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Toby & TeeKa on Haiti

The earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12 captured the attention of the world, and since then there has been a massive worldwide effort to assist, send aid, and in any way possible, to ease the pain of the survivors of this cataclysmic event. In the last message I posted from Celestial Mary of the Stars, she spoke of the portal that this earthquake had opened. While I was listening to the audio recording of her message, I found myself strongly feeling that there was a connection in some way between this event and Atlantis, the civilization that was destroyed thousands of years ago…to which many of us living now feel a profoundly deep and not always well understood connection.

Tobias through Geoffrey Hoppe did a series of channels about Atlantis and I was captivated by much of what came through in them. Tobias spoke of the Temples of Tien, where so many of us as soul family gathered during the days of Atlantis in our quest for expansion of consciousness and spiritual connection. Apparently, we succeeded in many ways and were aware of much knowledge that others did not possess...and many of those others desired the knowledge we had in order to control and abuse, and this contributed to the downfall of Atlantis.

Tobias said that the physical location of the Temples of Tien was in the land that is known as Cuba in our present era. Cuba has been, in many ways, the ‘land that time forgot’ for the past 50 years as Fidel Castro’s rule broke ties with the United States government and its allies, keeping Cuba itself in somewhat of a state of suspended animation as the progress made by the rest of the world seemed to pass it by. Tobias explained that while on the surface, much of the world only saw Fidel as a Communist dictator, on another level, his very important role was protecting the portal still present there now, that we used in the days of the Temples of Tien, from being accessed and utilized by those still desiring to control and abuse…and this was accomplished by Cuba being cut off from so much of the rest of the world.

Tobias has now departed from his previous role as channeled through Geoff and the collective known as Shaumbra of the Crimson Circle. As part of my own awakening, which was greatly catalyzed by Tobias through Geoff and the Crimson Circle, I have recognized and remembered my own heart and soul connections to this beautiful grand entity, and I know I was part of the Temples of Tien and shared incarnations with this entity in which we were very close. As such, he is very familiar to me and has visited in the manner that I flow energies and communicate with them quite frequently. Even since his departure as Tobias through Geoff, he has continued to visit on occasion. The last message I posted from him was as Tobiwah. On the December solstice during a wonderful celebration dinner hosted by my partner Ziggy’s and my friend Denise in the mountains east of Albuquerque, this delightful being joined us and asked that we simply call him Toby. And so it is!

Ziggy and I are also very familiar with the energy of the one who comes through in this message as TeeKa. In one incarnation we both lived during the days of Atlantis, TeeKa was Ziggy’s brother and they were among the leaders of the Temples of Tien. I’ve had visions of them together looking out to sea, seriously intent on discussing what course of action could be taken to preserve the sacred knowledge of the Temples of Tien. In that lifetime, TeeKa was my father, and the one who calls himself Toby was very much an intimate part of all of our lives.

With this close connection felt to these two Beings, it was quite natural for me, when I felt myself wondering about a connection to Atlantis with the Haiti earthquake, to invite both of these energies in for a conversation and a sharing of their perspective. I very much resonated with all that they said, including the part about the hiding away of gifts and abilities so many of us did as a result of the experiences we had during the end days of Atlantis. And now it is time to bring them back out!

One of the friends that I shared this message with prior to posting it publicly had some beautiful insights that I felt inspired to share here, with her permission. This is what Carolyn had to say:

~ It is absolutely phenomenal the effect the Haiti earthquake has created in people, SUCH a huge heart-based reaction which bodes very very well for us definitely bringing in a new world that is much more heart-centered.

In order for us to move beyond where we'd been in Atlantis, we needed the heart component, which the earthquake and the willing souls on Haiti, allowed to happen. It all makes sense to me as to why it was needed, as we have all heard how imbalanced Atlantis actually was in that they focused more on the mind than on the heart. Now that heart component has kicked in big time and it is like the water that will be used to soak the ground and thus allow our seeds to germinate and be nourished and grow into those abilities that have laid dormant within us. ~


Here is what Toby and TeeKa had to say on the earthquake in Haiti.

~ ~ ~ January 18, 2010

Toby: And so it is, my very dear friends, that I come into you today as Toby, as we discussed on your December solstice celebration. You have known me previously as Tobias. You also know my energy as Tobiwah. And yet, I now speak to you one to one, equal to equal. I am your friend, your brother, your sister…I come as Toby!

I bring with me today the energy of another you know well on the soul level, one you have shared experiences with in other incarnations. Today I will give you a name for this one who was with us in the days of the Temples of Tien, this one you have previously known as the soul with such deep connections to Fidel Castro. Today I will introduce this dear one by a name you have previously called him in times that are pertinent to the conversation we are about to delve into. This one is TeeKa. You have known this one intimately and personally in other experiences…this one who has such a strong and deep and great love for the people of this soul family we are part of, for this experience that we shared at the Temples of Tien in the days of Atlantis.

I am aware you are seeking perspective, perhaps affirmation, of potential awarenesses that you have been bringing to consciousness. I will speak to you about this cataclysmic event that has occurred in Haiti. And I will say in answer to the question Maureen has brought up that she has invited us in today to speak about…yes, there is a direct connection between what has just occurred in Haiti and the energies from the time of Atlantis and its destruction and the destruction of the Temples of Tien. Yet, it is not an entirely destructive event that has occurred now, even though it gives the appearance of that through the eyes of humanness, seeing the devastation, the destruction, and the suffering and death that has come about as part of this. But as your message from the dear one Celestial Mary spoke to you of, this is also the opening of a massive portal. There will be far reaching consequences to this portal opening that indeed will assist in the creation of what you might call the new Temples of Tien…that will indeed assist in what has been called Atlantis rising, for Atlantis was a consciousness as much as it was a place and a culture and a people. Not all shared the same consciousness, but there was seeded in those days much that has been dormant, much that appeared to be dead and yet was merely hibernating until the appropriate time for germinating would occur. As so many are aware, this is now the time.

This portal opening that has occurred will allow for more direct interdimensional connection with the realms that…I don’t wish to say created…but the realms that initiated the era and the consciousness that was Atlantis on your planet previously. Remember when you step out of your time lines of humanity and planet Earth, it has not been thousands of years in the other dimensions since this occurred, for time does not exist in the other dimensions as it does here on Earth. The Bermuda Triangle is an example of an area that transcends the time-space continuum of Earth and is very much connected to this bridging of dimensions and the portals that are still alive and well in this area of the Caribbean ocean in which Atlantis once thrived. The ocean was exquisitely beautiful in the time of Atlantis, and yet the configurations of your land masses were far different before the destruction of Atlantis. Yet as you are aware, this entire area we are speaking of, the area that has just opened that you know as Haiti, the area of Cuba that once housed the Temples of Tien…this is all interconnected, and so again do not get too stuck on geography the same way you might get stuck on time frames.

Before I continue, let me ask if there is anything specific that you would like to ask to direct our flow of conversation?

Participant A: I have read a variety of (channeled) messages concerning what happened and what is happening in Haiti…everything from a variety of conspiracies and so on…but I really feel personally that there is a huge connection with Atlantis so I’m resonating very nicely with what you’re saying.

Toby: In many ways there has been a buildup of energies that indeed has been going on since the destruction of Atlantis, with all of the survivors who went on to seed other civilizations and cultures in other places upon the planet. There has been a buildup also in those who did not survive the ending of Atlantis in their physical bodies, and yet returned over and over to this planet with these memories buried in consciousness within them. There has been an energy that has been building to this present time that has centered in this area. There are many symbolic meanings as to why Haiti is the place that has been chosen, being one of your poorest countries with one of the most trying of existences for the people who inhabit this place. Haiti is the epitome of symbols as far as the ending of the old to begin the new in new energy ways, for you see the country that has just endured this devastation has now become a focal point of the world in a way that all of its poverty previously has not been able to do for it…all of its neediness has not been able to do for it. The rebuilding that will eventually come about will be the rebuilding of an entirely new Haiti with far different structures…both tangible and intangible structures…a far different paradigm you might say than what has just collapsed. In many ways this is symbolic of the ending of the old world and the rebuilding of the new that so many of you are doing in consciousness.

When energies build up, accumulate, there must be an outlet and an opening for them to dissipate, for the pressure to be released through. That is what has happened, and Haiti has done this not just for itself, not just for the country that it is, not just for the region of Earth that is so deeply steeped in the energies of Atlantis still…it has done this for the world, so the rest of the planet indeed is…oh, indebted is perhaps not the right word, but owes gratitude to this place and these people who have volunteered to open this doorway to the new.

There will be much occurring as a result of this opening that will not be reported in your TV broadcasts, your newspapers, or your internet news stories…that will not be seen by the eyes of most of humanity. Yet at work right now are not just the humanitarian organizations that are coming in to offer aid. At work are many interdimensional…many other realm entities that are quite engaged with what occurs on planet Earth at this time. There is what you might call celestial assistance being offered in this place also. Much of what has collapsed will need to be cleared. You might say that this portal, this door that has opened as a result of this earthquake, is acting in a manner such as…well, I would use the example of Native American smudging with sage to purify energy. There is now a magnetic opening, a magnetic alignment, a magnetic place of attraction that allows the energies of many celestial entities to pour through this opening to assist in cleansing and purifying in the manner of the smoke that rises in a smudging ceremony.

At this point let us pause and allow TeeKa to come through and share a bit with you also.

TeeKa: I greet you, you I have called my Family in other times and other experiences. I greet you with joy to be able to connect and communicate on this level of soul, of energy, that goes far beyond any communication we can have only with physical form. We are each participating on so many levels of experience throughout this world, throughout this universe, throughout this galaxy we call our home in the now moment.

I have a great love for this particular part of the world that includes both what is now known as Cuba and now known as Haiti, and once they were not separate. Once they were all part of the whole of the empire that was known as Atlantis. All of us, and this includes so many of this family that has come to know themselves as the Family of the Rock…we did indeed push the parameters of living as it was ascribed to us by those in the positions of power in the days of the Temples of Tien. We accessed beyond the 3D as you call it, we accessed beyond where most were able to access. This work…I might call it…of expansion that we were all participating in at the time was suspended by the events that occurred during those last days of Atlantis. There was indeed a prolonged period of building up of energy prior to those last days of Atlantis, just as our friend Toby has spoken of as far as what has occurred in this area of Haiti. We might in some ways say that this is a replica energetically of some of what occurred in Atlantis, but more microcosmically now than occurred in the macrocosm then. The time is upon you and us now for the rebuilding of what was destroyed previously and this will be apparent in the months and years to come as Haiti is rebuilt while the eyes of the world watch her.

I am aware that you desire to see the expansion and…I cannot say completion for it is not an appropriate word…but you wish to see a culmination of what we began in Atlantis and this is why so many of you are here on this planet in this now period of time. Neither Toby nor I can give you all of the particulars of what will come, we cannot psychically predict the future for you, for you know you are creating it as you go, and yet while there is much sorrow over the human loss of this occurrence in Haiti, there is also much joy for the opening to the new that it ushers in.

I do not come through to share with you in this manner frequently. It is a pleasure to do so in the now. And while I am here in the now I would like to speak with you on whatever is most important to you in your heart space in the now. What might that be?

Participant A: Well, I’m curious about how the human form that is so connected to you, the one called Fidel, is doing these days. There isn’t much in the way of news in the media that comes in about him.

TeeKa: And this is for reason and purpose, again on many levels. This dear one you know as Fidel, who has served such an important role in the bigger picture of things, who has been so misunderstood by so many in this lifetime, this one has been somewhat in a state of suspended animation as far as the energy between physically being in human form and not. You might say suspended between living and dying. It has been determined that the timing is not or has not been perfectly aligned for the best outcome, for the best you might say domino effect as far as what will come when this changing of the guard occurs overall with the announcement of the death of the one you know as Fidel Castro. And yet this one is not energetically embodied in human form anymore in the way he once was. Yet on the soul level, it was decided that to exit sooner than would be optimal, than would benefit the overall transformation of this country of Cuba and the interactions that it has with other countries and peoples around the world…it has been chosen purposefully to delay this, and yet the transition is in progress even as we speak.

Does this answer you my friend?

Participant A: It does. I can feel it very strongly. Thank you.

TeeKa: You are quite welcome.

(TeeKa now addresses Maureen) I would say to you, dear friend who has been close to me, who is speaking these words in the now, I would like to encourage you, I would like to tell you that during the lifetime that you lived as my daughter in those tumultuous days of the ending of Atlantis, you had opened to the gift that is before you and in front of you once again in your now moment of time…and it ended badly for you as far as your experience as a human in that lifetime as a direct result of your capabilities. This is one of the reasons that you have put this gift away, and not brought it out again, not fully embraced it even in your now moment which is so far beyond what was in the past. I wish to encourage you as a friend, as a father, as someone who has been so many things to you in this soul family we all participate in…I would like to encourage you to step fully into the enjoyment and the utilization of this gift in your now. Do not ask how…do not ask what you must do for this to occur. Simply allow this to come forth naturally and it will. And this I say to all those others I am speaking to who also have been awaiting the time when not only would it be safe once again to bring your unique gifts and abilities back to the surface, to bring them into the reality of what you are living in the now, but that it would be welcomed on the planet that you do so.

This applies to so many of you, and yet the time has not been right as of yet for this to happen. This shuddering of the Earth, this releasing of energy, this portal opening that has just occurred in Haiti…this is signaling that the time is now upon you. No more hesitation that comes about through ponderings of value and worthiness of what is being put forth and offered. It is time for all that to be long gone, melted away. Your light is here to be a beacon to those around you. You are here to shine and you are each unique in the light that flows through you. Light has many subtle nuances. It is not all the same. You each bring to this magnificence of Universal Light the unique hue that is part of your own unique energetic signature, the name you are known by in All That Is.

Oh, I do love you so much and so dearly. It is joyful to allow our energies to mingle with each other, to flow together in this way. It is a delight for me to come in in this manner, and it is a delight for Toby as well. I would like to point out how easy it is to invite interdimensional company into your presence and to have that invitation joyfully accepted and answered. This is something for you to play with more as you do walk forward. It is quite appropriate to send out the invitations. There are some wonderful parties that occur in the energies that you emanate, particularly when you come together with those of like heart and spirit. Send out the invitations…and you will never be at a loss for company, I assure you!

And so take good care. Be good and kind to yourselves and be good and kind to each other. Nourish each other. Love and support each other. Have compassion, and honor and respect each other. Attend to the needs of the human reality which need to be attended to, in this place of Haiti most of all in the now. And yet be aware things are not always just as they appear on the surface. This has been said to you. There are many, many levels and layers to what is occurring in this part of the world. Bless it all and allow it all.

With that I will bless you, thank you for sharing with me this day as we have, and allow our dear Toby to say his parting words to you also.

Toby: Yes, it’s always a delight for me as well to come in in this manner. I am aware that there are many who very much would enjoy what I still have to share being shared through this particular voice and I encourage this continued collaboration. I encourage this one’s flowing of passion in ways that include me and include many others…those who are so close and yet not a part of this dimensional reality that your human selves occupy. And while there are many who are not in the place to understand that all things are to be celebrated, I tell you there is a celebration for what has occurred in Haiti, even as there is the human sorrow that must be honored as well. You will understand more as you continue to expand yourselves into your own multidimensional selves. I am part of the journey as well and share it with you. I love you dearly. And so it is. ~ ~ ~

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