Wednesday, April 28, 2010

THE GREEN MAN on Earth Day

Spring is always so welcome every year but it is especially so after a winter that has been longer, colder and wetter than normal, which was the case here in New Mexico. The eagerly anticipated outings and hiking trips that I look forward to during the typically mild southwest winters did not materialize this year as the temperatures hovered well below normal and El Niño delivered the stormy, wet weather that is so associated with this particular weather pattern. April’s arrival was balm for my soul as I joyously greeted every tiny sign that spring was ready to make her entrance. Every little shoot and bud gladdened my heart as the world around me once again began to turn vibrant and alive with the color green everywhere. And then the flowers started blooming and the landscape became awash with the incredible spectrum of colors on Nature’s palette. My gratitude for the beauty of this planet we inhabit is immense.

April has become the month that is most associated with turning our awareness to Mother Nature and not taking the gifts of Gaia for granted. Earth Day reminds the world to ‘Love your Mother’ and to treat her with kindness, respect, appreciation and plenty of loving nurturing.

On this year’s Earth Day, I visited a friend who has spent her career working in the field of Environmentalism. She is an inspirational example to me of how to live in harmony with the Natural world. Visiting the sanctuary she has lovingly created and calls home is always like a little retreat for me as I escape the city’s energies and bask in the tranquility and serenity of her beautiful surroundings. Like so many on this journey of awakening consciousness though, her life has had its share of upheavals. When her contract came to a conclusion in her last job as a consultant on cleaning up nuclear waste for the government, she found herself knowing that her life was about to change as she simply felt she could no longer continue working in same manner that she had previously. Working a traditional job in a structured government environment was no longer bringing her the joy and satisfaction that she desires to be the foundation of her experience of living, and so she knew change was afoot as she opted to ‘jump off the cliff’ and not seek out another similar position. Since then the life that she has created for herself through the abundance that her job flowed to her previously has become uncertain. She does not know if she’ll be able to stay in her home due to the change in her financial situation.

The Green Man, one of my favorite nonphysical friends, paid a visit to us on Earth Day. The message was addressed to the two of us present and yet, while it is a personal message, I feel it has value for the many who are experiencing similar challenges of change happening in their own lives so I am choosing to share it.

Perhaps what many of these changes are leading to are new ways of living and the new communities that many have spoken of us creating. In his most recent message, Merlin spoke about creating new and different communities than what we’ve become accustomed to and he pointed out how most people living in cities these days do not know who their neighbors…the people sharing the same space and air and energy…are. This was pointed out to me in a very personal way when I just discovered that a very dear old friend I have been out of touch with for the last few years as I’ve lived a gypsy lifestyle is quite literally my neighbor, living just a few townhouses away from me in this little community. Neither of us was aware that we were virtually sitting next to each other all winter. What a joy it would have been to have shared the winter months catching up with each other’s lives through visiting! Now we have reconnected when I will only be living here for one more month.

Green Man makes mention in this message of a housesitting potential that I ultimately opted to turn down. I had initially been quite excited about it as I have been craving water and in particular being near the ocean. This opportunity would have provided that as I transitioned between my winter in the south and summer in the north, but it also would have required me to leave New Mexico sooner than I planned. I thought I would do this until my gut started speaking to me so loudly that I knew I had to listen and so I changed my mind about the housesit without understanding why I was getting such a strong NO on this particular potential. Having discovered that my old friend is my neighbor yesterday, it feels very likely to me that our reconnection while I’m still here in New Mexico is more important than this particular ocean side visit in the now.

I do enjoy when I have the messages that come through me affirmed in my own life and I see this occurring on a more and more regular basis. The friend I shared Earth Day with has seen affirmation of the message Green Man delivered to her beginning, even in just the short time since it was received. She has had additional consulting work offered to her that is much more in alignment with the kind of work she desires to do and she is grateful to see the energy in her life starting to move once again after months of limbo.

It is my hope that all of you who read what I share are beginning to see energy movement in your own lives as well. And may you thoroughly enjoy your connection to Nature as you allow it to continuously unfold and expand…whether you are experiencing the season of spring here in the northern hemisphere or autumn in the southern hemisphere!

~ ~ ~ Thursday April 22, 2010

Green Man: Greetings on this Earth Day!

Participant A: Oh, it is Earth Day, isn’t it! But…every day is Earth Day!

Green Man: Yes, but today is set aside as a special celebration day on your Earth.

This is I the Green Man who comes in today elbowing my way in front of our dear friend St. Germain, who says yes, you shall have that conversation you are desiring to have…but who has allowed me to come in today to impart a few words and messages.

So many of you who tune in to this particular vibration…the vibration that this dear one whose Voice I speak through flows in her own frequency which allows these messages to come through from these energy sources you know as nonphysical beings…it is not totally understood how this works, but suffice it to say that it is because of her vibration that these messages are able to be broadcast in this manner…and it is those of you who are vibrating at a similar frequency that I speak to…you who are both broadcasting and receiving on this same bandwidth you might say, and we are getting ready to go far beyond bandwidth, but that is the best example for the moment. So what I am saying is that many who will tune into this message only tune in because they are themselves vibrating at a similar frequency. And to those of you that I speak to today on this day that is dedicated to Earth Day…and yes indeed every day is Earth Day…but for those who look for a special message on a day that is specially set aside, I say to you I will give it!

It is my joy and delight today to come in to speak to you for you whom I speak to…you are the ones who are most in tune with this living vibrational being you know as Gaia, as Mother Earth, as this planet that you live upon, walk upon, breathe with, and whose destinies are so intertwined. It is, as you know, a critical time upon your planet. So much is happening. It has been said by others that Gaia is not dying, she is giving birth, and this is very true. It is a time of transformation, and what is transformation but giving birth to the new? And that is what you are doing. I would encourage all who are here listening today, all who will hear my words, read my words, take them in…I would encourage you to do as much as you possibly can to align yourselves with living in harmony with this dear Mother Earth…this dear one Gaia…this dear one known by many many names…for as you align yourselves with the birth pangs that are occurring, as you become the doulas, as you become the midwives of this laboring planet, you will come into alignment with what is given birth to and you will be indeed the first to occupy this new Earth that is being birthed.

It is a time of change for many. Many I am aware are changing residence, are changing cycles in their wheel of life, are moving forward, are expanding. This is not always easy, for indeed many of you have recycled yourselves upon this planet time after time, over and over again throughout the millennia…throughout the eons…the eons that Earth has been in existence, indeed far beyond the times that Earth has been in existence as you know it. And you have come back over and over again to master living as it has been upon this planet, and many of you have reached this point of…how to say it?...fulfillment? You have come to the culmination of life as you have known it upon this planet. And this is what this birth is about. It is time now to step into…leap into(laughter)…cross into the new way of living that has not been here previously. You are the ones who are birthing this. I am aware this has not been an easy task. It has been challenging for you are very well versed in being human…those of you that I speak to…very well versed in being human. And now you are being called to be far more than human while you are here in human bodies. And so I come in today to offer you encouragement…oh, not to dangle carrots…so many of you detest those dangling carrots!...but to say that you are making the transition…

Participant A: Could we change to another vegetable? (laughter)

Green Man: What would you like to change to? (laughter)

Participant A: I don’t know…how about broccoli?

Green Man: Dangling broccoli!

Participant A: I’m sorry, I had to interject…(laughter)

Green Man: Humor and levity is quite appropriate, and…

Participant A: And we’re tired of dangling carrots! (laughter) I’m sorry, I interrupt!

Green Man: Do not be sorry. This is a wonderful dialogue…but I do indeed wish to deliver a message to you whom I am here with in this now moment in this particular configuration of energy that allows us to intersect dimensions. Maureen almost said ‘intercept’ instead of ‘intersect’ and I am laughing for that is not a bad word either…to intercept the other dimensions!...but you are intersecting in the now, we are intersecting! And you dear friend (to Participant A), in the now I would particularly like to address you…salute you…and honor you for your lifelong respect of this planet and nurturing of Gaia and Mother Earth, for your life that has indeed in so many ways been a testament to the wondrousness and the power of Nature and Mother Earth as a planet. So hear me as I speak this, dear one. You have been told before, more than once, that you are renowned throughout the universe…and Universes! You are well known. And it is very hard to squeeze such a big being as you are into a tiny little human frame such as you occupy and be able to understand the significance…and indeed magnificence…of what you are doing, of who you are, of what you bring to this Earthwalk as you might call it.

I’m aware you are in transition and I will say to you that it will be yet a little while longer that you are in this bit of a state of limbo. I cannot tell you how the limbo will end, but I will tell you that you will reap what you have sown, my dear, and you have sown beautiful seeds…so it is very important for you to trust your inner guidance, to trust yourself, to trust who you know yourself to be and to trust the creative power that you indeed hold within yourself. There is much for you to do and oh I could say this to so many others as well, and so do address them also…you have had to go through this transitional period…you have had to allow your cellular biology to go through its own…transformation is one word but not quite right…its own remembering of these expansional capabilities and this opening of awareness…for indeed your cellular biology is not an entity in and of itself, it is an extension of your own divine consciousness, beingness, and awareness.

So many of you feel that so much is done unto you without your consent. You’ve heard it over and over that this is not so. I come in today to once again say that though it may not be done by your human conscious choice, by your awareness that comes from mental thinking and mental capacity, but every one of you indeed creates your life from your soul level awareness. This is indeed the purest and highest consciousness that there is. So to you my dear friend who loves the Earth, who loves what the Green Man is and is made of, I would say to continue to do what brings you joy in relationship to your natural environment, wherever it might be…for I cannot guarantee or promise you any particular outcomes. That is still up in the air. What St Germain said to you when you questioned him previously is coming through strongly energetically now. Imagine that your life is like a game of 52 card pick up with multiple decks! Those multiple decks of cards are still in motion, and so you see your soul is still weighing choices for potentials. Which potential is the best one for you has not been decided yet, and this is why you are in this seeming state of limbo in your physical capacity…because it has not yet been decided.

There are more than just multiple potentials. There are multidimensional potentials for what it is possible for you to create in your future. Let me tell you that each potential is incredibly brilliant in its lightness and brightness. You have in the past spoken of it not being possible to fall flat on your face anymore, and I wish to affirm this for you. I wish to say this is very true. And yet I wish to also say that it still requires what has been spoken of by many others previously…this willing suspension of disbelief. It requires you to allow yourself to go beyond the limitations of what has been possible previously. And you, my dear, are very good at imagining. You are very good at imagining in the human realm what you could create, what you could manifest…and there are still potentials for this. I will tell you, yes. There are still potentials for this! And yet your soul is dancing with the potentials for what cannot be put into human words in this now moment of time, for what cannot be imaged in your human brain for it is beyond your concepts. This is part of your limbo for your soul is assessing and weighing whether you truly are in the place to be able to leave it all behind in 3D and move into the new. That has not been determined yet. And so I will take a pause here and ask you if you understand what I am saying and if you have any questions.

Participant A: Yes, I understand what you’re saying, and if I maybe may ask, even though you don’t want to go with predictions…but can you give me an inkling of how long I’m going to be in limbo and how long…you know you said just a little while longer. Are we talking ….I mean…?

Green Man: Oh you humans! You humans! (laughter) You would like me to get the calendar out myself and…

Participant A: Oh no…no, no, I’m not suggesting that you give me a date or anything. I’m just asking…you know I have obviously some 3D things in my world that I’m dealing with. You know, are we talking some clarity within the next couple of months or the clarity by the end of the year? I mean I’m looking at the broad perspective.

Green Man: Oh and my dear I so understand from your perspective of humanness how important it is to have a bit of a grip on something like this, and what I will say to you is that your clarity is beginning, even with this offer of consulting that has come in through your dear colleague. There are many, many potentials…and your soul is still weighing which direction is best to go in. I will not say that you will be totally settled in your clarity within the next few months or even by the end of the year, but I will say that from this point on things will get clearer and clearer.

Participant A: Well that’s real good news. (laughter) It’s actually the best news I’ve had in a long time!

Green Man: You have ridden this…oh…what can I compare it to? The mechanical bull that you have seen in movies such as the John Travolta movie Urban Cowboy! And my dear you have ridden this bucking bronco of your 3D human physical reality life and have not allowed it to throw you. I would like to extend my congratulations to you as well as my love and say…well done. Well done!

I do like the word you are fond of using…perturbations. There will still be some perturbations as far as…

Participant A: Dealing with Bank of America! (laughter)

Green Man: Yes. But that is very 3D, and it is challenging for all who have moved the greater, vaster part of themselves into this multidimensional frame of living…into the 5th dimension…into the new Earth. And as Maureen was saying earlier…the density of 3D human physical reality still surrounds you and at times pulls you down and seems to limit your creative capacities. This is very real and true. It is in the process of changing because of you who are going through this, because of you who do not allow yourselves to be mired in the muck any longer, to be bogged down into this density. You are the ones who will change this reality. And yet much as 2000 years ago in the time of the man Jeshua, the man you know as Jesus in the bible, the one who was truly the blueprint for the Christ energies…this one went as far as he could go given the prevailing energies of the day. You have moved far beyond where those prevailing energies were then in these 2 millennia since the time of Jeshua. In these past 2000 years, you have moved far beyond there in consciousness. You have opened yourselves up so much to this expansion of consciousness. And yet remember that it is a fraction of the percentage of the human race who has been doing this work, who has been doing the heavy lifting as Kryon has called it, who has been doing the expansive work of consciousness for the planet. And that means that you have the majority of the percentage of planet Earth still stuck in density, so it means that it takes a bit longer than you would like to see it take in order for these changes to come about and to happen and for you to magically be able to manifest what you desire and what you want to create in your own reality of living. And yet I go back to you now, Maureen, who did recognize the beauty of what just occurred in…oh the experience that you declined, the experience of housesitting in which you said to yourself ‘Mmmm, for some reason it does not feel quite right, even though I thought this was what I wanted to create.’ I will say to you, yes, what you realized is that you can create quickly now, you can manifest quickly now, and if what you manifest is not to your complete liking, send it back! If it is not to your specifications, if it does not completely work for you, don’t accept it simply because you created it. Tweak it! Recreate it! That is what new energy is about.

Oh there is so much more I could say. I would love to wax poetic about the beauty of this planet, about the fullness of the life upon this planet. Do you know that in every square inch, every square inch of this earth that you inhabit, there is more life contained than in one entire block of a city such as your nearby Albuquerque…life that is simply in other dimensional realities? There used to be a joke…how many angels would fit on the head of a pin? (laughter) I will tell you, you would be amazed. You would be amazed. And so indeed factor this in to your experience of living as you relate to Gaia, to Mother Earth. You are not working alone in nurturing what is here for you, what is available to you. You have much assistance. I encourage you to call upon it. The devas and fairies and elves…they are all very real you know. They are simply not of your human dimension, and yet there are many who have encountered them when they have suspended their disbelief and allowed themselves to access multidimensional levels of reality.

I can tell you that this experience will increase as you open to it, and yet I also know that many are disappointed that it has not happened more quickly and more boldly in the fashion that they were desiring, because you have been told this for several years now. Yet I would say that you are so much closer to meaningful interaction between the dimensions in your now than you ever have been before, and I would encourage you to continue to indeed seek out the interaction with those of the other realms. Oh there are so many who are in disbelief. Some who share channeled messages are very concerned about and address those who might disbelieve that what they are bringing through is from another dimension, and there are many disbelievers. And yet this Voice I speak through has chosen to disregard those who would disbelieve and simply bring forth the messages she receives and that she is in resonance with herself and share these messages with those who are open to them. I encourage you, Maureen, to continue in this manner and to all of you I say, know that what seems impossible, what did seem quite impossible 15 or 20 years ago is now very close to becoming quite a reality for those of you who are willing to expand your previous definitions of reality, to let go of the belief systems you’ve been taught and to simply once again become the pure energy you are that rides the winds of the universes…and enjoy this!

Now I am very aware that this is becoming a one being monologue here. (laughter) I would like to say that my message is complete. I truly desire to encourage all of you to increase your connection to the Natural world, for I guarantee you that as you do this you will also increase and expand your connection to multidimensionality and to spirituality for this is how it works. But before I depart from you I would like to see if there are any more specific questions you would like to ask.

Participant A: I don’t know that I have any questions. I would just like to express my appreciation for some validation because I do really care for this place, this planet we live on, and so thank you.

Green Man: And, my dear, it is so well noted! You are so dearly loved for who you are and I will say once again, as others have said to you, I and we are aware it has not been easy for you to be you upon this planet, particularly in this lifetime, because you are so very different from so many of those who walk the planet and you have been misunderstood. You have not felt the loving embrace of family and home the way that you on the soul level…the way that on the soul level all…crave to feel, and yet please do know that your soul Family surrounds you, your soul Family crowns you for the goddess that you are, the beauty that you are, for the role you have taken on, for the work that you have done and that you are continuing to do. I wish you to know that in the now moment what you are doing in your transitioning is even more important than all that you have done on the level of your career work throughout this lifetime. It is on a much subtler level that it is acknowledged for you are not getting that acknowledgement from your peers and those around you. They do not understand you. They do not understand what you’re doing, but you have, my dear, more than just a roomful that is cheering you on. You have a universe full of others who are applauding you, who are celebrating you, and who are supporting and encouraging you through this transition. I wish you to know this and to always fall back on this connection which can always be accessed through your heart space as you are well aware.

I shall wind this to a close now. I will not leave though until I direct a bit to you, dear Voice, and say that I am well aware of your own treading water in a manner of speaking with your own transitional phase and I would say that you’re doing quite well yourself, my dear. Continue to follow your feeling state in the now moment. I am aware that part of your own challenge has been such a strong desire to have a patch of Earth that you can call home to nurture and love as your own. I would like you to know that this is a strong potential for you but in perhaps a different manner than you can yet conceive. And so I would like to encourage you to continue to live your life as you are doing, from your heart space, making your choices one moment at a time from how you feel. But I would like you to know also that your journey has not been in vain and that your love for Nature, Gaia, Mother Earth has not been for naught either. Everywhere you go you bless the earth as you walk upon it, you bless that space, and I would encourage you to continue wherever you are to interact with the living beings that grow from the earth or that indeed inhabit the interdimensional spaces between your blades of grass and the leaves of your plants. You are well connected also, my dear. Honor this. Continue to allow it to be so.

To all who listen I would say…find your own manner of connection. It is there within your heart. Listen to your guidance as far as how to honor this. So many of you disregard this. That is quite sad. But truly if you listen and if you follow your inner guidance you will never be led astray. Gaia and I both say to you, Happy Earth Day!

Participants: Happy Earth Day!

Green Man: You are so very dearly loved. And with that I will say Aloha! And so it is! ~ ~ ~


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Thank you so much for your lovely and oh so encouraging message! I love this stunningly beautiful planet with my whole heart, and I'm thrilled to be participating in the process of its renewal and rebirth. Knowing that we are inherently connected to all that surrounds us enables every one of us to understand that by nurturing our inner state of being, we hold the key to healing our world. The frogs are singing loudly this Spring in the ponds near my home. They remind me to stay the course, for we will all be heralding a very new dawn together really soon.

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