Sunday, January 24, 2010

Celestial Mary of the Stars: Surrender To Your Own Now


And so our entry into this new year of 2010 continues as January flows towards its conclusion in just another week’s time. What a month it’s been and how much closer together the people of the world seem as our collective consciousness has been focused on Haiti. In personal lives, I hear over and over…’I don’t know what comes next.’ It is indeed a time of change.

I continue to find myself living day to day and moment to moment, with my activity level dependent on my energy level. I had hoped that once we were through the eclipse window, I would have a more ‘normal’ energy level again. I am having to accept that the old ‘normal’ is gone for good as I have continued to feel like my boat is churning on stormy seas energetically.

At the suggestion of some of my blog readers, I have added a ‘make a donation’ button to my page. I feel more and more strongly personally that new energy abundance is a completely different paradigm than what we’ve lived previously in our old energy lives, where services have been offered to others in exchange for a certain fixed amount of money. To me, the new paradigm of abundant living means we each flow our creative passions in ways that are satisfying and fulfilling to us, and as we live in this flow of passion, we will quite naturally attract to ourselves all the abundance we need to enjoy a richly satisfying and fulfilling life…and this may manifest for us in a multitude of ways, some of which may seemingly have little or nothing to do with what is offered in conjunction with our creative expression. Our abundance is a reflection of our balanced ability to allow ourselves to both give and receive joyously. It brings me much joy to share through this blog. It also brings me much joy to receive what is lovingly gifted to me by those who are touched by what I share. New energy to me is this free flow of love found in both the giving and the receiving. A heartfelt thank you to those of you who have already found my donation button and flowed your love and support to me in this way. It is appreciated more than I can say.

I do find myself strongly desiring to fully focus on flowing my own passion in fulfilling creative ways in this new year. I love being a conduit for the energies that I am able to translate into interdimensional communication and conversations that can be shared with all who are interested in them. I’ve always known, though, that I have more to share with others than just being a channel. I have my own unique insights and perspectives gained from a lifetime of immersing myself in the study of spirituality, metaphysics, the subconscious, and holistic health, as well as my own life experiences, which I have previously enjoyed sharing with others through private practice and teaching. The essence of what I am desiring in my now is to incorporate the ALL of Who I Am and what I have to share into my creative expression and manifestation.

The message I am sharing today from Celestial Mary of the Stars is very affirming and also very clear that we need to stop worrying about what comes next and we need to take the pressure off of ourselves to make things happen. I am quite certain that her message directly applies to me but also know that many others are in a similar feeling place to what I am experiencing myself. I am taking her advice to heart and definitely following the advice to relax and just keep breathing! As such, I have no concrete plans whatsoever for my future and what comes next. I am simply following the flow of my own passion and joy that constantly leads me forward.

As I do this, what I feel drawn to next is inviting questions that contain relevance for many overall that can be addressed by both our nonphysical friends and by me and shared here on my blog. I receive a great deal of personal mail, for which I am always grateful and appreciative, but I am not always able to keep up with responding privately to all of these emails as I would like to. There are often similarities in the questions asked and the themes that come through, and this was just pointed out to me in a communication with St Germain that came through yesterday and is in the waiting line for transcription and sharing.

This week I responded to an email in which the writer expressed confusion about awakening and where she ‘should’ be in the process. Since she has not felt all of the things that are talked about in so many venues, she questioned “Is it just special people like yourself that all of this is happening to…?” I was so touched by the sincerity of her questioning, and I realized that there are many others who are in a similar feeling place…so I decided to share my response here as a way of addressing everyone who might sometimes wonder about the same thing. She mentioned having come across the Abraham material recently, and as a big fan myself, I would encourage anyone not familiar with Abraham to visit the Abraham-Hicks website and check it out.

My response: “I so understand what you're feeling and what you're asking. Please know that you are not alone in feeling confusion. I hear this from many, many people and certainly experienced it myself at the beginning of my own awakening.

People 'awaken' in their own time frames and their own ways and it is a very personal and unique thing with no 'one size fits all.' The fact that you are desiring to know more, in spite of feeling inadequate and insecure about whether this is meant for you, shows that you are in a very good place to attract to yourself everything that will act as a catalyst for your own further expansion. No one is more special than anyone else. And there are no restrictions on who this process of awakening consciousness is meant for. Some people have simply been traveling the path of awareness longer than others and so have more experience with it. Everything that is available to all those who started earlier than you is also available to you.

One of the most common complaints of those who have begun the journey of awakening is the feeling of being alone while surrounded by people who are not expressing any interest in the things that have begun to capture their own attention. Fortunately, especially with the internet, there are now many ways to connect with others who are experiencing similar feelings and therefore feel less alone.

Abraham, in my opinion, is an absolutely wonderful place to start as far as personal expansion goes when one starts putting their principles into practice...the main one being that nothing is more important than how we feel and that feeling good is the best way to create a life that brings us joy and fulfillment. The Abraham principles are a foundation in my own life and always remind me to come back to myself whatever outer circumstances I might find myself in.

I have just transcribed another session with Celestial Mary of the Stars that I will be posting soon on my blog. In the message she mentions that there is a reason that not everyone moves at the same rate, because if all did, it would create more imbalances on the Earth. It is important that some go first, some follow after the first, and some pull up the rear...and she pointed out that each role has its own responsibilities and each is important.

What I would say to you is to enjoy the journey of exploring that seems to be upon you! Take everyone else out of your equation and just focus on what brings you joy as you open to new discovery and new awarenesses. There is no right or wrong in awakening, and no shoulds or musts! Its like the buffet table that Abraham often uses as an example. Just put on your own plate what you like and desire and don't worry about what anyone else is putting on their plates!”

So, if you have a question you would like some perspective on from our nonphysical friends or from me, send it in. I’ll choose ones at random and how many are able to be addressed will definitely be dependent on which way the energetic winds are blowing in any given moment, but we can certainly have some fun together giving this a whirl!

Send your questions to me at this address:

And now, here’s this beautiful message from Celestial Mary of the Stars!

~ ~ ~ Sunday January 17, 2010

Celestial Mary Of The Stars: My beloved ones…I greet you with the energy of the rose! It is this Divine Feminine energy flowing in this morning that last introduced to you as Celestial Mary of the Stars. I come in today to infuse you with energies and to also in many ways offer perspective to you in this new month of this new year so that I might indeed act a bit as a guiding light or a guiding star for those of you on this Earthwalk in this now time on this planet…this time that is like no other.

Much has occurred in the world at large and within yourselves since I last visited in this manner to speak with you. Most of you are unaware exactly how much has occurred for so much of what I am speaking of has happened on subtle energetic levels that you are not consciously aware of, and yet let me assure you the shifts, the changes, indeed have been and are monumental. You are in a new cycle of life and living and indeed a new cycle of energy. This energy has been aligning for long periods of time in your time. There will still be tweaking, there will still be finishing touches needed before you arrive in the awaited time of this 2012 portal, opening to your new Golden Era. And yet, those of you who are on the forefront of this movement of consciousness, those of you who are leading the way in bringing in this new world that is being created with this new energy, you are currently in the place to be able to utilize what is aligned in ways that you have never before and in ways that at this point in your conscious development you may not be aware of at all yet. This is what I wish to speak to you of today.

Many of you have found that you have been in a bit of a limbo state, a bit of a state of suspended animation as you absorbed the energies of the celestial events that occurred from your new year’s lunar eclipse to your just passed solar eclipse. All of these are portals, doorways, indeed stargates for you. Many found that the potency of the energies reaching your planet at this time affected your physical humanness in ways that were in alignment with your Mercury Retrograde, with going within, with taking care of your bodies in their low energy states. This is shifting now.

You have opened a massive portal upon your planet with this shifting that occurred in the core of your Mother Earth. This doorway has opened in this place you call Haiti. As the Divine Feminine element and energy that I am and represent, as I speak to you of this event, I do encourage the compassion that is very much of the Divine Feminine element to flow and continue to flow freely to those who have offered themselves on this soul level of understanding to participate in the opening of this portal. These many, many souls are greatly honored. These many, many souls are thanked for their courage and for their gift of participating in ushering in what will be one of the greatest and grandest changes that has ever taken place on planet Earth. Compassion has many facets and one of them is acceptance, acceptance of what is and the allowance of all to be as it is.

I wish for those of you who are attuned to my energy and this message to also extend much loving compassion towards your own self in this now moment of time. You are going to find that the changes in your own life, your own lives, continue to occur rapidly, swiftly, and yet most of you are still in your place of unknowing as far as what the changes are leading you into, what your lives will look like, how things will be and how things will be very different from how they have been. This is a time to surrender to the unknown. Surrender is not something that is done, from the perspective I am speaking of, in any manner of defeat. That is a definition of duality when one side surrenders to another and is seen to be defeated. This is not at all what I speak of. The surrender I am talking to you of is the willing letting go of holding on to anything. I am aware this is not easy for you as humans. I am aware that by your very nature of living in this dimension that you have entered into with physical human bodies, with the beliefs you have been programmed with, with the societal and cultural trainings you have all been indoctrinated with…I am aware that it is not easy to let go of everything, but I tell you that this is what is necessary, this is what the requirement is for you to step through this portal of energy into the place of New Earth creating where nothing looks like it has in your past.

I will once again use the word monumental. You are moving from one paradigm as human beings to a totally new one that you are creating as conscious and aware Divine Human beings, interdimensional beings who will no longer be limited by the reality you birthed yourselves into. And so I extend my compassion to all for the challenge that change brings, and yet if you are able to but shift your perspective, you can see that the challenge can change to excitement and new adventure. So to all who have wondered and asked…what comes next? What do I do next? What is my next step? I would say to you let go of wondering, of worrying, and indeed even of planning for your key to this portal that you wish to pass through into this new way of living is your complete letting go, your surrendering, meaning your allowing of your complete presence in the now moment…each and every now moment. You are moving into a manner of creating that has no attachment to past or future. You are moving beyond the dimensional boundaries that have restricted you as human beings. Now certainly not all are in the place to do this in this now moment of time. And certainly there might be even greater upheavals and imbalances upon the planet if all made this shift at once. It is important that there be a bit of a curve as far as those who go first, and those who come afterwards, and those who indeed pull up the rear. Every position is important. Every position has its own role.

My message is surrender to your now. Release and let go of your attachment to everything. And this does indeed include how your life looks. You are moving into a new realm, a realm that you have as of yet no concept of and yet it is a realm you have long been desiring to enter. You must follow your feeling state. You must follow your heart. This has been said to you over and over by so many. And yet the truth quite often bears repeating. And so I say it again. Let your guidance be what feels best to you in each and every now moment of your living experience. Surrender to your now moment. Surrender to what is, accepting all as it is. You certainly are magnificent creators who can change what is if you are not fulfilled and living in joy in what is, and yet you no longer do it through your mental strategies or your planning through the rational, logical realms of the human mind. You are moving beyond this.

This year will be a year of great change. You have entered into this year with a huge rush of energy. This portal in Haiti is connecting you more deeply to all that is within the universe. It is not just humanity and those on planet Earth who are supporting with love and compassion what is occurring in this place upon your planet. There is light and there is energy pouring in from every corner of what you call the universe that you are aware of and from places you are not aware of at all.

May I answer any questions for you in this now moment of time that we are sharing?

Participant A: I don’t have questions as such. I just feel the energies a lot and I really feel the shift that has happened in the last few days, and it feels like I have one foot in that magic realm that you speak of.

CMOTS: Indeed you are one who is very much prepared to go first as far as moving into interdimensional living, and as such you have left behind the ways of human living far more than most at this point in your experience and existence. Attune as always to your own heart, to your own feeling state, and you will find that you are the determiner of your own expanded experiencing that is beyond mere human living. And when I say mere human living there is of course great beauty and great joy in the living as humans on this glorious and magnificent planet that you inhabit. And yet some of you have come here with far more purpose than to merely experience yet another incarnation on this planet. Follow your heart, star seeded one. Follow your heart. It perhaps will lead you in directions that are new to you, that have so far been unimagined by you, and yet you must always trust that it is indeed the guiding star of your own soul that is leading you forward.

To all I would say, take heed of what I have shared today. It is time…and this applies to so many of you…it is time to take the pressure off yourself and yourselves as far as what you should be doing, what you must do, what the next step must be in order to lead you where you would like to go. I assure you that where you would like to go on the deepest level of your heart and your soul, you cannot imagine with your human mind. You must simply allow this creation to occur on interdimensional levels of your own being. Your soul is engaging with you in your human form in far grander ways than it has ever been able to before in this now moment of time because of these alignments of energy that have occurred and continue to occur. Surrender to your own soul self and soul guidance. All of you can stop pressuring yourselves.

There are many voices that speak and many messages that flow. I am aware that some encourage action…take action, take any action. This is not a wrong approach for there indeed are no right or wrong approaches. It is a different approach to the balanced flowing of the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine that I am speaking to you from and about. Always lining up your own energy, always reaching for the place of joy, the flowing of excitement in your passion is the best prerequisite to taking any action whatsoever. When nothing calls to you, surrender to what is. Let go of your attachments and these include attachments to outcomes and how things look. I am aware many of you are in what appear to be precarious positions, situations, in your 3d realm in the now with the crumbling of your old lives, your old worlds, taking place. You desire to do something to direct the flow of new creative energy. You do not do this through your actions. You do this through your feeling state. Find your joy, find your happiness, in every moment that you are awake and living in this now time and this will very naturally lead you to the next step, the action, in your new creating. You do not need to stress about it. You do not need to worry about it. You do not need to fear it. There is no way at this juncture of experience at this point in time that you could do what in your old energy terms would be seen as to fail. Be of light and joyous spirit. Take the pressure off yourselves. Breathe. Breathe in the now moment, breathe in the love and support of, yes your own soul self, but also of All That Is. Feel the love…the universe, every star realm, every far reaching planet and dimension is cheering you on.

Surround yourselves with the essence of roses, his very high vibration flower that has come to represent the Divine Feminine…and also surround yourselves with the essence of these sentient beings you know as crystals.

Maureen has flashed to a vision of the purple amethyst. There is a reason for this. There is an energy that many will find beneficial to work with in this particular stone. So be on the alert for such a stone. It does not need to be huge. Watch for a bit of this particular crystal rock to come into your experience, if it calls to you and you feel this…or if you would simply like to feel its particular crystal vibration near you.

Many of you have been those who have kept the secrets of the crystals, not consciously in your awareness but within your DNA memory banks and libraries. I am so aware of the frustration that has come with the joy and fulfillment of working in your true passion not having manifested as of yet in this now, and not even knowing fully and completely what that is or what it looks like. As you continue to move forward in this time period before your 2012 opening, you will become more consciously aware. You will begin to bring your own memories into a place of newness, a place of interacting with the new energies that are streaming here to this planet in the now that you have not been able to work with previously in all your other incarnations. You crystal keepers will be busy and all who are attuned to this fine and high energetic vibration will also be catalyzing much within yourselves, and all can do this alchemically by keeping yourselves in alignment and attunement with crystal vibrations. Be of good heart, dear ones. Be joyful! Feel the grand adventure that is surrendering to what is with no need to mentally know what comes next. If you feel into the joy of your own heart space, you will feel the beauty of what comes next without needing your mind to be any part of the equation.

And so I say to you again, surround yourselves with essence of rose and essence of crystal and you will find that these indeed are of great assistance upon your continued journey of further opening and expansion. I am with you. I am desiring to light your way as the guiding star energy I am and that I gift to each of you in the now. Feel this entering into your being with each breath you take, feel it with each beat of your heart. You are so dearly loved. And so it is. ~ ~ ~