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BRIGID: This Lunar Month of Equinox & Easter

Brigid, the beautiful Celtic goddess representing the Divine Feminine, visited and delivered this uplifting message on the new moon of Monday, March 15. She spoke of the entire lunar month that was beginning with this particular new moon, a cycle that contains both the Equinox and the Christian celebration of Easter. She did not mention St. Patrick’s Day, but it seems fitting that the transcription of her message is completed and ready to post on this day celebrating the Irish, including those who are Irish in spirit!

I personally was delighted to hear this message as I had begun to wonder if I would ever have the energy to participate in passionate living again. I might quote the Grateful Dead on this particular journey so many of us have been on: “What a long strange trip it’s been!” But we all know we wouldn’t have agreed to make it if we hadn’t felt excitement about being here on this planet during this pivotal time of change, and excited about where this trip is leading us…and had the trust that we have what it takes to get there.

Is there light at the end of a seemingly very long tunnel? I certainly hope so, and it does feel as if there is a quickening taking place as we approach the Equinox, which celebrates the returning of the light in those places on Earth that are ready to embrace Spring in all its wondrous glory. Easter is symbolic of light and hope of the inner kind, and it is my wish that all who desire may drink deeply of this particular cup of internal renewal. I clink glasses with each of you and share the traditional Irish toast of ‘Sláinte!’

My preoccupation with keeping my own balance while riding the turbulent waves of the last few months’ energies has continued to affect my ability to keep up with communication with my friends both physical and nonphysical. I have not been able as of yet to transcribe and edit as needed for posting all the interdimensional messages I’ve been meaning to share, and hopefully my own renewal of energy will assist in making this happen. I also regret that I’ve been unable to answer all of the wonderful messages I’ve received from individuals who have connected with me through my blog posts. A number of you have written and asked about being put on my mailing list to receive notification of new messages. I will laughingly tell you all that I am one of the most non-technical people on this planet and as such I do not have any mailing lists. The beauty of a blog though is that anyone can sign up as a blog follower and be notified whenever there is a new post, so for those interested, this is the easiest way in the now to keep up with what I share. Please do know how much it means to me that what I do share is valued by others, and those of you who take the time to let me know that you appreciate these posts of mine are forever blessed in my heart!

I wish you all a beautiful new lunar month as we celebrate the Equinox and Easter, and I also wish you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day with this Irish blessing directed to every one of you:

‘May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
And rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.’

And here’s Brigid’s Message:

~ ~ ~ March 15, 2010

Brigid: Cead Mille Failte (‘One hundred thousand welcomes’ in Gaelic), Beloved Ones! I come in today to greet you, to love you, and to celebrate with you yet another milestone in your journey…yet another marker in the turning of the wheel. What I celebrate with you today is this entire lunar month, this entire lunar cycle from new moon to new moon that is indeed filled with extremely potent energy during this particular cycle in this particular year.

This is the new moon that initiates the coming of your Equinox, a day of balance in both your northern and southern hemispheres. It is quite the beautiful celestial sign of the sacred geometry of your universe. It is also no accident that the Christian celebration of Easter falls within this particular lunar cycle that always follows your Spring Equinox here in the north.

There’s much symbolism for you in your now in this and what is occurring in your lives…what is occurring in this particular cycle. The Spring Equinox celebrates the rebirth of the Earth after a period of dormancy and hibernation and sleep for so many…so many species, so many of the things that are alive upon your planet. And in many ways your Easter celebration is quite similar. It is about rebirth. It is about new life after dormancy. This dormancy has been symbolized previously by the 3 days in the tomb spent by the Christ after his crucifixion. And this is the year to completely release the need for crucifixion and death of any kind. This is the year to completely focus your celebrating on the renewal of life and spirit. And yet the symbolism is apt. You might say that all of you who have agreed to willingly and consciously participate in this journey of awakening and expansion have been in a sort of tomb…been in a bit of a place of dormant hibernation physically because of the many changes going on within the cellular structure of these 'bubbles of biology' that are your bodies…as our friends The Group have called them.

You are about to go through a very major shift. Just as winter allows a resting state, a resting period of time in Nature as it allows the plants and growing things to deepen their roots, to rest from the energy requirements of new growth, you also have been called to go within in these last months that have seemingly left you in…oh, what has been called the void, what has been called limbo, what has been called the state of suspended animation…or is that animated suspension? (laughter) It has been called many things and there has been great purpose in this period of rest, this period of going within. It may not have seemed to be a rest to those of you who are so sensitive to the incoming energies, and yet it has been a time of seeking quiet and calm in order to conserve one’s own energy. In many ways it is quite the time of gestation. We have used this example before. A pregnant woman must conserve her energy in order to nurture what is growing within her. Each of you that I speak to today has been gestating your new life and your new state of being, and just as so much of Nature chooses the Spring to give birth in, you also shall be giving birth in this next cycle of living upon your planet.

Things are shifting, as so many of you are aware. The energies have indeed been intense. I will not tell you that this is going to be stopping any time soon. What I will say is that you yourselves will be shifting into a new level of energetic awareness. You are increasing your capacity to flow energy in and through your biology. You are increasing your capacity to illuminate all around you with the Light that you are and that you are emanating from every cell of your being. Each of you has become so much brighter during this period of intense energetic hibernation.

The example has been used previously of video games and how one must master one level of the game before there is the allowance for moving to the next level. Overall as a planet you have mastered a level that you have never moved beyond previously. Your earthquakes have been a crucial part of this mastering and so again it is quite important to remember and to honor and to offer gratitude to all those who agreed to participate on the human level in these monumental Earth events.

What does this mean to you individually and what does this mean for you as a planet? I am aware that these are the questions that are very pertinent to each of you in this now moment of living. You have come through a different version of the dark night of the soul than perhaps has ever been spoken of before. You have masterfully stepped through the dark of the unknown, of the void, of the limbo, of this state of suspension. Many, many question their direction, question their purpose, and ask what is next for me? Many have felt quite lost as far as the previous directional guidance system that you were used to in the world that you lived in and participated in before this great awakening began...and yet each of you has allowed this process to take place within yourself and within your being. Each of you has honed your own internal guidance system. Each of you has reprioritized your life and your choices for living by what has occurred during your time of...laying low you might say...your time of disconnecting from all that was previously known and familiar to you.

Do not minimize how great the achievement is of recognizing the values of your own soul Self that lead you and do indeed guide you. To all who have walked in darkness, to all who have been dancing with the unknown as far as a future and future potentials go, I would like to say to you today that your journeying has not been for naught. You here in this northern hemisphere are celebrating the cycle of renewal within Nature about to begin. And for those who are in the southern hemisphere, while your cycle is different, it mirrors what happens here, so be aware that while your wheel may be turning in the opposite direction, beyond duality there are no opposites.

You are about to enter a new level of play in your life on planet Earth. It will take you a while to become familiar with this new level for you have never accessed it before. Individually what this means is that all the things that have made your heart sing, truly and honestly made your heart sing, authentically made your heart sing…not just the things that others have told you are supposed to make your heart sing, but what is truly at the core of your own passion…these things will be springing forth from the good earth that you have tilled in your own internal garden in this new cycle. You will find that you will be nurturing seedlings that you have never sown previously in this garden within, for you have not allowed this much passion to flow in your lives previously. What I hear from so many is that you wonder where your passion has gone. You have felt passionless. You have felt deadened by the void. I joyfully tell you this is swiftly shifting and because you have allowed the void, because you have walked…oh, fearlessly, yes, even though you may not have felt fearless…through the void of your own disconnection from the known and familiar, you are about to embark upon new endeavors the likes of which you have not been able to even entertain previously. It will not happen all at once. It will not happen overnight or in the manner of the flicking of a switch. It happens the way any gardener knows happens, a little bit at a time. You have done much nurturing. Continue to do this. Nurture your own Divine Splendor.

For the world at large, you will find that a change also occurs in the manner that the seedlings being nurtured in Her garden grow strong and grow towards the sun and the light. Each of you individually affects those around you far more than you have any awareness of. And as you each make the choices to continue to live true to the callings of your own heart you will find that collectively your numbers grow. More and more you become the global family that you have theoretically known yourselves to be but not felt in heart and spirit in your living upon this Earth.

Celebrate this equinox in grand fashion. Celebrate in a way you have not previously done before for an event that is part of the turning of the wheel. You yourselves are part of the turning of the wheel.

What else may we speak of?

Participant A: I don’t have any questions as such. I could comment on my state of well being. I am in quite a wonderful place. My body is another thing. It is playing catch up but I feel doing a very good job of it without any concerns, without any fears, without any doubts. And I look forward to the brightening, the change that I feel so strongly is just ahead of us.

Brigid: Yes, and be open to this shifting within your own energy. So many of you are quite used to now being of low energy, being wiped out, getting flattened…these are all words that I have heard you use. While you are moving to a new level of the game and things will be different, you will find that you do indeed feel the renewal of energies within yourself. Many of you who have had no inspiration to do much of anything because you have needed to nurture your selves, you have needed to allow this internal gestation on the cellular level to occur…you are going to find that you do indeed shift gears as you might say and your energy will come back to you in new ways. Your physical bodies have been through much. You have gone through shifts and changes that would indeed boggle the minds of scientists and doctors…who might study you one day. But in your now you are very different beings biologically than you were just a few short years ago. So allow in the renewal of heart, mind and spirit that is represented by the energies of Spring, and be aware that at this same time correspondingly, there will be a renewal of your physical selves as well. And that will be seen most dramatically in the renewal of your energy and ability to engage in a zest for living that has been absent for some time.

This will be a Spring quite unlike ones you have memory of from your past. I do not wish to set you up with any expectations. I do not wish to dangle any carrots (laughter) in front of you. But I wish to sincerely say to you that you are crossing a milestone. Today’s new moon ushers in this milestone. It will firmly be established as you move through your Equinox energies. You will feel it in the celebration of Easter…in whatever celebration is most meaningful to you. Remember it is resurrection and it is rebirth that you celebrate. You will find that resurrection and rebirth are offered to you in many unique ways during this upcoming cycle.

So again I say, celebrate! Enjoy! Be in tune with the turning of this celestial wheel and know that you have many, many friends and family not in physical form who are celebrating with you, for it is indeed a joyous time. Feel the upliftment. Much will continue to happen in your outer world. Trust, trust, trust that all is occurring for great and grand purpose. And you are part of this renewal and rebirth. It is happening within you and it is happening around you on this planet in so many ways.

Celebrate yourselves, dear ones! Celebrate with each other! Celebrate with us! We are quite available to all of you.

With that I will bless you with my energies. With that I will join you in the joyous celebration of all that this upcoming month is. I am with you. But for now in this form I leave you once again with a Cead Mille Failte. And so it is! ~ ~ ~


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