Sunday, November 29, 2009

BRIGID & MERLIN: Its Time To Stop Waiting!

Brigid and Merlin visited a small group gathered together in the home in the beautiful Sandia Mountains of New Mexico of one of the participants on Sunday, the 1st of November. It was the celebration of the Celtic Samhain, the cross quarter day between the September equinox and the December solstice. The energy they brought in with them was potent and was very strongly felt by all, including the hostess’s 3 cats, who reacted to it with very lively antics and some very loud yowling and meowing, much to the amusement of all present.

The message speaks of the powerful energy of the numerology of ’11,’ which is a Master number. November carries the 11 energy, as does this entire year of 2009, which numerologically adds up to an ’11.’ The 11th day of this month gave us triple 11 energy, as does today, the day I am posting this, the 29th, which also adds up to 11.

Also spoken of in this message is how this particular period of time has been one in which it has been quite important to be in quiet and stillness to go within to connect with our own center. I have continued to have computer and internet connection challenges personally during this month, and I suspect that this was part of what assisted me in my own going within. The new computer with Windows 7 that I was quite excited about after all the Windows Vista challenges of my old one turned out to be defective and had to be returned, leaving me once again without a working computer of my own for the entire ‘11’ month of November. The replacement ordered is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow, and I have actively worked with my own intent in conscious creating to manifest a perfectly functioning computer that will allow me to once again communicate via the internet as I desire and choose to do so.

Yesterday I enjoyed tuning in to Steve and Barbara Rother’s monthly Lightworker broadcast and channel by The Group. I particularly appreciated hearing Steve speak of the challenges of getting their messages out to the public in as timely a manner as possible, as I very much relate to this and know firsthand these same challenges. Life can get so busy and transcribing falls by the wayside very easily!

These past few years have been quite a transitional time for me, as they have been for so many. I released much of my old traditional way of living, which included releasing the old energy jobs that were the means of flowing the income that supported me and my children during their growing up years in which I raised them as a single parent. I needed a rest period after this rewarding but monumental task, and I have enjoyed this rest immensely. Now I can feel stirring within me the desire to once again flow my passion in the world in ways that are fulfilling to me…yet in a different manner than I have previously. I have come to the realization that abundance is not about accumulating money, but is rather the knowing that what is needed always appears as it is needed. New energy abundance is not about accumulating anything. It is about living fully and joyfully in each now moment, and trusting that Source, which flows through each of us, manifests everything needed. I truly appreciate new energy abundance and am happily living this in my own experience in the now. I also appreciate the inspiration that others have been to me as I’ve moved into this new way of living, and I thank in particular Steve and Barbara, Karen Bishop, and Celia Fenn for this inspiration. My intent for the new year of 2010 is to focus more on sharing my own unique gifts and abilities with others in new energy ways. I am still in the creation phase as far as how this will look, but one of the things I am visualizing is inviting questions from those who read these messages and asking our nonphysical friends to answer a few each month. I am also envisioning resuming doing private sessions via the internet in response to all the requests I have had for this. I will fill you in on more of the details after the holidays.

Once again I would like to thank those of you who have written to me for your wonderful personal messages of love and encouragement. You definitely inspire me to keep on sharing what I have to share and to do so joyously! My apologies for not being able to keep up with responding to all of the emails, but please do know how much each one means to me. May all the love you send out be returned to you greatly multiplied and with limitless blessings!

Now, Brigid and Merlin’s message!

~ ~ ~ Sunday, November 1, 2009

Brigid: Today is the feast and celebration of Samhain! Cead Mille Failte Beloved Ones! It is I Brigid coming in today, bringing with me the energy and presence of the White Light Being you have come to call Merlin. It is a magical day today. It is a doorway. It is an opening. It is the first day of your 11th month in this year that numerologically also adds up to an 11. You're building towards the power of the 11-11-11s upcoming, but today you are opening the door to this new month...

(Much loud cat noise is heard...)

Your little friends are aware there is much company. (laughter) Your room is indeed full. Even though we do not take up much space, our presence is very felt, as you are aware, and as your animals are aware.

(More loud cat noise...)

Participant A: He's got a lot to say! (laughter)

Brigid: This sensitivity is why the witches of Halloween were always depicted with cats...generally black…black being all colors, black being very sacred as far as colors go, and yet also feared for the blackness of darkness…but you see Samhain is the feast of darkness in the sense of it being the opposite end of the spectrum of your Beltane celebration in May which celebrates the return of the light. Indeed this day has been celebrated for much of history in your Celtic/Druidic traditions as the first day of the new year. It is your ancient Celtic new year. And as such it is indeed a day of celebration but also a day of much sacredness, much hope for new beginnings. This is what I would encourage you to attune yourselves with. You have come out of a cycle of much intensity. You did feel the shift begin in September. Things were quite intense from your solstice in June through your September equinox and your 09-09-09 energetically completed much of what had been previously. You have been in a transitional state, and now you are beginning anew.

You (to Maureen) and St Germain have created the new word swiffening I am aware. It is a good word, for there is a very swift quickening happening and this is why I come in with Merlin today for there is no further time to waste. It is time for you to begin living in magic, begin bringing what you have called magic to the surface of your awareness and your consciousness and to make it a part of your everyday living. You have heard over and over that it is the time of change. You have heard that much is shifting. You are the ones who are leading the way into the new. You have done your work. You have done your processing. You have done your letting go. Oh, there may still be places that continue to need your attention, and yet for the most part you are very different humans than you were but a mere few years ago. You have so opened to the light of your own divinity that you are no longer just the human beings you once were. Today is a sacred day in the celestial calendar of aligning. It is a cross quarter day. It is part of the sacred geometry of the turning of the wheel. As such it is a wonderful day to infuse you with celestial energies...infuse you with energies that go far beyond what is just here on planet Earth.

(More cat noise...)

Brigid: I hear you little one. We are in communion with each other! This is your little one who is quite sensitive, as all your cats are, but he is especially so.

It is time now for no more smallness. It is time now for boldly walking into being the Keepers of the Emerald Tablets that you are and have always been. It is time for you to begin allowing the awakening of the knowledge that you have carried within you through every incarnation you have lived upon this planet.

Every thing of wisdom upon this planet has been brought to you first from off planet. You are becoming more aware of this. You are beginning to glow in a way that is quite noticeable throughout your universe here. Indeed the light is so bright it is able to be seen far beyond this universe alone. And yes together you create quite a bright light. When you spend time together physically with those you are in resonance with you trigger each other, you catalyze each other, in ways that go far beyond your human friendship. You are, each of you, ancient star beings of much light and much wisdom. Brigid and Merlin have been brought from the stars. Our dear Maureen was one of the first to recognize that the Merlin energies you have come to know and love as humans from your myths of Arthur and Camelot indeed is a being that is filled with white light. This being has brought its energy to this planet on many occasions but this being is not of this planet nor from this planet.

There are many ancient songs and chants and much wisdom within you that is desiring to awaken. You are being nudged in the direction of working more with the vibrational frequency of sound and tone and chant. You have brought so much light to the planet, but light and sound are partners in the celestial dance. You will find that you increase your light quotient within your cellular structure when you work with sound at the same time. It is, on this sacred day of new beginnings, a wonderful day to begin working with sound and the vibrational frequency that accompanies it. It is why so many of you are so sensitive to noises that jar you and that are discordant to your vibration because you are highly attuned to the frequency of celestial sound. All of you are being called now to awaken this new piece of your own divinity. You are part of the celestial frequency. You carry these celestial frequencies. And yet you have not woken this up in your own physical human cellular structure as of yet.

Let me pause now and ask for your input and your questions and your topics of discussion while I am here with you.

Participant A : Well I have noticed the tones have been changing recently, these tones I've been hearing. In fact I remember waking up the other night and the tone was something entirely different. I never heard that particular frequency before, so clearly there are some changes. Or maybe I'm just getting more used to hearing the different tones.

Brigid: The changes are occurring because you are raising your own frequency. As you raise the frequency of your physical and energetic body, you come into alignment with higher frequencies of tone. This is what you are hearing. You have been challenged these past few months as far as your human experience changing, as far as the unknown being in front of you, and you have done well with keeping your own sacred center and balance within self and this has assisted you in raising your own vibrational frequency. And so now you are inviting in more and more of the celestial frequencies, which are indeed working with you in your internal rewiring as you go through this process that has been called the ascension journey. These will be speeding up rapidly now. Today is the opening of the doorway to this rapid speed up. Each leads into the next as you have seen with this turning of the wheel and all of your power days, yet your beautiful living space here in this now moment is quite full with beings and entities who are indeed what you might call highly ascended masters, who are the archangels and the royalty of the star realms. You are a part of this all. You are going to find that in this time of rapid acceleration and transformation, much more will be changing, much will be falling away, for you are indeed the leaders into this new cycle of living on planet Earth. You will find that the more your frequency raises, the more you are in tune and in harmony and in resonance with the celestial frequencies that are flooding your planet also in the now. You will find that others are not always going to be able to keep pace with you. You have all seen this in many ways in your own experiences. It is most important for you to focus inward now rather than outwardly, for indeed you are the ones who will be the beacons of light for others. You will also be the beacons of sound and you do this through your frequency. You do this through the tone that you naturally emanate. Our dear friend the Kryon has told you that your unique signature, that which you are recognized by and known by throughout all that is, is a combination of your light and your color and your sound. Sound has not been as highly regarded as light has been and this is changing now. It is now time to embrace both your divine light and your divine sound. And your divine sound is the frequency of your own tone that sings out to all that is.

I will pause again. Are you all with me and following me?

Participant B: I am following you. I remember the Kryon telling me at one point that I would reach the space of recognizing up to 6 different frequencies. I don't really dwell on that but I can tune in to my own toning whenever I desire, and I noticed...I notice...that there is a swiffening in the frequency of my tone. At one point I thought that tone was actually our dear planet rotating on its access. That's what it seemed to be, to represent, but now I know that what I am hearing is the sound of my own frequency.

Brigid: And your frequency is in harmony with the planet so you were not incorrect.

Participant B: Ahh, okay.

Brigid: But you have expanded on your own knowing at this point. This is where you each are at in your own are finding your own place of harmony with the ever swiffening frequency of the planet, for indeed of course your Mother Earth, your Mother Gaia, is also swiftly raising her vibration. This will continue. You will find that in the raising, there may be those eruptions, there may be those hiccups upon the planet that signal change is taking place. Each of you is quite aware that you need not fear any of this. You are always in the right place at the right time as guided and directed by your own soul's purpose. Those who choose to exit have agreed on the soul level to exit, and yet as has been said there will not be, it does not need to be, the time of mass destruction that was once predicted, that was once thought necessary. I will say to you that the more you tune in to the continually rising frequency of your own vibration and Mother Earth's vibration and allow them to come into resonance more and more with each other, the more you assist in circumventing the need for catastrophic happenings upon the planet. One who is in tune with Mother Earth, who nurtures the resonancy of frequencial who does this can indeed make up for 100,000 who are not in tune. It used to be said that one holding the light would neutralize 10,000 living in darkness. You have increased your own powerful sacred geometry as you have let yourselves be flooded with light. It is now 100,000. So do not minimize the import of who you are and what you are doing. Each of you are going to likely find in your own unique ways that you feel more and more detached and perhaps distant from many of those who are living on this planet, even those who have been a part of your own circle and a part of your own world and previous reality. I would encourage you not to be negatively affected by this for what you are doing is transitioning between the dimensional realities that are preparing for a more complete and concrete intersection than you have ever experienced before.

You whom I speak with in the now moment are very attuned to the celestial happenings and timings and turning of the wheel. You are very attuned to the stars. The stars are going to be making their presence on your planet known…the star realms, the star dimensions, and indeed the star beings…in a way that you have not previously experienced, certainly in this lifetime, but in many, many lifetimes. You are the ones who come from the stars and are most aware of this. You have awakened your own knowing of who you truly are and you are far more than simply humans on this planet. You are aware of this. I am aware you present have had conversations about royalty. Be it known. You are each star royalty. You have had your star realms and your star experiences brush up against each other. You have interacted with each other in your many experiences beyond this planet, and yet you present here today are each royalty from a different star realm. You have come here and you have come together in a time when you are the intergalactic emissaries, the ones who are coming to smooth the way and pave the way for those on planet Earth, for indeed you are part human, not all human (laughter). Your star families are a part of your own genetic make up. They are a part of your DNA. You are waking up to this now. You are opening the doorways within yourselves...these portals that allow you access to your true roots and origins which go far beyond the Earth.

Merlin would be more than happy to speak with you but he wishes to not blow your circuits out...any of you. (laughter) While I am here is there more you would like to question me about, more you would like to speak with me about?

Participant A: Well, getting back to the topic of sound and vibrations, I've noticed in addition to the tonal frequencies that I'm hearing there's also a change in the periodicity of the tones. And I've noticed sometimes they're very know they'll go for a little while and they'll stop and then they'll start back up, but recently I've also noticed that its much less regular I guess I would fits and starts isn't quite the right way to express it…but its not a consistent thing. Would you care to address that?

Brigid: You are experiencing fluctuations in the rhythm of your attunement to the celestial frequency and the harmony of the song of the universe. What this is is quite similar to a musical composition where you have certain changes of beat and tempo, where you have different notes coming together to give you different sound quality, different rhythm. Yes, what you are finding...what you will find, even if you are not yet aware of it…is that with each fluctuation in rhythm and you term this the periodicity of it, you are working on different parts of your awakening. You are working on different openings of your DNA that will assist you in your remembering and your bringing in knowledge, and just as you will find that oh, at different times you are more acutely aware of sensations that are associated with your pineal activations, at other times there are and will be and have been symptoms that are associated with your pituitary activation, it is as if you are at a concert that is quite varied as far as the music that is played. And so simply allow…as you have been and are…allow the tempo to be guided by once again your soul's choice for how you are going about the activations that are taking place within your physical structure at any given time. Does this make sense to you?

Participant A: Oh yes. Very much. I appreciate the perspective. Like I said, it has changed a bit and I appreciate that.

Brigid: You are most welcome.

Anything else? No? Then I will touch your hearts and infuse you with the Divine Feminine cosmic magical energy that you are awakening to, which I represent in this now moment of our visiting with each other. So allow yourselves to feel my hand upon your heart and breathe in…breathe in this energy that indeed will be assisting you in this new opening that is upon you. Feel the love that flows with this infusion and know that again it is with grand purpose that you have agreed to be here now, now upon the planet and now in this moment together receiving this infusion. With that I will say you are so dearly, dearly loved, and I will bid you a Cead Mille Failte departure as I turn over what you call your microphone to our dear friend Merlin.

Merlin: Greetings! Greetings! Greetings!

What a magical time is upon us all! I come in today on the energy of magic and yet I come in today bringing with me the energy of magic. Yes, before I depart, I shall be infusing you with the energy of magic. Brigid today, as she has said, is bringing with her the Divine Feminine element of magic. And today I bring with me the Divine Masculine element of magic. And you must dance with them both. You must dance with them within yourselves. You must allow them to find balance within your heart as well as your energy fields.

Brigid has mentioned the Emerald Tablets associated with Thoth. And you are aware that our dear friend St Germain has been associated with Thoth and our dear friend St Germain has also been associated with Merlin. Once again I will remind you of the rainbow make up of energetic flows that each of you are. This is as relevant and as true for those of us who energetically come in and visit you…who have lived in myth and legend as well as in physical reality, as a certain name or incarnation, and yet you see I as Merlin…I am a White Light Being, yes, but I am also a sacred geometrical ratio of different flows of energy as well. The one you call St Germain is a part of this flow. The one you call Thoth has been and is still a part of this flow as well.

This time of year is always potent, for indeed there is a doorway that opens…All Hallow’s Eve, which is the eve of Samhain as well, which flows into what has come to be known as All Soul’s Day, which is again yet another Christianization of the ancient festivals. The Day of the Dead is indeed quite a significant energetic that occurs. The veil for all on the planet becomes quite thin at this point in time and those of you who are no longer seduced by the illusion and the belief system of the veil are quite aware that you can touch and interact with those who are said to be on the other side of the veil. It is quite obvious that your cats are aware of the energies that are not kept separate from you. They flow into this same space you are in, in this moment of time you are in.

I would say to you present and to the others who are in resonance, in tune you might say, with this message today, I would say that it would be fruitful and fulfilling for you to focus your attention on working with me. I would like to be your companion as you move into this time of magic. Ahh…many were not too enthused by this past summer that I had called the Summer of Magic, for it was such an intense time, it was a challenging time for many. But this was the initiation process that was necessary, it was required for you to reach this place of being able to open the door that is opening to you today. I wish to emphasize once again how potent and how powerful this 11 energy is. You are opening to the beginning of your ability to enter the portal. Can you feel within yourself, within yourselves, the explosions of energetic alignment that are coming about, that are ready to assist you upon your path of awakening? Those of you who are ready to move forward need to move forward regardless of the choices that anyone else around you makes. It is what you are here for. Invite me in each day. Invite me in as you awaken. Invite me in as you close your eyes to sleep time and our journeying together in the other realms. We do work together continually. It is my chosen mission in the now to be a conduit of energy for each of you between these other dimensional realms and your Earth realm. You will be the leaders, you will be the way showers for those who follow after you. You are in a time of much, much heightened sensitivity, awareness, and awakening…and heightened remembering. It will come to each of you in different ways, different manners. Be open to this. But allow it to be a quiet time of perhaps what we might call internal meditation. You do not necessarily need to sit in outer meditation, and yet, respect and honor the sacredness of your own inner sanctuary, for that is where these doors are opening. And that is where your next step will be made known to you. I am with you and I am joyfully ready to work with you in an accelerated manner during this time of acceleration.

What may I answer for any of you in this now moment?

Participant B: I just want to say that I feel so very strongly the magical energies of Thoth, of St Germain, of Merlin. I can feel the flows of all of these…all of you in my energy stream.

Merlin: You are one with us. We are one with each other.

Participant B: Yes.

Merlin: This is indeed what has not been understood by so many on the planet. There are energy streams and many of you are indeed strongly flowing the energy of Merlin, the energy of Thoth, the energy of St Germain. I would say in a lighthearted way, be discerning, and be aware that no one has exclusive access to any of these flows of energy.

Participant B: That is so true.

Merlin: Be aware, use your discernment, and yes, integrity. Let integrity be your light and be what leads and guides you. Be in integrity, each of you, but be aware that integrity is the means of discernment for those who are in resonance with your own frequency and vibration…that again of Mother Earth…that again of the celestial movements of this planet. You will know others by their own frequencies and you are very aware of when you are in harmony and resonance with these frequencies and when you are not. Trust your guidance. This is going to become more acute for you, for there is going to be greater and greater separating the wheat from the chaff, as has been said…and that is an old energy saying, for indeed it sounds a bit like judgment. It is not about judgment. It is about choice. There are many who are on the fence who desire to move forward but do not know how. This is where you each will have a role to play with those who seek you out in this manner. You cannot do for others what they must do for themselves. You cannot make choices for others that they must make for themselves, but be aware that by being present for others you can assist in their opening the door for their own expansion. Allow yourselves to be guided by your own intuition, but know that none who come to you come by accident.

Now for those of you who have not had others knocking on your doors as of yet, I say be prepared for the knocking. It will come. You are leading the way. There are many, many of your star families who are here upon this planet at this time who have fallen under the fog of the veil and its illusion to the point of so much forgetfulness that they need assistance in awakening to their own remembering, and this is why each of you will be sought out. I would encourage each of you to use your intuition, use your inner guidance to feel the resonance of these energetic flows that we are speaking of in others. Others may not be at the same place of awakening that you yourselves are at, and yet you will recognize those who do share similar flows with you, those who are a part of your angelic families, yes, but your star families as well…and those who have come from similar experiences in other dimensions that have simply been forgotten. Each of you can act as the catalyst for this awakening within others. It is not your duty, it is not your responsibility, but it is indeed part of the flow of passion that you bring into this experience and why you have desired to be on this planet in this now moment, playing such key roles in the awakening of consciousness upon the Earth that is going to catapult you all into this Golden Era.

What else may I say to you?

Participant A: We had listened to The Group’s session yesterday (October 31) and one of the guests talked about the things that were going to go on after 2012 and she spoke of another 20 years or so before things really come into their own I guess for lack of a better term. To some extent that didn’t really resonate with me, because I felt like we were already sort of in the middle of some of that.

Merlin: You are. You are in the middle of much of this. You, none of you here, none of those who may tune into this and are resonant, need to wait 20 years. You do not need to wait for 2012. There is no more waiting required, and yet what has been spoken of, what you heard of yesterday, is the projected time frame for the masses who choose to stay upon the planet, who choose to not leave in any of these events and catastrophes as you see them and call them on Earth that may be coming about. You will find that Earth does enter a new Renaissance, a new Golden Era, as it has been called. It will take time for these structures that are old and outdated and outmoded to either transform themselves or to crumble completely and birth the new…I will not even say structures, for structures will be quite different in this new era…for new ways of being in society to come about, and so there is some truth to what was said, and yet it also is as always open to your own personal interpretation. How does this answer this, my dear?

Participant A: Yes, that helps. Like I said, I didn’t really resonate with what was said of 20 some years for the next sense was that it would be the masses so to speak to catch up.

Merlin: I would say…stop waiting for anything! I would say be in the now moment as the powerful beings that you know yourselves to be. It is time to stop pretending. It is time to stop playing small. It is time to stand fully in your multidimensional divine capacity as the royal beings who have come to Earth precisely for this moment in time, who have come to be the leaders, who have come to be the movers and the shakers through example, if not always through concrete human action. You are each bringing in many intersecting dimensional realities, first within yourselves, and this is what you beam out to others and shine the example of to those who look to you. Continue this. Your roles are indeed speeding up as well. Allow this heightened time, and allow it to guide you. It has been said, go within. Go within, that is always the ultimate answer to all, for within you are All. Within you contain All That Is.

Anything else?

Participant A: I would ask…once again yesterday it was mentioned about changing the mathematical structure to interface 12. Kryon has mentioned this before. Again I would ask you does that play a factor in how we will be creating our magic?

Merlin: Indeed. And you are moving towards this, you who have been cyclically celebrating the turning of the wheel. Now you are aware that 13 is also quite a sacred number in the celestial calendar. You do not have 12 moon cycles in a year, you have 13. And yet 12 is the sacred number of heaven on earth. 13 will be the number of opening to your divinity in many ways, but what you are asking is, is this part of your awakening, this shift from what has been the 10 based system to the 12 and I would say yes it very much is. Are there more specifics you wish to ask?

Participant A: I don’t know that I know what the question is, but I have felt that that was part of the key…the changing of the mathematics…to activations, and obviously changing the way we live upon the planet.

Merlin: Yes. It will be the base. 12 will be the base of the new energy sacred geometry that this Golden Era will be built upon, and I will say to the one speaking and translating my energy into words (Maureen)…it is indeed no accident the birth date and time that was chosen to bring in this new energy…for dear voice you are bringing in the new energy in a major way…this birth date chosen, 12/12, the birth time chosen, 4:44, another 12…you are soon going to be finding that your purpose will become more clear to you as you shift to base 12. You will become more sentient of it. I will approach this 12-12-12 date coming up in 2012. You do not need to wait for it, as has been said, and yet it will be quite a monumental moment in time for your own particular alignment of purpose. You did indeed choose wisely and carefully your own sacred geometry for entry. Each of you others have done this as well, but perhaps in ways that you are not yet able to see as plainly and clearly as the 12-12-12 numbers that this one has chosen. Yes, it is a time of major shifting on your planet, and part of that shifting is from the 10 to the 12. But do not forget the 13, for that will also play a very significant role in the expansion beyond Earth-only living into the universal, intergalactic, multidimensional living that is upon you.

Participant A: Well 13 is an extremely sacred number within the Navajo. Their original language consisted of 13 letters basically if you will. Their original numbers consisted of 13, so…

Merlin: There is a strong connection to ancient Lemuria and there is a strong connection to the sacredness of direct connection to spirit. Yes.

And you will be awakening to your own inner remembering for indeed you are quite aware you have a strong connection to the Navajo, are you not?

Participant A: Yes.

Merlin: Yes. And so you contain this knowing and this wisdom within you. Allow it to come to the surface of your consciousness in its own way and its own time and it shall. It shall.

Participant A: Well thank you. That’s wonderful. Cool! (laughter)

Merlin: Anything else, dear ones? No? Then sit with me and breathe with me for a moment. It is perhaps what you might call another day of initiation, but in many ways it goes beyond initiation to coronation, you might say. Let me crown you each with the sacred jeweled crown of the star realms that you each hail from. Let me awaken within you the magic that is inherently part of who you are, that is indeed bubbling and dancing within your DNA, knocking upon your door, saying, Let me in as well as let me out! And so, breathe in the energy of my love, which is again the energy of magic, and allow the sacred Divine Feminine that Brigid has infused you with to blend and balance with the sacred Divine Masculine that I now infuse you with. Feel this flowing into you. Feel it flowing into every cell of your being. Feel it assisting you with opening the doorway of your DNA. It will continue to be with you with every beat of your heart. I shall return soon to continue our communication on your very timely awakenings. Feel the magic. Be the magic. I dearly love you as well. And so it is. Aloha, my beloveds! ~ ~ ~

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Go Mama said...

Been thinking about you lately...wondering where you've landed...and then, here you are with a new post. Yay. Sounds like you are on the brink of new horizons opening up. Can't wait to read what unfolds for you....

Love this post. Love its message. As to the 13, I had an enormously impactful vision/meditation back in the early 90s that still haunts me to this day, yet I can't for the life of me figure it out. I just remember it being desperately vital that I remember "13=8+5." and in that order, with the 13 first and the equation second.

On the surface it sounds like such a simple math equation, but in the vision it was as if my life depended on knowing the deeper meaning of it; that each number represented something massive, and together it was transformative. That it was the key to the universe and my/our survival. Never have been able to figure this one out, but your post touched on (reawakened) the passion of the 13 for me strange. Maybe you have some insight?

Much Love and blessings to you in your journey!

and keep posting...