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TOBIWAH: Transformation & the 09-09-09

The significance of the 09-09-09 date has been suggested by many, and a number of sources spoke of it being the day for a crystal activation upon planet Earth. My partner Ziggy and I like to celebrate these days of significance, and had decided to have a bit of a ceremony down by our well ‘altar,’ which feels to us to be a powerful vortex of energy on the land where we reside together during the summer months here in Alberta, Canada. We always extend an invitation to others to connect with us in spirit to share the celebration with us.

We intended to begin our celebration yesterday at 9:09am, but found there was quite a chill in the early morning air so decided to wait until it warmed up a bit more before heading to the well. We remained in the living room instead and enjoyed watching the bird activity outside the sliding glass doors. We were quite taken by how frenzied their activity seemed, as things have been quite calm on the bird front for a while now. We have many varieties that frequent the feeding station set up on the edge of the patio, and have become accustomed to enjoying the sparrows and wrens, flickers and bright yellow finches, and even a black and white nuthatch that has been our most recent new addition. We were surprised yesterday to find so many robins as part of the mix of winged ones darting around in the trees and chasing each other through the air.

Ziggy remarked that at least it had been quite a while since any of them smacked into the clear glass of the sliding doors, and I mentioned that it seemed that always occurred much more when we were having conversations with nonphysical friends, as they definitely seem to be attracted to the energy that flows then and fly towards it. Since this summer has been so energetically intense that I’ve had to focus a lot just on keeping my own balance, we haven’t had these kinds of conversations as frequently as we have in the past. Several minutes after this exchange between us, we were startled by a loud bang as a bird did indeed hit the glass and then quickly turned itself around in the other direction and flew off to a nearby tree, most likely with a bit of a headache.

As the digital clock in the room neared the 9:09 mark, I got up to light a candle. At exactly 9:09, there was another very loud thud and we turned to see that a robin had hit the glass so hard that there were feathers sticking to it. Ziggy made the comment that sadly, it seemed that this bird had not been as lucky as the other one. It was lying completely still on the patio beneath the slider, and he said it had probably broken its neck as it looked to be quite dead and its head was bent from its body at a strange angle. I was a bit shocked, especially at the timing, and wondered what kind of an omen this could possibly be to happen at 9:09am on 09-09-09. It didn’t seem like a very uplifting one.

What was also interesting to us was that as soon as the robin had smacked into the glass, the frenzied bird activity that had been taking place all around the yard came to a complete standstill. Suddenly everything was quiet and all the birds disappered, with none to be seen flying around anywhere in the yard. Ziggy said it was as if at 9:09 an energetic climax of sorts was reached, and the birds were aware of this and in tune with it.

Still, I didn’t feel much like celebrating with a dead robin lying on the other side of the glass door. Within a few moments though, we noticed that it was not completely still as it appeared its heart was still beating. Then it made some bird sounds that I thought were indicative of its death throes and I hoped it would die quickly and not linger long in a painful state.

A few moments after that, though, we were amazed to see that the bird had shifted itself into a sitting position, though it seemed to be unable to fly. Apparently it had not broken its neck as we had initially thought. Since we have cats in our neighborhood who visit us frequently, Ziggy decided to pick the bird up and see if it could sit on a branch so it would be less likely to become cat food should one arrive on the scene. It remained motionless on the branch for quite some time. We both went off to do other things, and a little later when we looked out to check on it, it was gone…and was not lying in the bushes under the branch so appears to have regained its ability to fly and taken off on its own. The symbolism of what happened was addressed in the conversation that took place shortly afterwards, and made much sense to me, especially in light of some of the events that I‘ve witnessed occurring around me during these last seemingly chaotic months of very intense energies.

More symbolism was explained as Ziggy spoke to our visitor of a new experience he had just had, and the explanation of it is quite beautiful. It seems that transformation is upon us in so many ways right now.

This message in and of itself is evidence of transformation. I have had a close relationship with the one I have called Tobias for many years. The energy that came through in this session was very recognizable and yet it was different. It was far more expanded and ‘bigger’…and felt much more potent…than the Tobias energy we’ve been used to interacting with in the past. In this message it was explained that it is now more appropriate to call this expanded energy Tobiwah, and so it shall be!

Wishing you all much joy in your own transformations!

~ ~ ~ Wednesday 09-09-09

Tobiwah: And so it is. And so it is so much more than you ever imagined it would be or it could be when you took on human form in this lifetime upon this planet for this particular journey you have come to call the ‘ascension journey!’ Yes, you know my energy, especially you who are sitting here inviting me in in the now. You know my energy as Tobias, and yet it is so much more than that, so much more expanded beyond the energy that you knew coming through another all these years. You might say that you are speaking today to Tobiwah, and yet even that does not accurately name this energy flowing into you, surrounding you, conversing with you and loving you.

Let me say in the now that the one who so many knew and loved as Tobias coming through the voice of this other all these years was indeed a collective collaboration. It was indeed a…oh in many ways what you might call a non-souled being such as Jeshua was, and others have been. It was a collective vibration. And yet there is a being, one you may call a souled being, one who is expanded beyond the aspect that you knew and loved and were a part of as Tobias…and that is the energy that is flowing in the now moment. It is the energy coming through to communicate in love and joy with you in the now on this day.

This is a day of expansion. This is a day that marks yet another critical mass of consciousness. It is a day of celebration…not just for those of you aware ones on this planet, those who have been called light workers. It is a day of celebration throughout not just this galaxy of this universe, but throughout All That Is. You are today awakening the best of all that you have been in every incarnation and every era. You are surpassing where you have ever been previously in the history of your existence upon this planet. Oh, you may not see this reported on your news tonight or in your headlines, and yet know that it is so.

Today is indeed a day of celebrating transformation. You whom I sit with in this now moment had the very symbolic experience today at the moment of 9:09 in your morning time on this day of 09-09-09...a bird crashed into your glass door here and you thought it was dead. You thought this robin lay with broken neck. You could not quite understand why this would happen on the day you were desiring to celebrate, and yet what occurred as you sat here wondering of the experience was that the bird did not die. The bird did indeed revive, resuscitate, and rebirth itself as it came back to life. And this is very symbolic of what is occurring in your world in the now that has come to this culmination point today. What cannot transform will die. This is, yes, in many ways symbolic, and yet in many ways it is literal. And yet for you sitting here with me in this now moment, and for all of those who are tuned into the vibration of this communication be it through intent, be it through reading or sharing at some point, be it simply through heart, know that you have reached the point where nothing of the old world can effect you negatively anymore unless you give it permission to do so. And you are beyond needing to ever again give this kind of permission.

So celebrate the day. Celebrate the symbolism of what occurred here in this sacred place, in this gathering place for many. While you two present sit here alone in the physical in the now, you are aware there are so many joining together with you in spirit. And this is part of this culmination point of today. You have been previously restricted by physical boundaries and barriers as far as your ability to share with each other. You are swiftly moving into a new realm where what you share etherically, energetically, in spirit, and through heart, is every bit as real as what you share in the physical, and soon you will find it is much more so.

Many others will have much to say about the significance of crystal activations today and so I will not dwell upon this. I will simply reinforce for you that the crystals are indeed sentient beings with consciousness…consciousness that is very, very open, receptive, and connected to your own expanded consciousness of who you are as you are awakening to being divine humans. It is a very, very similar consciousness to the dolphins and the whales, to these cetaceans.

I will stop and honour for a moment the one whose voice I speak through…for you are so very much in vibrational resonance with these beloved creatures who radiate and emanate the blueprint of pure love. Much of your signature, my dear, of the name that you are known as throughout the universes, this name that is light and sound and color…which is your own unique vibration, for each and every one of you…much of your vibration, my dear, much of your signature is one that identifies you as one of these creatures. And this is where your love for the warm waters of this planet comes from. Nurture it. It will become more significant for you as you move forward into these new energy times that are upon you.

I am filled with love today for all of you who are a part of what is occurring…on this planet in the now, yes, but it is occurring throughout All That Is…because of what you have had the courage, yes, but also the love to come here to do. You are allowing the reinstallation of love as the predominant vibration of this planet. And this indeed, like a pebble tossed in the water, sends out ripples throughout All That Is that are joyously received, noted, and taken in by so many others.

I would like to speak in the now for a moment about what is occurring in those of you who have been willing to suspend your disbelief…terminology that has been used previously in these shared communications. A willing suspension of disbelief means that you allow without doubting. You allow all experiences. You allow expansion. Every one of you who has opened your awareness and invited in this transformation from human to divine human, every one of you has before you potentials for multidimensional experiencing. This Voice has long loved the shoud from Tobias in which Tobias spoke of imagining the many different channels one can tune into on a television…and then asking you to expand your imagination to a whole wall full of televisions, each with the capacity to be tuned to all of those different channels. And in a later conversation through this Voice, Tobias spoke about the transformation from over the air waves broadcasting to digital transmission. In digital transmission each station has the ability to broadcast more than one program at a time. This is the epitome of what multidimensionality is all about, and this is what you are moving into.

And so to my dear friends who are off on a vacation this week and have wondered about the new experiences they have been having that have led to this particular trip, I would like to say…suspend your disbelief! Allow yourselves to fully immerse yourselves in the experience that has presented itself to you, yes, but that you have also invited in. You are very experienced alchemists through your many lifetimes of dabbling in earth reality while not completely losing your knowingness of who you are. This is a culmination point for you as well. Do not diminish your experience by establishing parameters in which you allow yourselves to experience. I say this to you to whom I speak, and yet I say this to all who desire to utilize the energy that is here to be worked with in your now. Do not limit yourselves by establishing parameters for your experience! There are no parameters. There is only allowing, inviting, and suspension of disbelief!

Now, what more do you have to ask, discuss, share in this now…with I the one you know and love so dearly and yet with I the one who is coming in to you today in far expanded form and energy than you have ever experienced previously?

Do you recognize me, Ziggy?

Ziggy: I do! Your energy is very, very familiar. In fact I was tuning into you by watching the sun catcher crystal that we have up in our window…over the very glass door that the robin flew into. This crystal is catching the sun rays this morning in a way that I haven’t experienced before with all the brilliant colors and flashes. It is just amazing and astounding to me…the beauty and the energy that’s flowing through that crystal at this time!

Tobiwah: Ah, it is a beautiful, beautiful symbol…a beautiful example of not only who I am, but of who you are and who each of you is. For as you know, you can hold a crystal in your hand and see the clarity of it, but not much more. It takes the appropriate conditions, it takes the appropriate amount of light for you to see more than just the clear rock that is being presented to you. And yet when the conditions are right and ripe for the light to flow through, you see many, many colors. You see many facets. There are so very many facets to multidimensionality. You, dear friend, today had an experience that was beyond what you had ever experienced before in watching this crystal which has been hung outside your glass here for quite a long while, has it not?

Ziggy: It has. I would watch the light display of the sun coming through the crystal on the walls, but not so much looking directly at the crystal. And this morning I couldn’t get close enough to it. I had to take my binoculars and tune in very closely and watch it, and you’re so right that this is not only representative, if you want to put it that way, of your own energy but…I’ve seen my heart center and I’ve seen the rotating crystals, 2 of them, one inside the other, each one turning in opposing directions…and the brilliance of the light and the colour that’s coming from that center…and that’s what this crystal is reminding me of this morning.

Tobiwah: It is very symbolic of what is occurring with this crystalline activation that your 09-09-09 has come to be about. For you see, it is as you have said, you have seen the beauty of this crystal previously, but it has been much more about it being a reflection of the light. You have looked at your colors dancing on the wall reflecting the light of the crystal, but you have not looked directly into the crystal for the light previously, because previously you could not see with the eyes that you have in your now moment. With this activation, with what you have built up to over this ascension journey you have been on that has reached a culmination point today, you now can look directly into the crystal rather than just focusing on what is reflected through the crystal. Does this make sense to you? Do you understand what I am saying?

Ziggy: I do understand completely. Thank you.

Tobiwah: And I would like to say this to all who may tune in to this message…this is the transformation. It is up to each of you to choose it. You no longer have to see only a reflection. You no longer have to be only a reflection. You are the pure light and the pure crystalline energy of Source. You have only experienced this and you have only seen this as a reflection up until now. If you choose it, if you invite it, if you allow it, and if you accept it, you are now in the place to become the crystal and become the light source yourself rather than merely the reflection which you have been for such a long, long, long period of time.

It is a day to celebrate! I would encourage you to be joyous…to laugh…to dance…to sing…to radiate the light and the crystalline energy that you are! Know that there is a radiance in the weaving together of our energies…all who connect their energies together through heart. There is an expanding of the crystal and the light energy that comes through this connecting, that comes through this sharing, and I am here very much enjoying and joyously sharing this heart centered…very crystalline indeed!…this heart centered celebration with you. And so it is! Aloha! ~ ~ ~

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