Saturday, April 7, 2012


Greetings, my very dear friends, on this energetically potent day between the first Full Moon of Spring and Easter! Much has been stirring in my own personal world since I shared Brigid’s St. Patrick’s Day message last month. I have reawakened my own passion for flowing words as a personal art form. I began working on what I intended to share with you here of my own rather magical journey of this past year in which I’ve been silent and absent from my blog, yet I found in order to do justice to the sharing, what I wrote was getting longer and longer and a bit too lengthy for blog posting. I realized that the book I’ve been gestating within myself for so very long is finally desiring to be birthed and that is what I am doing in the now, being midwife to its emergence. So please stay tuned!

This Easter weekend I find myself in a place of coming full circle with new understandings of past experiences and how much it truly IS possible to change the past as we gift it with our present energy of love and acceptance that all is always in divine perfect order no matter what appearances may be. I feel the rebirth and renewal and resurrection and fertility energies that Brigid and The Green Man talk about in this message awakening in my own life and it is gladdening my heart and my spirit. I wish the same for you as you embrace the awakening in your own life.

This morning I was immersed in preparations for a family gathering tomorrow and was not anticipating the strength of the energy that came barreling at me as I suddenly realized my plans for the day were about to change drastically. The Green Man has not come in to visit in this manner in quite a long time and it truly was a delight to be able to greet him along with the beautiful and loving energy of Brigid. Their emphasis of it now being time for us to awaken after such a lengthy time of being asleep brought to mind images of Sleeping Beauty and Rip Van Winkle for me, as well as a line from Van Morrison, “And the princess will wake up from her slumber.” It is time, my friends. What we have been waiting for truly is upon us and it is indeed time to wake up! As we do, we usher in the Renaissance spoken of also, which I see as a Renaissance of spirit and heart and soul that will illuminate our Earth in such blazing brilliance that nothing upon it can or will be the same ever again. How exciting!

Easter blessings to each of you from me, and much love as well.

Saturday April, 7, 2012

Brigid: Cead Mile Failte Beloved Ones!

The Green Man: And Merry Greetings from the one you know as The Green Man!

Brigid: I will begin our conversation today. I wish you to know that the energy of The Green Man is very present and flowing along with my own, and this is quite appropriate for this celebration weekend you are in the midst of with your Easter, with your full moon, and with all of the potent energies of the celestial bodies that have continued to shower you with their own gift of love and awakening. For that is what this time period in your lives is about. You are awakening from a sleep that has been a very, very long one. Quite a lengthy sleep indeed. But now it is time for the dawning of a new day, and you to whom I speak in this message and to whom The Green Man addresses as well are the ones who are bringing about the dawning of this new day and this new era. And as I have said to you previously…well done, my Beloveds. Well done!

The journey has not been easy for many of you. And we come in on this day of energies to let you know that much is about to change in your world once again. For some it will be an abrupt change, and I will use the example of Maureen this morning having a number of things on her intended “to do” list for the day, in an easy going and relaxed manner of course, yet things she was focusing on accomplishing, and suddenly in an instant she felt the whirlwind of energy that announced that we had come knocking at her etheric door to mingle our energies. We let her know that instead of what was already planned for her day, we would be delighted to come through to speak, to spend some time with you, and as always to infuse you with a bit of energy, a bit of energy that is most appropriately infused in this moment in time.

You are beginning to expand in ways that, oh you have dreamed about, and yet you have not quite been able to comprehend fully with your thinking human minds. This is because the brain will never take you where you are desiring to go. It is only through your willing suspension of disbelief…a phrase that has been used before in some of these conversations…it is only through this and sinking into feeling state that you will open the doors and fly to the places that you do desire to visit that have previously been out of your reach.

My message today is about continuing to have no expectations of what things will look like in the world around you, and most especially in your own individual worlds, for each of you is going to be embracing the change that comes through expansion in your own very personal and unique ways. The clarion call has gone out. You have heard this heralding of a new day. It is upon you. So many of you have lived rather mundane lives in many ways for quite a bit of time in your last years as you have embraced this journey. It has been extremely difficult and challenging for many of you to fit yourselves into a world that still is focused in so many directions that you yourselves have left behind, that you have moved beyond. You will find that as this shake up continues, as it intensifies, that more and more will by necessity have to let go of some of those paths that have been so programmed into them as the way to live a life of fulfillment here on this planet, though many have not found the joy that they would have hoped to have found by following the dictates of the society that has had its own hidden and secret agendas for a very long time.

Those agendas and those secrets have been utilized by those who have sought to control the populations of this planet in a manner that has assisted in keeping most on it asleep. This waking up of your sun energy that you have all been experiencing, that you are all aware of as your solar flares and geomagnetic storms are now the stuff of news stories, this waking up of the sun is in attunement and alignment with your own timing of waking up from the deep sleep that you have been in.

Many have heard of how the masses have been programmed to be controlled though things such as fluoride in your water systems. Many are becoming aware that they no longer choose themselves to continue to be manipulated in this particular manner. They are now choosing flouride-free toothpaste and seeking out pure water sources that do not contain this addition of fluoride that is not benefiting humanity. It is assisting in keeping humanity asleep.

I will touch on also the control that has come about as well by the manipulation of the access to one of Nature’s most magnificent of herbs, what is known as marijuana. This has also been manipulated in order to control the masses. Some are finding that using this particular herb in spite of the restrictions placed upon it by government laws and legislation assists greatly in the opening to interdimensionality and the expansion of experiences that so many of you walking this particular path on this journey are desiring.

Change is in the air. I will not predict when changes will come about but as more and more do awaken upon your planet, it will become harder and harder for what has been known as “The Powers That Be” to continue to control mass populations in the manner that it previously has. Enlightenment is on its way and it will not be held back.

Those of you who have the courage to follow the call of your own hearts regardless of The Powers That Be that continue to try to manipulate and control will find that your momentum builds collectively and that many of these dictates that have been in place that do not serve the greater good of all will be among what does continue to crumble as the old paradigms shift, collapse and are replaced by the new.

There is, as so many of you are feeling, quite a potency to the energies of this particular weekend. This is because there is quite an intersection of powerful energies coming from various directions to meet and be aligned in your own heart space during this time in which you celebrate rebirth, renewal, resurrection and fertility. I come in today to encourage all of you to spend time in quite deep and sacred contemplation of what this means in your own life, of how you yourselves can be the living, breathing examples of what rebirth and renewal and resurrection and fertility look like in the life of a Divine Human.

Most will be familiar with Jeshua’s parable in the New Testament of how one does not hide a light under a bushel barrel, and indeed I have used this analogy with you before. This is the year when it becomes impossible to hide your light and continue on the journey you are on. This is the year when you are, each and every one of you, being called upon to understand why you have chosen to be on the planet at this particular time in its history. You know that it is a time like no other, and you know the significance of this time period. You each have unique gifts, though many of you have been awaiting the timing that would assist in the waking up of many of the codes that you carry within yourselves that will assist in the recognition of the gifts that you came here to bring forth. Many of you have been frustrated because you are aware you are here on purpose and with purpose and yet your understanding of exactly what you are meant to be doing has been elusive because the timing has not been right for the complete revelation of what your purpose is.

Now I will say that many of you hold keys and codes for each other. Because of the celestial alignments that are happening and the energies that are being gifted to your planet, the timing for remembering is upon you. These alignments and energies are all assisting with the readiness for the mass unlocking of the codes that have been held within you all of this lifetime and indeed during many, many of the others that you have shared with each other.

Now to you whom I speak, it will be no surprise to you to hear that every person who plays a significant role in your present journey is someone who has played a significant role in other ventures and adventures that you have engaged in during other incarnations you have had. And most of these have been in the time of very significant happenings upon your planet. You are Lemurians. You are Atlanteans. You have been Egyptians and Druids. You have been Native Americans and Aboriginal Wisdom Keepers holding the balance of energies for humanity through your reverence for Mother Earth. You have been the Ancient Ones that you have sought guidance from for millennia, and yet now the guidance no longer comes from outside yourselves for it is contained within.

Many of you have been unable to unlock your own codes because you did not have all of the keys that were necessary for this. Now, as this wonderful and truly magical year of 2012 is upon you, it is the time of awakening and this means the awakening of many of those dormant and sleeping codes that you contain. For many of you to fully activate these encodings within yourselves, you will need to connect with others who have been significant to you in these other lifetimes and who have shared in the role and the purpose that has been flowing for so many of you from lifetime to lifetime. This is why it is very important to follow the signs and the inner guidance that each of you will be continually giving yourselves as this year continues to unfold, and it is why it is important for you to follow the guidance of your heart in every moment, no matter how strange it may appear, to others yes, but also to yourselves at times! It is the time when it is of the utmost importance to trust Self and trust inner guidance.

Some of you will find that your relationships continue to shift. Some of you are already aware of how things have changed, that many people who have been close to you and important in your lives previously are taking other paths, and so their own unique journeys do not intersect with yours in quite the same manner that they might have previously. This is all appropriate. All of you will be meeting new people in this time of new energy and awakening, and I say new for they will be new to you in your present lifetime, this lifetime in which you do not have memories of interactions with them prior to your coming together in the timely manner that you do now. And yet none of them are strangers to you. You will be reconnecting with many souls who have played great importance in your lives and in the grander scheme of the bigger picture throughout the many lifetimes you have shared. Pay attention when you do indeed meet someone who fits this description for you, someone that you find resonance of spirit and resonance of energy with. And yet I will say to you, have no expectations of what is meant to come about from your meetings and your connections. It is a time when Spirit will dance lightly and sweetly and indeed passionately with you and weave the web of creation anew as your own energies combine in the collective dance of this great planet Earth that is taking place in this now moment of time.

You are frequently told with the “turning of the wheel” that things will look very different in your lives by the time the wheel turns to the next grand celestial event. You have passed your equinox of March and I will assure you that this is very true as you head towards your solstice of June. By the time you greet the December solstice, the day that is felt by so many to be the culmination day of this year of 2012, by the time you reach the 21st day of December of this year on your planet, very little will be the same as it is in your lives now. And so I encourage you to both embrace these changes and to celebrate them! This is why you are here. This is what you have been waiting for. There is so much joy to come!

To speak of joy now, I will step back and allow the energies of our dear friend and my wonderful companion of spirit The Green Man to flow through Maureen’s voice with his own message at this wondrous time of Easter.

The Green Man: Merry greetings I bid you, dear friends in heart and spirit! I have not visited in this manner in such a long time in your time. It is quite delightful and enchanting for me to be able to experience this again. It is the time of year in this part of the world for the greening of the Earth, and green is the color that floods your planet when the new life and new growth begins its cycle of renewal once again in this season of Spring. Life begins anew in the spring and this is as true in your own lives in this spring time as it is for the growing things upon the Earth. Green is the color of vitality and life and health and heart. Green is the color associated with the heart chakra, that deep, vivid, emerald green, the green of new life and abundance. The Kelly green of the Irish! And yet, this green belongs to all who seek to live in harmony and joy and love and peace with the planet you reside upon.

I will speak to you of fertility in your own lives, for it has been a time of seeming dormancy and sleep for so many of you for such a long time. Many of you are still unsure and perhaps even a bit afraid to truly tap into the passion that flows within you in order to be creative and therefore create. You need this creative fertility in order to embrace your new lives, and so it is going to be most important for all of you to take the time to look inward, to feel into what is the action that will be most in resonance with your state of being. It has been of primary and utmost importance for each of you to disconnect from the “human doings” (laughter) that you used to be, and become the human beings where you can simply know that all you need do is be still in your own energies and this is as important an accomplishment as anything you sought to do through action in your old lives. Yet now the time is coming upon you where so many of you have stilled your lives, you have connected inwardly to the place where All That Is abides, where Source and the source of All lives within you, and many have become quite aware of this and quite comfortable with this connection. Now as you are waking up, now that it is time for resurrection and rebirth, it is also time for there to be action in your lives again, but there is a very big difference in how this action will come to be. Previously many took action from what seemed to be dictated to them from without. That will no longer satisfy or fulfill in this time of awakening, and so now it is time for all action to be inwardly guided and directed, and this action will come about through the fertility that comes with nurturing and nourishing your own passion.

Invite more activity via your dream state guidance, for you will find that often your guidance comes most easily and clearly when you truly have your conscious and awake human brain out of the picture. So invite this in, and also be open to the signs that you do indeed attract into your experience via your waking hours. Many will come to you. The more you invite them and welcome them and pay attention to them, the more abundant they will be.

You might say that what is occurring as your planet wakes up in this year of 2012 is akin to a Renaissance. You are going to find that there will be a great increase in the creation of things of beauty, whether they are concrete, tangible things in the world of human reality, or whether they are experiences that open the way to further expansion and exploration beyond simply the human dimension that you have lived in and been aware of up until now on this Earth realm. The Renaissance is not just for your human planet of Earth. The renaissance is for all of life that is connected to your planet within this Universe. You have been told that it is being carefully watched from many different realms and dimensions. This is truer now than it has ever before been. So my message to you today is to take yourselves seriously, and I say this with a little bit of a pun (Sirius/siriusly) and with a little bit of humor, but I am also quite serious in what I am saying. It is time for you to stop overlooking Who You Are and what you are here for. It is time to realize that you are a key player and a big player on this planet in this now moment of awakening. You have codes to share with others who have similar purposes and intents to your own. And there are also others to welcome into your experience who are attracted to you and your energies because they have gifts to give you in the way of encodings that will assist in your own awakening.

This is the message that both Brigid and I have come in today to share with you. We have been basking in the mingling of our energies with you and will continue to do so. I will not scare you too much by asking you to breathe in any infusions of energy in the now (laughter), but I will say that you will continue to be absorbing the energies that are being brought to you as you go about your day today and you go through this weekend and what comes after it. You are being energetically seeded with pure and loving and quite beautiful energies that will assist in your own continued awakening, and which you are then able to gift to others in turn as you seed them and the very Earth that your feet tread upon. I ask you to be joyous in your connection with both the Earth and with the creatures of the Earth that you come into contact with, and that includes as well the many people who may cross your paths. I say to all to remember to welcome all seeming strangers into your experience for to borrow again from your New Testament, when you do so you may find you are indeed entertaining angels. Certainly angels who are choosing to enhance your own journeys and angels who are lovingly working collectively with you and All That Is to bring this grand and wonderful change into manifestation upon the planet.

And with that both Brigid and I will tell you, once again, how very, very dearly loved you are. We will once again both say well done, Beloved Friends, for what you have already accomplished in bringing this incredible shift, this change, to the planet. We are cheering you on. You continue to always be supported. You are truly never alone in what you are doing. Yes, you are so very dearly loved and with that we shall both say Aloha, and Brigid will say…

Brigid: Cead Mile Faite Beloved Ones!

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