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New Year's Message: Cmdr Frodo & Babaji

Happy New Year of 2010 to Everyone!

I was certainly among the many who did not shed a tear to see 2009 come to a close, as it was a very challenging year on so many different levels. I’ve been excited about the advent of 2010 and was so happy to finally be ushering it in when this message came through…only to then find myself so affected by the energies of the two eclipses that assisted our transitioning that I was virtually unable to do much of anything for the first 2+ weeks of January.

The fog has finally begun lifting for me and for that I am most grateful. I’ve been contemplating 2010 and the direction I desire to take my life in during this new year. I’ve been surprised by some of the mixed feelings I have as to where my energy is best directed, and this has had me hesitating in posting what I’ll be doing…simply because I’m not at all sure what that is!

Previously I had shared that I would be ready to begin doing private sessions again once January rolled around. Oh, the best laid plans of mice and men…and Divine Humans participating in this roller coaster ride that’s been called the Ascension Journey! I am not just an observer of this journey but a very active participant, and one who is extremely energetically sensitive as well. The biggest challenge I’ve had during these years of expansion has been to keep my own balance while continuously dancing with the diverse energies bombarding the planet, and also to not take on as my own the energies of others as I share the experience of living in the now moment with them. For this reason, I often appear to others as a bit of a hermit by choice, but it has been far easier for me to stay balanced in peaceful solitude surrounded by Nature than while surrounded by multitudes of other energies. For this reason, I have decided that now is not the appropriate timing for me to delve back into offering private sessions.

I am aware that, as we each do, I have gifts and abilities that others can benefit from and enjoy also and in this new year I feel drawn to direct the flow of my own passion in ways that will touch as many people as possible who might desire to share in this. This means I will be focusing on sharing for groups of people rather than for individuals, yet I am also desiring to invite questions and topics for the nonphysical friends who speak through me to address that individuals may pose, as what is relevant for one is often also quite relevant for many. I will be speaking more of this in my next blog post, which hopefully will be following this one shortly as yesterday another beautiful message from Celestial Mary of the Stars came through that I would like to put forth in as timely a manner as possible.

For now, I would simply like to finally share this message that came through on December 31, New Year’s Eve, from our friend from Sirius that we have affectionately come to call Commander Frodo, whose sense of humor always delights, particularly when he joyously greets us with his signature ‘Gleep Gleep!’ Along with him, the energy of the Sirian Council flowed also, as well as that of our dear and beloved friend Babaji, who chose to communicate far more through the energy he imparted than through words.

Mentioned in this session is an excerpt from Celestial Timings, a wonderful resource from Cayelin K. Castell. The free issues can be accessed at this address:

Here is the reference to the Sirius event spoken of, from the December archive accessed through the above link:

"Around mid-night local time every year on New Year’s eve the triple star Sirius is directly overhead energizing our experience of the high magic Sirius sends to Earth at this time. Sirius is the brightest fixed star in our sky and so when Sirius reaches the zenith or is directly overhead at mid-night it touches the Earth with a magnificent download of Sirian light energy just as humanity is embracing another Gregorian Calendar year. The light codes from Sirius infuse the Earth’s magnetic grid with actively radiant divine energy. This helps to inspire and awaken humanity to greater love and understanding when we are open to receiving this infusion.
Recent findings reveal we are "downstream" from Sirius in the part of the galactic arm our solar system resides in. If God is the bringer of life (energy) and light, Sirius fits the description — it transmits its energy (highly charged particles) to our entire system via the magnetic field lines. We literally receive energy from Sirius! "

It does sound as if we have much in front of us in this new year of 2010 to be excited about. I am wishing each and every one of you all the best as you walk forward into this new adventure in living!

~ ~ ~ December 31, 2009

Commander Frodo: Gleep, gleep and greetings!

Yes it is I, your dear friend that you have nicknamed Commander Frodo because my name is too difficult to pronounce in your dimensional reality. Ahh, such dear friends we are indeed, as you each know. I do not come in alone today. I bring much energy with me from this star realm and dimension you know as Sirius. The energy of Babaji is quite present with me, which is indeed why our Voice (Maureen) is feeling as intensely affected by this energy as she is…though of course the many beings from the Sirian Council whose energy is flooding this space are also a part of this particular energetic phenomena. It has been a bit of your time since we have gathered in this manner to speak through this Voice, and indeed I will say it is always a joyous and delightful occasion when we do so, even for those of us who are not bought into…that will work, Maureen…who are not bought into your time reality of this 3rd dimensionsal space. For us, it has been but an instant since our last encounter.

I wish to greet you with joyous messages and wishes as you are marking this auspicious time on your planet of the ending of one year and the beginning of another. And indeed while we may not mark time in the same way…or mark twain either! (laughter)…in the realm that we come from, we are able to recognize and we are quite aware of grand energetic shifts and that is what is occurring in your now moment of time as you leave behind this numerological year of the 11, this master number, of 2009 that has indeed been quite trying and challenging for so many of you who are in this human earth realm and this realm of bridging the dimensions. I would encourage you by saying that you have experienced much during this year that has offered you the opening to accessing your own godhood, your own mastery, your own divinity in ways that were not available to you previously. Not all have accepted the challenge. Not all have reason to meet the challenge. And so in many ways challenges will continue in order to continue to present the opportunity to expand and meet the vibratory tone of what is available to you.

Ahh, there is so much we can talk about, and indeed I am delighted to do so. But I do wish to impart a message that may be shared with those who are open to this, those who are desiring this. You have had a message recently from the Goddess, from the Divine Feminine energy that is more than just what you are used to upon this planet. It is the celestial element of the Divine Feminine and she has called herself Celestial Mary of the Stars. You’ve had this visitation, you’ve had this message that has spoken of this upcoming year being your year of opportunity in deepening your connection to the star realms and indeed this is a personal connection that is available for deepening. That is what I desire to speak to you about in the now. Many have waited for outer external signs of the bridging of dimensions. Many have waited for the starships to appear and indeed they are out there, indeed they have appeared to some, and yet not to the masses as of yet. But many await these external validations of intercelestial contact…I will give you a new word!...intercelestial…meaning between stars and heavenly bodies…for indeed you are in the process of becoming a star yourself here on planet earth…many await the external validation of intercelestial communication. This is not necessary. Simply feel the energy. You are in the place now where those of you who are yearning for this, desiring this, choosing to create this, can have as much interdimensional, intercelestial, interstar realm, interplanetary connecting as you are wanting, if you choose it and if you allow it. Those to whom I speak in this now moment are in this place to not only allow it but to nurture and embrace it, so you see…do not sit around and wait for the news reporters to tell you that the spaceships have been spotted in the sky over Moscow (laughter). It will not be happening soon in that particular manner, in the manner that many are expecting. It has long been said to you, have no expectations for expectations inherently bring with them disappointments. Anticipation is what you desire to encourage within self. Anticipate the stretching of your boundaries even further in this new year that is upon you, for as you know the boundaries are self imposed and they are self imposed through your own limits of mental imagining. Let these all go for in this new energy of this new year the only limits will be those you place upon yourselves. There will be varying degrees indeed of experiences among you for your experiences will vary according to how much you have released limitations. You will find that what has been called the separation…the new world, the old world…again just terms in your reality…will increase. You will find that there are greater and greater chasms, discrepancies between realities based on that willing suspension of disbelief that many have spoken to you of previously. You are poised to begin a journey that you have long awaited, yes, but that not all will have access to, and instead of Captain Kirk you may call on Commander Frodo, if you would like, for assistance on this journey! There are so many places to go. Indeed Sirius is but the tip of the iceberg of the dimensional realities that you have access to. By virtue of each of you being celestial in your origins, there are many places to visit. Your souls indeed are gypsy travelers. You enjoy this. And yet this is not always apparent to you in your human physical reality.

Oh, as the page turns in this book of life upon Planet Earth in this now moment, you will find that those of you who are alert to it, awake to it, conscious of it, have the opportunity to connect with realms that you have not even imagined previously in this human form you are occupying. You will find that star realms that are obscure to you make themselves known and available to you. I encourage you to be open to this.

For so many your human realities are crumbling and I will tell you that they will continue to crumble. There are many changes upon you and each change is going to be created into your reality dependent upon the choices that you are in the place of making now. Do not lament these changes. These changes are necessary. These changes are indeed in many ways the key to your expansion beyond the reality as human beings that you have known. I know that this is not easy to accept at all times, and yet allow yourselves to continue to feel within for the truth of this. No one, none other than you, is doing this to you, as you are aware. It is your own soul self who is initiating the changes that are about to come in conjunction with…Maureen is laughing because the word that came to mind is ‘puppet’…(laughter)…that is not a bad word Maureen…in conjunction with this puppet self that you have here in human form that is truly not the all of who you are, and yet of course you’re bringing in more and more of the truth of your being to this human reality…and this makes you far more than puppets. It makes you indeed the celestial royalty, kings and queens that you are, experiencing a new reality that has not been known in the same manner that is about to be made manifest ever before.

There are many directions I could take this conversation in now but let me pause and ask you for your own feedback, ask you for questions as to what would be most relevant to you in this now of your blue moon. I very much like this terminology.

Participant A: It was a beautiful sight this morning seeing the moon setting over the Sandias with a bank of clouds right below it and the top of the clouds was glowing. It was a really awesome sight! That was a wonderful way to start the day.

CF: And it was a wonderful way to greet this day of much energy.

Participant A: …and lots of snow in my country!

CF: But as beautiful as you say, and indeed there are sights that you will behold with your human eyes that go beyond your one moon.

Participant A: Well its interesting that you should say that because I was just saying that I saw the movie Avatar the other day and I used the words ‘visually stunning’ and how cool is that that this totally new reality was conjured up by this obviously very gifted individual…

CF: And well connected to the other realms.

Participant A: Yes, I’m sure! I mean how amazing was that that he was able to pull it off and make a movie out of it that just really, from my perspective, excites you in the context of the other worldly things that are out there that surely exist, and to put that in the collective consciousness…

CF: You see it is not just a movie…it is an energetic download that is available for those who choose the experience of this movie…and this is quite an important stepping stone for many as far as…

Participant A: The imagining!

CF: Yes! Yes. It is recommended by me that all go and experience this movie at least once, simply for the energetic packet that is downloaded in the viewing.

Participant A: Well I’m going back to see it in 3D. I didn’t see it in 3D the first time, but I’m going back to see it in 3D because, like I said, it was visually stunning and there are pieces of it that…yeah, the military piece of it doesn’t resonate with me, but…the imaging of the was just that the world glowed…this phosphorescent aspect of life and the interconnectedness really is…it was just amazing!

CF: And there are many who will not resonate with the military piece of things and yet there are many who are not as awake as you and others who will open to accessing this energetic download in the place that they are in in their own now because they can relate to the military. Do you understand this?

Participant A: Oh very much so.

CF: This is available on many different levels, to many different levels of reality.

Participant A: But I was like…the hanging mountains, and the stepping, walking across the planet and things glow, and these iridescent things…I mean to me that’s what really struck a chord.

CF: Well this is indeed how those of us who are not living upon your planet are able to view things with our interdimensional and intercelestial eyes. You are in the place now…to use several recently created words…of intercelestial swiffening (laughter)

Let us have a good time on this celebration of your year shifting!

There are many others with us here in the now. Oh there are some even in the realms of the Sirius councils who would like me to be more serious, but many, many who are in this place of awareness do know the joys of humor passing through the borders…I will not say boundaries, I will say the borders of dimensions…and most know that lightness of heart and spirit as it has been called previously are what will indeed boost you on your journey as far as your stretch and your reach of accessibility beyond these borders, for once again, these borders are only figments of your own imagination. When you can imagine beyond the borders, indeed the borders dissolve. There are none. You are celestial inhabitants. You are not just global residents of your planet…global citizens, Maureen, is a better way to put it…you are celestial citizens. You each have no need for passports indeed, but if you would like to speak of passports, you each have passports to all the stars. Have you looked in the sky? Have you seen the billions of stars that are visible on a clear night when there is no light pollution? Maureen has sat at night in Panther Meadows at the top of Mt. Shasta and been awed and overwhelmed with the celestial beauty of what was there in the sky in front of her, and that is but the tip of the iceberg because it is only what your own physical vision can see, and I am saying to you, each and every one of you, has your own inherent celestial passport to all the stars, to all of the realms. There are realms beyond the stars but we will not boggle your minds too much in the now. There are realms upon realms upon realms, dimensions upon dimensions upon dimensions. It is never ending as Maureen’s dear friend Abraham can’t get it wrong and you’ll never get it done. You’ll never get it done as far as exploring what is available to you in the many, many, many, many realms.

Ah yes, as I say, I could go on and on. But let us once again make sure that the topic of conversation is pertinent and relevant. Babaji would like to come in and say a few words for it has been even longer since this celestial star being has spoken to you in this manner, but first, what else may I converse with you about on this eve of your new year?

Participant A: So I guess its no accident that you came to see us today because tomorrow is a major Sirius event according to what I just read in the Celestial Timings newsletter.

CF: And you do not even need to read these things anymore to know this if you are open to feeling them! (laughter) And tell us a bit of what you read and what know of this.

Participant A: It’s a particular alignment that happens every year on new year’s day, and it has alignments that I don’t quite remember completely...but it’s a specific alignment that happens every new year’s day and aligns with other celestial objects and so I got…it’s a big deal!

CF: It is a big deal and I would like each of you who are tuned in to my message to once again realize that this alignment occurs because of your openness to it occurring within self, for you see, you are star beings, which means that you indeed are from the reality of the stars. When you have been…how to put it…when you have been bogged down in the density of this physical reality, this has been quite obscure as far as what occurs with this alignment…yet there have always been ones throughout the ages who have not allowed density to bog them down…many of you have been the ones who have throughout the ages carried this lightness within you. And this is why it is easier for you to remember… but know that what aligns in what you perceive as external is what you are allowing and opening to aligning internally. Do you understand this?

Participant A: That’s great. Tomorrow is a special day, as is every day…

CF: As is every day. And yet there are different …

Participant A: Specialities? Oh I made up a new word!

CF: Indeed specialties is a word! It has been known and used, but this is a very good use of it as specialities, my dear. Very good. There are many specialities of energy, of celestial energies, of alignment energies, and yes indeed it is a unique one that is upon you mañana! Mañana (meaning tomorrow) is the word of your…

Participant A: New Mexico!

CF: The Land of Enchantment! This Land of Enchantment is visualized by many from afar, from your perspective. We are not far in many other perspectives. But we have celestial eyes to see the enchanting place that this is that you are occupying in your now moments.

What else may we speak of?

Participant B: I would like to comment a bit…I haven’t seen the Avatar movie…yet.

CF: Go see it!

Participant B: Yet! I haven’t seen it yet! It will be in 3D when I do.
But just commenting further…I experience a lot of this intercelestial traveling…

CF: Yes, you do…

Participant B: …but in my sleeping state, and I’m recalling more and more of it as we progress here on this awakening. I guess my desire for it and not waiting for it…I know its already there for me…is to remember and experience in the physical as well as in the unconscious state that I’m enjoying so much. That’s what I wanted to comment on.

CF: And I shall comment on this with you. Dear friend, you have had a bit of a challenge this lifetime fully embodying yourself into human form. Would you agree with this?

Participant B: I wasn’t aware of that until recently. I just thought I was like everyone else even though I felt different. So yes, I would have to say I agree with it.

CF: You have deep roots and connections to many celestial dimensions. You have chosen to live on this planet in many incarnations previously, not as many as many others have, and yet in this particular incarnation, this reality, your celestial roots have not been able to be as forgotten as they have in other lifetimes. What this means is you have not been able to pull the veil down as tightly as has been a requirement for many others in order to live this lifetime. Now, it is a time of change and it is a time of change for so many upon the planet. Your particular change has come from…is extending from…inability to completely immerse yourself in the requirements of human living, and each of you is here on the behest…I like that word, Maureen, it is a good word…the behest of your own soul, and you see you have desired with this incarnation to not completely immerse yourself in human living and reality the way many others have agreed to do simply because of what is potentially available to you in maintaining your root celestial connections. This has inhibited your ability in ways to completely live the human experience and there is no judgment of this from where I come from, there is simply the perspective of what you desire to do next. You my friend have what others sometimes perceive as phenomenal abilities to have other dimensional experiences, experiences that are not readily available to the masses. As you shift energies going into this new year on your planet, going through this portal that has opened at this time upon your planet, I would encourage you to connect deeply within self with these celestial star roots of yours, for many things on the human level may appear to be crumbling to you, may appear to be disconcerting to you, and yet it is important for you to go beyond the appearances, for you my friend are not indeed inherently human.

CF: What else may I say to you dear one as far as your understanding of what I am saying to you in the now?

Participant B: Well I like the direction you’re moving in and I really like what you have said of course. I feel that I work with you very closely regardless of whether I realize it through my human way of looking at things. I know that we do, and yeah, I would ask for your continued assistance to meet my desires.

CF: And indeed my assistance is readily available to you as is the assistance of so many that you are very familiar with on other levels of your being, and you do have the ability to connect yourself with this knowing in altered states, and for you sleep is an altered state. This is a good thing. What I would say to you is do not cling to human realities that may crumble for your path is not… (laughter) now Maureen is laughing for it does not sound so good to her human ears…your path is not the human one. You are here to do things that are not of the human reality. Allow this to be so. Do not have expectations of how things must stay or remain, for they are changing, for each of you present, for all. The potential is there for the changes to be amazingly wonderful beyond your wildest imaginings. This has been said to you before and yet it has not been brought into your reality as you are living it. This is the year for it being brought into your reality as you do live it.

Participant B: Excellent. I try and stay in a place of joyful anticipation. Its not always easy with what’s happening all around us. But that’s what I choose. I stay in that place.

CF: Continue to choose what is for your highest and best good, for what is for your own highest and best good will always be for the highest and best good of all. And when I say all it is not just all on Planet Earth I am speaking of. I am speaking of All That Is, and this applies and is true for each of you. Remember this.

And now I would like to address uniqueness.

You each experience reality from your own unique perspective. And this is what I would like to turn the conversation to as I address (Participant C) in a manner that is relevant to each of you tuned in to this message.

You very much would like to, at many times, deny your own uniqueness. You very much have spent the greater portion of your life attempting to be just like everyone else, attempting to be no different, to not stand out, and I am afraid my dear that it is no longer possible for you to go along with this charade. It is time for you to step into the fullness of Who You Are. Now Who You Are is no better, no worse, than anyone else in the celestial realms as far as uniqueness of soul beingness and yet you are here with a unique role and as was said previously by Celestial Mary of the Stars, you have been waiting in the wings. You have waited so long that you have stopped acknowledging to yourself that you indeed have this unique role you have come here to play out, that you have come here to serve with, for indeed my dear you are a universal being who delights in service to the many. I would say to you that I must shake you up a bit if this is possible (laughter) to encourage you to step in the direction of your own unique role, for it touches the many. You have been hindered by your own humanness as far as working out your dynamics of personal living. It is time to move beyond this in this new year that is beginning to shine as you have mentioned Earth does in the Avatar movie, but as I would say your planet is beginning to shine with the coming Golden Era. It is a paradox in many ways that you must, all of you, release your human expectations while still feeling into and allowing the deepest desires of your heart, for you see your humanness does count. It is important in the roles you have chosen now. And yet it is time to allow not surrendering to soul, but melding with soul. Do you each understand the difference in this? To surrender to soul means that you are…

Participant A: A puppet! (laughter)

CF: Yes. And at the mercy of, the whims of soul that you may have no understanding of. This is not what I am speaking of. You are each humans with divinity in each and every one of your cells and it is this melding of purpose, of humanness and divinity that I speak, for each of you in this lifetime of humanness has come in with soul purpose that is hinged upon your being human at the same time. That is why we have said this is such a unique lifetime. You have not experienced it in this manner previously in all of the lifetimes you have walked upon this planet. You must walk beyond your mere desires as a human to the place of walking in harmony with soul as humans melded with divinity. You do understand this, do you not?

Participant C: Yes, I have an understanding of what you’re speaking of.

CF: Good. Then let me impart my celestial…intercelestial…blessing to you energetically before I allow our dear friend Babaji to come in for a mere brief message in words and yet a wonderful infusion of energy. It is quite fitting that you end this one year in this manner and embrace this energy as you greet the new. So, breathe in my love for you. Breathe in our oneness for indeed you are part of me, I am part of you. Breathe in the stars for they are so much part of your very core beingness, each of you in your own way. And know that I am with you always and joyfully celebrating your turning of the calendar. And with that I open the door to the flowing in of Babaji’s energy and spirit and love and depart in this manner from you with a very joyous gleep, gleep!

(Pause with farewells and thanks to Cmdr Frodo from the participants)

Babaji: My beloved friends, I greet you with joy, delight, passion, and the energy of this now moment that we share. It has indeed been a very long time in your measurement of time on this planet since we have connected in this way, and yet I am always with you. I am always connected to you. I am also part of you and you are part of me. We share an energy that has its roots in this star, this dimension, this realm, this place you know and call Sirius. This connection has not yet come to fruition in your lifetime as humans upon this planet. You have had your stirrings, as our friend Frodo has called them, inklings as has been said by another. You have your own inner knowings of connectivity to this star Sirius but you have not been able yet to bring into your human understanding and awareness the all of what this means. It will take time in your time for this to occur, yet I would say to you that this new year that is upon you, this new energy that you are opening the door to with your midnight celebration tonight that occurs at many different times around your planet…this ushering in of this new energy, new year, new year energy, will hugely affect your ability to access the knowing and the knowledge of what you would call your memory from within your DNA, of what your mission from Sirius has been, for you have each come here with a mission. You have missions for many other stars and it is the ‘mission’ that is meant in a very different way, a very different definition from earth missions as far as goals of human living. I’m not speaking of this. I’m speaking of your overall desire as an intercelestial soul being to come to the place and time you are in in your now and impart change. This is what you are desiring to do and this change has begun. This change is rippling out far beyond your planet. This change is touching all that is.

I do not wish to communicate much with you in words today. I wish you to enjoy this celebration time upon your planet in all of the ways that are most appealing to each of you personally. But I desire for you to feel your connection to me energetically in the ways that go far beyond this planet only. For many…you must expand beyond your human concepts in order to feel the depth of connection between those of us whose greater beingness is not human. Allow this to come to you in your own way. You have time for this, each of you, but know that for those of us who are part of you, those of you who are part of us, this is readily available and you are taking a huge step forward as far as this occurring in a way that you can feel and experience in your humanness and human reality as you step through this door that is opening with this new year.

I bless you. I love you each immeasurably. And I would say sit for just an instant, a moment of your time. Ahh this is magic…this is alchemy…that you can feel the effects of my energy by simply choosing to do so. Feel the bursts of energy that are indeed like champagne bubbles within you, bursting in your system. Take in the joy of my energy that I gift you with. It is indeed a beautiful new year’s, new year’s eve, new year opening to you. And so it is. Aloha, Beloveds. ~ ~ ~

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