncharted land. Some may choose to climb the mountains, others may choose to follow the river, still others may set off along the sandy beach. What do you desire to experience as you move beyond the limitations and boundaries of the world that you have previously lived in? This is what is most important for you to consider.

You are capable in your now of moving beyond what has kept you fettered in the past. In your now moments it is only choice not to release the past that keeps you fettered. Many, many are experiencing those last demons, dragons…and indeed sometimes lizards! It is time to release the past that has followed you into the now, that past that has not been peacefully released, put to bed, and left in the past. It is time in your now, all of you, to stand fully in your own empowerment in the present moment of now, and the only way you can do this is to be completely clean and clear of all of the dense and murky energies, all of the bits of tar from the tar pit that continue to cling to you energetically from what has occurred in your past. You must stand free and clear in your now in order to create in purity what comes next. If your energy fields are still tainted by unreleased energies that still remain stuck within your energetic fields, what you create will be tainted also and will not be of the same purity and clarity as creations that come from one who stands completely free and clear of the past. So I speak to many, many in the now and say the energies are moving swiftly forward. Things are moving faster now than they have ever moved in your experience of this present now lifetime, and indeed of what has been experienced prior to this lifetime. And they are going to move even faster. This is necessary for the momentum that will move you into this new age of the Golden Era that is also swiftly coming upon you…not as swiftly as this upcoming equinox indeed, and yet in the blink or two of an eye you will find that you have moved so far beyond the ways of being immersed in the gravity of time that you have been living on this planet. You will find that before you know it you are indeed in this Golden Era. So I come today to encourage you in this forward movement. I come today to encourage you to become very clear with yourself. Any relationships that any of you have that are still in any way weighing you down, it is quite important for you to find your way to release the weight of these relationships, for you see it is of the utmost importance for you to indeed clarify your own energy field, purify your energy field, in order to stand fully in and create what you desire in the now.

The wizard, the magician, the alchemist allows all to serve him or her. What has been in the past has been your creation and has indeed served a purpose. And yet if you wish to fly free…and this is what is required for this pure creating, to be free of your past, to be free of what has bound you…in order to be free you must release. Creating in the new…the new energy yes, but indeed in this new cycle you are about to enter…requires complete freedom to move beyond these past limitations in order to open to the knowledge that you are desiring, the experiences that you have been inviting, and the ability to embody not only the wizard and the magician and the alchemist but the divinity of the god and goddess that you each are. I encourage you in this path, this direction, and this final resolution and completion of your old world and your past. Many have talked about the time of the separation being upon you, the time of the worlds parting. Those of you who are still tied to the past that has been of the old world will have a more challenging time moving forward onto and into this new earth you have been creating. Allow yourselves to move freely and to enjoy the fruits of your labor. It is upon you.

St Germain would indeed enjoy coming in and speaking to you on a more personal note. Know that I am once again lovingly and gently infusing you with my energy in a manner that shall assist you as you continue your journey in the now, completing this cycle and opening to the new cycle upon you. I am sprinkling you with star dust, dear friends. You are so very loved. With that I shall say aloha and shall invite your dear friend St Germain to come in and speak with you in the now.

Part 2: St Germain

St Germain: Greetings and Hail my dear, dear friends!

You have invited me in to share my perspective with you. And so you shall hear it! Are you ready to hear?! Are you ready to hear what you have invited in? (laughter)

Oh my friends, you know I do not come to blast you! I come to assist you in opening your eyes wider and to see things a bit more clearly that you already know but perhaps are overlooking. Sometimes it is of assistance to have help in your focusing, so I come in today to help you to focus on what you are desiring to create in your now, in your future, in this new cycle, and as you move into what is being called this new Golden Era that is coming up fast, my friends. It is indeed coming up fast. And this is why things will be speeding up even more, as Merlin has just said. They have to in order to burn through the dross, in order to keep the momentum going that will catapult you into this place of complete alignment with all that is required for the Golden Era to begin.

And so I would be delighted if you would bring up some of these topics that you would like to have some of my perspective on today. What might I speak to you of first?

Ziggy: I know both Maureen and I have questions about potential places to live in New Mexico for our time there.

St Germain: I would encourage you to focus a bit more closely on what it is you desire for yourselves in what you create next as far as both the living space and the experience for your time in this southerly part of this continent. Now, the message from Merlin certainly gave you some wonderful things to consider. I would also remind you of the conversation that we had, oh a bit of time ago when you were considering another option or possibility of a living place in New Mexico in a previous year. Do you remember what I said to you at the time? Do you remember the conversation I am speaking of?

Ziggy: Ahh, the conversation I believe was about the house sitting position we were considering…the place that the owners wanted a laborer as well as an occupant.

St Germain: Yes. And I said you would not be free to pursue what you were desiring to pursue during your time in New Mexico should you go ahead and create a scenario and a situation such as this. This is what I do encourage you to consider in your now. What situation can you create that will allow you the most freedom for the experience you desire to have?

It is time for you each to stop settling and stop accepting what is readily and easily acquired but is not to your honed taste as far as what you truly desire to create. And this would have been the case had you accepted the house sitting position that we spoke of 2 years ago. I would encourage you not to consider putting yourself in a similar situation this year either, but instead focus on joy and freedom as you manifest a place.

I am delighted that finances have not been brought up as a major concern in what you are desiring to create for yourselves. For you see, it is a new cycle you are coming upon, and it is time to manifest the abundance that has not been flowing as readily as most would have liked, and yet you see you have been in what Merlin just spoke of as this null zone. You’ve been in a bit of a void as far as your material manifestation goes. This is about to change and you are going to find that there are potentials opening up for you that simply were not available previously as far as ways to manifest greater amounts of abundance. I will say to you that your ability to do this is going to be dependent on several things, and that is what Merlin spoke of…being free of your energetic baggage from the past, things that have bound you to the past, and being free to be in a place and a space that nurtures you. This was spoken of by Didymus in his last conversation with you, and I will reiterate the point that he made…it is time, whether you like it or not, for the changes are inevitably upon you. It is time to decide what in your human world of physical living supports you in your expansion into the new and your working in new energy, and what does not support you. And you can create what works for you. This is why I would say to you that it is most important for you both to look at what truly are the priorities for you in the space that you desire to create for your time in New Mexico, knowing that you desire the freedom to do what you want, when you want.

I will work with you. I will assist you in your manifestation, and I would say that the first thing to do is to sit…make lists, write down what you need, what you desire, what is most important to you. You can create a wonderful space for yourselves. You are Master Creators and Magicians as Merlin has said. It is important for you to start showing yourselves how good you are at this, how able you are to manifest what you need in any given moment. I shall assist you in this manifestation! And it shall be a fun endeavor between us.

Now in reading your energy fields today, I can see that there is something warranting attention and so I would like to address this in the now moment. I would like to address creating when one is in a partnership relationship. Maureen, I am aware that there is a little demon of a past incompletion of your dear partner’s that is an issue for you and that you feel is holding back your creating together. I would like to remind you, my dear, that you are the creator of your world and your reality, and you are, from my perspective, focusing too much on this other and his creation. I would remind you that you have the power and the ability to create exactly what you desire to create, so stop focusing on where his creations are. Focus in on your own. Find the passion of what you desire to create overall…and this may require you to sit by and with yourself to make your own lists of what you want your future to look like. Now there is every good possibility that you two will find that what you both desire for the future is quite complementary as well, but if it is not, there is simply no reason for you to sit in a scenario that is not to your liking when you are a grand and master creator. So you see it is time to stop settling yourself for what is not all of what you desire, and to start focusing on your own creating. You may be quite surprised at how well you are able to create something that does indeed work for you both, and yet it is always a choice for each of you individually where you will be, what you desire to do, how you desire to move forward. You are not joined at the hip, dear ones, even though you love each other very much. I am aware of this. You are very good together in so many ways. And yet this is the new energy and this is the time of sovereignty.

I am aware that you have had a discussion recently concerning others and the subject of blame. And I know you, Maureen, are not blaming anyone in your now, and yet when you do not take full responsibility for your own creations, there is an element of the same energy that goes into blame. So I would lovingly point this out to you, my dear…that no one is holding you back from creating what you truly desire to manifest except yourself. And so it is time now…the energies are aligning. These tools are available to you. Get busy, dear one! Get busy with focusing in on what you want and have fun with the creation! And you may be surprised at the momentum that is built simply by your energetic focus, by the dynamic that you set into motion.

Ziggy: I have a question.

St Germain: Yes, my friend?

Ziggy: I know I can answer my own questions, but…from your perspective, is there an element of fear associated with blame?

St Germain: An element of fear associated with blame…well that is a very good question. I would say from my perspective indeed there is an element of fear, for it is fear of taking responsibility for oneself. When one feels incapable of being responsible for self, it is far easier to blame another than to look within self and say, I have not created the way I would like to create. And of course we are speaking of the many of those who are into playing the blame game…they are not consciously awake and aware of their own creatorship abilities the way that you are. But unless one is completely living in clarity and purity, which is the essence of living in love, there is indeed fear prevalent in the experience, even if it is not easily seen as fear, even if it is disguised as something else, such as blame. And it is important for you to have compassion, to be aware that those who blame are simply not yet standing in the same place of knowing the joy of self responsibility and self creatorship.

Ziggy: Yes. I appreciate the ‘not yet.’

St Germain: Yes. Not yet. Not yet there. And yet I will add, you who are in the place of awareness of your solo responsibility for creating the life that brings you joy and fulfillment, you who know this, need be very careful to not be caught up in those energetic attacks that come your way by those who are still standing in the place of blaming others and indeed would like to place blame on you. There is much manipulation that comes about through fear…indeed, all manipulation by those on your planet here comes about through fear, for you know fear is indeed the opposite of love. When one is fully standing in love and only love…and self love is such a requirement before that love can go out to anyone else…when one stands in that place it is not necessary to be tripped up or affected in any way by the energetic tendrils with hooks and barbs that sometimes shoot out at you from others. You are aware that people do not need to be anywhere near you physically for you to feel the energy of these kinds of attacks upon your own energy field. Yet you can indeed reach the place of not allowing any of these attacks to breach your own energy field, as you are also aware.

In this personal situation of yours we are speaking of, my dear friend, you have made much progress in reaching a place of much greater neutrality as far as buttons being pushed the way they were in the past, yet you still have a way to go to completely free yourself of this part of your past, and this will require focus to do. And the focus will lead you to choosing the appropriate action.

There are, as was said by Merlin, multiple directions in front of each of you. And it is just as important now as it has been each time it has been said to you…it is important that you be completely free of your past in order to move into the creating that you desire to do in the present and the future as you stand in the now of the new energy. I will work with you on this too. You must, again, remember to include me. I do not wish you to in any way become agitated about this. I wish you to reach the place within yourself where you have made the decision that things will move forward to completion in the easiest and best possible manner. And then allow yourself to be guided to what is the appropriate action in the world that will assist to bring this about. How are you with this, dear friend?

Ziggy: I will very joyfully ask for your assistance as I progress.

St Germain: And I will very joyfully give this assistance!

Ziggy: Thank you!

St Germain: You are welcome!

Now, I would say…have joy, have much joy, have excitement looking at what you desire to create! This is what flows the passion in your life, and just about all of you still have some restrictions on flow in your own experience. They do not come from the same sources, these restrictions, they come from your own personal issues that you still need to deal with. You each must go within to see with clear vision what these issues may be that continue to restrict the flow in your experience, and this flow is indeed the flow of abundance as well. It is the time for complete clearing of the past.

I would encourage you all to spend time in introspection, yes, but jot things down as well. It helps you to crystallize your feeling state, and it helps you to clarify what you wish to release, what you wish to hold onto, what you wish to expand, and where you wish to go. Now I am not giving you a homework assignment here. (laughter) It is not a requirement if you find that you can access what you need to look at in other ways, and yet it is a way that is very helpful…writing things down…for you see you must each know what you want for self before you can be clear on what you want and where you wish to go together in company with each other, together in partnership.

I am not in any way criticizing you in your now. I am attempting to assist you in this burning off of the dross, both individually and in your partnership relationship, and in your relationships with others that are still impacting where you are in your now and where you are in relationship to each other. You do not have to go forward together. I will tell you that. You each have paths in front of you in which you could create all new scenarios for yourself, apart from each other, and yet you are good together, and there are some wonderful potentials for you as far as creating in the new in partnership with each other. So I urge you to consider all of your potentials, yes, but first you must consider all of your desires, all of your passions, all of what is beckoning to you, all of what makes your heart sing.

(To Maureen) If you are not happy sitting here with all the noise that you have experienced over this summer, its time for you to start creating anew, my dear, and see what comes up! There are many ways to create, and they do not all look the way you think that they must look in 3D. But, instead of sitting around being agitated, irritated, frustrated and complaining, start creating! It is time…for all of you! Sharpen your pencils for the new year! (laughter) The new school year…yes, but you know that indeed you are in the place where this new season, new school year, takes place inside of you. You do not need to sit in school at a desk in a classroom the way many others may still choose to do, and in many ways, still need to do. That is where they are at in the moment. You know where you are at in the moment. Accept that you are your own teacher, you are your own master indeed. You are your own God. It is time for some fun. There has been much work that has needed to be done to get you to the place you are in, and now…let me say, now is the time for fun!

I will say to all the many who are wondering about relationships…the pool has been quite limited for fulfilling partnership up until now because most of the men were not in a similar place as most of the women and were behind the women in their consciousness expansion. With this alignment, with this completion that has taken place with the 999, there is going to be a much greater pool of potential partners for all who are in a similar place on their journey and able to be complementary for further expansion and enjoyment of shared living. It has not all been for naught…this walking the path alone, and there is the joy of relationship to come for those who choose it and choose to create it.

This is enough from me. Do you have more that you wish to speak of?

Ziggy: I would just like to comment on when you were talking about Maureen’s challenge with the wide variety of noises going on around here over most of the summer. I was recalling…well, I am aware that we are each of us our own magician and I was recalling what happened in Banff when we had that rather noisy truck outside our motel room and you turned it off just like that! (snaps fingers) (laughter)

St Germain: Well, I assisted, but indeed you both turned it off just like that yourselves!

This is what I speak of as far as accepting your own creatorship. Yet there has been reason for this noise. This noise has indeed been a catalyst for Maureen to look at what she truly desires in a living space. It has been appropriate to be in a space such as this one...where there are not great requirements for interaction with the outside world...during the very intense energies that have been experienced. It has been as a cocoon of sorts, and this word has been used before. And yet you are now entering a time of acceleration of energies flowing, of creativity, of the ability to manifest, and so it is not necessary and it is not recommended that one continue to sit in an environment that is grating a bit to one’s psyche and one’s energetic sensitivities. And so this is where I will point out, oh the phrase that Maureen has enjoyed so much from the channeled Abraham messages…”contrast launches rockets of desire.” Launch your rockets of desire for what you wish to create!

(To Ziggy) My dear friend, I know that you love this place for you have indeed nurtured it so much and so well, and yet, my friend, don’t stand stagnant and still! You have wonderful creatorship abilities also. If you desire to go forward together in relationship, both of you, choosing what you desire to create, you can indeed work magic and miracles as far as your creatorship. Do you truly choose to stay connected only to this one piece of land for the rest of your experience if you are choosing to live many, many more years in this human form? Is this the be all and the end all for you?

Ziggy: You’re very right that I put a lot of my energy into making this place a rather wonderful place, but I have no attachment to it.

St Germain: You say that in words, and yet that is not what is seen in your energy field. And so I would encourage just a bit more introspection on this, and this is part of your…(laughter) I said I was not giving homework, but…it is indeed part of your own personal assignment as far as freeing yourself from the past. I am not telling you that it is right for you or wrong for you to hold on to this place, but I am saying that this place is a creation of your past, and I can see that because you are so happy with your past creation you are not as clearly and freely in the place to create in the now and in the new as your partner is. You are not alone in this. There are many others who are very happy with what they have created and manifested for self in the past and there is nothing wrong with this! And yet there is a trap in attachment to what has been created and manifested. There is nothing wrong with appreciating what one has created or what one has acquired and yet to become overly attached keeps you from freely moving into the new.

I know it has been uncomfortable for some such as Maureen to have let go of so much of everything of the material, and I know the desire is there to create something wonderful in the material as you move forward in the new energy, and I encourage you in this. And I tell you you are quite capable of doing this. Yet it has served you well to release attachment to all material possessions. This is the true alchemy. This is what the true alchemist knows. Without attachment, you are free to create in the new over and over and over again. Every moment is new. And the secret to this is that your creations get better and better and better as you allow yourself to continue to create anew and create anew and create anew.

So I would suggest to you and to all who are still dancing with finding the balance of appreciating without attachment…I would encourage you to consider all of what I have said as you make your choices for what you wish to create as you move forward.

It is as always a delight to come in and interact in this manner. You know I am always available, always with you. And yet there is a real joy in being able to communicate in a way that does penetrate your experience of 3D human living. I love you dearly, my friends. Have fun! Live in joy! Get your passions flowing! There is so much that is upon you! And I am quite ready to have some fun myself experiencing it with you! And with that I shall say, have a wonderful day. And so it is! Aloha! ~ ~ ~

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Tamara said...

This is the second time I've run across your blog, this time from the CC message boards as your postings resonated so deeply with me. Realizing I've been here before was an extra delight!

I want to thank you for including the personal information from St. Germain, it has catalyzed a healing for me with my mother today. (After 52 years, this is not insignificant!) It was the final "aha!" that has been eluding me.

Best of luck to both you and Ziggy as you begin your adventures in NM. I will bookmark this blog and check in to see how you're doing as we all play with creating in the new energy. Love to you both!