Saturday, March 17, 2012

BRIGID: Golden Light & Culmination

Greetings my dear friends,

It has been a full year since last I shared with you in this way. What a year it has been! I am in the process of writing about my experiences and the changes that have occurred during these last 12 months and will share all of that in an upcoming post. Today however, on St. Patrick’s Day, I am feeling inspired not to wait any longer and simply go ahead and share this encouraging message from Brigid that came through in our conversation last evening.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day one and all, and may the blessings of Brigid and the Irish be with everyone always!

~ ~ ~ Brigid's Message:

Friday March 16, 2012

Cead Mile Failte Beloved Ones! I thank you for the invitation to come in and join you on this eve of your celebration of St Patrick’s Day, a day associated with celebrating the Irish and all of Celtic spirit and culture and history and wisdom. I am Brigid, known to you as an ancient Celtic goddess, known in the Catholic church as St Brigid, and known to those of you who are aware of the flows of energy that make up this universe as one of the many forms of the Divine Feminine.

There is a potency of energy that is surrounding you now that is a reflection of the potency of the energies that are building upon your planet as you move through this year of 2012, but in particular as you move closer to the equinox that is upon you in the next few days of time. It is your vernal equinox here in this northern hemisphere and this is a celebration of the rebirth that comes about in the time of spring upon your planet. This spring, for those of you who are celebrating spring, will indeed intensify the energies that are streaming onto your planet, and there will be a corresponding intensification as well for those who will be celebrating the autumnal equinox in the southern hemisphere. You will find that much that has been occurring up until now has been the prelude for what is to come and this will be seen both personally and in the greater collective.

I am not here alone this evening. I am, as always, accompanied by many of those nonphysical friends who flow complementary energies to my own. The message I wish to share this evening is both one for the collective and one directed to you each on personal levels.

The times are changing, as all who inhabit this planet are aware at this point in time. Much that was previously taken for granted and accepted as a given will no longer be a given at all. It is an exciting time that you are immersed in and the excitement is going to continue to build. Now not all will share in this excitement. Not all will see the changes that are taking place as benevolent and ones that move humanity forward. And yet underlying what is happening is this direction.

We pause for a moment as Maureen is being very overwhelmed by not just the flow of energy she is feeling but by this bathing in golden light that is occurring in this now moment. It is the gift that I bring in as I flow my message to you through Maureen’s voice this day. Yet it is the gift also of the collective of nonphysical friends who have been supporting you on this journey. It is the energy of what is streaming to earth in your now moment of time in this year of 2012 as you receive the gifts of light energy that come to you in packets and packages from the sun as you receive it via these solar eruptions and flares. These energies are indeed a gift to you. These energies are assisting in the raising of your frequency and vibration.

Soon there will come a time when no one will need to channel messages or translate energies for the masses in the manner that has become so popular during these last years as you have all sought this continued expansion of consciousness. What is occurring as the light assists in your continued expansion is that you each will be raising your frequency to higher and higher levels that will then match more and more and that will be in resonance with the frequency of those beings who are not in physical form. As this occurs it will become far more commonplace for all to receive their messages personally. This has not happened as of yet. Overall it will take some time in your time as humans for all to be able to open to this gift who choose to. And yet it is approaching. The words of encouragement I would give to those of you who desire this and who are not yet experiencing this kind of free flowing communication between the dimensions would be to continue to purify your own vibration and energy fields. It would be to complete whatever work is required of you to release your past, to be done with anything from your previous experience in physical form that is holding you back from this shift into a frequency that so easily matches and mingles with the frequency of those not in physical body.

Maureen’s interdimensional communication ability is one that she has worked on during other lifetimes, many other lifetimes. She is able to feel, experience, differentiate, and translate so many different energies simply because she has purified and raised her own frequency to a level that is similar to and in resonance with those she invites in and allows to flow their energy through her. This is not unique to her and is something that all will eventually have access to through their frequency as well as you proceed into this Shift of the Ages. In the collective, more and more will willingly choose to elevate their own frequency to that of the beings whom you wish to interact with and communicate with who do not reside in physical form upon this planet. For many this will be expanded communication with those you have come to know and love as your soul family. Many of these are beings who have agreed to be channeled by those who make public the messages that are directed to the masses. This will also include those of your overall family that you call star beings. The breakthrough in communication that is desired by so many will come as the collective vibration of your planet continues to rise in frequency.

As always, some will go first. But as always, others will follow once the door has been opened. Each of you now are about to embark upon the culmination of this journey that you have been on for what seems to be such a very long time in your human experience. So many questions have arisen on your journey. So many challenges have also arisen and yet you who have so lovingly, patiently and faithfully chosen to serve the planet have continued on. So many of you who have chosen to be the frontrunners, to go first, to be the less than half of one percent that the Kryon speaks of, so many of you have committed to being here for this time, for this change upon the planet. You have been discouraged, you have been depressed, you have been buffeted and battered by life it seems on many occasions. And yet you have persevered. You have stood your ground. You have stayed the course. You have continued on in the face of what would have been very daunting for many others who would not have chosen to continue. I flow in on this energy of celebration, with your St Patrick’s Day and your equinox and other energies that are upon you, to congratulate you and to thank you and to offer you this bit of encouragement. I will tell you that you have succeeded. You have turned the tide on this planet. You have set in motion what can no longer be stopped, through your perseverance and your dedication to the cause of humanity and the raising up of all those who reside upon this planet.

So many of you are still in a state of feeling betwixt and between and yet most are aware that there is something tangible, palpable, beginning to be felt, even if it is not clearly seen. This is so. I wish to tell you that you’re in the flow now that is taking you exactly where you have been desiring to go and there is no turning back and there is no need to and as this momentum builds there will be no desire to, for this is what you came here for. Life is about to…and indeed already is…in many ways get easier. So many of you have attempted to push that Easy Button you were told about and yet been frustrated when it did not seem to work. Oh I recall (laughter) that the one I am speaking through at one point claimed that her Easy Button was defective! This was not the case. You each needed to experience what you have experienced during these years leading up to this year of culmination that you are now in.

You’ve been told to expect surprises. I will affirm this for you once again. Life is not necessarily going to continue to proceed according to the “same ole same ole” or what you might call the status quo, for that is in the process of shattering. Your world is in the process of immense and enormous change, as any observer can easily see. For those of you who have so bravely and gallantly continued on your path with what have seemed to be blinders on your eyes for so much of this journey, you are about to find that this dazzling golden light that is being gifted to you from the Great Central Sun is going to complete the process of burning away the last of the dross. Your blinders will be not only removed but dissolved for you will not need them anymore.

This betwixt and between period will be fading away. Each of you will be opening to a far greater understanding on an individual level as to the purpose of the next period and cycle of your life in this lifetime. As you continue to move forward, all of your action will come about quite easily and quite naturally as an extension of Who You Are. You no longer will have to strategize and plan your life and attempt to bring things about through “trying” in your experience. When you reach this level of frequency that you are all moving towards that I am speaking of, it will be…oh, perhaps what you have looked to and called instant manifestation, but not necessarily in the way that you are thinking of the manifestation of desired goods in your life, of monetary abundance and material things appearing. This instant manifestation will be a “no thought required” process. By knowing Who You Are and by being completely at peace with yourself and your own divinity, all that you require in all ways, including far beyond the material, will simply manifest for you easily and effortlessly as the natural progression of your experience upon this planet. This means that as you stop striving and seeking for how to move forward and how to get anywhere you desire to go, that as you live from this balanced place of peace within yourself, all the experiences that you desire will be at your fingertips. This is the instant manifestation you have been moving towards and desiring.

I am not wishing to give the impression that material needs and material desires will not be part of the manifestation. Indeed they will. But not in the manner that has been “worked at” previously by so many. I am quite in tune with the message of Abraham that I know Maureen and many others have found to be so resonant and such a wonderful foundation for this walk upon the planet in this lifetime. The image that is flowing through Maureen in the now moment is Abraham using the example of “I want a new red car” and how to go about that kind of manifestation through feeling state. That will be a natural extension of your coming into this place of peaceful heart and balance within. You do not need to focus on any of these manifestations for them to come about and come about naturally and easily when you do find yourself in the place of continually living from that state of inner peace. Many will find that things that they desired previously in their experience will no longer hold the same relevance or meaning once the flow of passionate energy begins moving them in the direction of the true purpose that each has come on to this planet to live. This is not to say that you will not be able to manifest lovely things to surround yourself with beauty and comfort in your living. Of course you will be able to do this. But it will no longer have the role of importance that perhaps it once did for so many.

I am very aware that so many of those who have been on this spiritual journey have struggled with the manifestation of material abundance. For many this continues to remain an issue and yet those who have moved beyond this issue are aware that needs are always met when you come from that place of communion with the Oneness and your own divine soul Self, this companion of spirit that is always with you.

There are wondrous times upon you. One of you here this evening was just speaking of Kryon not giving timelines in the last audio message you listened to. I would say it is very challenging for any of us who are not living your human reality to be accurate with a timeline that you would like to hear. I would continue to encourage you to step out of time for that is what you are moving towards and moving into. Let go of any expectations that are accompanied by a timeline. Surrender to the timelessness that lives within your being and that is the place that your soul dwells and simply know that much is accelerating. You all are aware of this. It will not be years and years of your time any longer before you are seeing concrete manifestation of the changes taking place in your world and in your personal experience. Yet let go of needing to know what will happen when and simply ride the wind of the now moment. It will always take you where you do desire to go.

Whatever it is that any of you are desiring to manifest, again I simply say let go of timelines. Allow the process to unfold in its own perfection of divine timing. There is a reason for the timing of every experience that every one of you manifests. Trust this even when you are not aware of what is going on beneath the surface of things. I once again remind you that things are not always as they appear and it is your own innate trust in your creative manifestation abilities that will allow you to always know that what is in the process of being created is exactly what your soul is desiring to manifest.

To all who do tune in to this message, I am going to encourage you to allow yourselves to let go and to immerse yourselves in the energy of the now moment more than you have ever done before. So many of you have come such a long way in being able to do this, and being able to let go and be in the now moment. Others still have a way to go with this. This can be part of the stretching that you continue to do as you seek to bring yourself into greater alignment with your soul and greater divine balance. When you live in the now there is no need for anything beyond the moment. And so it is encouraged that you turn your experiencing of the now over more and more to your feeling state. Allow yourself to be guided by those deepest feelings of your heart. Allow yourselves to follow the direction that comes to you through those gut feelings of knowing what is the right next step for self and what is not.

This is still a time to trust whatever you have manifested. One of the phrases that Maureen has long loved came to her from Melody Beattie, whose books touched many lives, including Maureen’s, during her journey earlier in life that she might characterize as her recovery from codependency, and that line was “when it is a time of pause, trust the pause.” All of you are in a pause moment in the now, whether you are aware of this or not. It is the space between the in breath and the out breath of God. This will not last forever. It will be changing as you continue to go through these gifts that come to you in the way of bursts of energy from the sun. There will be more celestial line ups and happenings occurring. There are some monumental days approaching as you move into your upcoming summer this year here in the northern hemisphere, your winter in the southern. The pause will not last much longer. But while you continue to be in the pause I encourage you, go deeper within yourself. Go deeper than you have ever allowed yourself to go before. You are being given a gift in this time period of being able to access parts of Self that have never been accessible to you before while you walked in a physical human body. The door to all of your other dimensional selves is beginning to open. Take advantage of this continued pause for once the pause is over life will indeed be very different and very busy.

There is none who is alive on this planet in the now moment who will remain untouched by the energies that are lovingly being showered upon your Earth as a gift to humanity. You who are aware of what is happening, I encourage you, accept this golden gift.

And yes, for those of you who I know are curious and are wondering, I will say that there is a direct connection between the golden gift, the golden light that is strongly flowing to you on the planet now, and this golden sun disk that has played a part in the awareness of a number of you, a number of you who do indeed know you are directly connected and your purpose is directly connected to this disk we have spoken of before that did not originate in the waters of Lake Titicaca but has been brought to this planet as a gift also. There is a direct connection. It is not the time for me to go into deeper depth and detail of this but again I would encourage those of you who are aware of your connection to simply allow, to invite further understanding to come to you, to be open to the messages that your own divine self will be bringing to you, whether through dreams or synchronicity of experience. There is far more to come on this subject.

In the now, I am flowing and acting as a conduit for this divine golden Christ consciousness energy that I bring with me today. You who are tuned in will likely not be in the slightest surprised when I tell you there is a direct connection between Christ consciousness, the golden sun disk, and the golden solar energies that are flowing to the planet in the now. These golden energies are going to greatly assist you in the continued raising of your frequency. This will be the doorway that you walk through to the personal interaction and communication that you desire, to the greater revelations of your own soul purpose that is so close upon you.

Each of you will find that the flowing of your own passion becomes more highly and finely tuned as you integrate these energies, as you move through this upcoming equinox, as the collective energies continue to build, and in particular as you go through the celestial events of eclipses and the June alignments and solstice still to come. Hold any plans that you make quite lightly for they are subject to change at a moment’s notice and all that changes is for your greater benefit. Each of you that I speak to is here to benefit the good of all upon this planet and this directly impacts the expansion of All That Is. I cannot tell you how grateful we who watch this grand experiment playing out are to those of you who have so willingly and generously volunteered to be the changemakers upon this planet. Well done, my dear and beloved friends! Well done!

There is, as always, so much more we could speak of and yet this is enough for this now moment. This evening as you visit the other dimensions in what seems to be your dream state, be aware that your body right down to the very cellular level is welcoming and integrating this golden light that is the Christ energy. You are wonderful manifestations, each of you, and representations of the living light of Christ on this planet. And this is about to explode into a collective light that this world and All That Is has never before witnessed. What a sight to behold! This is your purpose. Go well, my dear friends. Continue to walk in the light. Continue to shower all around you with the love that you are. It is why you are here.

I love you very dearly. And with that I will say, and so it is. Aloha. And Cead Mile Failte. ~ ~ ~


claudia said...

Hi Maureen,
I loved this sharing from Brigid. I too was overwhelmed with the profound energy dancing between the words.
I sooo resonate with what was shared. A wonderful affirmation of what I am experiencing in my world. (still in the boonies of Panama).
Thank you!

Can't wait to hear more!

Blessings, love and hugs,

mikek said...

thank you for the post, Maureen. To touch heart to heart is an intense experience. to get through the hurt and to heal the wounded self and to expand into the tremendous golden light. What an experience it is in this lifetime


Anonymous said...

So good to hear from you, Maureen. I've been wondering lately about your adventures and was hasitating to bother you on facebook, and here you are! What a sync :) Can't wait to hear more of your expansions. Hugs to You and Ziggy <3

Maureen said...

It is wonderful to see the loving comments here. Brigid & I both thank you! I don't remember to check for comments very often (& after a year's absence I'm totally out of the habit!) so I am very happy I did this morning. It is great to hear from each of you! Claudia, big hugs to you in Panama! Mike, what an experience indeed, but totally worth it from my perspective! Lukie, you could never bother me! So good to hear from you!

Love and big Easter morning hugs to each of you! <3 <3 <3