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BRIGID: An Imbolc Message

February arrived after an intense first month of this new year and along with the turning of the calendar came the ‘turning of the wheel’ celebration of the Celtic Imbolc, often known as Brigid’s feast day. Just after sundown on the 1st, we lit candles in our home in Brigid’s honor and to greet the returning light that is celebrated on this day (from sunset to sunset in the Celtic tradition), and Brigid answered this invitation to join us by gifting us with her beautiful energetic Presence and the message that follows.

I have several messages from others that came in prior to Brigid’s that I am working on getting ready for posting, yet the potency of the energy felt by those physically present was so intense with this visit that I felt it important to share this particular message as quickly as possible. Brigid said there is an energetic download contained in this that is available to all who choose to receive it, and as such, I would like to share this now for all who might desire this.

I personally could feel myself entering more and more of an altered state as Brigid’s energy began flowing in while I was preparing dinner, and by the time it was ready, I was in such an interdimensional state that I was unable to eat. So I sat in the glow of the candles while my partner enjoyed the meal and I had a unique experience. I could feel myself receive the download of energy in its entirety that I am usually only aware of as I translate the flowing energy bit by bit into words that become the message delivered. I told Brigid that I felt I could sit and type out the whole message without ever opening my mouth to utter any words at all, and she affirmed that this was true…that the mode of communication between the dimensions is now shifting and eventually the ‘middle step’ of translating the energy word for word will be unnecessary, but she also said that it is very enjoyable to bridge the dimensions in this manner and share energy with each other as we do when we sit together and feel the flow.

Brigid indicated that there are other nonphysical friends desiring to come in soon to share perspectives on some of the questions that I have been receiving, but that her main purpose in visiting on this particular day was to impart energy, so we didn’t do a question and answer session with her.

The content of this message has a bit different flavor than some that she has imparted previously. It seemed important to her that we recognize the Divine…and the Divine Feminine…in all that is held sacred by the masses, regardless of one’s personal beliefs or the expansion beyond them.

Brigid is known as both a pre-Christian goddess and a Catholic saint in the Celtic lands. In searching for images to include with this blog post, I found many photos of Kildare (Ireland), where (Saint) Brigid’s ‘eternal flame’ has once again been lit, as well as photos of Brigid’s wells. The well photo above is from St. Brigid’s well at Kildare and it is striking to note that hung upon the stone cross carved at the well is a ‘Brigid’s cross’ which dates back to her pagan Goddess days. Wikipedia says of Brigid’s cross:

“Brigid's cross, Brighid's cross, or Brigit's cross, often with the "Saint" prefix, or (in the Irish language) Cros Bríde, Crosóg Bríde or Bogha Bríde, though not recorded before the seventeenth century, is an Irish symbol. Though a Christian symbol, it possibly derives from the pagan sunwheel. It is usually made from rushes or, less often, straw. It comprises a woven square in the centre and four radials tied at the ends.
Brigid's crosses are associated with Brigid of Kildare, who is venerated as one of the patron saints of Ireland. The crosses are traditionally made on 1 February, which in the Irish language is called Lá Fhéile Bhríde (St. Brigid's feast day), the day of her liturgical celebration. This feast coincides with the more ancient one of her pagan namesake, one of pagan Ireland's most important Goddesses, Brigid, who is associated with fire, healing and holy wells; it celebrates the earliest stirrings of Spring, and is called Imbolc.
Many rituals are associated with the making of the crosses. It was traditionally believed that a Brigid's Cross protects the house from fire and evil. It is hung in many Irish and Irish-American kitchens for this purpose.”

In Brigid we find an intersection of the honoring of the sacred Divine Feminine in very differing ways and traditions and yet with the same energy at the core of each.

While looking for images on the internet to include with this post, I came across a website: Sacred Site Tours of Ireland by Liz Guerra

There is much wonderful information there about the Kildare area and Brigid, along with some beautiful photographs. I’ve included above a close up of the cross with crescent moon on the statue of St. Brigid that is found in Kildare, and this is what is said about it:

“Look closely at the carving of a small cross on Brigid’s chest. In the center of the cross is a crescent moon. When the artist, Annette McCormack, was originally carving the cross on the statue, the shape of a crescent moon began to appear before her eyes. The sudden appearance of the crescent moon in the center of the cross is as if the two worlds were joining. It’s believed to be a sign connecting the old world with the new. Brighid embodies Pagan Celtic and Christian Celtic Ireland. She inspires unity and peace in a troubled world. We need to bring into our lives this wholeness and the miracle of the crescent moon appearing is symbolic of this.”

Keep in mind that priestesses of Avalon, associated with the Lady of the Lake that the Goddess Brigid has been linked to, wore a crescent moon symbol tattooed over their third eye chakra so they would be more attuned to the spirit world and therefore more easily able to connect with magic.

A time of transformation is upon us, and Brigid and her magic are available to all, in all the diverse places where her energy flows and where she is honored and revered as the sacred Divine Feminine. May you feel her love as you read her words and may it inspire further kindling of the sacred fire within your own heart!

~ ~ ~ February 1, 2010

Brigid: Cead Mille Failte (One Hundred Thousand Welcomes in Gaelic), Beloved Ones! I come to you on the flames of your candles, on the flames of your hearts. You have done well keeping the hearth of soul burning, each of you that I speak to. It has been quite the time in your world since the last celebration of the celestial calendar. And while I did not come in to speak with you in this manner at Samhein three months ago, the wheel of the year continues turning, as it always does. Today you are celebrating another turning point, another marker, in this turning. This cross quarter day between the December solstice and March equinox celebrates the returning of the light here in your northern hemisphere. There is much symbolism in this feast and celebration day.

I am Brigid, the ancient Celtic goddess, Divine Feminine energy. Yet as you are becoming more and more aware, the Divine Feminine flows through all when it is allowed to flow through unimpeded. Tomorrow is the Christian celebration of Candlemas, which is based on the ancient Celtic Imbolc…the returning of the light…this pagan Druidic celebration. I would like to say that my energy very much flows through the one the Catholic Church has designated as Saint Brigid. There is Divine Feminine energy to be found in this one who has been revered in a manner that is acceptable to the Church. There are many, many pure of heart individuals who attend all of the churches that have been founded throughout your planet. Belief systems are strong within church teachings, and those of you who tune into me as the Goddess Brigid have done much to release the hold that these teachings and religious programming have had on you, and yet, you are in the time of world transformation. So many of you are going through intense transformations in your own personal lives and experiences, yet the world as a whole is also doing this. Many have had to walk away from what previously kept them from freedom in consciousness expansion. This is why so many that I speak to now have left the churches and feel no need for religion in their lives. And this has been appropriate. Yet, there are many, many who count themselves among what are called the faithful who are indeed pure of heart and spirit and simply in their own unique place of experience upon this path they are walking as humans. You do not need to all flock back to the churches that you have departed from, and yet I would encourage the honoring of what is the same energy that touches you in the place you are in now that also flows through the places that may no longer feel appropriate to you. Those of you who have, oh in many ways graduated from the indoctrination of your early years in churches and religious teachings have much to offer now to those who have not yet become aware of the door that leads beyond what is taught and accepted as doctrine in these places.

I wish to mention one this evening from your Family circle, this particular one that some of you know who in this lifetime of expansion has felt the calling to remain in the Catholic Church that touched him and spoke to him on many levels beyond where most of the masses who attend masses are able to feel. This one has spread much light. I want him to know how important the work is and the role he has chosen to live this lifetime, for by his intersection with so many other lives in this particular venue, he has assisted in the expansion of consciousness of many.

There are many others also who in one way or another have assisted this expansion, each in unique ways, and I would speak now to one who is physically present at this gathering with me this evening…you with your large family and your connections to them and the Catholicism that has been such a focal point for many within this family. I wish you to know how much your love and light has touched those that you call your ‘sister sisters’ (nuns) and how this indeed has then been passed on to others as well. I say to all of you to not judge by appearances. You have been reminded to honor and respect all others. This is indeed true and important. This includes the choices that all others make for their own place of spiritual connection. Unconditional love is far more potent as a consciousness expander than judgment and the ridicule of beliefs that another has moved beyond will ever be.

You have been touched recently by the energy of the one who has spoken to you calling herself Celestial Mary of the Stars. Indeed this is the very same energy, this Divine Feminine energy, that is simply known as Mary in your churches. And I myself also flow this energy. I am but one channel of the Stream, and it is a very large and very beautiful Stream that flows indeed.

Where are you going, my beloved friends, in this new year, in this time of accelerated growth indeed, but change overall? Where are you going?

You are going anywhere you choose to go, and it is once again time when the choices of your heart must be paid attention to, followed, made manifest in your life and experience. Much of your world is going to be shocked by the changes that are coming about, that have been set in motion…that are set in motion to the point of no turning back now at this point in time. You are the ones who will be the anchors of balance indeed for many, the anchors of sanity in a world that to them may indeed seem as if it has gone mad with these changes. This is only because it is very difficult for so many to let go of the known and familiar. This is why it is of extreme importance that each of you who knows yourself to be on this path of awakening and consciousness expansion…it is why it is so important for you to reach the place within Self of allowing all of the changes that are occurring in your personal lives…to become comfortable with these things being as they are…unknown and unfamiliar… and to be comfortable with not needing to know that everything will be exactly as it has been. This is what awakening is all about, welcoming the unexpected, the unknown, and in this finding the magic of what is entirely new. You are creating this. And you are, in this creation, bringing more light to this planet than it has ever known or ever held previously. I am with you as you do this, to assist you in lighting the way for the others who are perhaps caught in the illusion of darkness and pain and confusion and chaos that yes your Haiti is an example of in the now for those who are living through the experience on the human level. There will be more of this seeming darkness and chaos, and yet again it is one amazingly large potential for the opening of the heart of the world and for you all to come together in consciousness to create a new world of much light.

Today is a day dedicated to the light. There is a particular energy flowing through in this celebration of the returning of the light. What you are receiving is an energy download, and the words that are spoken are simply not as important as the energy you allow yourselves to receive. However, it is quite beautiful from my own perspective for us to sit together in this way and share this moment energetically in the manner that we are sharing.

Participant A: I would just like to say that I’m really feeling the energy. My head is just buzzing and I’m mesmerized by the light of the candles here…so that is the place I’m in.

B: You are tuned in to the energy of this sharing quite beautifully! There is a transition taking place in the now, even from the way these messages have flowed previously. You have heard and you have experienced that it is far more about the energy than it is about the words, and it is quite a wonderful affirmation to hear you say what you have, dear friend. You are very attuned and feeling the energy.

(To Maureen and those present) Now this is something that as you move forward in what you are doing, in what you are choosing…you have the potential to invite others in to share in this…not so much for a channeling session, not so much to hear a message in words, though that will be part of it, that will come…but you have the potential to invite others in simply to feel and to share in the energy that flows when you sit in this manner and invite connection and communication with those who are not in physical form in 3D reality in your now.

So I invite you present to entertain this thought, a potential, and to see how it feels to you. You’ll know when it is appropriate, and there is no rush, and there is no pressure, but many, many would very much benefit from the exposure to this energy more than they would benefit from hearing a channeled message in words, though of course it is also very timely and appropriate when channeled messages are synchronistic to where one is on their journey.

This energy which you feel so acutely, those of you present in the now, is indeed the energy of Home...and this same energy is available to all who tune in to this message and choose to experience it. It is one aspect of Home. There are many, many aspects of Home, but for those of you who have experienced this recognition of these flowing energies previously, I am sure you are aware that there is quite a similarity that runs through the many diverse energies that make you feel connected to Home…that there always is a sense of joyousness and peacefulness overflowing with love, Divine love. You yourselves are these energies and it is your own recognition of your innate core being that assists you in recognizing this as the feeling of Home.

There are many elements, yet each is foundational in its own way to your experience of living on this planet and feeling connected to what is beyond this planet. Fire is an element of passion. Fire is a symbol of purification and I come in to assist all who seek my assistance in purifying your own hearts, your own experience, releasing you from the bonds of attachment to what you may have been taught is important, but what really does not matter in the grand and bigger picture of who you are and what you are here for. Blessed are those of you who not only walk free but dance…wild and free…through the experience of being human!

We have spoken previously of Wild Celtic Mary. (See archives: Sunday July 27, 2008 )
Remember that she is the goddess energy that flows through me and that flows through each of you as well in its most elemental and its purest state.

Blessed be the light that glows from each of you from within the flame of your own hearts. Tend to this fire, dear ones! Your passion and all your potentials are contained within it.

Blessed be the eternal flame as it has been called, lit in my honor, tended in my honor, in the place of Kildare, Ireland by those who are indeed faithful and pure of heart. I also am very much associated with the element of water in all of the wells throughout the Celtic lands that are known as Brigid’s wells. There is magic and healing contained within the essence of water that you have not yet uncovered and accessed as the humans you are occupying this planet. This is close at hand for those of you who are ready to take the next step. Consecrate the water that you ingest, and I say consecrate in the most basic of ways. Make sacred what becomes a part of you. All water is connected. It is all indeed part of the Universal Stream. You nourish your bodies the most when you ingest sacred waters. I encourage you each to also make sacred by blessing everything you ingest. Everything that you ingest does indeed become a part of who you are, not only in the physical but energetically. This is why many are feeling the draw to eating less and eating purer foods, for everything you ingest contains a vibration that contributes to your own vibration. It is, for so many of you, time to become lighter and vibrate higher. This will come naturally. It does not need to be forced. But bless each and every thing that you take into your body and that you take into your energy field. And I would encourage you to become aware of the energy that you do indeed take in from those that you spend time with and keep company with. Choose what nourishes you and decline what is not in the best interest of your whole and holy balanced Self and way of living.

Dance, dear ones! Dance with the flames…flames of your own passion! It is time to move forward in a far grander manner than you ever have previously, and you have many dear ones who love you, who wish to assist you, even if they do not walk beside you in physical form.

Call on me. I am the patroness of the hearth and as such I am the guardian of your home, and home is indeed your physical form that houses your spirit and your soul. I do walk with you, even though it is in energetic form rather than physical.

Light candles and fires often. Not only will you find me in the flames when you choose to look, you will find the portal that does indeed connect you to so much that is beyond your human existence. You are ready. It is time to travel beyond where you have ever been before. Bring light with you to lead you and guide your way, and be aware that you contain within yourselves all the illumination that will ever be needed for your journey.

Blessings to you on this day of celebration!

I leave you in one manner, but I am always with you in the manner of our heartfelt connection. And so it is most appropriate to say…one hundred thousand welcomes to you with both my arrival and departure, for everywhere, everywhere you dance yourself to in this grand universe, one hundred thousand welcomes and more are extended to you. Cead Mille Failte, Beloveds! ~ ~ ~

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