Monday, December 21, 2009

Celestial Mary of the Stars

Time continues to speed along towards the closure of this year of 2009 and the ushering in of the new beginning that 2010 will energetically bring us. I have been quite busy myself with all the seasonal festivities, including the celebrating of numerous birthdays of those near and dear to me during this month of December, and also my own on the 12th day of this 12th month. Because I was born on her feast day, I have always felt a deep heart connection to the Mary energy of Our Lady of Guadalupe, who made roses bloom in the cold of December when she appeared to Juan Diego in Mexico nearly 5 centuries ago. The energy of this expanded Mary, who spontaneously came in to converse after the 12:12 weekend celebrations had passed, was quite loving, quite beautiful, and quite powerful. She called herself Celestial Mary of the Stars and as her energy streamed in, the scent of roses filled the air.

Today on this Solstice, may each of you be blessed with the rose energy of unconditional love in your lives...and may it continue to grow and expand all during the new year we will so soon be greeting!

Happy Solstice and much love to All!

~ ~ ~ Monday December 14, 2009

Celestial Mary of the Stars: Greetings, Beloved Ones. I am the energy of the one you know as Our Lady Of Guadalupe…but I am far more than this. I am the Divine Feminine energy. I am what you might call Celestial Mary of the Stars, the Universal aspect of Our Lady of Guadalupe, whose feast day, associated with the miracle of roses, is celebrated on the 12:12. I encourage all to ride these 12:12 energies with me, for they are the energies of the magical union of heaven and earth. You are still within the energies of your stargate portal of 12:12. Make use of them!

I wish to speak of your upcoming new year of living for it is time for you to fully step into the embodiment of Who You Are and to embrace your soul chosen role on this planet in this time of now that is a time that has been so long awaited. Much will be flowing through this stargate that has opened. The world is impacted by the energies pouring onto your planet in the now through this stargate. And yet, dear ones, it is most important for you to know that you carry this stargate within you.

My translator Maureen is seeing me in the now pictured as the ‘holy card Mary’ from her childhood and is remembering the Mary image depicted with a crown of stars. This is indeed the image that I joyfully join in projecting, for just as we have spoken of your Christ consciousness being seeded on this planet from the star realm of Sirius, the Divine Feminine, the blue energies which you know of in connection to Mary, also come from the star realms…not exclusively from one in particular, but a combination of a number of star energies. The Divine Feminine is coming into her true place of prominence, her balance with the Divine Masculine. It has been a long time coming. Energies have been skewed and out of balance as you know for many eons of time upon this planet. You have opened the doorway now to the fulfillment of the balancing. You will find that this first must occur within yourselves. You must reach the place of balancing your own Divine Masculine and Feminine energies, and as you do this you seed the planet with this consciousness of balanced energy.

I would say to you that change is upon you, and you are very aware of this. It is time for you to fully step forward to do the work that you have come here to do. All of this lifetime has been showing you, has been leading you to understand, that this work is joyous. It is joyful work. It is you flowing your own fruit of the rose passionate energies in such a way that it graces and blesses those who receive this energy. As you are aware, not all are open to this energy. You have had your many experiences of others, rather than embracing your energy, being affronted by it. Be aware that this has nothing to do with you. It has to do with where these others are on their own journey, with what is not healed within themselves, with what is still out of balance in their own lives. You have done well with moving through these challenges and not letting them shut you down, not letting them turn off your flow of energy, which is indeed the rose essence of unconditional love. Your planet is thirsty for this. You are a vessel overflowing with these divine waters that can quench the thirst of so many.

You must go within to find the manner and the methods for the joyful expression of what you carry. The time is ripe and the time is right for what you have to share to be made known and to be made available to those who are seeking this. I desire to work with you. I desire to blend energies with you so that you flow me and my Divine Feminine passionate energies in what you creatively express. You have long known you have much of beauty to share with others, but the time was not yet right, the alignments had not been made, both within you and around you. I am saying that with this 12:12 portal, with this stargate, with the energies flooding through, the time is now. Be not afraid to boldly step forward yourself. Be not afraid to make the changes that your heart prompts you to make as you begin to embrace fully what new energy living means and what it has to offer. I encourage you to remember that to fill this pitcher of Self first is what will ensure the bountiful overflowing that you may pour out onto others.

So sit with the energy that I bring to you today, that I lovingly gift you with. Feel it radiating out of your heart space. You will have a few more busy weeks on this planet as you have the bustle of Christmas spirit energies flowing all around you. I encourage all to enjoy this season. There is a wonderful gift coming to you all with these solstice energies.

Be aware that as you enter this new year of 2010 about to begin, it will be time for much directed focus on the part of all, but especially for you whose time has come. You have been waiting in the wings for a very long time, and as your dear friend Merlin and my beautiful aspect of Brigid have recently told you, the time for waiting is over. It is now time for action. The action flows from having learned how to be. You have learned well how to be while you have been waiting in the wings for your time to arrive.

To all who share in this message today, I lovingly infuse you with this rose energy of the Divine Feminine as well. I ask you to sit with this energy, to in many ways meditate upon this energy. Allow this energy to find its balance within you, for it is of utmost importance that you in this upcoming year personally complete the balancing of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within Self. There is much change on the horizon, and you are in the position to mold this change, to guide this change in the direction that you choose that is soul driven and that is part of the grand design and the grand plan of why you are here at this time upon this planet. Spend time in introspection. Be completely honest with self as far as where your attention needs to be directed, what you must focus on in order to complete what needs to be done to free yourself to fully engage in this next cycle of your chosen life experience.

Life is about to get very interesting for so many of you upon this planet! And those of you who indeed have been most conscientious in doing the work required of you, of healing your wounds and your past and yourselves, you will find that you are about to take that magic carpet ride that will skyrocket you into dimensions that are beyond anything you have ever experienced or imagined while you were occupying a human form.

This upcoming year might be termed the year of your personal star connecting, although many will have many other names for it. But feel this within yourselves, those of you who have known that you do come from the stars, you who have so longed to reconnect with Home. Many of you have never found home upon this planet in the way that you dreamed you could or desired you would. This is because this is not your true home. You might call it a working vacation you have been on in your choice to be a part of what is occurring on planet Earth in this now time. So many of you have grand soul plans, grand designs, as I have said, that expand far beyond simply what is occurring on planet Earth. You have had to reach this milestone on this planet of what is occurring now in your lead up to 2012 before you could have the greater remembering of what your soul purpose is in the bigger picture of the universe that includes these celestial realms of the dancing light of the many stars that are pulsing within your own energy fields and are a part of the beauty of the song you sing.

Let this be enough for this now moment. I wish you to bathe in the energies that I bring in today more than I wish for us to continue to converse in the language of words. You are about to embark on a wondrous adventure that will move you beyond so much of the need for language. You are about to experience communication through energy in a manner that you have only dreamed of previously. It is upon you.

I am with you always. I sing with you. I sing through you, and this is recognized by all who are able to read your name through your energetic signatures.

Feel the rose that is unfurling within your heart as I infuse you with my light, my love and my song in the energy I am now gifting you with. Allow yourselves to accept this gift and to let this gift lead you as you walk forward into the new lives unfolding before you and that you are creating as you walk hand in hand with those of us not in physical form but whose energies are so much a part of your own make up and your own Being.

Breathe it in…and know that you also breathe it out as you walk in the world. Your lights are shining brightly. You are dearly, dearly loved.

And so it is. ~ ~ ~

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