Saturday, October 31, 2009

DIDYMUS: The Time Of Change Is Upon You

In early October, our friend Didymus from the star Regulus visited and brought in a message in which he speaks of the time of change being upon us now. This certainly feels appropriate to me personally as October has ushered in major changes in my own experience. I began the month in Alberta, Canada and am ending it in New Mexico, USA. My partner Ziggy and I had our best ever road trip south, squeaking by storm systems as we drove, and our easiest international border crossing to date. Within days of our arrival at our dear friend Denise's beautiful home in the mountains east of Albuquerque where the welcome mat has been rolled out for us, we located the perfect place to call home during our time here and will be moving into it next week. It has been a whirlwind month for us, but a very enjoyable one as well. Just before leaving Alberta, we celebrated the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday with a wonderful dinner gathering with Ziggy's family. And now that we are once again in my home state of New Mexico USA, I am looking forward to our upcoming American Thanksgiving with my family in our new home. I feel so blessed to have so much to be thankful for, and in my gratitude, the continued changes that I know will be forthcoming excite me and are something I am joyously inviting into my experience. The time that is upon us now is what we came here for!

One other change that occurred for me this month was responsible for putting my sharing of these messages on hold for a bit. Two days before our road trip departure, my computer with its Windows Vista operating system, problematic for me for the 2 years that I've had it, crashed completely and my computer has been inoperable ever since. On our first day back in New Mexico, I brought it in to the computer place I've used previously with good results and was told that all the important components appeared to still be fine, so it should be repairable. A week later when I still had not received the call that it was ready to be picked up, I spoke to the technician working on it who confessed that after numerous diagnostic scans, no one in the shop was able to figure out what was wrong with it and nothing that generally worked with other computers with similar problems would work on mine. Needless to say I was a bit disappointed to hear this, but not all that surprised. I have been aware for many years that my energy seems to affect electronic equipment adversely. On numerous occasions earlier in my life when I had sessions with others, their previously perfectly working recording equipment refused to record, and on one occasion when the recording device appeared to be working fine and I was given a tape of my session to take home with me, when I later went to play it I discovered that it was completely blank. A dear friend of mine is the Master of Sound responsible for the monthly webcasts for a popular channeler. I was told when I attended my first live gathering with him that I was under no circumstances to go anywhere near the electronic equipment he was setting up and if I wanted to help I was only allowed to touch the cables on the floor! Wise advice given my penchant for frying electronic equipment!

I would say though that this most recent experience has been proof positive for me that the rewiring our bodies are undergoing as a result of this ascension journey and the recent influxes of energy onto the planet has definitely speeded up. On each of the 3 eclipse days this past July and August, I had major battery/electrical challenges with my computer that had me wondering what was really going on since everything went back to 'normal' the day after each eclipse. At one point my laptop refused to recognize that it was plugged into its power cord and instead reported ever changing amounts of battery operating time left, which had me laughing quite a bit when the absurd amount of 468 remaining hours showed up on the screen. Previously the battery never lasted longer than 2 hours! I have come to realize that if I can physically feel the effects of flowing the energy of other dimensional beings through my system, such as Didymus from Regulus, it is not so farfetched to theorize that that same energy flowing through me might also affect things like my computer. I have ordered a new laptop which should be arriving about the same time we move into our new place. It does seem like the time of change and newness is definitely upon us! In the meantime, I am grateful for the laptop offered up for my use as needed by my dear friend Denise. I have several more messages from this past month that I will be sharing as soon as I am able.

The time of change is upon us! May it move us all towards greater joy, passion and the fulfillment of dreams!

~ ~ ~ Sunday October 4, 2009

Didymus: Greetings from Regulus! This is the one called Didymus. I greet you with love and I flood this space with light as we come together in spirit, as we come together energetically, to share communication and conversation with each other. I come in to speak of where you are in this now moment of time upon your planet. As you are aware, much has speeded up. There is acceleration taking place in many different areas. Major change is upon you, and it is coming very soon. To you I speak to in the now, I wish to assist in guiding you on your journey as your path continues to unfold in front of you. First I wish to congratulate you. You have shed so much of the density that has kept things hidden from you. You are indeed opening to not only remembering the All of Who You Are but embodying this within your physical form and I urge you to continue. It is of the utmost importance. What will be occurring, what is upcoming for you, is indeed what you have incarnated upon this planet in this lifetime for. Oh there were many, many plans and contingency plans in place. There were many potentials, there were many possibilities. But you had a specific goal and a specific desire to participate in what is about to occur upon the planet.

Many have noticed that things have been occurring that have led you to feel that perhaps it is time for more change to be made in your lives. I come in today to encourage you in this direction and to encourage you to not tarry, to not waste time. It would be quite beneficial to set in motion what you need and desire to set into motion for creating the new. Now the nature of this game upon this planet is that I cannot come in and directly tell you what is coming next for you. You must look within for your own answers. There is not 100% certainty of any specific unfolding and yet your potentials are aligning. The energetic that will allow the manifestation of the potentials desired are aligning quite quickly now that you are post your 09-09-09 and have moved through the gateway of this recent equinox. The energies are building. You will find that your 10-10 day and your 11-11-11 day shall be indeed ones of potency and power upcoming for you. It is time for greater communication with those who reside off of your planet. I am not going to tell you stories of when extraterrestrial contact will be made public on this planet, but I will tell you that it is not going to be possible for things to be kept hidden for much longer. There will be many things that are made public, that are made known, that will be quite shocking to the masses, surprising to many, unbelievable, and yet there will be irrefutable proof. You have heard of this over the past years from others. Some have forecast dates that nothing occurred on, which is why I shall refrain from going into the element of time. I just will tell you that from the perspective of where I am observing, there is not a lot of time left before these major events and major changes begin occurring.

You are here with important roles to play in what comes next. You are aware that you are here with special intent and purpose. Those of you tuned in and in resonance with this message did not have to be on this planet at this point in time, and yet you chose to come. Yes, you did indeed volunteer to be here. You are in masquerade form. This is not your true form here as humans. You are not playing exactly the same game that many others are. Of course there are many different games that are played out on this free will planet. Yet you are part of the planning council that includes these star realms, that includes the overall divine blueprint for planet Earth.

We do not have to speak at great length about this for what it is about today is you recognizing that the time you have waited for is upon you…that the roles you have waited for are upon you…that it is time to step up…it is time to make use of the activations that have been occurring. This is going to require change. It will require change for many, many on the planet. It will require change for you personally. I will come in and speak with you again over the time this is occurring for you. I will continue to attempt to assist your inner guidance. The time for you to be in the midst of this communication is upon you, and so there is grand potential for these upcoming months to be quite an interesting time for you, quite a busy one for you, quite an expansive one for you in many joyous ways of experiencing what you have always known it is possible to experience but which it has not yet been the time for. You had to wait for this because the energies had not yet aligned.

So let me allow you to ask whatever questions you would like in this now moment.

Participant A: I get some inklings about the path as far as what we’re ready to experience. I’ve been having these dreams, nighttime sleeptime experiences, of interacting with groups of world leaders at the U.N. and talking to many clergy in Iran…that sort of thing…and I find that rather fascinating. I know I’m a councilor in different dimensions as well. In this 3D reality I certainly don’t get too involved, but when I get into that 4th dimensional reality in sleep I seem to be pretty active. Would you care to comment on that?

Didymus: Certainly. What you are experiencing is every bit as real as what you experience when you are in waking state. In many ways it is far more real. You are closer to your true form, your true remembering of Who You Are when you do this interdimensional traveling and meeting with others. You are bringing an energy to these gatherings that, while it may not be felt or acknowledged on the human level by those who are participating, is very much felt and taken in and absorbed on the energetic level and on the interdimensional level that is beyond the one that you are used to walking and working in as humans. And your work is not only going to continue, it is going to expand. You will have more clarity upon awakening of exactly what it was about and what you were doing. You will remember more over time. This particular ability that you have is part of the gift that you have brought to the planet and is part of the work you are here to do. And so I would simply encourage you to continue to both allow and enjoy these experiences by inviting them in as you do. You are a very open vessel in so many ways when you turn off your mind and allow yourself to journey at night through the many other dimensions where you are quite a familiar figure and quite well known for Who You Are.

Is there more I may say to you about this?

Participant A: No, that is quite sufficient at this time for me. Thank you.

Participant B: I have a question. I don’t know if you are the correct person to ask, but you’re the one who’s here, Didymus, and I appreciate you coming in. I really love your energy and have come to truly enjoy it. Certainly I would appreciate perspective, if you have any, on this full circle coming about in my life of people who were so important in my past, who I have been disconnected from for years, coming back into my present...and me being quite spiritually connected now and expanded beyond my own religious upbringing and finding that so many of them are still quite religiously connected to Catholicism. I wonder what this may be about. If you can shed any light, share your perspective, I would appreciate it.

Didymus: You have good intuition, my dear. You have good instincts. I encourage you to continue to follow them. It is certainly not an accident that you have been reconnecting, and this will continue if you allow it and you invite it. This is part of the role that you have chosen and come to Earth for during this pivotal incarnation and time upon the planet. You are one who attracts others to you. You have a great and grand gift of magnetism. You came in with this and you balance this with the love that is such an innate part of your being. You have come to this planet to bring love. Now, what you have found is that there is much love among these ones that indeed were your 'family' at an earlier time in your life. They are indeed soul family. Part of what you chose to do was once again to be the way shower, once again to go first while many stayed within the confines you might say of the religion that you all participated in creating. You have now an ability to infuse new energ plant have the ability to also work with those who are seeking to make change from within. You have the ability in your interacting with others to allow them to be exactly where they are, and love them exactly as they are, so that they do not feel the need to have to choose 'either or,' as far as religion or expansion. There is the potential that with your input, that with your love, something new can be created. Now, it is an unknown what will happen. There are many potentials of what could happen. But remember you are here for new creating.

The new energy is about creating what has never been before. While you are hearing that many of your structures are crumbling from the old energy, they are not going to disappear overnight. You have also heard that there is the potential for them to transform themselves into something new. This is what you are looking at. You have the potential to assist in not the crumbling, but the transformation, and in the transformation, what you have to offer those who are working within the structure of the Catholic Church...what you have to offer is quite catalystic. I would encourage you to nurture the relationships that are returning to you. There is great purpose in this, and it is something that has its roots in the star realms, its very beginnings there. Remember we have said, and it has been said to you by others, that the Christ consciousness was seeded from Sirius. It was begun, given birth to, in the star realms. You are now here to bring the light of your own star beingness into some of the places that remain dark. I would say to you, have fun, enjoy your interacting, but continue to be aware that it is with purpose that these others have reentered your life. Allow the unfolding. Does this assist you?

Participant B: Yes, I appreciate the perspective. Thank you.

Didymus: We do not need to have a lengthy visit today. It is one infused with energy that you will be feeling so let this be enough of words for now. I would say to you, allow yourselves to take this in. The time of change is upon you. And it is imperative that you start setting things in motion to allow this change to blossom in your lives in the way that you desire it to. This is what you’ve been waiting for, and it is truly a most joyful time for you. It is an important time for the planet. Not all of course are going to be in the same space to observe what happens and take in the feelings of joy that you will feel, but this is part of your role as well. It is time truly to be Who You Are and remember Who You Are, time to embody the All of Who You Are.

With that I will say, you are loved beyond measure. Blessings to you. And Aloha. ~ ~ ~

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