Friday, June 4, 2010

St Germain: Playing With Merlin & Remembering The Magic

June has arrived and brings with it the promise of new energies and long awaited movement, quite welcome after the challenging times the past few months have offered up for so many. In spite of one catastrophic event after another dominating the news, we each are still capable of choosing joy in our own personal experience, whatever it may look like, as we make our choices for living one day and one moment at a time.

This message that came through from St Germain on the 1st of June encourages us to do just that, and to continue to stretch ourselves beyond where we’ve been previously…and to have fun while doing so! I am very much enjoying the ‘game’ put forth here and am feeling Merlin and his Magic all around me. I hope those of you who choose to play with Merlin this month will have many magical experiences, too!

~ ~ ~ St Germain with the Energy of Merlin

Tuesday June 1, 2010

St Germain: Good day! Greetings and salutations! Yes, it is I, your dear friend St Germain, coming in this morning to expound a bit on the times, on what is happening in your world, and on what is happening in your lives.

Today is the first day of the new month and indeed there is much to come in this month of June. So I felt it would be a good day to come and have a conversation with you. Much is happening in the world, as you are aware. Energies have been building. You are all aware of this. Tensions in many places are running high. But this is the time you have been waiting for. You have heard the saying ‘You are the ones you have been waiting for’…well, this is the time you have been waiting for. Much is about to move. Much is about to unfold. In your personal lives those of you who have done this work of self are going to find that the openings that come will be most welcome. The time for perpetually waiting for alignments is about to come to an end, in one sense. As you have become aware, there will always be more alignments to take place, but this is a monumental time on your planet, a time that has been anticipated for eons. Many of you, so many of you, are in the place of not knowing what comes next, for your world and for yourselves personally, not even being sure of what choices you have, of what you can choose for yourself as your own next step forward. It is definitely a time of challenge for many on the planet. Now, what can you do to make it through this time of challenge in the most unruffled of manners? In the calmest of ways? In the way that continues to allow you to embrace joy and fulfillment in whatever experience you are living?

Do you wish to volunteer any answers?

Participant A: (laughter) I’m clueless. But in reading the Celestial Timings this morning it sounds like we’re going to be in for a very powerful month of various types of alignments. And it looks very interesting, the potentials that could shake out of the alignments.

SG: Let me say that perhaps energetically your 4th of July fireworks will come a little early this year!

Participant A: Okay! Well it has been predicted by others too that June in particular would be a really powerful month. The guy that wrote the article about the Sixth Night basically said that June could be the month where our world economy goes south in a hurry, and so hey…based on what Celestial Timings said this morning, you’ve got alignments that have not happened with planetary bodies and things like that since before 1929 when that led to the Depression and World War II, so…hang on for the ride, huh?!

SG: And things will continue to heat up for a bit and you know that when they are heating up that there must be some sort of an outlet. I will not necessarily say explosion though that word would not be improper here. Things have to give when they build to a certain point. This is somewhat what you have going on. Indeed your solstice comes up this month. You are now building towards that and there will be opportunity for releases of many types to occur around the days of your solstice because indeed that is truly a peaking of energy as well. And it will be a very potent solstice as your solstices and equinoxes always are, and yet you are aware that sometimes the dynamics of other energies that are at play will come in and intensify and magnify the energies inherent in a day such as this, an event such as this, a celebration such as this. I would encourage you to utilize the energy of this solstice by putting out your intent for the next cycle in your life, for what comes next in your creativity. It is challenging I know for all of you to set your intent for a cycle that you have no clue as to what it will hold, but remember the painting with broad strokes, as our dear friend Tobias has previously suggested. And so if you continue to focus on the enjoyment that you get from your own chosen experiences of living, be they with other humans, plants, animals, interacting with Nature, expressing your own creativity…if you focus on what does bring you joy, there is no way that you can create anything less than joyful for this next very exciting cycle about to begin that will be ushered in with this upcoming solstice…though you will find that it will not peak for you all at once. It will be a gradual opening of the door that begins with this solstice.

I would encourage you with this solstice to call upon the memories that are deep within your DNA. Invite them to the surface. Invite them to come up now for your own remembering. So many of you have utilized the energetic power of solstices and equinoxes in past lives, in manners that you have not tapped into yet in this lifetime. And so it is a time for inviting remembrance, and more so even than just inviting it, to use your Merlin powers, to use the Magician within you, to use the Wizards that you are to invoke, to command these to come to the surface for you, for it is time for you to start interacting with these energies, with these events, in ways that go beyond the mere recognition of them and honoring of them and celebrating of them that you have been doing. It is time now to work with them actively.

Now, no one has yet written the book of remembering to assist you in bringing this latent knowledge up to consciousness. Perhaps there will be a book in the future for those who come after you who are going first, but in your now what is most important…now that you have turned the page of your calendar and it is a new month and a mere 3 weeks until your solstice is here…I encourage you to each day tune in a bit more intently, in a bit more of a focused manner within yourself to entice these memories to the surface. And as you do this you will find that different ways of utilizing the energy and the power of the event do come into your conscious awareness. This would be how I would encourage you to go forward into a celebration this year that is a much more active celebration of solstice.

Participant A: I liked the word you used…’command’ the energies…because that particular word implies an active, as you said, engagement, not the passive celebration of the thing, and recognizing it. It’s actively participating. Command the energies. I really like that word. Good choice.

SG: I’m glad you approve! (laughter) Yes. And I would say it is time now to begin commanding in many areas of life. Painting with broad strokes is a wonderful manner of creating when you do not know what is the best next creation to bring forth, yet it does not have to be passive creating either when you command the energies into alignment for you in the best possible of manners. Your world is going through quite turbulent times and I’m here to say they are going to get more turbulent before things shift for the masses, before things change overall in a way that everyone is going to be aware of.

Participant A: Well we have a society, pretty much a global society, that’s based on ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ and that’s pretty much the way it is and that’s got to go away. And so the ‘haves’ may be ‘have nots’ or whatever. I just see it has to go away and we have to rebuild in a new way of doing things.

SG: Well the rebuilding that you are desiring has to come from beyond duality.

Participant A: Yes it does.

SG: ‘Haves’ and ‘have nots’ are the epitome of duality.

Participant A: It’s that belief system that there have to be ‘haves’ and ‘have nots.’

SG: And this change has to come about as a change in consciousness. For those of you who are aware of this, and there are many of you, those of you who have come here for this time, precisely for this time…you are the ones who can show others. You lead by example, you set the example, you are the standards for new energy living by removing yourselves from this world of duality…the push/pull of opposites that says if I have, you have not, and vice versa. You know what I’m saying.

Participant A: I do. Going back to the Celestial Timings, the little write up that was in there…there’s a quote by a guy that’s just written some kind of book and he talked about belief systems and he said if you have a circular belief system you can’t possibly think outside the box. And you know you’re in a circular belief system when they tell you, well if you don’t do this you’re going to go to hell…that kind of a thing. I thought that was very interesting because we do need to think outside the box and get out of the duality thinking and it’s not an easy thing to do. Not an easy thing to do.

SG: No. And your boxes and circles are of this dimension also. (laughter) It’s time to…

Participant A: …be nonlinear…

SG: …and tap into other dimensional potentials…

Participant A: …the quantum aspect of things, which are largely overlooked by most people. We are quantum beings whether people choose to recognize that or not. Much of what we’re striving for is already in our DNA, so let’s activate it. I get up every morning and talk to my DNA. Let’s activate all that DNA. Let’s crank it up and remember the Akashic records and the Philosopher’s Stone that I contain in my DNA, so bring it on. So command it! Come on, come on, come on! I’m going to command it now rather than this requesting it! (laughter)

SG: Good! And Merlin would like to participate in this. Merlin would like to be of assistance to you in this. And so one of the suggestions I would put forth is for all of you who are drawn to Merlin’s energy, who are aware that you flow the Merlin energy in your own energy stream…connect with this actively and consciously. Communicate with this energy each day. Feel Merlin’s presence and Merlin will assist you in the directions that will be of most benefit and most assistance.

What I would say is it would be of benefit to put this out to many that this would be a very good time during this month of June leading up to the solstice for all who are so inclined to actively engage Merlin and Merlin’s energies in a participatory adventure of sorts as far as remembering the magic. And with this I would say that there are those of you who are more adept at this kind of communication, some of you who are more used to it, but all can play with this. And each day ask for something specific to come into your awareness that you can do, and I would encourage you to willingly suspend your disbelief of what you hear. So many negate what they hear, or from the confines of linear thinking think it is not possible that this kind of communication could be occurring. But I would encourage you each day to ask Merlin. Make it a game for the month…but ask Merlin to give you something to do, to tell you something that would be of benefit to you, and follow through on that. This will assist you in the waking up of your DNA. This will assist you in commanding the energies that you are swiftly moving into the place of being ready to command. Just allow your own willing suspension of disbelief and see what you become aware of. You may not hear with your physical ears, but you are ready…all of you are ready to begin broadening your interdimensional abilities, and there is so much available to you.

(Cat noises loudly heard)

Participant A: Oh, the Siamese are at it again!

SG: They do feel the energies! (laughter) Because it is not just me here. Merlin is right here and this is a huge part of the bit of a zapping of energy that they are feeling. Merlin was very good with cats…most of you are not aware of this…in the incarnation of Camelot days. And the feline energies are very associated with some of the origins of this magical flowing energy as well.

Merlin is saying that if he does come in directly to speak to you today, it might be a bit more energy than is needed in the now moment, and so the encouragement is to simply be aware of his energy here with you…but to begin this exercise, this game, today by inviting Merlin to communicate directly with you. You will find that you can do this with so many of the interdimensional friends you have. Truly you can do this with all the interdimensional friends that you have. But this particular time period, this leading up to your summer solstice here in the north and winter in the south, it is most in tune with the energies of Merlin for what you are looking to activate and bring forth. And so this is encouraged. Merlin will infuse some energy into this session. This is why he has chosen not to speak because sometimes flowing his words definitely does blow Maureen’s circuits! (laughter) And see, she’s already beginning to have a bit of trouble pronouncing words because of the potency of Merlin’s energy here with us!

You are getting to a time where many of you will find it is easier to feel interdimensional energies. It is going to get easier as far as all of you being able to access other dimensions without feeling quite so whacked out and flattened in the physical human dimension that your bodies occupy, as you may have previously. This will not happen completely overnight. It will take a little time. But there has been some progress in this, and so you may have the anticipation of more to come. It’s the time for much more magic and adventure in your lives. Now, last summer Merlin…Merlin named it the ‘Summer of Magic’ and most of you were so whacked upside the head (laughter) with the energies from your solstice and your eclipses and all that went on last summer that not too many were very thrilled with that title because it did not seem to be a magical summer in appearance. And yet Merlin told you that it was an initiation of sorts. It was necessary for the bringing in of magic. Now, you have been through the initiation of the past year. Merlin is going to be holding open the door wide when this solstice arrives, for the beginning of truly being able to manifest your magical abilities. And so you might say this conversation is merely a bit of a heads up as to what is to come and an invitation to you to actively participate in this month. This is not a month to sit passively. This is a month to actively engage.

You should be able to have a great deal of fun playing with this, playing with Merlin. We are speaking of your opening to truly reclaiming your own wizardry, your own magicianship, and many have despaired a bit since the times have been challenging and things have not moved forward in manifestation in the way many have hoped and desired.

That is changing now. Things are going to move at a greater speed than you can even imagine, and it is time for that. And so many of you who have become accustomed to needing patience for things that seem to not be happening in any way shape or form…you will find that you will feel as if someone has flipped a switch to change the speed…

Participant A : To fast forward? (laughter)

SG: Indeed. And you are ready for this. So many of you have become bored with life because this seeming limbo that you have been in felt as if it was never ending. The limbo is about to end, and it is time to boldly step forward in your choices, whatever choices you make. It is time to take your stand…yes, in flexibility, not in rigidity…but to get off the fence once again. You were all told many years ago by the Kryon that it was time for no more fence sitting. All those of you who have firmly jumped with both feet into the new energy, you have been waiting for the answers…okay, I’m here, what comes next? What do I build? What do I create? What direction do I go in? It is now going to be the time to make a choice for direction, and you cannot choose wrongly. It is so important to reiterate that there are no wrong choices. If you find that you move in a direction that at a later point in time does not feel like the one you want to continue in, new pathways will open up and there will be new direction. But you can’t continue to stand in wishy washy places, my friends, as far as being decisive creators. You must make choices and your choices must be based on the feeling place of your own heart. And do not give too much credence to 3D realities. (laughter) That can be a challenge when you have not…

Participant A: …paid your mortgage! (laughter)

SG: When you have not seen the old life completely slip away…when the new one has not totally been created yet…when you are dancing in that space that feels like limbo…but things will be shifting much in these 3 weeks. I spoke to you at an earlier point in time and said that by the time your December solstice rolls around, everything will look different. The changes are happening and will continue.

To those of you present here today, I would like to say that you are doing quite well in your state of not knowing what comes next. I will say (to Participant A) that in your instance, in your circumstance, I hope it is apparent to you that you are receiving some assistance in allowing you the timing that will be most appropriate for you for what comes next. And I cannot prophesy for you, I cannot tell you what is coming, for you are creating as you go, but be aware that you have much assistance in allowing what occurs to occur in perfect timing for you. And this solstice will be a particularly powerful one for you personally and so be aware of that.

(To Participant B) You are still floundering in many ways as to decision making…deciding what you want to come next in your life…and it is quite alright for it is most appropriate for you to simply feel your way through different potentials. Previously you have been encouraged to put your focus back on yourself and your own life, regardless of what is going on with the other people in your life. By having made the conscious decision to put the focus on yourself, you have done what is required and so now it is about simply allowing your feeling state to assist you in your choices as you move forward. There is no right or wrong to what you choose. Whatever you decide to do will not detract from your expansive unfolding into what is next as long as you continue to keep the focus on yourself. And so you see this is the biggest of choices that you have to make, and indeed that all have to make…not what to do, but to be certain that in whatever choice you make you focus on yourself…not on a relationship, not on anyone else. You focus on you.

Each of you as you know has many unique gifts and abilities and it is time to bring these forward into manifestation. To do this completely, you must be able to fully tune in to your own inner guidance without interference from anyone else. Interference comes when you are more focused on what is happening with others than you are focused on yourself. This often occurs in relationships and it is important to be aware of where your own focus lies. If it has been more on another than on self, it is now time to change this.

(To Participant B) I can feel that you are choosing to focus on yourself and so whatever choice you make for doing, for action, for direction, is far less important than the choice to continue to focus on self first and foremost. So whether you choose A, B, or C as your next step, none of that matters as much as you choosing to continue to keep the focus on yourself. Because once things begin to speed up, my dear, as they are inevitably going to do, it will be very important for you…and for all of you…to be in the place to share your gifts with others.

So you see that movement of energies is afoot. Things are not going to remain the same…they are not in the state of limbo anymore…things have been set in motion and with this turning of the calendar, the turning of the wheel as Brigid always calls it…as you head up to this solstice, some of you may find that you are wishing for a bit more limbo as things speed up!

I would say that for this now moment, let this be enough in words for there is an infusion of energy coming to you from Merlin. It is setting the magical energies in place for you that you are being encouraged to work with, to activate within yourselves, to allow to build during this month, during this time leading up to the solstice. And so simply allow yourselves to receive this infusion in the now. Know that it is lovingly imparted to you. Know that it truly is a gift. And know that dear Merlin is available to work with each and every one of you who chooses to invite this interaction in during this quite magical month of building momentum. So breathe it in…

(Pause as energy flows)

There is much sparkling energy! Feel it and embrace it and take it in!

We will converse again soon. Enjoy this magical first day of this new month of this very, very powerful time on your planet.

With that I will say…and so it is. Aloha! ~ ~ ~