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Brigid & Merlin's 10-10-10 Message

Greetings dear friends! It has been a while since last I shared with you in this manner. Brigid speaks frequently of the ‘turning of the wheel’ in reference to time, and it is hard for me to believe that it has been a quarter of a year since my last blog post. It seems to me that our wheel of time is turning faster than it ever has before and I often find myself wondering…where did the time go? One thing I am certain of is that whichever hemisphere of the globe we are situated in, we are deeply immersed in the ‘season of change’ that is now upon us.

I shared back in June that I ended up aborting a planned road trip to Alberta, Canada when the check engine light came on in my car in Cheyenne, Wyoming. My gut feeling at the time was to turn around and head back to New Mexico, even though I didn’t know why, so I listened to my gut and did just that. My dear friend Denise, who has frequently participated in these sessions that I share, once again opened her heart and her beautiful home in the mountains to me. I ended up spending the summer here with her as both of us contemplated the changes we could feel looming on the horizon of our lives, without any clear idea of what those changes would look like or mean for us.

I house and pet sat for Denise in July when she made a trip to Tajikistan in Central Asia where she had been invited by the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) to be a presenter at a workshop on cleaning up contaminated water. Denise spent her career as an environmentalist, specifically as a hydrologist working with water (and Merlin makes mention of water in this message I am sharing today). In late August I encouraged her to accept the invitation she had received to attend her father’s 80th birthday celebration in Ohio and once again took care of her house and animals while she was gone. It was my intention to be on my way once again shortly after she returned, yet the beautiful weather in New Mexico and the many events in the area that I had missed for the last 5 years while I was out of the state during September had me dragging my feet a bit. Denise encouraged me to stay for as long as I wanted.

Early in September Denise became ill with what she thought was a bad flu that had come on suddenly. Several days later it became apparent that it was much more than flu when she collapsed and couldn’t get up by herself. I called 911 and at the hospital she was diagnosed with a brain bleed from a ruptured cerebral aneurysm. She underwent neurosurgery to repair the aneurysm and for the first few days after the surgery, she hovered between life and death and no one knew if she would choose to stay or go. I am happy to report that she did eventually make the decision to stay and she has progressed in her recovery from the hemorrhagic stroke caused by the aneurysm to the point that last week she was able to be transferred to a rehabilitation center where she is undergoing extensive therapy to assist in her recovery.

Denise’s full time work as a consultant came to an end over a year ago and she has been unemployed since then. This means that she was without health insurance when the aneurysm ruptured, and she has also had a difficult time keeping up with her mortgage payments. Many of her friends have rallied to assist her and fund raising events for her are being organized to help with her expenses and to keep her 3 large dogs and 3 cats fed while she is unable to do this herself. All donations made through my blog between now and November 30 will go to this fund raising effort for Denise. Every person who makes a donation will automatically be entered into a raffle for a free one hour phone session with me that I will offer in Denise’s honor. The winner of the raffle will be announced during the first week of December.

Denise is also a talented photographer and over the years I have shared some of her photos on my blog. Please feel free to visit her website to view her work, and if anyone is interested in purchasing one of her photos, let me know and I can put you in touch with the person who is handling that.

Now, onto Brigid and Merlin and their 10-10-10 message!

P.S. After posting this, I googled Avalon and found that the Celtic meaning of the name is "Isle of Apples!"

~ ~ ~ Sunday, 10-10-10.

Brigid: Cead Mille Failte, Beloved Ones! T’is I Brigid coming in this morning on this sacred celebration of the 10-10-10 energies. I accompany Merlin, who is also here, ready to speak and impart his own words of wisdom to you today.

Many have called this 10-10-10 a portal, a doorway, which indeed energetically it is. Yet I and Merlin invite you to also think of it as a bridge. Today is a beginning. It is also an ending. It is a turning point. And this turning point signifies that you are ready to truly begin bridging worlds and dimensions in a manner that you have not yet done. It may not happen overnight, or happen immediately as some of you would like, and yet, it is beginning to happen.

The turning of the wheel continues, as it always does. The wheel is constantly in motion. Time is moving forward. This month of October, this day of the 10th, is a bridging point. This 10-10-10 beckons to you to become more attuned to the worlds and dimensions beyond the one you currently and presently inhabit.

I come in first today, before Merlin, because I represent the Divine Feminine energies, which are very much a part of the balancing of this particular day. Merlin is here because you have reached a point of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine balance…what has been sought for for many years now, many years of time in your awakening to this ascension journey. The balance has been reached in those of you who are going first in consciousness, and this is something to definitely celebrate along with your 10-10-10. You may say that in a manner of speaking today is the birthday of the balanced Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies. The Divine Feminine has reached her place of alignment, her place of balance with the Divine Masculine.

And I, yes, am the Divine Feminine goddess energies and I come in today flowing the energy of this specific goddess you have come to know as Brigid. And yet as you are aware, I flow all of the Divine Feminine goddess energies. Today with Merlin here to assist in this celebration, I tell you that I am also flowing and representing the energies of Morgana…Morgan LeFay…as you know her from the Camelot tales. I am flowing the energies of the Priestesses of Avalon. And while it has been said that there are many sleeping Merlins, there are also many sleeping Priestesses of Avalon. Awaken ye all! It is time to slumber no more! It is time to reach deeply within your own hearts into that secret place where all of your dormant knowledge has been stored.

I invite those of you who are ready to awaken to participate in a ritual that may make very little sense to you on the conscious level, and yet will be recognized in this space you wish to awaken. I invite you Merlins and Priestesses of Avalon to hold in your hands a red apple. Hold this up towards the Sun. Invoke the Light and the energy of the Sun to permeate and fill your apple. Hold this apple then to your heart, before bringing it to your lips for a kiss of your breath, for a kiss from your being. And then eat of this apple. In this way you are eating once again of the fruit of the Tree of All Knowledge, as Eve once was said to do in the Garden of Eden. You are no longer standing in a place that recognizes anything as sinful or evil. You are standing in the place where you are ready to be the gods and goddesses that you truly are. Remember the symbolism. Eve partook of this apple and shared it with Adam, for what was said was that by eating of this fruit of the Tree of Knowledge…”ye shall be as gods!” You already are, but you have not known this. It is now time to remember. It is now time to awaken.

I shall step back now, lovingly, to allow Merlin to come in and speak with you. Know that I am with you always. Call upon me. Remember to tend to the hearth of your heart. Remember to be the gods and goddesses that you already are! Cead Mille Failte!

Merlin: Greetings and enchantments to all of you who join me today in this message flowing through and from the most appropriately named Land of Enchantment. There is much magic in this place of New Mexico which this Voice is partaking of in the now. There is much magic in this space that has been so lovingly created by one who does indeed bridge the dimensions in this now moment of time. I will say to all those of you who know and love Denise…she is wonderfully well, dear friends. And in this now moment of time she is bridging the dimensions with her own consciousness. She is taking in instruction and guidance for the next portion of her life upon this planet which she has not yet chosen to depart from. All those of you who have so lovingly supported her in her humanness during this challenge of biology she is experiencing, please know that she is doing well. Please know that there is great and grand purpose in what she has undertaken and in what she has chosen to manifest.

Trust has been a message that has been delivered much of late. Trust in Self is incredibly important to each of you, for each of you. Indeed, trust in Self is the fundamental principle you might say of the Magician. Those of you who wish to perform alchemy, those of you who wish to once again remember how to transform material, energy, and your own lives…know that in order to do this you must be in the place of trusting Self first and foremost before anything and everything else.

I Am Merlin, the Magician, the Wizard, the Sorceror…who lives within you all! As has been said, it is time for you to wake up the Merlin who has been sleeping inside of you! It is time for you to pick up your magic wands and to begin alchemizing and transforming not only your own lives but the planet as a whole.

There are many meditations taking place all around your planet today. Many of you have participated in these, have joined in with others in many diverse places around the globe. It is a day for remembering that you are a collective upon this planet…even in your own sovereignty, even in your own solo Magicianship. There are those who are working with the waters of the oceans on your planet today. There are those who are working with the energies of the dolphins and the whales, those that you call the cetaceans upon this planet. This is most appropriate. These beings have lovingly been the Wisdom Keepers for your planet for eons of time. They are ready to pass the torch on now. They are ready to pass it to you…to those of you who are in the position now to become the Wisdom Keepers yourselves.

What does this mean for you? What does this mean for your planet? It means transformation. It means that the cetaceans, the whales and the dolphins, may continue to leave this planet. Do not mourn for their departure, for indeed it is fitting and it is time for them to return to their own true homes, as these are star beings who have graced and blessed your planet as a gift of love.

You to whom I speak in this now moment, you are ready to be those who share your own gift of love with the planet. Yes, to my dear and Beloved Yvonne…it is through the open heart that this occurs! All of you are beseeched to continue to open your own hearts wider and wider. For you see this is the true portal of the 10-10-10…your open hearts that will bridge the dimensions, bridge the many different realities upon your planet.

Maureen has been seeing this in her interacting lately with so many who are of what you would call the 3D world. So many have been attracted to the light she emanates, even while it represents to them a world very different from their own. You have heard the expression of attraction…”like moths to a flame.” This is what each of you are here to do. Maureen has spoken recently of Kryon’s ‘lighthouses.’ You have heard Steve (Rother) and The Group speak of being ‘beacons of light.’ You are now in the living manifestation stage of this, each of you. Do not compare yourselves or your lives to others, for you are each here with your own unique role to play. No role is greater or lesser than any other. They are simply unique.

I do like the analogy Maureen has made of the mass ascension of balloons (at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta) that has just taken place. Each of you is indeed the most amazingly beautiful and uniquely colorful balloon, and yes, you are all ascending together…all expanding beyond where you have been previously, together…even while you each have your own uniquely individual experiences. Open your hearts. Continue to do this. Continue to keep them open. For you see your light shines the brightest through the portal of your open heart.

Immerse yourselves in magic, whatever your reality of living may presently be. The magic is within you. You know this. You remember this.

Let every drink you take be a magic potion, be a Magician’s and Wizard’s elixir! Indeed, the waters of life are filled with magic. Speak to your waters. Speak to the water in the glass you bring to your lips. Speak to the waters that are the life force energy of this planet, that flow through her like blood flows through your veins. Bless the waters of this planet. Bless these waters with your love. Bless the beings that live within the waters of this planet. Each of you has your original roots and your beginnings in water. Water is life. Water is indeed God force energy.

Remember what has been said to you previously. There is much potency in the alchemical combination of light and water. Light energy and water energy together create a powerful alchemy.

I encourage you to continue your celebration of these 10-10-10 energies all throughout this ‘10’ month of October. This month is a turning point for your planet as a whole, and for each of you individually with whom I speak.

I am with you because I am within you! Let us play!

It is time for you to alchemize your lives. It is time for you to create magic through your own playfulness. You have come to this planet on purpose! And yet remember that you create best when you create through love, joy and laughter! These are the most potent alchemical elements of your human existence.

I Am Merlin and I have a perpetual twinkle in my eye. Awaken the Merlin within yourself and you too will perpetually have a twinkle in your own eye…and perpetually have the lilt of laughter in your voice! This is as you have meant it to be. This is as you have desired. Bring this forth now and there will be no end to the alchemy that you orchestrate in your life and in this world.

You are so very very dearly loved! And so it is that I leave you with a kiss of love, joy, laughter…and the lightness of my own being. Awaken Magicians! The world is awaiting you!

Aloha! ~ ~ ~


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