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MERLIN: The Space Of Love

As I sit to write this morning, the world has been rocked again by another major earthquake, this time in Chile. Tsunami warnings are affecting a large portion of the globe. The changes we have been told are coming, and which Merlin affirms in this message, are definitely upon us.

Much of this message is about moving towards living in harmony with Nature and each other, and finding our own ‘space of love.’ The discussion was inspired by a magical series of books written by Valdimir Megre of Russia and known as the Ringing Cedars. I have been recommending these books to everyone since making their acquaintance myself.

Now more than ever it appears that the inhabitants of Earth must make changes in how we live upon this beautiful planet of ours. Some pioneers have begun living the changes already and many are utilizing the teachings of Anastasia that have been made available to all in the Ringing Cedars books. There are many ‘Anastasia’ groups and communities springing up throughout the different countries in which these books, having been translated from Russian, are now available. Surfing the internet today I found and an eco-community accessed through links from it. I am sure there will be much more to come and perhaps some of us will be involved in the creation of new ways of living based on this honoring of the Oneness.

I personally, as an extremely energetically sensitive being, have been ‘flattened’ quite a bit this last month as I’ve felt all the shifts taking place both inwardly within myself and outwardly upon the Earth. I have had very little energy or motivation to ‘do’ much of anything, and have spent these last few weeks immersed in reading the Ringing Cedars series. As a result, I am sharing this message out of sequence with how it has been received and will hopefully have the inspiration soon to post the other messages that came through earlier. But in this now moment, it feels that Merlin’s message is the most appropriate for what we are collectively experiencing in our global community.

I encourage all to find your own ‘space of love’ and live from there. I do feel that this is how we will create the New Earth together.

~ ~ ~ Sunday 2-21-10

Merlin: Greetings my beloved friends! It is I Merlin coming in close today on the sparkles of the energetic invitation to mingle our magic together, for yes indeed, you do contain the elements of magic. You are magic though you often forget this.

It is the time of grand acceleration in your world as so many of you are feeling. It does at times leave you quite breathless I am aware. So I will begin speaking to you today with the reminder of how important it is to remember to breathe on your journey. You have heard this so many times from so many others and yet you will find that the very base element of your magical abilities is indeed the breath. Your breath is your connection to spirit, to the world beyond this one. Indeed when you begin to remember your teleportation skills…poofing as you have called it (laughter)…when you begin to remember how to easily traverse the dimensions and visit wherever you choose, you will remember how important your breath is to the experience.

Do you hear the breath of the wind outside your abode in the now moment? This is Nature’s magic. It is indeed a force that carries the elements that extend beyond merely the physical plane. I come in today to speak to you a bit of the elements…the elements of your Earth that connect you to the more universal elements that so many of you desire to access. It is indeed at your fingertips. It is indeed as close as your next breath.

I am aware that you in particular that I am visiting with and speaking directly to in the now moment, and many others, many who will access this message…have been engaged in connecting with the spirit and energy of this one known as Anastasia in your Ringing Cedars series of books. These books and the energy that is inherently a part of them are indeed a portal to the other dimensional realms that you desire to be in connection with, that you desire to have access to. Anastasia indeed seems as such a magical being…a magical being who has the ability to touch the hearts of those who are open to receiving her touch. She is not the anomaly that she may appear to be. She is what you might call the prototype of what you are all quite capable of being and becoming but have forgotten. Remembering is imbued in her very cells, which is why she is able to do things that can seem fantastical to others who have forgotten their own ability to do these same things.

In many circles you have been speaking of communication that goes beyond the need for language or words. It is a communication in which each of you is known to each other. Each of you can connect on the energy of spirit and soul and the medium that you do this through is your heart. This is the arena that you are expanding into as you continue to move forward on this seemingly never ending journey you have been participating in, many of you for quite a few years now and some just beginning it, yet it all leads to the same space of remembrance. And indeed as the title of the Ringing Cedars book Maureen is reading now says, it is The Space of Love.

When you can stand in purity, when you can stand in your own space of love, all that you desire that has seemed beyond your reach and grasp becomes available to you. I come in today to encourage all of you who are inspired in this particular direction and inspired by this particular pure being of love. I encourage you to devote yourselves to the further exploration of that which is catching your attention. It was said to the one translating my energy into words quite a few years ago now in a session with the angels that ‘the mundane will only keep you trapped.’ I wish to repeat this to you today and to say this to all those who are feeling trapped in the mundane…you have only to let go to find that the mundane need never concern you again.

This most recent stretching you have been doing is stretching you beyond the confines of what has made up your world as 3D humans previously. I am aware that many will say ‘but Merlin I need to keep a roof over my head, I need to put food on the table. How do I do this if I am not concerned with these mundane tasks of everyday human living and reality?’ And I say to you that you transcend the need to be engaged in the mundane when you accept the grandness of the divine beings you are…human beings, yes, but divine human beings who are also divine creators.

You have the ability to create magic and perform magic without the need for any spells or incantations, but simply through the knowing of the power of your own energetic vibration. It is a game that you have played for so very long that you must scratch in the dirt from the perspective of struggle. It is now time to play in the dirt as an extension of your very selves for indeed you and the plants, you and every element of Nature, are not separate, you are one…one at your core. There is much to be explored and much to be discovered as you continue to move forward, and I am telling you that those of you who continue to allow yourselves to be steeped in the density of worry and fear about the mundane, about the needs of 3D living and this particular reality, you will have much more of a challenge in your discovery for it requires that lightness that only comes with complete connection to and indeed surrender to your own universal energy that is, yes, the core of your very being.

This would be a time to address questions that you may have specifically about this which I am speaking or about anything else.

Participant A: Well I would just comment to begin with that I’ve only just started the Ringing Cedars series of books. I’ve read the Anastasia one and I have to say that Anastasia…her character is just so…the magic of her character just so reminded me of the energy of Merlin. So I just wanted to put that out, and I know there is that in each of us as well.

Merlin: Indeed you are quite astute my friend. This was what Maureen was pondering as she felt the energy coming in this morning. She was having a bit of a time of it discerning whether it was indeed the energy of Merlin or the energy of the Anastasia that she has been feeling the connection to. And you see you all, all that I speak to, contain the energy and the element of Merlin, which means that you all indeed as well contain the energy and the element of Anastasia within you. It appears as magic to the world when one has not forgotten the ability to connect with all around because so much has been forgotten by the world, so much has been disconnected from. And so you see there is a flow of Merlin energy that runs through everything, that appears beyond the reach and beyond the realm of mere human living, that is seen as magic and this book … every one of the Ringing Cedars series…contains indeed quite a strong flow of this particular energy.

What else?

Participant A: Some of us have been experiencing what I would describe as a rather metallic clicking in the ears. For me mainly the right ear although I don’t know how important that is. I’ve been pondering this a bit and I’ve come to realize that this is a form of communication…that it’s getting the human form, the body, to respond to the…what would we call it?...the melding and mixing, the integration of the spirit self, the larger being, into the human form.

Merlin: Well this is a very good understanding for you see many of you with all of the diverse physical symptoms you have felt as you have walked this path, many have come to call these activations. These are indeed activations and yet what is the activation but a communication to the very cells of your being and your body, a communication that says…yes, it is time to wake up now, it is time to remember, and all of these strange and sometimes uncomfortable physical symptoms that you have are a part of your own remembering. It is your own higher self communicating with the cells of your body saying yes you’re ready. You are ready for this particular piece of the remembering journey. There is much further to go as you walk this path of remembering and yet this does not mean that you will all be perpetually flattened by this, for as you have experienced so much and come to accept that you are not ill, that you are not dying with these symptoms, you are awakening and remembering…it becomes easier because there is less resistance. Your cells themselves do not resist but your own thinking state activates a bit of resistance when you wish to push against the feeling. By simply allowing what is occurring to occur, you move through it much more quickly and much more easily and comfortably. Many will find that the sounds, the tones, that you hear in both ears, yes, but at this point in time many are indeed hearing more in the right ear because it is a part of the sacred geometry of this particular period of awakening for access to the brain cells to occur from the right side…many will find that you will increase the amount of toning and indeed chiming and clicking that you hear in your ears and you will become accustomed to this. You will find that…as Maureen has mentioned with the pulsing sensation she seems to continually feel now…in time it becomes so much a part of your regular waking consciousness that you will consider this a normal part of how you feel on a day to day basis as you awaken to your divine humanness.

Does this help my friend in explaining?

Participant A: It does. It helps considerably. Thank you.

The other thing I would like to put forth is in my sleep time experiences lately I’ve encountered or let’s say that I think that I’ve created quite a long progression of scenarios concerning a communal style of living together where each individual helps each other and all work together rather than this form of working for say a central government who lays down the laws…and I find this very lightening, enlightening. It gives me a very good feeling about that particular direction. Would you care to comment on that?

Merlin: Certainly. This again is a form of remembering. It has only been in the past few hundred years that the overall drive of humanity, at least industrialized humanity, has become living in separation. Your living arrangements have shifted as you have as a species gone through such a profound disconnect from not only the others around you but from Nature itself and your own knowing of Oneness. Consider if you will that the norm for thousands upon thousands of years was collective, communal living where the chores, the work, the responsibility was shared and it also was quite rewarding to share the joys and the wonder of living with others as well. This has been forgotten, and you find that now as so many are waking up there is a stirring of remembering of the greater ease of connectivity through sharing living in community.

Now, there are many different forms of community. You do not necessarily all need to live in the same space at all times. There is great benefit in each having their own alone time and space for their own inner connecting. And yet look at what you have come to in your cities. Those who live in them may have met the people who live next door to them or may say hello or wave to a few people when out and about, but for the most part they have no idea who the people are who are sharing the same space and the same energy of place with them. This is epidemic throughout the world and this is part of why there has been such a mass movement away from connectivity and oneness. Your divisions in your daily living are symptomatic of the disconnection from the oneness of Source energy. I would say that as you contemplate this…and more and more of you will be contemplating this…you will find that perhaps one of the more workable models of community would be one in which each who desires to participate and be a part of the community would have some space of their own to enjoy their alone time and yet that there is communal and shared space for all to come together. Do you have further specific questions on this my friend?

Participant A: Well, I was just recalling Anastasia’s way of living, the cause that she speaks of…for the Russian people have their own little garden plots and spent their vacation times and many spent their lives on these little plots of land where they were more or less self sufficient and interacted fully with each other, and Anastasia’s contribution to that particular scenario was to assist in any way she could and in assisting those people to accomplish exactly that…becoming closer to the land, closer to Nature and closer to each other. And so that was another reason I was really taken with this first book of the series.

Merlin: Yes. And most are not close to yet, in their own remembering, the ability to live in the manner that she lives in her glade in the taiga (Siberian forest). Many of you do remember on a cellular level when you were quite capable of living in a similar fashion, and yet this is part of your disconnect and part of what you have forgotten, and so it behooves you in the beginning stages of awakening to share with each other what does come back to memory. Each of you has the capability of growing a great deal of your own food on your own plots and in your own gardens, even without a large amount of land. There was an article Maureen just read in a Mother Earth News magazine of a man who, on one fifth of an acre of land, grew so much food that he was bartering it and selling it for other implements after he had abundantly fed his family with it. There is much to be tapped into in this direction.

Now it will be taking things one step at a time for most of you do not desire to completely cut yourselves off from the rest of the world yet in the manner that it appears Anastasia has, and I say appears because indeed on her ‘ray’ she is quite connected to all everywhere. You each have the ability to do the same, yet you have not remembered it as of yet, and so many of you desire to have and maintain your high speed internet connection in order to stay in contact with the rest of the world. Many of you do indeed desire to continue to have the ability to watch television, oh especially for events such as the Olympics that have been taking place and bringing the hearts and minds of the world together in a manner that is very beneficial. Most of you do not desire to live the exact same experience that this one of the Russian forests is living, and yet there is much to be learned from her example, for each of you has the power to create exactly and precisely the living environment that you would find the most fulfilling for yourselves. I encourage you to continue pondering this, to continue feeling what direction feels the most joyful to you as you move forward in this, for it has been said that so much is going to be changing in your outer world and this is true. And this is no cause for alarm or fear in those of you who are awake and aware of the importance of the changes that are occurring in order to usher in a birth, this new era, this era that has been called the new Golden Era. It is indeed upon you. The changes are upon you. Many of the changes that occur in your outer world will in some ways force people to become more communally minded. And ultimately this will not be a bad thing. But for those of you who are beyond the need for a drastic earth change or a drastic change in the structure of government to cause you to desire to move forward, you may begin creating indeed the utopian communities that you can recall from your past, many of you from your days in Lemuria, many of you from your remembered experiences that go beyond only the earth plane. There are many stars that you hail from that indeed do know the joy of communal living in a way that enhances the living for all, nurtures the ability to enjoy the experience for all who are involved.

Choose wisely, dear ones, yet know that life as you have known it is coming to a close far faster than most imagine. Those of you who have allowed your own personal lives to change drastically over these years of your so called ascension journey will have a far easier time embracing the changes that are coming about. Listen to the wisdom of those who are seeking to create and teach the wholesome, balanced, pure lifestyle of oneness with Earth and oneness with each other, as Anastasia does. This is the direction that will reap the most rewards and assist in the greatest creation and manifestation of the magic of living that is so desired.

What more, dear friends?

Maureen: I received a question from a blog reader that I would like to put forth to you for some input…about why the soul seems to care so much about our human experience when some channeled material has told us ‘it doesn’t matter.’ Can you give an overview, Merlin, from your perspective of what is going on on the soul level, and why when we’ve been told ‘it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter’ as far as what our human experience is does the soul seem to have such a caring stance for what one does go through in humanness?

Merlin: Yes, I understand what you are putting forth here with this question from this beautiful rose who has heart ties to both the land of Russia, the land that we are speaking of in the Ringing Cedars series of books, and also to the land of Israel that came to be as a nation out of the desire for communal living for those of Jewish heritage. There is much pertinence in the question that is asked. I am aware that it is quite confusing for you as humans at times to comprehend the view from your soul’s perspective when you are feeling as if you are slogging through the mud and mucking through the muck of human existence. It is quite challenging. It is very challenging to be a human when you have not woken up to the inseparable connection between your soul self and your human self. Your soul self’s perspective is unfiltered by your human belief systems and indeed even ‘it doesn’t matter’ is a belief system. From the pure perspective of soul, in which the oneness of Source is recognized and never forgotten, all that there is is love. All of the games that are played, all of the roles that are taken on as humans, occur because at the soul level, where there is no such thing as a feeling of disconnection, love is the inspiration for the experience of the journey. And because nothing is predestined, because all is always potential, there is the freedom on the soul level to change what is unfolding and what is playing out at any moment during the living of the experience.

Indeed even dark and light are belief systems if you would look at it from that perspective. You are aware of the duality of life on this human planet. You are aware of opposites and yet on the soul level, all of these experiences blend into not just a shade of gray combination of black and white and dark and light. They blend into the most colorful tapestry of experience that you can ever imagine. And every thread of that tapestry, every thread and every color of experience that one has, is inspired by and guided by love. And so you see it is up to each individual being in communication with their soul self to decide which experiences are the most beneficial, which color will add the most to the tapestry…and every, every choice, every experience, every color of every thread in the tapestry is inspired by the pure love of the soul in its knowing of oneness with all that is. And so it all does matter very much on the level of soul. It all matters as love. And yet from the perspective of soul also, what appears to be unfair or intolerable, even cruel from the perspective of humanness, is often an experience catalyzed by the deepest of love on the soul level.

I will say this is enough for this now moment.

Participant B: It has been beautiful to have you visit again, Merlin! You’ve certainly given much to contemplate. Thank you!

Merlin: You are most welcome dear friend and dear friends. I continue to accompany you on this journey. I continue to desire to inspire you to remember…remember who you are, remember the all that you are, and to choose the magic that you are quite capable of both living and being.

Today I will kiss you with my energy. I will not infuse you as you have been challenged with keeping your balance during all of the intense energies of late that have been flowing to you and your planet. So simply feel the kiss of my energy upon your hearts, upon your lives, and know that you are always embraced in the magic of my very deep and pure love for you. With that I shall bid you a magical experience in your living this day and all days and say aloha. ~ ~ ~

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