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Kryon: A New Beginning

I have come to love the concept of ‘the turning of the wheel’ as it is such beautiful imagery to me of the sacred geometry of the universe, and also of our Earth and her place in the cosmos among all the celestial bodies that make up this Milky Way galaxy we live in.

The turning of the wheel has brought us to the beginning of yet another new cycle and astrological year as we passed through the marker that is Equinox. On this Equinox, it was a delight to have a visit from Kryon, who has not flowed through me energetically with a message in a very long time. He talks of the new beginning that is upon us if we choose to embrace it, and I know that I for one am more than ready for it myself!

The Ringing Cedars series of books by Russian Vladimir Megre, which have now been translated into English and many other languages, have had a profound impact on me personally as I’ve read them one by one during these last few months of my own ‘limbo.’ I highly recommend them to all for their inspiration to expand into living in richer, deeper and more fulfilling harmony with the Divine, with Nature, with ourselves, and with each other as we affirm our own individual choice to create Paradise on Earth now. I was happy that Kryon referred to these books, and to Anastasia, whose wisdom is contained in them, in this conversation.

I did hesitate in sharing all of the information contained in this conversation publicly, as a bit of it is most definitely quite personal and also far beyond the conventions of mainstream beliefs and thinking. Yet in asking for Kryon’s assistance as I edited, I was clearly directed to leave in the part in question as Kryon says that it is important that all who desire to continue to expand themselves know what we are capable of in our evolutionary process.

In my last post I mentioned that I don’t have any mailing lists and suggested that those who are interested in following what I share simply become a blog subscriber. One dear person who attempted to do this wrote to let me know that when he did attempt to do so, he was unable to figure out HOW to go about subscribing and asked if I would do it for him. When I attempted to do just that, I found that I was unable to figure it out either! And so, thanks to his email, technophobe that I am, I am now compiling an email list of those who would like to be notified when I post something new on my blog. If you would like to be included on the list, just send me your email address through the contact info on the blog.

I wish each and every one of you much joy with your own ‘new beginning!’

~ ~ ~ March 20, 2010


Kryon: Greetings Friends. It is I Kryon coming in close today to share with you. It has been quite a bit of time in your time since we have conversed in this manner and communicated in this way. It has been appropriate that you have been interacting with the other beings and entities that you have. And yet today is a marker in your turning of the wheel that I wish to celebrate with you. Today is your Equinox. Today is your beginning of the new astrological year.

You are aware that astrology is an energetic blueprint. Each of you has had your own unique make up, your own unique blueprint of the energies of the planets and the stars stamped upon your biology when you entered into this Earthwalk’s incarnation. This has shifted somewhat from what it used to be as you have embraced new energy…as you have expanded yourselves…as you have walked into the new during this sometimes seemingly prolonged and protracted journey you have been on. And yet today I come in to tell you that you are indeed entering a whole new cycle with this birth and new beginning being offered today in the celebration of this Equinox.

You here that I am speaking with in person are sitting in an area that is covered in snow in your now moment. Do recall my friends how I have spoken to you previously sharing with you that water magnifies energy. Most would prefer to see lush and verdant green all around them on the first day of spring with flowers ready to burst forth, but I tell you that this is a very appropriate cleansing to begin this new cycle of growth, this new cycle of joy and rebirth.

Much is upon you. You are very aware that all of what you have been undergoing and undertaking these last few years has been leading you forward, though at times you have questioned precisely what is happening and why when it seems that you have been in such a state of limbo. I’m here to speak to you today to tell you that your limbo state is over if you choose it to be so. It is time for an expansion of your own experiences.

This is being made known to the one I speak through now (Maureen) in the dream state experience she had last night of being very aware that she was in my company during this sleep time...and indeed we were simply meeting in another dimension. I have said previously, what you recall and what you bring to consciousness when you awake in your human body once again is filtered through your brain’s system of symbolically interpreting what has occurred for you. You are not going to be able to completely bring back to your conscious awareness what has transpired and what you have experienced in the other realms and in the other dimensions, and yet you are going to become more and more aware that you have had these experiences.

I speak to another present here today and say that you have had so many wonderfully amazing experiences as others would see it with your activities while you are seemingly asleep. I’m telling you that you now are on the threshold of greatly expanding these experiences if you so choose.

I would say to those who will tune into this message who may not as of yet been having the experiences that they desire, who have not expanded interdimensionally and multidimensionally yet in the way that they are looking to and hoping for, you are now being given the green light to move into a new way of being on your planet. As so many of you are aware, much of the world is not yet in the place of consciously expanding into the new and beyond where they have been before, and yet the birth pangs of the one you call Mother Earth, dear Gaia, are shaking many up. This is appropriate, yet as you know, you do not have to wait for major Earth changes to occur to be the catalyst for your own choice for expansion. It has been talked about years ago at this point…the parting of the worlds and how there would be indeed different Earths that humans lived upon. You are marking the beginning of this now with this entry into a new cycle. Those of you who choose the new Earth will find that before this cycle of the turning of the wheel beginning today completes in one year you will have greeted many marvelous and seemingly magical new experiences into your lives…because you have chosen to create them.

I speak now to the one here I have talked to previously about ‘free energy’ and energy machines. You were very interested in this. It did not occur at the time in the manner that perhaps many were hoping that it would, but we have said that things have not completely aligned for this as of yet. I would like to share with you today that there is much of simplicity in what will be discovered as you move forward. And I would encourage you in the way of these books many of you have been reading, the Ringing Cedars series, of this return to a more natural way of living. And again you each must feel for yourselves all that is in resonance and all that is not for you individually, for you’re not meant to follow any doctrine put forth any more no matter who is the one putting it forth. It is the time of sovereign beings, but it is time for sovereign beings in their expanded consciousness to work together to indeed co-create the new Earth that so many are heartfeltly desiring to create and inhabit. Nature is what will offer the miracles of the future for you. Sunlight and water, we have spoken of these previously…sunlight and water together have the potential to create a kind of alchemical reaction that can indeed lead to a byproduct that is like that of fusion, and fusion is known to create a great deal of energy.

To you friend that I am speaking to now…you came into this lifetime with much knowledge from the days of Atlantis, as you are aware on certain levels of your being. You are quite aware that when you visited Moraine Lake (in Banff National Park, Canada) for the first time not only did you know that you had been one of the Atlanteans whose crystal was buried there, you knew that you had been part of the orchestration of its burial. Let it be known dear friend that you also are one who was very aware of the power that flows through crystal, the energy that can indeed be utilized that comes from the living sentient beings that are crystals. You have felt a heart connection to a friend who also keeps the knowledge of the crystals, and in your dream state you have seen her beautiful crystal heart. She indeed also had a great deal of knowledge of how to interact with crystals in a manner that could be empowering for the masses who did indeed desire to utilize this crystal energy. And there are many others among you who do as well.

The time was not completely ripe in the days of Atlantis and you are aware of its history and downfall that has managed to survive even outside of the history books. You are fast reaching a place, a time, a position where the dormant knowledge within your DNA will be waking up, will be ready to move into the forefront of your awareness where you might begin to once again interact with these energies. What is important for you to keep in mind in your present state of interaction is that you are not controlling the energy that emanates from and flows through these crystal beings. You are working in cooperation, in equal partnership, with a realm that desires to be of service to the humanity of this planet. It is getting to be time for you to experiment, yes, but experiment in a manner of joyful play to attune yourselves to the communication that is so readily available from and with the crystal beings.

To the voice I speak through now, Maureen, I say that you have worked with the crystals also but in a bit of a different manner and a different capacity. Your gift my dear continues to be at this point in time your ability to feel the energies and to be able to appropriately give voice to these energies. You have been told many times that when you are in the place of readiness to do so, you will be quite busy with the translating of energies that are awaiting recognition upon your planet. This is not just from the crystals, it is from the many different realms, from the stars, indeed from the other planets. Eventually, yes, all will be able to communicate in this manner, but it has not yet reached the evolutionary place within humans that all are as adept at this as you are. And yet much as has been said by the many who have read the Ringing Cedars books that Anasatasia is a model of what is possible, what all humans are capable of, your translating abilities are also a model of what all are capable of in the realm of communication but have not quite yet remembered.

You are moving forward extremely quickly, though it often does not seem that way while you are in the midst of this process of physical change and expansion. I will say that your ever increasing sensitivities as far as the air you breathe, as far as the food you eat, even indeed as far as the water you drink for you will find you are seeking out more and more natural water, living water…all of this is part of your opening up to greater ability not only to interpret the energies that you feel but to begin interacting with these energies in the manner that you have desired but have not yet even fully been able to imagine.

All of you going through this particular journey are changing the way you as humans are able to function, are able to evolve. You are indeed regenerating and rejuvenating at the cellular level. You have been told this would happen but it did not happen instantaneously and so some of you have begun to doubt it. Let me use as an example once again the voice I am speaking through, and I will say to you directly Maureen that indeed your body is in a state of extending your own regenerative capacities. It is not an accident that at the age of 54 you have not yet gone through menopause and are still having the monthly cycles of a fertile woman. You do indeed have the capacity to create new life within yourself still. I am very aware that you are not desiring at this moment in time to create yet another human child of biology after your years of single parenting the dear ones that you have created and that you love so much. But I will tell you that it is not as far out as it might seem that you are maintaining the ability to create life for future potentials of interacting with those of other realms, with those of other dimensions, with those from some of the stars that you do indeed hail from that are part of the energy that makes up Home within your own energetic signature. There is no requirement for you to do this so do not start to worry! (laughter) It is simply that you are leading the way in your own evolution as far as what is possible for the rest on the planet.

I say to you all, do not fret over your inability to find, feel or choose a direction for the next part of your life. I assure you that the direction will very naturally and easily make itself known in appropriate timing. Simply allowing the shifting of the energies and the opening to the new that is now upon you to occur will definitely lead you in the directions that you have been awaiting, you’ve been desiring, you’ve been fearing were not ever going to show up. It is a time of change now.

I would say to all who listen to this message…it is most important to continue to nurture yourselves as you have been encouraged to do by so many. Nurture yourselves. Care for yourselves. You’re going to be finding that doing this will take you in new directions. You will find that all of the previously accepted knowns and givens of good health are going to be beginning to change a bit. For you see there are many different layers and levels to where people are in their own expansion and in their own, oh…mutation you might say! You are indeed mutating your human bodies. You are becoming more multidimensional in your physical form all the time. And so you will find that the parameters of healthy living that have been put forth only from the scientific study of human biology will no longer solely apply to those of you who are expanding beyond the limitations of your biology. Those of you who are venturing through the portal of your DNA, who are expanding into more and more of your spiritual selves, who are communicating with and touching and embracing more and more of the parts of your expanded soul self that are not contained within your physicality…you will find that there are more discoveries of what will enhance your health that will not be based on the very human sciences of nutrition and medicine from the western perspective. You will find that as you continue to expand, more of what does indeed contribute to your health will have to do with electromagnetics. You will find that there is a whole unexplored realm within water that will contribute to maintaining a healthy balance within your human biology. You will find more and more that sunlight is a very important component in maintaining a healthy biological structure. You will find that you require less and less in the way of food to be ingested as it has been for the thousands and thousands of years that humans have lived upon this planet, for you are evolving beyond mere biology.

It will not happen overnight. It will not happen immediately. And yet I encourage each of you to listen and tune in to your own inner guidance and intuition. You are told this over and over but how many doubt it! The one I speak through has continued to listen to her own inner guidance on the consumption of red wine…and yet still occasionally has doubts that come to the surface because of what the scientific literature has said about consuming ‘too much’ alcohol. I will tell you that there is an electromagnetic component to red wine, different than in other alcoholic beverages, that very much is in resonance with the maintenance of health in human biology for some individuals. Do what works for you. What works for you in your own uniqueness will not necessarily work for all. Each must find what works for them. But you overall may find that substances that have not previously been a part of your every day routine of living and healthy nurturing of your human body may be entering now. Recently cedar nut oil has come into awareness as far as its healing properties go for those who have read the Ringing Cedars books. There are other substances as well. Each of you must continue to be alive and fluid in your personal choices. You must continue to expand yourselves and your awareness, and be ever present in the now moment…and not continue to do anything simply because it is a habit or a pattern from your previous experience of living.

Much more will be changing. It is the time to allow it to be so. It is the time for each of you to very much be in communion with your own soul and its guidance. It is time for you to get a clear picture of what you desire to create in the manner that our dear friend Tobias has spoken of…of painting with broad strokes. You do not need to create your living spaces with the choice of blueprints and the interior decorating already done before you understand what it is you are indeed desiring to create. But it is a time to choose your lifestyles. And for many of you that is changing drastically and rapidly and I encourage you to go along with the feeling of desiring to change. It is time. This is how you will indeed create the new Earth.

Those of you who have released the known and familiar, who stand in this place of limbo that you have seemingly been in for what feels like such a long time now, you will be ahead of the game as far as the others who still feel the need to cling to the familiar for security’s sake. Security is completely an inside job. It does not and will not ever come from anything outside of yourself. It is time to get in touch with the divinity within yourself to allow this to lead and guide you fully and completely in your everyday living. For some of you it may appear that you are making some very strange and very radical choices by listening to this guidance, and yet it will never steer you in the wrong direction. You must be aware of this. You must have the courage to create the new in the manner that you are being inspired to create it.

And now, I will ask you if there are any particular topics that you would like for us to discuss today while I am here in this manner. Do you have specific questions?

Participant A: I enjoy the sun very much. I will spend at least an hour or more every day in the direct sunlight because I can feel the benefits I gain from that. I also watch the energetics of the sun…various parameters including the magnetism and I really feel that the sun is such an alive being that is simply reflecting back our own energy to us. I wonder if you would care to comment on that.

Kryon: Certainly. Everything in your universe is alive, so of course the sun is very alive. And it does reflect your energy. It is part of the sacred geometry of this planet and as such has been predictable for much of your span of human existence on Earth. This is beginning to shift as you are beginning to shift. You might say that the sun is going through its own ascension journey also. It is evolving into another equal partner in creatorship with you. And I would say that as you allow yourselves to communicate with the sun as a sentient being, you will be guided more and more in the direction of ways to work in partnership with the sun and utilize this energy. And I will say that sunlight and water are very potent together, as I have said earlier today. You will find that one of the best tools for combining sunlight and water energetically is the crystal energy. There are many undiscovered and unexplored avenues to follow and to open to as far as moving into new ways of living that your sun desires to very much be a part of. You can indeed assist in rejuvenating your body biologically through a combination of sunlight, crystal and water.

Now I would say that your ratios in sacred geometry of the different elements you each energetically carry vary from individual to individual. Our dear friend Merlin has spoken to you of this previously and explained that just as you each have a unique astrological make up, you also have a unique elemental make up. It is going to be quite important for each of you to find the combination in your living environments that most nurtures you as you continue to expand.

You (to Participant A) are very much a being who flows the sun energy and you are drawn to the sun, and you have been able to take in what you need of this energy in varied living environments. To your partner I would say that you have not yet found your own ultimate best combination of elements in these same spaces because you very much are one who needs water and you have not been able to satisfy your craving for water energy in the locales you have been living in. This is why when you hike you always desire to go to a place where there is water running and this is why you do have a challenge with the area where your partner’s present homestead is located. Yes, there are lakes around but it is not the same as the fast flowing running water of streams and rivers that you are so attracted to in the places you love to visit. It is not the same as the continually moving water of the ocean with its tides and currents. I encourage you as you look to creating your future to find ways to put more water into your own experience for this nurtures you as much as the sun nurtures your partner.

You will find that you each desire more and more in the way of crystals around you for you will find that you can feel the difference they make in your energy level and feeling of well being, and this is something to continue to explore…and in particular to explore using crystals to combine the sun and water energy.

How does that answer what you brought up, my friend?

Participant A: It answers it beautifully. That would also explain more fully our attraction to the place we call the Crystal Cave area in Arizona. It is like a magnet for us.

Kryon: Well I will say that you will find that you will be attracted to places on the Earth that have intensified areas of crystal energy. It will not always be apparent to you because often times the crystals will be buried under the ground and not as visibly noticeable as in the cave area of this particular place. But yes you will find that particularly those of you who have been Atlantean in your previous lives, who have participated in that period of life upon planet Earth, you are and will continue to be drawn to crystals more and more. And there are many areas that will speak to you and draw you. This is shifting, as you are aware. Many of you were drawn to places earlier in your life that seemingly you have not so much interest any more in visiting in person. There is reason for this. As the ley lines of the planet have shifted, as some of the concentrated areas of crystal upon the planet have been releasing more and more of their energy to the surface, the power points upon your planet have also shifted. It has been spoken of that Sedona has changed in the last several decades from a very potent power place to one where the energy is much more diffused than it previously was and this is quite accurate because of these changes that have taken place. This is all connected to the laying of the gridwork that I and my team have been responsible for as you’ve moved forward. There is a new gridwork in place on your planet and so everything has shifted. You each must continue to shift with this. You are still equipped with most wonderful homing devices as I have previously called them…your internal barometers. And yet it is amazing to me at times to see how many do indeed disregard them because what their homing device may tell them may go against the ways of convention…or may require radical changes from societal standards of living. I encourage you…listen to and follow the guidance of your own homing devices! It is important that you allow yourselves to be led in the direction of your greatest expansion potentials for indeed you are expanding into a world that you have long dreamed of, even if you have not been able to fully picture it with your conscious minds.

I encourage you to let go more and more in your sleep state. It is often for many when it is the easiest to intersect dimensions, to experience yourself interacting with and on other dimensions. Some of you are able also to do this in an altered state of meditation. Others still are able to go into altered states through the connection to Nature, through the tuning out of the 3D energies of the world around you. This is why it is very important to pay attention to what you are being told when you immerse yourself in the distractional energy of a living environment that irritates you with the noises around you…city noises, traffic noises, airplane noises. This keeps you from being able to make this altered state more of a permanent part of your living. For you see you are moving into a way of living in which simply being present in your human reality is going to become obsolete. You are, all of you, present in many realities at once and you are opening to the ability to be aware of this. You are opening to the ability to be able to interact between the realities of your own existence in manners that have never been experienced by the masses previously. Certainly some have had the seemingly magical ability to do this. This is why Merlin is considered such a grand Magician because Merlin is a wonderful example of being able to live in intersecting dimensions. This is why there is such a fascination for Camelot and Avalon and its priestesses and the magic that was very real. You have experienced it in other eras. Many of you remember this. Many of you have been the shaman who has been able to visit at will the other dimensional realities in which your soul exists. You are moving towards this but it will happen for you far more easily and far more quickly if you allow yourselves what you need in the way of a peaceful and nurturing home environment in order to be able to let go of the distractions of 3D reality and living.

So I encourage you to once again celebrate this day. It is a day of new beginnings. It is a day to savor for indeed the wheel begins turning in an entirely new manner and an entirely new direction today. Interact with these energies that are all around you. Allow yourself to feel them and dance with them. Be open to allowing new ways of communicating, and communicating with many sentient beings that you have not considered able to communicate with you in your past.

I ask you to invite me in more frequently. Many of you have forgotten me as I am not as prominent in your conscious awareness as a lot of others in our nonphysical family are, but we are entering a new era and there is much to be gained by our working in conjunction with each other. I am always available to all of you.

In closing, let me lovingly bless you with this infusion of my energy that is not meant to unground you, but rather is meant to assist you in bridging your dimensional realities in a manner that is increasingly more comfortable to your human physicality. So take it in. Breathe it in. Feel it pulsing through your veins and feel the doorway, the portal, of your DNA opening wider and wider as you do remember and as you do awaken to the homing device that is leading you forward. It has been my pleasure to come in and enjoy this time together. I am always with you. You are dearly loved. And so it is! Aloha. ~ ~ ~


vivian said...

I have been loving your communications Maureen and this one is very resonant. I have been feeling and flowing with so many changes these days! It is quite amazing. We have decided to leave our jobs here at camp. It means that we will have no house, no job, no income - for a time at least. My oldest, Zac is graduating H.S. June 2nd and so we plan to drive back home with only the bare necessities. From there we shall see what we will create! I have taken many jumps in life as you are aware, this one, by far feels like the biggest leap of all. There is soooo much in this channel!! When I was reading the part about the interaction of water and sun, I immediately remembered a vision I had one afternoon while enjoying lunch with Patrick. It was about 4 years ago now. I had a picture of a crystal sitting in a water bath. The crystal had energy running through it and out the pointed end into the water. It seemed the energy was self renewing. It also seemed as if I knew much more about it than I've been able to pull into this reality so far. It is very cool to have that come back up for me! I also love the parts about new changes as we feel very drawn to make these newest changes in our lives. And of course, the energy of Avalon and of Atlantis, wow. Thank you for sharing this, I really love the energy that Kryon is sharing here through your most gifted voice of love! Hugs to you and Ziggy and friends. Love, Vivian

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