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BRIGID: The Green of Renewal

The turning of the wheel is a phrase that Brigid has used frequently over the years that I have been flowing her energy and translating it into the messages from her that I share. The wheel has turned nearly one quarter of the way through the year since I last posted any messages at all. Even if I was without awareness of all that is happening in the world at this time, I would have to say that I know that a major shift is occurring simply from what I’ve been experiencing in my own life. It is the microcosm of the macrocosm.

I have been in a much needed period of hibernation, surrounded by a cocoon of white since I left New Mexico on 1-11-11 to spend the remainder of the winter in snowy Alberta, Canada. It seemed a strange choice to many that I would head north to a land known for its frigid winters at the same time many Canadian snowbirds were heading south to escape these very same conditions. My own seemingly odd choice is indicative to me of the very unusual times we are living in. Winter isolation this year has been very nurturing and nourishing for me and exactly what I needed after a very stressful autumn. I am refreshed and renewed because of this time I gave myself in the void of The Great White North and am most appreciative of this. Spring is now upon us here in the northern hemisphere, even if there is virtually no indication of that when I look out my window in this now moment. Fresh snow fell yesterday on St Patrick’s Day and is still clinging to the trees, giving everything the clean and sparkling look of a winter wonderland once again. Yet, even here in this northerly part of the world, winter does not last forever and spring will make an appearance once again in its own due time. The birds that were silent all during the frigid days of winter are now chirping in spite of the snow. The inevitable change of seasons that the advent of spring brings will arrive here, too, no matter what it looks like in this now moment.

I will be heading back to New Mexico soon to start a brand new cycle in my own life. Change is upon me once again and with it are many unknowns as far as what comes next. I need to find a new place to live upon my return and I have also been feeling the pull to BE in the world in a new way. I don’t know what that means yet. I just can feel that the time is upon me to fully stand in the world and participate in living here on Earth from the totality of my own authenticity and truly be All That I Am in the merging of my humanness and my divinity. Brigid’s message that I am sharing here seems to indicate that it is time for a great many of us to do this in our own unique ways.

After a couple of weeks of unwinding here once I arrived in Alberta, Brigid and Merlin came in for a visit on Brigid’s feast of Imbolc, which celebrates in the northern hemisphere the returning of the light to a dark world. It is the cross quarter day on the Celtic wheel that marks the halfway point between the December solstice and the March equinox. After many months of having been too busy to devote time specifically to further ‘ascension journey’ expansion, it was announced that the time was right for this once again and Brigid and Merlin imparted an infusion of energy during their visit that literally left me completely flattened for about 2 weeks. They also imparted a lovely message that it was my intention to share, but I found myself so whacked by what I was experiencing personally, I was virtually immersed in inertia and couldn’t get myself jumpstarted enough in order to do so. (But now that I’m moving again, I do hope to revisit this message for sharing soon.)

On Valentine’s Day I was bowled over once again just as I was beginning to emerge from my stupor by a visit from an energy completely new to me who introduced herself as the Goddess Oya. I found internet research on Oya very interesting as there appears to be a connection between her and Brigid. Oya is associated with Our Lady of Candelaria, who is depicted as a Black Madonna and whose feast day is celebrated on February 2, right along with St Brigid in the Catholic Church and which coincides with Imbolc. Oya is purported to be ‘Queen of the Winds of Change’ and is the Divine Feminine energy most associated with Nature and Nature’s forces and the storms and natural disasters that bring about swift and significant change in our inner and outer worlds. Chaos and devastation can be the results of her power unleashed, and yet the ultimate result is transition, transformation and rebirth. A few days after Oya visited, the Christchurch, New Zealand earthquake occurred and I felt the potency of the message Oya was seeking to bring through.

Oya’s energy when she visited was so powerful that I had some challenges translating it word for word into a coherent message. She announced that the time for needing to translate word for word is over and that part of the new that will be manifesting in my own reality is my receiving downloads of energy from the beings who wish to communicate through me and that I will then share the message contained within the download with others through my own words and the insights I’ve received from the downloaded energy. I feel resonant with this shift and am looking forward to this kind of new creating utilizing my own unique gifts and abilities. It feels like part of the change that is upon me in my own life in the now.

The world does appear to be in much chaos currently, but Brigid and Oya’s message is that what is occurring is simply part of the transformation process taking place on our planet, and that all of us here have incarnated in this lifetime so that we could be part of this rebirth. These are times like no other, and I encourage all of us to remember that it truly is an honor that we are the ones here to not just witness but to catalyze the changes taking place. As has been quoted so many times now…We are the ones we have been waiting for!

I invite us all to embrace the challenge of these changing times and stand tall as we continue to shine our light for all to see as a beacon of hope in an often chaotic world. This is what we are here for!

Wishing each of you a multitude of blessings as you embrace the changes in your own lives! Happy Full Moon and Happy Equinox!

~ ~ ~ March 17, 2011

Brigid: Cead Mille Failte Beloved Ones, and good morning to you! It is a good morning indeed, in spite of any news you might be watching on television, in spite of any worries that might be sweeping through your world.

There is so much to talk about. These are unprecedented times that you are living in and living through. And yet I come in to remind you to see the brightness in what is occurring now in spite of how things may appear on the human level. Once again today it is not just my energy flowing in for this visit. Very present with me is also the energy of Oya, whom Maureen met and flowed last month. She is definitely my sister in goddess energy and we are connected in many ways. We share similar energy streams, yet flow this energy uniquely. Oya is the Goddess of Storms, much associated with Nature and the winds of change. You are feeling her energy strongly on Earth at this time of transitioning from the old to the new.

I’d like to speak to you today about what is occurring, and because it is easier for Maureen to flow the energy she is familiar with as Brigid fluidly and fluently, I will be in essence translating Oya’s energy into message for you as well.

This is, as I have said, an unprecedented time upon your planet and it is a time for major transformation and rebirth. You have not experienced a transformation that has resulted in the type of rebirth that is upon you with this grand potential in the now at any other point in your human history. Many of you are aware that you have, in other incarnations, lived through the experience of Atlantis…and I say lived through because you are each eternal beings. You may have exited your physical bodies during the catastrophic occurrences that happened at that time, but you indeed are right back on Earth once again as you have been over and over, so many of you. And yet what occurred after the fall of Atlantis was not a swift rebirthing. It has been thousands of years that you have continued to move through density in your living upon this planet.

You who are here on Earth in this now moment of time are not here by accident. Not one of you is here by accident. You have heard over and over from many sources that many who were standing in line to be here on this planet at this time stepped out of line for you to be here, for those of you whom it was collectively decided would have the best potential of making a difference in this collectively agreed upon time of transformation.

You are aware that according to your Mayan calendar you have now entered this 9th Wave that is called your Universal Underworld, which is purported to be all about bringing in Unity Consciousness. This is what is on your front burner so to speak in this now moment, collectively as a planet. Those of you who are spiritually attuned, who are what have been called the lightworkers of the planet, you are aware that each person is always in the exact right place for themselves personally at any given time. This is so for all of these souls who are experiencing what is occurring in your country of Japan in this now moment. This is true for every one of you who is upon this planet in the now moment. Nothing happens to you from outside of you. Everything that happens to you is agreed upon from the soul level of your understanding.

I wish to speak to you of those who are being called the Fukushima Fifty, those brave souls who at this point in time are showing the world the true face of altruism, who are putting the good of all before their own personal good you might say, their own safety. There is no accident in this and I wish to use these beautiful souls as an example of what you are all here for. You are not all here to be on suicide missions as some are calling the acts of courage of those giving their all to contain the radiation release at the damaged nuclear reactors. Their bravery is undisputed, and I wish to point out that their intentions are as pure as an intention can be, to serve humanity, to serve the greater good of all.

Each of you who are lightworkers, each of you who are here listening to my words in this now moment, each of you are here on purpose. You have heard much about sovereignty and becoming sovereign beings over the last number of years that many of you have been on this ascension journey. This has been a crucial step in your forward movement and further expansion beyond the reality of life as a 3D human immersed in density. You have come to realize that you are more than what mass consciousness has programmed you to be, that you are a unique spark of God-light energy here in a human body. You are a unique divine being who brings to this Earth and this incarnation all that you have experienced and learned during your many, many incarnations upon this planet and indeed your experiences from the many other realms that you have been part of in addition to your Earth incarnations. At this time on your planet complete renewal is what is being called for. And this is what is being brought forth in your now moments of time. What you have learned as you have expanded into your own sovereignty is that you do indeed create your own reality, you create your own life experience. You and you alone are the determiner of what your experience of living is all about. And yet what each of you is coming to understand as well is that none of you live in a vacuum. It is impossible to be a resident of planet Earth, to be a global citizen of this incredibly beautiful dimension, without being touched and affected by your interconnection with All That Is, yes, but most especially with all those others who inhabit this planet right along with you.

Many of you are feeling your compassion spring forth to new levels as you watch the unfoldings occurring around the world, most especially in Japan in this now moment. This is a very large opening to not just collective consciousness for those of you who walk in sovereignty, it is an opening for unity consciousness. Each of you determines your own reality and your own experience of living, and yet each of you who is here upon this planet at this moment in time and in particular those of you who are consciously aware of your role here as a lightworker, you are the ones who are bringing unity consciousness to this planet. And this is why I say that your mission is similar to that of these 50 who are indeed putting the greater good of all above their own personal welfare.

So many lightworkers have felt themselves in the void for quite a long period of time. In the now, so many lightworkers have wondered as they watch the world around them, what is the meaning of my life? What is my purpose when I seemingly have no direction? I have spoken to you previously and said, your new directions will be becoming clearer to you soon.

In sovereignty you each are aware that you are indeed here to experience joy. That is the essence of your primary state of being. It is what can be your primary state of being in your humanness when you are tuned in to your own divinity, for the predominant energetic of All That Is, the dominant dynamic of what you might call the God Force which all of you are a part of, is the ultimate mixture of love and joy. It is a lightness of spirit and being that once tapped into is very hard to disregard. It is quite addicting you might say to live from this place of spirit awareness.

Your mission, dear lightworkers to whom I am speaking, is to find your own place of balance while living from the combination of love and joy that you are, that is your true essence, creating wonderful experiences for yourselves as you walk upon the planet in this lifetime, while also fulfilling your mission and purpose for coming to Earth, and that is to assist the collective through this time of major transition. You are the wayshowers, you are the lightbearers and the lighthouses, and it is definitely time to step up to the plate for what you came here for. I speak frequently to you of the turning of the wheel. You have a turning coming up with this upcoming weekend with your full moon of great proportions and great magnitude, and with your equinox. This is signaling a shifting into a much higher gear for all upon your planet. Many of you whom I speak to in this now moment have struggled with…oh perhaps not despair, but a bit of depression in feeling no clear direction or path in front of you. I will use the analogy for the rebirth that is upon you of rebuilding a structure, a house or a building. If you are allowing the letting go of the old in order to build the new in the same space the old has previously occupied, the old must be completely demolished before the new can begin to take shape or be created out of the void of what has been cleared with the wrecking ball. I would say to you that this time upon your planet might be considered to be like the wrecking ball. It is why Oya is here with her energy, because destruction is often a prerequisite and a necessity before the old can be cleared away in order for the new to take shape, to take form, to be created fresh.

I will use for an example something that Maureen witnessed firsthand when she visited Yellowstone National Park two years after much of it was charred by a huge forest fire back in the early 90s. That fire seemingly wrecked devastation at the time on what were such beautiful and pristine lands, and for many years afterward the charred remains of what was destroyed in that massive fire were still visible. And yet within a very short period of time, within a year or two after that cleansing by fire, the area was rife and ripe with new green growth springing up abundantly around the blackened remains of the old.

It is no accident that I come in today to speak to you on the day that is known as the ‘wearing of the green’ for those who are Irish and those who are touched by the spirit of the Irish. Green is the symbolic color of new growth, of freshness, of spring...and is also the color associated with the heart chakra. I wish for each of you who are tuned into my message today to wear the green in your own lives in a deeper and more meaningful way every day than simply doing so once a year on a day dedicated to the Irish spirit. I wish you to wear the green of life renewing itself continually, and to be an example of this for others. I wish you to invite The Green Man, who flows the energy of all living and growing things and is the essence of rebirth and revitalization energy himself, into your experience of living. His energy is very present with us today. He indeed is very associated with spring and new shoots, new growth and new life. Wear the green in your understanding that the entire purpose of your incarnating into this world and this reality at this time upon this planet has been to usher in the greening of this beloved and beautiful place you call Home while you inhabit it in your human bodies.

You must be the renewal that you seek to see in the world! Now for many of you this means that there will continue to be a period of uncertainty, a period of not knowing what comes next, a period of having nothing old and familiar to cling to and rely upon. And this is indeed very much personified for you in those who have completely lost their old way of living in the country of Japan. So many have lost everything that was the very mesh and fiber of the fabric of their everyday lives, and yet here they are still alive upon the planet. And so it is going to be re-creation time for so many. Unity consciousness will greatly assist in this re-creating.

You each are here to re-create not only in your own lives but also for this planet and the way of life upon it. Now many of you have been aware for so long that you were here on purpose and for a purpose, and yet there has been huge frustration for so many of you who have not seemingly been able to find your niche, to find your way to be the grand and glorious beings that you are while living this human experience, for nothing has easily come to many of you in the way of a successful 3D abundant life that allows the blossoming of your spirit to occur while you are here on Earth in a physical body. Yet I come in today to tell you that the time had not yet come for this to occur. I come in to tell you that with this turning of the wheel, it is now upon you. And so you must call upon those reserves that you still have within you, those reserves of energy and those reserves of inspiration, for the whole reason and purpose you did incarnate upon this planet in this lifetime. Much is changing and much will continue to change. You are the change bringers. It is your consciousness that has acted as the catalyst for what is occurring on the planet now and indeed even what is occurring within Gaia herself. You interact with Gaia. You are clearing and cleansing this planet of eons worth of old, stuck energy that no longer serves a world that is ready to emerge into a new era, the new Golden Era you have heard about and that you desired to be a part of the creating of.

Change is upon you as individuals. I encourage you not to fear the change, not to fear the changes, not to fear the unknown, for it is the pathway you have desired to walk. It is the transition point that has been the focus of all of this lifetime for which you have been here on Earth. You have been waiting and awaiting this point in time, this point in the history of your planet. And so I come in today to encourage you. My sister goddess Oya energetically comes in today to encourage you not to fear the destruction that must take place before the renewal, rebirth and re-creation can fully take hold and take form and take shape as you bring it into manifestation.

Use these next few powerful days upcoming, with your full moon and equinox, as your entryway for beginning your true mission here on Earth. You might say that, as with a new job when you have a period of orientation before you begin your true work, your time up until now has been your orientation for this grand work you have come here to do. Dear lightworkers, consider your orientation coming to a close. You are now about to begin your true mission and live your true purpose in life, if you have the courage to step forward and do so. This work is grand. It is glorious. It is very magnificent.

Continue to extend your love and your compassion to all those upon this planet, in particular those who are experiencing the devastation occurring firsthand, in a way that is very up close and personal. Honor their courage. Honor their love, for it is indeed from a place of great love for humanity that on the soul level they said yes and volunteered to be the ones to experience what is happening now. Honor them, and honor yourselves also for the great role you have taken on. You each have agreed to be here for this and to be here for each other. It is time to meld your sovereignty with Oneness. This is what true unity consciousness is all about. You are here to usher that in. You are here to be the wayshowers. You are here to shine the light that will illuminate this planet and All That Is. You are very dearly loved. With that I will say, and so it is. Cead Mille Failte Beloveds. Aloha. ~ ~ ~

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