Thursday, December 23, 2010

Brigid's Solstice, Christ's Mass & New Year's Message

Another year over! Where did it go?! Intense at times and mellow at others, 2010 is now fast winding to a close as we prepare to embrace the new of 2011. My sincere wish is that we all find this new year on our horizon to be a kind one, whatever it may hold for us. The message I am sharing here from Celtic goddess Brigid offers hope of the good things to come.

During these last few months of 2010, my blog posts of messages from the nonphysical friends I often converse with have been few and far between. This has simply been because I have been so immersed in the experience of my own living. I have received numerous messages that I felt were very good and fully intended to transcribe and share, but then life got in the way with its busyness and it didn’t happen. What did happen frequently though was that shortly after I enjoyed an interdimensional communication that I thought I would share but never got to, I would read a posted channel…or several…that contained pretty much the same message that came through to me in my own personal conversation. What I get from this is that we all have access to all the information we are seeking, wherever it might come from.

I have been reluctant to step into the role of public channeler and so have always called what I am able to do “energy translating” since I simply feel many different energies and have the ability to translate them into conversations and communication. I admit this is quite fun and I have always enjoyed sharing the messages I’ve received in this way, yet I’ve also always felt that everyone has the potential to communicate in this manner, though most have not yet awakened that latent ability to do so. I feel this is getting closer for those who are open to it, especially as the ‘turning of the wheel’ brings us into 2011. Communicating on all levels will be much more about feeling than hearing as we move forward.

Like all of us, I am about to begin a whole new cycle in my life, and I don’t have any idea what it will bring in the way of experiences or how my outer circumstances will end up looking. Ahh, but isn’t that what adventure is meant to be about?! I don’t know how often I’ll be sharing more messages. I could find 2011 brings a major increase in them…or I could find I’m not sharing any at all! And I trust that however it goes, it will all be perfect in the unfolding…for each of us.

Brigid says in her message that all we really need to do is follow the guidance of our own hearts as we continue to make our choices for living. I’ve found that these days that is the only way I am able to live myself, and so I have thrown myself into the joy of experiencing life rather than ‘doing’ anything in particular. I am certainly never bored! And life does seem to inevitably flow from one fulfilling experience to the next when it is lived in this manner. No complaints from me whatsoever on continuously immersing myself in expansive experiences! I don’t know how long it will be before it happens, but I do know that I will be back to share about my journey when I am once again inspired to do so!

My dear friend Denise, who experienced a ruptured cerebral aneurysm in September, continues to improve while still facing a long road ahead of her in her recovery. Many thanks to all those of you who made a donation on her behalf. It is much appreciated! The winner of the raffle for a free session with me, chosen at random from the names of all who donated, is a couple. I’m happy to announce that Lex and Teresa Nieland, who are currently residing in Spain, are the winners. I look forward to translating some energy personally directed to them both very soon!

Wishing all of you a beautiful closing to 2010 and a joyous year of new beginnings in 2011! Happy Christ’s Mass Everyone!

~ ~ ~ Tuesday Dec 21, 2010…Winter Solstice and Full Moon Eclipse!

Brigid: Cead Mille Failte Beloved Ones. It is I, your dear friend Brigid, who comes in today on this monumental day of the turning of the wheel in your celestial calendar. The song of the season that should be indeed playing in all of your hearts is ‘repeat the sounding joy, repeat the sounding joy!’ Can you hear the joy that is emanating out through the universe? And particularly cradling planet Earth in this wonderful cloak of change for the better? Joyful change, new beginnings, happy times…they are indeed upon all of you who have walked this path that has contained so much challenge, so much difficulty, indeed for many of you so much pain and sorrow. And while humanity as a whole has not yet reached the place that so many of you who have gone first are now standing, be aware that you have opened the portal wide. You are holding open the doorway for them to follow your lead.

Yes, troubles will continue upon the planet, eruptions you might say of old energies being released. And yet there is great joy in the shift that has come about, that has come to fruition, for those of you who have been working to turn the tide in this direction for all of humanity, for all who do reside upon this beautiful, beautiful planet.

Solstices are always markers, milestones, over the course of your year, over the course of your turning of the wheel. And yet this one in particular is one to be remembered. It is one to engrave upon your hearts as the turning point, the culmination of your journey. You are awaiting 2012, so many of you, and yet what you have awaited is upon you now. You will in this upcoming year start seeing the evidence of what you have been making real during these many years of your often arduous journey. The manifestations you have been seeking, longing for, desiring, are about to begin. Dear ones, for you it is celebration time! It is party time! It is time to relax and savor the fruits of your labor. Oh I know many of you have chosen to push the easy button and this was indeed a very good choice. And yet even still, the circumstances and situations have not always appeared as easy even when you have chosen to respond without resistance and to allow. This is changing for those of you who have reached this pinnacle and this milestone. Not everyone made it. Not everyone is here with you who began the journey with you. Trust that this is appropriate. Trust that no one has been lost or left behind, simply that the guidance of each individual soul led each participant to make the choices that were most appropriate for where they were on their own unique individual journey. Celebrate those who have participated and have gone in a different direction. All is appropriate. All is perfect in the unfolding.

Things will not immediately look different in your world, both the outer and the inner. And yet as you allow the new year that truly does begin today to unfold before you, you will find that there are changes occurring. You will find that as you walk forward into the new year of 2011 things will be easier. Things will manifest in more joyful ways for all of you that I speak to. Many of you will have surprises that will take you in the new directions that you were beginning to despair of ever seeing! Do not despair beloved ones. It is the time of joy. I encourage you to embrace the most joyous celebration of this holiday season, this solstice, this Christmas, Christ’s mass…and you indeed are the Christ, each of you! Celebrate this, and the entry to the doorway of the new year that you celebrate on new year’s eve!

This is a season like no other you have known in this lifetime or indeed in few other lifetimes. The heavens themselves have come together in communal celebration with you and this is what this most auspicious eclipse event of last evening was about.

There is very little that you need to do, my dear friends, in the now to move things forward other than continuing to listen to the guidance of your own heart, to your own feeling state, as far as this being your barometer for making choices. You are never alone in the choices you make, and as has been said to you, you can never make a wrong choice. So I encourage you to relax into this new cycle that is beginning today…beginning with a bang with the eclipse on this solstice! It does indeed pack quite the energetic punch, but in a much milder and gentler manner than so many of the previous occurrences that have been so fraught with intensity. This is powerful. Yes! This is potent. Yes! But it also is gentle and benevolent and filled with joy!

So this is what I come in today to speak to you of, this occasion of solstice and this powerful gift of the eclipse. I wish to add my loving energy to what you have already received and as such I ask you to breathe in deeply to the infusion of Divine Feminine energy that I flow to you in this now moment of time.

(Pause while energy flows)

Nothing more needs to be done. Go about your celebrating! Go about your opening to the new in the most joyous fashion possible! What you desire is ready to burst forth into manifestation in this new year of your living. All that you must do to receive this is to joyfully allow it. You do not need to know how and you do not need to figure anything out. You simply need to live the joy that you are, knowing the Master Creator that you are, knowing that you need not ever worry about anything ever again while you are in this physical human body that you have chosen for this incarnation. You are here for great things, dear and beloved ones. You know this in your heart of hearts. Trust the unfolding! Your only job in the now is to joyfully allow and to trust what you are manifesting.

And so I say to all as always, remember to stoke the hearth of your own heart. Keep those home fires within your heart burning steadily and brightly and indeed merrily and cheerily! This is the year for you to be merry, to be filled with cheer, and to embrace joy every day of your lives, no matter what is going on around you. As you embrace the joy, you alchemize your lives and your experiences. There is much magic to unfold for you. You are so dearly loved. And with that I say to you, and so it is! Cead mille failte Beloveds! Aloha! ~ ~ ~

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