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Didymus of Regulus: Remembering Your Star Origins

June has been such a busy month that I have not kept up with my blog the way I had previously intended. Now we’re past our solstice, and swiftly approaching the lunar eclipse of the 26th that holds the promise of being a very powerful one with far reaching effects for our planet and all who reside here.

June held some surprises for me as I had not thought I would be celebrating the summer solstice here in the northern hemisphere in New Mexico. My plans had included a camping trip to Banff and Jasper National Parks in Alberta, Canada for the solstice, places I dearly love and where I have celebrated several solstices previously. However after my first great day of driving as I headed north, my ‘check engine’ light came on in Cheyenne, Wyoming just as an impressive array of thunderclouds were gathering overhead with the promise of some imminent rain in the very near future. I checked into a motel and visited both an AutoZone and the local Subaru dealership first thing the next morning. With the information I was given, my best choice of action appeared to be turning around and heading back to New Mexico where my own trusted mechanic could do the work required on the vehicle. While he was doing that he discovered another problem that needs attention before any further long distance driving. So my choice to return right back to where I started from seems like the right one to have made.

I celebrated the solstice with my dear friend Denise who always has the welcome mat out for me at her beautiful home in the mountains east of Albuquerque. We made a number of flower essences with the potent solstice sun energy and brought out an array of crystals and stones and various and sundry other items to soak in that energy while we did our own spontaneous ceremony invoking the solstice energies to assist us in creating our new lives…and to walk through that wide open door that Merlin promised he would be holding open for us once the solstice alignment arrived. The last photo above is a picture of the solstice altar we created. It does seem that we are always right where we’re supposed to be when we do trust that our soul is guiding us, even when our 3D plans appear to run amok!

The message that I am sharing today came in earlier in the month on the 7th, just a few days before my aborted road trip began. Didymus is a star being who has come through me to speak on several prior occasions. He says that he hails from the star Regulus. The night before he visited and delivered this message, Denise and I had been treated to the most spectacular light show that either of us had ever seen in all our lives. For at least an hour and a half, thunder rumbled above us and the clouds exploded with light as the lightning did not touch down onto the Earth but rather jumped from cloud to cloud with amazing results. We saw geometric shapes emblazoned across the heavens and many other fantastical images as the lightning went on and on but the rain held off. It was incredibly beautiful and happened to occur at the same time that the planet Mars and the star Regulus were in conjunction with each other. (The first photo above is of the Mars-Regulus conjunction.) We sat out on the patio and watched the entire phenomenon until finally the rain began and drove us inside. We truly felt very blessed that we had been invited to witness this magical event and were very happy when Didymus mentioned this event as an activation for us that would assist us in remembering our star origins.

Yesterday a friend sent me the link to Pepper Lewis’ latest offering. Pepper channels Gaia and in this particular channel, she also interviews a ‘human of extra-terrestrial origin.’ I was fascinated by what I read and found it resonated so much with my own understanding of Earth being interconnected with all the other life in the universe. It also re-affirmed for me the reality of the existence of the energy that flows through me from one such as Didymus of Regulus. We are not alone in this Milky Way galaxy we call home.

For anyone interested in checking out Pepper’s channel, it can be accessed at:

These are incredible times that we are living through, and these are precisely the times we came to experience during this particular incarnation of ours at this major turning point in Planet Earth’s history. I am happy to have so many other wonderful beings, human and non-human alike, to share this journey with me! I wish all of you a grand and magical opening in your experience now that we have crossed the solstice marker, and I will be connecting with you all heart to heart and spirit to spirit as we are gifted with this Saturday’s lunar eclipse and full moon. May celestial blessings abound for all of us!

~ ~ ~Monday June 7, 2010

Didymus: Greetings dear friends and fellow star beings! This is the one you call Didymus of Regulus coming in to talk about the bigger picture and the greater plan of what you are doing here on this planet Earth at this particular time in what you might call the history of your planet. Each of you who is on this planet consciously knew prior to your birth what you were choosing to come here for. All of you knew that this would be quite the ride you might say because of the potentials that were known to be in place for the timing and the alignments that would occur during this particular lifetime. Most of you have been here before, some of you many many times, with reason, with purpose. But so many of you, you whom I speak with in the now…those who are attuned first to believing it is possible to communicate with an entity such as I am, not of your Earth plane and realm, but those of you who are aware that you are star beings in origin…you came here as part of the grander plan of the universe, not only involving planet Earth but involving the many star realms where you did indeed originate. Planet Earth is the happening place in the now as far as where it is being played out, and yet there is so much interconnection between your planet and the many other realms that are also participating in this universal expansion that is taking place in this now moment of time.

Now, let us talk a bit about what this means, perhaps a bit about some of the particulars of what is happening. You that I speak to who are present in this now moment did indeed not only observe but participated in quite an explosion of energy last evening that you might call an activation. This was not solely caused by the conjunction of Regulus and Mars, and yet the energies that have been aligned…yes, magnified by this conjunction…certainly were part of the precipitation of the light show and explosion of energy that you witnessed and that you each took into your own being. Now, what is the purpose of this? I would say that not too many others sat and observed and indeed took in the energies in the entirety and in the same manner that you did, for not too many others are in the same place of readiness for the absorption of energies as you are. What this was about was part of your own star activation, part of your own initiation of the remembering of who you are and what your purpose has been in coming here to this planet in this now moment of time.

So many are aware that it has been spoken that a new Golden Era will be upon you, that this is what this process has been about that you have been going through, that this is what this journey has been for…that has been quite difficult and challenging when you look at it simply from the human reality and perspective, and yet when you meet with those of your star families in your other dimensional experiences…of which you have many…there is major and grand excitement over what is taking place, for you are moving things along better than had been anticipated as far as your purpose of opening the doorway of communication to bring the energies of these different realms together.

You might say that so many of you, so many of you star beings who have chosen to take on the costume of humanness in this lifetime…you are acting as special agents for the star realms you represent. The Golden Era is not just about the humans of this planet attaining a more peaceful and more prosperous way of living. Planet Earth is the conjunction point for many realms to come together to be able to interact in harmony and to expand interdimensional living beyond where it has even been imagined before. And what this means is bringing back the interactions of ancient past cultures that participated actively and willingly with the star beings. You are aware, so many of you, that your pyramids were not built in the manner that history has portrayed them. No one has been able to document the exact mechanism that allowed these structures…interdimensional communication devices…to be born upon your planet Earth. And as many of you are aware, a great many ancient civilizations did indeed communicate with the star beings. Much as Merlin has spoken of the energetic ratios that make up the flow within your own unique signatures as the Divine beings you are, you have star ratios within your signatures as well. Each of you has spent much…oh I will say experience rather than time for time is not measured in the same manner outside of this particular reality…each of you has spent much experience in many of the other realms. What is coming is not only the remembering of this, but what is coming is the mmmm not even re-creation of this, but the creating of a new reality of melding dimensions with the ability to interact with as many of the different realms as you choose.

Now, so many of you find that your human reality, which has been challenging, has caused you to mmmm not perhaps lose focus on this bigger picture of soul purpose in coming here, but to diminish your focus because when you are in these physical bubbles of biology as they have been called, what is in your face as you might say are the requirements of living as a human on this planet. You dear star beings are breaking the mold as far as what it means to be a human, for you are expanding the potentials of what can be experienced and what can be achieved while living in human biology….which is why there will in the future be a need to expand the paradigm of how you live as humans because so many are going to desire incarnating as humans because of the expanded potentials of what that means.

Now I would talk a bit about the potentials of human relationship, and I am not speaking merely of what you would consider romantic partnerships in relationships. I’m speaking of those of you who come together sometimes without understanding what has attracted or drawn these others into your experience or has attracted or drawn you into connection with someone that perhaps may not make a great deal of sense on the human level as to why you would come together. I would say that all of you would be well advised to honor those who are brought into your experience. It is a requirement of healthy living on the planet to take care of one’s self and certainly to live the reality of not getting caught in such things as codependency and drama and all of those human issues found in relationships, and yet to also honor those who make their way into your experience. There are star potentials of living that go beyond the human potentials that your soul had in mind when it agreed to incarnate in this particular lifetime. Many of you have had a variety of relationships over the course of this lifetime simply because…oh the example of a kaleidoscope is a good one. It was a bit of a playing with a kaleidoscope to see what your energies together would end up creating, would end up looking like. There have been no mistakes. Mark my words on this! And yet many of the potentials that were there and that were explored and that were played with a bit did not come to fruition because the other partner in the potential had not expanded to their own place of being able to match where you were in potential.

It is a continual shifting of energies and many of you who have been…oh in the human manner perhaps disappointed by the lack of coming to fruition…you’re going to find that your pool of potentials expands rapidly as you open to the allowance of remembering of this grander plan than just the human one, and as more and more souled beings upon this planet begin to walk through their own expansion. Much of what is happening on your planet that seems so disastrous in the now is part of the process that will catalyze others to their own awakening.

Some of you might feel that particular relationships that are in your experience have run their course, have reached their full capacity, and yet you have further potentials down the road for what you cannot yet access consciously. Some of you will have new relationships coming into your experience that were not primed or ripe to occur previously because you needed to reach the place of expansion that you are in and that others are coming into in the now.

The rules of the game on planet Earth are changing. The feeling of what you have called ‘cluelessness’ (laughter)…the feeling like there is not solid ground under your feet…part of this is because those of you who are in the place of awakening in your now are expanding beyond simply the rules of play as you have known them previously on planet Earth. You have been jumping off cliffs so many of you. I like that expression! You have been leaving behind the known and familiar of your planet and yet a big part of the reason that not more of the new has kicked in or materialized in manifestation for you as of yet is because you are going beyond simply living and experiencing as humans. You are opening up to these star realm potentials becoming part of your reality as humans. And this is not something that you have any frame of reference for. You have heard many times that you have no frame of reference for what is coming, yet I wish to come in today and perhaps shed a bit more light on what is coming. It will be sounding so fantastical to those who are not in the place of having awakened yet…that they might well dismiss you, dismiss these messages…they might desire to take you away in the straightjacket! And yet you all have experienced so much of that in different capacities and different ways in your experiences as you have moved beyond the known and expected of human reality that I encourage you to not let it affect your further expansion, exploration and experimentation with what is swiftly moving into the realm of possibilities for you.

And so I would like to encourage you. It will not happen immediately…more patience is required…but you will be seeing the movement forward that has been spoken of. In this movement forward I would like you to be aware that you are opening to these grander and grander potentials at a far rapidly increasing pace and rate. To all who do listen, and hear, and resonate with a message such as this, I encourage you to not only continue your deepening of connection to your Mother Earth and Nature in all its beauty on this planet, I encourage you to continue to deepen your connection to the star realms, to the celestial energies that do touch and dance with and kiss you here on this planet. They are not some far distant places as you measure things in light years. ‘Light years’ is again a part of the scientific documentation of this planet that is a bit like time. It is a human construct and we who reside in these other realms are far, far closer to you than you have any idea. And perhaps this conversation today might be a bit of proof of that. Our energies are intermingling quite frequently. We connect without the constructs of your human realm interfering, and so you will find that it becomes far easier for you to have experiences of consciously intermingling energies with those from these other realms.

Each of you will feel a draw to particular realms, particular stars, particular planets, particular configurations of celestial energies. Pay attention to these for they are assisting you in your remembering of your origins beyond planet Earth, and as you remember and awaken in this manner, you will find it becomes easier to access your own purpose and desired role that you chose for yourself in your incarnating at this particular time. You each have many gifts to share with those on this planet here, indeed, but you each also were specifically selected for your ‘special agent’ role because of your abilities, because of your gifts, and because of the uniqueness of you, the star being that you are and the representative that you are of the star realms that are a part of your energetic signature.

This is enough in words for today. Each of you is in charge of your own pace as far as opening to remembering and bringing to consciousness the roles you have come here to play. Do not measure yourself against anyone else. Do not judge your progress by looking at others. I will say that there are some who are disappointed that they are not having the experiences that others are having, but there is great reason for this. It is all part of your self-chosen pathway and the timing for opening to what you have come here for. It is to be greatly honored and respected. Those of you who are moving fast and quickly on your own journeys and sometimes having trouble staying balanced in humanness as a result… you have chosen this and you were chosen to be a front runner in what is occurring because of what you have come here to do. Those of you who feel you are idling behind or not moving forward at the same pace, it is most important that you remain grounded in your humanness in order to perfect the timing of bringing forth what you are here to bring forth. Each of you…trust your own personal journey. It has been orchestrated with amazing collaboration by many who are an integral part of your team, though they may not be physically present to you in this human reality. Much interaction takes place and those of you who find that during some periods of expansion and activation you require so much more sleep, it is because you are so busy on the other realms. You are doing so much collaborating and doing so much that is beyond your human comprehension in the now moment. You are not mere human beings and I am certain that so many of you are awakening, if not already awakened, to this fact.

Allow yourselves the gift of time to, as a human, be undisturbed in your communicating with your interconnectedness. The key to this is within you. So many of you have had circumstances that have removed you from the pace of the world that was once your reality. You have had much purpose in doing so…even if it has in ways wrecked havoc with your human life. It was meant to. You are not here to get sucked into merely being human. You are here to remember the all of who you are. And so savor your time to be with yourself, whatever your circumstances. You are not creating your experiences only from a human perspective. You have much celestial input. What I would like to leave you with is this…I wish to tell you that you are doing so well and even while your human reality may appear to be in chaos, the grander plan is unfolding in a manner that looks very good for success and this is quite wonderful! Continue on my dear and beloved star family! There is so much more to come!

With that I will use your greeting of Earth of aloha. Maureen is still not able to translate my greeting from Regulus! But hear it with your heart. It is a beautiful greeting to beautiful brothers and sisters who think they are of Earth but are so much bigger. You are dearly loved. And so it is. ~ ~ ~

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